Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 926


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At this time, everyone’s eyes were all looked towards the big screen, slightly nodded.

For some weak Alliances, there is no difference between who is against Upper Slough.

But for the powerful Alliance, it’s completely different.

For the powerful Alliance, admitting defeat is absolutely impossible!

The only choice is the positive meet force with force. Anyway, they are impossible to surrender!

If you want to deal with Slaughter, who is a fierce fighting style, you must either give up a player or fight head-on.

According to Luo Chen’s guess, Slu’s goal is to face the opponent’s best powerhouse!

In addition, it can be seen from the MURPHY Alliance’s lineup that Sluo did this.

Murphy’s Alliance’s lineup is really not strong. Except for the two positive Vice Captains, Sillu and Chica, the other players are not strong.

In the first four games, Murphy Alliance may be able to rely on Sleek to win one, and then win another game in the whole battle, but in the final team battle, the other three teammates will become Sleek. And Chica is a very big burden.

Therefore, Slaughter’s goal is to hit the opponent to the greatest extent in both the individual battles he played in and the entire battle. Of course, if he can score 6 points in the first four games and then end the opponent through the entire game, It would be perfect.

“Luo Chen, your guess is very correct.”

“Then Luo Chen will play against Slaughter. The next thing we have to do is to determine where Chika will play.”

“It would be better if you could directly seal MURPHY Alliance.”

Coach Xu Hao ordered nodded and decided directly.

Sometimes, he really doesn’t know how Luo Chen’s head grows, it’s really easy to use!

After deciding where to play, Luo Chen did not participate in the discussion anymore, but thought about the lineup for tomorrow.

The Opposite Slue is a Trainer who is good at Poison Type Pokemon. In this case, the opponent’s lineup is determined to be within a range.

It’s just that, the current Silou has only sent a Salazzle, and all Luo Chen can only choose his lineup.


2nd day, the world game continues.

After entering the round of sixteen, the atmosphere became more heated obviously.

Today’s first stage of the game was the Thousand City Alliance vs. Murphy Alliance, which also attracted a lot of attention.

Especially the quasi-Champion-level battle strength demonstrated by Luo Chen the day before, which made his rivals secretly wary.

Holding the plan to collect information about Rival that might be encountered next, other Alliance powerhouses all gathered.

After all Alliance members from both sides arrived, the game officially started.

“First round competition, Luo Chen of Thousand City Alliance vs. Silu of Moffe Alliance!”

referee looked at the list of matches in his hand and read the list of first round competition directly.

After hearing the list of players to play, the audience was quiet for a while, and then suddenly exclaimed.

It’s just Luo Chen or Silu, both are definitely the most powerhouse in the lineup of both sides!

Now, the two have met head-on in the first round competition. This is destined to be a very exciting battle!

“Oh, it seems that Thousand City Alliance has accepted it.”

“This Luo Chen is very good, and that Slu…he is really arrogant.”

“I just don’t know if he has the strength to match his arrogance!”

“If this is an evenly matched battle, then it wouldn’t be better.”

The other Alliance powerhouses also got together at this time, looking at the two people on the court, chuckled up.

An evenly matched battle can undoubtedly expose the lineup and tactics of both sides, which is very precious information.

“hahaha, very good, very good.”

Slu, on the opposite stage, looked at Luo Chen on the opposite side, laughing heartily.

As Luo Chen guessed before, he deliberately showed a cruel fighting style before, the purpose is to challenge the most powerhouse in the opposing lineup!

It’s just that what’s the point of his own Alliance getting the strongest title? He also wants to be the best powerhouse title in this Alliance tournament!

“You are arrogant, I just want to see what arrogant capital you have.”

Luo Chen stood in front of Silu, his face looked very calm, as if he did not put Silu in his eyes at all.

“Since you have invited the battle, how could I not come.”

Luo Chen also laughed, his face is very relaxed, there is no hint of fear in it.

“Now, the game officially begins, let’s decide the order first.”

Seeing the two playing on the court, Referee’s face became more solemn. After all, the two youngsters in front of him are not weaker than him.

After that, I saw the portraits of Luo Chen and Silu on the big screen in the field.


  1. The audience also watched quietly at this time. In a battle that may be evenly matched, the sequence of hands is very important.

      Soon, the avatar on the big screen started to stop slowly, and it was Sillu who sent the wizard first.

      ”Is it me?”

      ”It doesn’t matter anyway.”

      Slug smiled indifferently, and threw the pokeball in his hand.

      Along with a flash of light, what appeared in the field was a queen Nido with both ground and poison attributes.

      In the choice of the first elf, Slug did not send the Flame Queen, obviously to guard against the steel elves in Luochen’s lineup.

      And the ground attributes possessed by Empress Nido can also directly resist Luo Chen’s sandstorm lineup.

      Although the strength of Super Bangira has been exposed, all Luo Chen’s opponents have been prepared for his sandstorm lineup. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

      ”After Nido, it is indeed the choice of ten thousand essential oils.”

      Luo Chen groaned and began to consider his first choice of elf.

      From the perspective of attributes, the elves of the four attributes of ground, water, super power and ice have the best effect.

      While choosing the lineup, he also needs to estimate the poison attribute attack the opponent has.

      ”In this case, it is decided that it is you, we are good partners.”

      Luo Chen closed his eyes and thought about it, and took an elf from his waist.

      As the Elf Ball opened, you saw a huge mountain king appeared in the field.

      The size of Empress Nido in Slaughter is already very big, but in front of the overlord Chuanshan Wang, she is still quite short.

      Ho Ho Ho!

      Nido looked back at King Chuanshan, and roared involuntarily.

      Obviously, I felt dissatisfied with the huge size of the overlord Chuanshan Wang.

      ”The battle has begun!”

      ”Queen Nido, use Frozen Fist!”

      After the battle began, Queen Nido moved quickly, with frost on his hands.

      However, Empress Nido didn’t immediately rush towards Chuanshan King, but punched the ground hard.

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