Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 928


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Hyper Beam bombarded the shield of the earth wall, and the exploded clods flew up.

At the same time, the shaking of the earth is not over yet.

At the foot of Nidoqueen, Ground was also lifted.

The lifted land threw a perfect semicircle in the air, suddenly rolling.

Then, in Nidoqueen’s horrified gaze, the earth swept down from the air like normal waves, directly submerging it.

“This is…what’s going on?”

Looking at Nidoqueen who was swallowed by the rolling ground in the field, everyone was lost.

What exactly did Sandslash do and why can it control the power of the earth?

“Is it Earth Power?”

An audience member raised their doubts, but they couldn’t explain Nidoqueen’s two previous attacks blocked.

“Successful, the development of rounding moves.”

Looking at Nidoqueen who was sealed in the earth, Luo Chen exhaled, with a smile on his face.

At the beginning, his idea of ​​rounding was twisting, twisting everything in front of him into a spherical shape.

Sandslash uses twisting air to block Nidoqueen’s frontal attacks, and twisting Ground also relies on rounding moves.

“Damn it, can’t you beat this Sandslash like this? It’s really a waste.”

Seeing Nidoqueen submerged by the rolled earth, Sluo cursed fiercely.

After Nidoqueen was dug out by rescuers outside the site, it had already lost the combat capability.

How heavy the earth is, it is simply not something Nidoqueen can bear!

“Come back, you are a trash.”

Slu cursed again, very dissatisfied with his loss at the start.

At this time, this result matched his arrogance at the start, and he immediately felt that he was losing face.

“However, the battle has just begun!”

“My next Pokemon is it!”

After taking back Nidoqueen, Slug took out another Poké Ball.

In the white light, a tall, purple dough-like Pokemon appeared in the field, it was the Swalot of the Poison Type.

“Swalot, sludge!”

After Swalot came out, Slo was immediately ordered.

I saw Swalot’s tall body suddenly spread out on the ground like a piece of dough.

Afterwards, under Swalot’s body, Ground suddenly squirmed and began to turn into a muddy ground.

The sludge belongs to the Characteristic Trait of Swalot. The function is to make Rival that has absorbed the sludge suffer from strong stench and reduce physical strength.

However, under Slug’s development, the Characteristic Trait of the sludge was transformed into a terrain-changing move, turning a large area into a foul-smelling sludge.

At the same time, the role of the Characteristic Trait of the sludge still exists, and the stench that comes out can also consume Rival’s physical strength, but it has the same effect as Sandstorm.

In the distance, Sandslash’s body shape cannot move like Disable Normal, but this does not affect its ability to mobilize within the body.

While Swalot used sludge Characteristic Trait to create sludge land, Sandslash also began to change the terrain through the quicksand hell.

The quicksand was surging, and in the center of the field, the quicksand hell and the sludge ground collided, and there was a stinging sound.

When the quicksand and sludge came into contact with each other, the quicksand was directly corroded by the sludge, and there was no way to stop the continuous spread of the sludge.

“Really strong toxicity!”

Seeing this scene, Luo Chen’s face also changed.

In addition to the toxicity of the sludge itself, it is likely to be adulterated with Swalot’s stomach acid.

Swalot’s stomach acid can dissolve almost everything except the tissues in the stomach pouch. The pores secrete an incredible venom, which is why the sludge is so corrosive!


The sludge in the muddy land is surging, like a rising tide, gradually submerging Ground.

After seeing this scene, Luo Chen frowned and took out Poké Ball to take Sandslash back.

But when the red light in the Poké Ball shot towards Sandslash, a Sludge Wave suddenly turned into a wave and blocked the red light.


After seeing this scene, Luo Chen frowned.

“I’m very sorry, I am impossible to let it go before I defeat Sandslash.”

Slu, who was across from him, said sorry, but he didn’t have the slightest apology on his face.

It’s been so long, and the sludge has spread throughout the site, Sandslash can’t stop it at all, and this seems to be Sleek’s purpose.

But in the next step, Luo Chen’s move to take back Sandslash was once again blocked, which involuntarily made Luo Chen’s expression gloomy.

In the end, with Sandslash’s rounding technique distorting the blocked Sludge Wave, Luo Chen was able to take back Sandslash.

“Forget it, my sludge field is finished anyway.”

Slu shrugged randomly, and then looked towards Luo Chen with a gloomy face, suddenly feeling very interesting.

Those who play drugs seem to have more or less the evil taste of watching their prey become poisoned and dying Struggle, and Slu is no exception.

At this time, looking at Luo Chen’s expression, an interesting mood immediately appeared in his heart.

But just when he wanted to savor it, he saw Luo Chen who was on the other side suddenly laughed, and his mouth slowly opened.

Afterwards, Luo Chen took out a Poké Ball from his waist and opened it.

As the white light continued to converge in the field, the golden current suddenly enveloped sky.

With the appearance of the electromagnetic field, the silhouette of Meilu Mehta appeared in the air at the same time, and Levitate was in the electromagnetic field.

“Steel type Pokemon?”

“Release Steel type Pokemon in front of me, have you forgotten what happened to your companions!”

Looking at the Pokemon appearing in the sky, Slu habitually mocked.

However, when he looked towards Luo Chen, he found a pair of cold and emotionless eyes that met him.

“Super Zap Cannon!”

At this moment, Luo Chen’s voice also appeared slowly.

After that, I saw Milu Mehta’s mercury-like body suddenly squirming.

With his special ability to make metal, Meilu Mehta grabbed it casually, and a large number of steel balls were condense.

As Meilu Mehta let go, these steel balls were quietly in the air. Levitate was in the sky of Melu Mehta’s palm, sparkling with Spark on her body due to the electromagnetic field.

Meilu Mehta moved very fast. After Luo Chen’s voice fell, he squeezed the steel balls hard in his hands and threw them out, causing countless steel balls to shoot out suddenly, in a blink of an eye disappear.

The speed of Super Zap Cannon is really too fast, but if you can see it in slow motion, Milu Mehta’s wrist is twisted into a twist. When launching Super Zap Cannon, his wrist is shaking quickly When he got up, the initial speed of the steel ball in his hand reached a terrifying level.

Immediately after, these steel balls passed through the electromagnetic field, and all burst out terrifying electric currents. They cut in the magnetic field, and the speed increased gradually, which made the surrounding space faintly distorted!

bang bang bang!

Along with the Super Zap Cannon being displayed by Meilu Mehta, it roared like a bomber.

The sludge ground on Ground was bombed by Super Zap Cannon, a large amount of sludge was blown up into the sky, and each and everyone pothole appeared in Ground.

After a round of Super Zap Cannon bombing, the entire muddy ground was completely unrecognizable, just like the muddy ground bombed by countless firecrackers when I was a child.

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