Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 923


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“hahaha, the last part of the tactic is also completed!”

“Next, it’s time to really decide the outcome!”

The opposite Ailin looked at the scene in front of him, laughing heartily.

In his opinion, the outcome of this game is already very obvious!

From the battle at first, the Indian Ocean Alliance has tactically defeated the Thousand City Alliance.

In Aylin’s laughter, Trevenant once again controlled the demon vine to attack Tyranitar.

Seeing this, Tyranitar also directly displayed the Rock Tomb move, and began to resist the attack of the wood branches.

The Black Demon Vine hiding the sky and covering the earth, suddenly cast a shadow over Tyranitar and Metagross.

At the same time, the silhouette of the Trevenant side Decidueye also moved.

Its silhouette melted directly into the shadow, and disappeared in the same place.

When it reappeared, Decidueye appeared in the Metagross audit, relying on the shadow to perform Sucker Punch.

Soon, Decidueye played against Metagross in the field, Trevenant against Tyranitar, Black Demon Vine against Sandstorm Rock, and the battle entered the final battle.

As can be seen from the situation in the field, the layout of the first few hands of the Indian Ocean Alliance has already achieved the absolute upper hand.

During this process, Trevenant obviously still has spare capacity. While not hurriedly fighting against Tyranitar, he also separated countless demon vines to fight against Metagross.

Looking at this scene in the stadium, the few Thousand City Alliance audience in the entire stadium raised their hearts.

What should we do in this situation now?

Are their Thousand City Alliance going to be eliminated in the top 32?

This is something that all the people of Thousand City Alliance have never thought about!

“Metagross, also fell.”

Watching Metagross defeat by the combined forces of Decidueye and Trevenant, the hearts of the audience of Thousand City Alliance fell to the bottom.

Now even the Metagross has fallen, and in the end only one Tyranitar is left.

At this time, they couldn’t help but set their eyes on Luo Chen, and there was hope in their hearts.

But next moment they shook the head disappointed. In this case, is there really hope?

“Damn it, it happens to be ours, how is it possible?”

In the field, Wen Xiaochuan, Guo Lun and the others turned pale at this time.

If they fell to the strong two in the world game, they would really have created the worst result of Alliance.

This will definitely become a shame in their lives, which is unacceptable to all of them!

“Maybe we are too confident.”

“Why didn’t we realize the other side’s trap early.”

“If our Pokemon can dodge the attack of the spores of the spores, the result will be different!”

Guo Lun also started to blame himself. In fact, from the perspective of hard power, they clearly have the advantage!

But in this situation, we can only rely on Luo Chen.

However, to use strength of oneself against two Pokemon Pokemon in peak state, can Luo Chen really do it?

It’s the Black Demon Vine that covers the ground normally. Tyranitar can’t solve it, right?

“No matter what, I can only get on.”

“How can we stop here!”

Luo Chen took a deep breath, took a few steps forward, and stood at the forefront of the team.

And his actions immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and at the same time, all Alliance powerhouses were slightly interested.

In this case, how can Luo Chen pull strongly against a crazy tide?

Although the Trevenant’s own strength is not strong, it has already approached the quasi-Champion level thanks to various enhancements.

In this case, unless the real Champion-level Pokemon comes on stage, there is really no hope.

At the same time, they are thinking about whether they can resolve this situation if they encounter this situation.

The final answer is that if they use their own cards, they can still be resolved.

It’s just that if they really let themselves face each other, they will solve everything directly and will not give the other party a chance to strengthen.

“Hey, it’s over!”

Under Ailin’s command, Trevenant controls all the Black Demon Vine to stand upright.

Then, the tips of these Black Demon Vine were aimed at Tyranitar, directly using the wood branch thorns.

Suddenly saw countless demon vines shooting out like ten thousand arrows, covering a large sky.

Looking at the Black Demon Vine coming from hiding the sky and covering the earth, Tyranitar stepped on the Ground and directly rolled the quicksand beneath his feet, wrapping himself in it.

The Black Demon Vine shot in and plunged into the quicksand one by one, making the whole sand ball look like a hedgehog with spikes on its body.

“Luo Chen.”

Guo Lun looked towards Luo Chen worriedly.

Suddenly, he discovered that Luo Chen’s expression was unexpectedly calm.

Guo Lun was stunned by this involuntarily.

“Wait, is that that?”

Suddenly, Guo Lun’s expression changed again, thinking of the scenes before in Snow Mountain Secret Realm.

At the beginning, they were as desperate as this, but Luo Chen relied on his own strength to dispel the haze.

After that, his gaze also looked towards Tyranitar in the field, with an expression of expectation on his face.

“Is it over?”

Looking at the scene in the field, the audience became nervous.

Tyranitar was hit hard by those Black demon vines, can it be supported?

“Wait, look at the quicksand under Tyranitar!”

At this moment, an audience member suddenly exclaimed.

At his reminder, others suddenly saw the quicksand still flowing under Tyranitar’s feet.

These quicksands entangled the demon vines that plunged into the quicksand under the control of a force.

After the quicksand flowed, the Black Demon Vine was inexplicably sanded and turned into a little quicksand to be scattered.

“What happened?”

After seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.


Just when this thought came into their hearts, they saw the terrifying Sandstorm burst out suddenly!

huhuhu ~

In the terrifying Sandstorm, quicksand constantly flows down.

Gradually, among the quicksand, a silhouette in green armor appeared in the field.

“This is…Tyranitar?”

Looking at the Pokemon that appeared, everyone was stunned.

This silhouette still looks like Tyranitar, but there are six irregular spikes growing behind it.

In addition to the spikes on the back, the spikes on the top of Tyranitar’s head have become a vertical horn, the spikes behind the neck are shortened, and the spikes on both sides of the head extend along the eyebrows, and the knees on both legs Protruding and growing spikes, the tail section becomes longer, and the four spikes at the end grow outward.

At the same time, you can see that the carapace exposed on Tyranitar’s abdomen and back turns from blue to red, and you can feel one after another full of violent energy radiating from it, which makes people tremble involuntarily. This energy is really true It’s horror!

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