Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 925


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“Live up to expectations.”

At the Thousand City Alliance, Luo Chen sighed and said to his companion behind him.

As others have guessed, when he owns Mega Evolution, Alliance really poured all resources into him.

Although this was to a certain extent in exchange for his Mega Evolution research, Alliance’s support is really great.

If it were not for the level of resource support from Alliance, his Pokemon would not be so strong.

In this case, he felt that he was still under a lot of pressure, but luckily he lived up to expectations.

“Luo Chen, you are really too strong!”

Guo Lun opened his mouth, and finally gave Luo Chen a thumbs up.

So, after Luo Chen used strength of oneself pulling strongly against a crazy tide, Thousand City Alliance successfully advanced to the top 16.

However, what everyone discussed the most after the game was not the promotion of Thousand City Alliance, but the changes in Tyranitar.

Because of the cover of Sandstorm and Quicksand in the previous field, they didn’t at all see the process of Mega Evolution, they were all guessing at this time.

Luo Chen just laughed after listening to the speculation of all parties.

Anyway, he himself has no plans to hide Mega Evolution in the world game. They just want to guess.

I just don’t know how everyone will react when Mega Evolution is actually announced.


After two full days of competition, the tough two competition ended.

In the Conference Hall, everyone from Thousand City Alliance gathered here to discuss the tactics of the next game.


As the door was opened, Coach Xu Hao walked in with the information.

“Our Rival has decided.”

After saying this, Coach Xu Hao rubbed his head.

“Coach, who is our Rival?”

Guo Lun hurriedly asked. After almost losing the last time, everyone was very serious.

In the last game, the Indian Ocean Alliance made a lot of preparations before the game, so that it can continue to take the lead in the battle.

If it were not the last Luo Chen leaning on Mega Evolution pulling strongly against a crazy tide, then Thousand City Alliance really fell in the sewer!

Being defeated when their Alliance strength has the upper hand will be a stain in their lives!

“This time is our old Rival, Murphy Alliance.”

Coach Xu Hao was nodded, and said the name solemnly.

“It turned out to be our defeated.”

Guo Lun seemed to be sighed in relief, and he was afraid of relief.

He is really a little afraid that Thousand City Alliance will meet those strong alliances in the top sixteen.

“Murphy Alliance, that Slu…”

Wen Xiaochuan’s complexion now looks bad.

He suddenly thought of the previous confrontation between himself and Sleek. It was really a terrible defeat.

“Don’t be careless.”

“Although the overall strength of MURPHY Alliance is not strong.”

“But their positive Vice Captain is very strong.”

Coach Xu Hao reminded him that he also brought a sense of seriousness when speaking at this time.

Obviously, his nearly loss in the last game also made him cry in a cold sweat.

“Also, take a look at the last MURPHY Alliance battle.”

After reminding everyone not to underestimate any Rival, Coach Xu Hao came to the computer and played the video on the big screen.

Because the strength of MURPHY Alliance is not strong in their impression, they went to see the Liberty Alliance these possible Rival games, not at all to watch MURPHY Alliance games.

After watching the video of MURPHY Alliance’s game, everyone’s expressions became serious.

“That Slu…”

Guo Lun’s face became extremely dignified, as can be seen from the video, this Slu is stronger.

Faced with the Fire Type Pokemon lineup sent by the opponent, Slue still relied on a flame lizard to directly complete the crush.

However, the most troubling thing is not Sillu’s strength, but his fighting style.

In this battle, Slaughter’s fighting style can really be described as cruel. Every Pokemon who has fought against Salazzle is deep in Toxic, and there is almost no good skin on his body, even one. The weaker Pokemon almost died.

So, under Slaughter’s brutal performance, his Rival only sent four Pokemons, so he directly surrendered and couldn’t bear to let his Pokemon fight this Slaughter anymore.

The same is true for the next fifth game against all players. This time, Murphy’s Alliance still sent Sillu, and his Rival, depending on the situation, gave in directly.

After all, if they continue to fight with this Slaughter, their Pokemon can be healed, but they will definitely be affected more or less, which is very detrimental to future growth.

It’s like Wen Xiaochuan who fought with Silu before. Although Wen Xiaochuan’s own strength is very strong, Pokemon not at all suffered some serious injuries, but in the previous battles, it did affect his overall Strength has an impact.

Furthermore, Sillu’s strength is obviously much stronger than them, and he can’t fight, so surrendering becomes the last choice.

The two times that forced Rival to surrender, also made Sleek famous. The other Alliances faintly fear the cruel fighting style of Rival.

“But I didn’t meet him in the all-hands game. It’s really very good.”

Guo Lun shrank his neck, suddenly feeling a little lucky.

Fortunately, it was a group stage, and all Alliances were hiding their strengths, otherwise he would be really miserable if Rival, who was Sillu.

“This Slu…If one of us is against him, just give up.”

Jiang Zhelin Captain also opened the mouth and said after he pondered for a while, but after uttering these words, he was silent again.

Seriously, it takes a lot of courage to surrender without a fight in the world game.

This is a big blow to the reputation of a Trainer, and it will always be set on the pillar of shame.

So, it is not a good arrangement to let anyone meet this Slug.

“Let’s face it head-on.”

At this moment, Luo Chen on one side suddenly spoke, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Even if we can hide in a personal battle.”

“But in the next full game and team competition, it will not be avoided.”

“If we want to win, we have to beat this Slue head-on.”

“In addition, it is best to defeat the MURPHY Alliance before the entire battle. If it is delayed to the team competition, there may be some trouble.”

Luo Chen continued to open the mouth and said, but also let others silently nodded.

“But how do we determine the order in which Sillu will play?”

Guo Lun thought about opening the mouth and said, which is obviously the most difficult.

“The first one, this Sillu will definitely be the first to play.”

“In the last game, he was the first to play, and such a brutal style of play is not a taunt.”

Luo Chen opened the mouth and said, and set his eyes on the screen. At this time, the video on the big screen has begun a new round of playback.

When Luo Chen’s voice fell, Taunt’s face appeared on the screen.

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