Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 927


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next moment, the whole Ground is shaking.

Immediately afterwards, a terrifying frost spread between Nidoqueen’s fists.

crack crack Click!

The ice spread all the way, and in a blink of an eye it reached the feet of Totem Sandslash.

“What a terrifying frost.”

Luo Chen was also surprised when he saw this.

Nidoqueen on the court reacted very quickly.

The quicksand hell was used when the ice spread.

The quicksand spread like waves and quickly collided with the ice.

Crack, click.

The quicksand freezes quickly under the action of frost, but is shattered by the subsequent wave-like quicksand.

In the confrontation of the first round, the two Pokemon showed a very powerful level of energy control, which made people profile.

“Very good response.”

Sluh had a smile on his face, and then I saw Nidoqueen’s silhouette suddenly stepping on the ice.

Immediately afterwards, Nidoqueen’s silhouette glided on the ice, rushing towards Totem Sandslash quickly.

“Come on, use Metal Claw!”

Looking at Nidoqueen who was approaching quickly, Luo Chen directly opened the mouth and said.

Sandslash knows, the steel type energy permeates the paw, and it cuts out from top to bottom!


In the field, two Pokemon attacks collide.

Almost instantaneously, Nidoqueen felt a huge force hit, and his whole body sank.

Even at the feet of Nidoqueen, there were cracks like Spider Web at this time.

crack crack.

Sandslash’s body is getting more and more icy, making it covered with frost, and it begins to affect its actions.

“There is actually a toxin like cold poison, this time is not good!”

Everyone on Thousand City Alliance looked at this scene in the field, their expressions changed.

After this Silu created the corrosive poison that can corrode Oreburgh, he actually created cold poison at this time.

It can be seen that Sillu’s knowledge in poison is really very high, and he can have his own original Toxic.

Poison this Attribute can be the most complicated and mysterious of all Attributes.

And the power of Poison Type Pokemon, in addition to the strength of the Pokemon itself, it is also necessary to judge the strength of the toxicity contained in a Pokemon.

It’s like a professional Beedrill. If he within the body contains toxins that can poison the Elite Champion, there will be no surprises even defeating the Elite Champion.

It’s like a child who has no power to bind a chicken, can also use poison to kill those peerless experts.

Of course, whether the other party is given a chance or not, this is a question that needs to be considered. After all, if the other party cannot be poisoned, even if your poison is strong, it will be useless.

Like now, Luo Chen is already guarding against Nidoqueen’s Toxic, so the whole process is the Metal Claw attack used by Sandslash.

But who would have thought that Nidoqueen actually mastered cold poison, and Sandslash was poisoned silently during the usual Ice Type attacks.

For a poisoner, the method of poisoning is also a measure of strength and weakness. In this regard, Slu is undoubtedly very outstanding!

“The battle is over, Nidoqueen, use Ice Punch!”

After the chill on Sandslash’s body, Slug had a cruel smile on his face.

Then I saw Sandslash stepping on the Ground and the silhouette rushing out.

As long as Nidoqueen’s this move Ice Punch hits, Sandslash will be completely frozen.

“Sandslash, block it!”

Looking at Sandslash in the field, which was difficult to move, Luo Chen took a deep breath.

“Block? How to block?!”

The smile on Slough’s face on the opposite side remained unchanged.

But next moment, the smile on his face suddenly solidified slowly.

I saw Nidoqueen’s silhouette rushing in front of Sandslash, and Sandslash’s paws moved gently.


next moment, Nidoqueen’s silhouette fell directly to the ground under inexplicable power!

Everyone who saw this scene was stunned. The original aggressive Nidoqueen suddenly looked like a normal clown.

roar roar roar.

On the ground, Nidoqueen quickly climbed up.

It looked at its feet, suddenly annoyed, and continued to rush towards the enemy in front of him.


But at the next moment, Nidoqueen rushed again, and the silhouette fell heavily.

“This is…what’s going on?”

If Nidoqueen fell down only once, the audience would still feel it was an accident.

But falling down twice in a row, it seems a bit unusual!

“roar roar.”

At this time, Nidoqueen was already thunderous.

An orange Yellow beam was condense in its mouth, and it shot out suddenly.

In the extreme Rage situation, Nidoqueen directly used Hyper Beam!

I’m standing still, I won’t fall down inexplicably, right?

Just when this thought came to Nidoqueen’s mind, he suddenly noticed that the Ground under his feet was shaking.

Then, under its stunned expression, the entire Ground was suddenly lifted up and turned into a semicircular earth wall shield in front of Sandslash.

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