Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 924


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“It should still be Tyranitar. It’s just like this. Is there any other form of Tyranitar?”

Looking at the changes in Tyranitar, the audience immediately discussed spiritedly, but everyone could feel that the power of Tyranitar also changed with the change of form, Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

“What a scary atmosphere!”

“Are you ready for Champion level?”

Looking at the changes in Tyranitar, some of the other Alliance powerhouses who had been watching the game lightly condensed.

They stood up one after another, looking towards Tyranitar in the field, with fear in their eyes.

“You have to read it before you know.”

After a brief shock, they sat down again slowly, intending to see what happened.

“It’s Mega Evolution!”

“This Tyranitar also owns Mega Evolution!”

Looking at the changes in Tyranitar in the field, Wen Xiaochuan and the others looked at each other and saw surprises.

At the beginning, Charizard after Mega Evolution combined with Victini, but the strength has reached the real Champion level.

The Tyranitar who is on the field now also undergoes Mega Evolution, and the improvement in strength must be very scary!

“What is going on?”

“Has the shape of Tyranitar changed?”

On the other side, Ailin’s face also changed at this time.

Obviously he is about to win, but the changes in the field now make his heart irritable inexplicably.

“Let’s go together!”

Aylin’s teammate opened the mouth and said.


Ailin is nodded, and can’t care about anything at this time.

Under their command, Trevenant controlled the Black Demon Vine and jumped out.

At the same time, Decidueye’s silhouette flashed, directly blending into the shadow covered by the Black Demon Vine.

“Tyranitar, let everything go to waste!”

At this time, Luo Chen is holding the Key Stone in his hand, and the corner of his mouth slowly outlines a curve.

After his voice fell, Mega Tyranitar also let out a roar, red light bursting out of his abdomen.

Next moment, the terrifying Sandstorm power rages out under the power of Mega Tyranitar.

Suddenly, Sandstorm swept the earth, and the quicksand under its feet constantly eroded the earth, turning everything into barrenness!

In the midair, Black Demon Vine led Sandstorm to get entangled together.

At the moment of the two contacts, I saw the Black Demon Vine suddenly begin to dry under the power of Sandstorm.

Sandstorm seems to be able to completely drain the moisture in the air, and the moisture in the Black Demon Vine is quickly drawn away.

As it became dry, it finally turned into countless debris in the air under the blow of Sandstorm and was swept away by the wind!

At the same time, the quicksand on Ground spread quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it came to Black’s Grassy Terrain, and suddenly rushed past!

This time, Grassy Terrain, which was originally enough to withstand the quicksand, was swallowed in an instant, and flooded toward the Trevenant in the center.

“Damn it, how can it be so strong?”

After seeing this scene, Aylin was no longer as calm as before, and there was panic in his eyes.

“Decidueye, use leaf blade!”

At this moment, through the cover of the shadow, Decidueye has come to Mega Tyranitar’s side.

The green light filled its wings, turning into a leaf blade and slashing towards Mega Tyranitar’s back!

Thorn it!

A violent rubbing sound suddenly came out, and Ye Jian made a full hit.

But Mega Tyranitar, who was attacked, was completely motionless and directly resisted the blade attack.

Decidueye was also taken aback when he saw this, but before it reflected it, he saw that Tyranitar had turned his body and grabbed its wings with one hand.

Next moment, Decidueye felt an irresistible force coming from it and grabbed its neck fiercely.

After that, it felt like it was being lifted up, and suddenly fell towards Ground.


There was another violent roar, and the whole Ground trembled.

The audience in the audience watched Tyranitar smash Decidueye’s body against Ground, directly into the quicksand.

After that, Tyranitar raised his hand and threw Decidueye’s silhouette aside like trash.

“Decidueye…was seckilled?”

Watching this scene, the eyes of the audience are wide.

They looked towards Tyranitar’s undamaged body, and looked towards Decidueye who was lying like a dead dog.

Even if you are a fool, you can see the difference between the strength of the two Pokemon at this time. Decidueye has no resistance at all in front of Tyranitar!

“What is going on with this power!”

The face of Ailin on the opposite side was also unbelievable.

He knows the strength of Decidueye very well, even if Trevenant wants to defeat it, it takes a little effort.

But in front of Tyranitar, it was so easily defeated!

“Ailin, be careful!”

At this moment, Aylin suddenly heard a quick reminder in his ear.

He looked over and saw Tyranitar in the distance roaring, his hands slammed into the Ground, and he lifted it hard.

Under this lift, the entire Ground seemed to be rolled over, and the terrifying quicksand turned into sand waves and swallowed directly toward Trevenant.

“Trevenant, be careful!”

Aylin yelled these words almost with all his strength.

But in the face of absolute power, everything seems so weak.

The terrifying Sandstorm, quicksand and sand waves directly turned the entire site into a desert.

The turbulent waves of sand buried everything and turned everything into barren, only yellow sand was everywhere.

“It’s over.”

Aylin shook his whole body, desperate feeling in his heart.

Obviously, their Indian Ocean Alliance is about to win, why in such a short period of time, everything is different.

What the hell is going on with the Tyranitar-like monster in the field?

Why is Tyranitar so strong, and why?

“Aylin Captain.”

Seeing Ailin’s abnormal condition, the other team members quickly helped him.

At the same time, their gazes also looked towards the field, and their faces were full of bitterness.

They really paid a lot for the world game this time, and their efforts far exceed other Alliances.

But why, when they were about to cross the mountain, they pulled them down into the abyss.

At this moment, the whole audience was silent for a while, and then there was an uproar, and everyone’s eyes were on Tyranitar.

“Pre-Champion level, it seems we have one more Rival!”

Outside the court, some Alliance members looked at Luo Chen standing in the court with the same solemn expressions.

Almost all of these Alliance members are from the Big Alliance. They were originally disappointed with the strength of Thousand City Alliance this year.

But who knows, the appearance of Luo Chen has given everyone a very big surprise. They did not expect that Thousand City Alliance would actually place all their hopes on a 22-year-old boy!

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