Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 922


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Christmas Eve and Grassy Terrain tactics are just very basic of all tactics.

Only the Pollen Puff and Spore tactics, like the previous spores, can be regarded as their core tactics!

And after knowing that Rival is the Thousand City Alliance, the tactics they prepared are far more than the core tactics of defeating the ball mushroom!

“Show your true power, Trevenant!”

After a brief confrontation between the two sides, Aylin took the lead in opening the mouth and said.

As his voice fell, Trevenant’s roots suddenly plunged into the ground.

Next moment, I saw the Grassy Terrain that had been trampled and almost disappeared, and suddenly began to wriggle.

Then, a touch of pitch black dyed these grasses, turning the weeds into Black and began to grow unscrupulously.

In a blink of an eye, Grassy Terrain, which had disappeared, was resurrected in a strange way, and countless Black grass blades were winding like monster vines!

“What is going on?”

“Has Grassy Terrain re-Growth come out?”

Seeing this scene in the field, everyone was stunned.

It’s just that the Black Grassy Terrain looks too weird, completely different from the original Grassy Terrain full of vitality.

However, there are three Ghost Type Pokemon on top of this Black Grassy Terrain at this time, which makes the atmosphere in the field become evil.


Luo Chen brows frowned, thinking of Trevenant’s special ability is to freely manipulate nearby trees with roots protruding from toes.

The current situation seems to be that Trevenant has turned all the grass leaves left by the original Grassy Terrain into a part of his body, making them also contaminated with Ghost Type aura.

“Be careful, everyone, these monster vines are not simple.”

Luo Chen reminded him, and at the same time asked Tyranitar to increase the power of Sandstorm, starting from Ground to fight its demon vine.

“Come on, Trevenant, use wooden branches!”

Under Ailin’s command, countless demon vines began to stretch out continuously.

Immediately afterwards, these Black demon vines rushed towards the three Pokemons on the opposite side, hiding the sky and covering the earth, and turned into countless wooden branches.

Seeing this scene, the audience’s eyes were shocked. Trevenant’s this move is really too strong!

“Leave it to me this time, Aggron use Metal Burst!”

Seeing the attack of hiding the sky and covering the earth, Guo Lun gritted his teeth and ordered.

Afterwards, I saw Aggron drag his paralyzed body in front of Tyranitar and Metagross.

bang bang bang!

Next moment, countless rumbling sounds roared on Aggron.

Watching this scene, Guo Lun clenched his fists tightly, watching Aggron suffer such a fierce attack, it is impossible for him to feel sorry for him.

But now, he must believe that Aggron can stop it and bounce the attack back!

The effect of Metal Burst this move is to vigorously return the damage of the last move to Rival before using the move!

If Aggron can block Trevenant’s thorns and bounce it back, then the formidable power is absolutely terrifying.

roar roar roar!

In the field, Aggron, who endured the attack so hard, couldn’t help but growl.

Its feet stepped on the Ground, directly pulling out a deep gully!

Finally, relying on his own terrifying defensive power and perseverance, Aggron hardened this attack.

After that, it roared again, rebounding all its abilities, turning it into a metal storm and sweeping the audience!

In the rumbling sound of Metal Burst, countless Black demon vines were fragmented and swept past!

“Really strong attack! There is a play this time!”

Seeing this scene, Luo Chen’s eyes lit up.

Just as Metal Storm approached the opponent’s lineup, a faint voice sounded: “Fat Doduo, use Water Spout!”

Immediately afterwards, I saw that the silhouette of Fat Doduo suddenly stood in front of Trevenant and Decidueye, and a large amount of water began to be released from his body.

These currents poured down from the sky and turned into huge waves, surging toward the metal storm like a tsunami.


The two attacks collided in the air, terrifying energy raged, and the water sputtered all around.

Relying on this tsunami-like current, Fat Doduo successfully resisted Aggron’s Metal Burst attack.

However, after the explosion in the air subsided, I saw the silhouette of Fat Doduo falling lightly from the air, already losing the combat capability.

The silhouette of Fat Doduo was originally composed of a large amount of sea water. At this time, releasing the sea water within the body in one breath has already consumed all its physical strength.

“Very well done, Fat Doduo.”

Looking at Metal Burst being resisted, Trainer of Fat Doduo took it back to Poké Ball.

This time, they sent Fat Doduo to fight, which itself was to guard against the Fire Type Pokemon attack sent by Thousand City Alliance.

But now that the opponent’s Danger Land counterattack has been blocked, it is considered to have completed his mission.


After Guo Lun saw this scene, his heart sank.

At the same time, the silhouette of Aggron in the field also fell heavily to the ground.

Although it successfully bounced back the attack from the opposite side, it was also hit hard, and it successfully withstood the attack of the wood branch.

“Guo Lun, you have done very well.”

“Leave the next battle to us.”

Looking at Guo Lun, who was unwilling to express his expression, Luo Chen comforted.

Use Aggron, who has been seriously injured and paralyzed, to defeat the opposite Pokemon, and they have indeed made a profit.

Now, the battle scene is 2V2, and both sides are back to the same starting line.

“Leave it to you, must win.”

Guo Lun’s expression relaxed a little, nodded said.

At the same time, he took out the Poké Ball and gently took Aggron back into the Poké Ball.

Luo Chen is also nodded, looking towards the opposite, frowned.

After being destroyed by a large number of Black Demon Vine by Aggron’s Metal Burst just now, Trevenant has once again spawned a lot of Black Demon Vine in his body, and it seems to be more than before!

“It’s Fat Doduo.”

“This kind of Pokemon within the body contains a lot of water, and at the same time, this water also contains a lot of life energy.”

“Trevenant relied on the water containing life energy to once again spawn the Black Demon Vine!”

Wen Xiaochuan gloomy face said that Fat Doduo’s defeat seemed to have become part of the opponent’s plan.

This method of continuously improving one’s own strength is really suffocating.

From the very beginning Gourgeist tore apart the Spirit Territory and the Grassy Terrain that exposed the ball mushrooms to the life energy water of Fat Doduo, this Trevenant seems to be the true core of the opponent’s lineup!

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