Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 929


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“This…what a terrible attack!”

Watching the exaggerated destruction caused by Super Zap Cannon, the audience opened their mouths.

At the same time, the other Alliance powerhouses outside the field all showed fear on their faces.

This Pokemon, called Meilu Mehta, seems to have already solved the Champion level for its true strength!

“How about that Swalot?”

The audience scanned the potholes in the mud, looking for the Swalot silhouette hiding in the mud.

Afterwards, Swalot levitate up like a rag in everyone’s surprised eyes.

“Swalot, I was killed in a second!”

After watching this scene, the audience’s expression changed slightly.

The strength of this Meilu Mehta seems to be too strong!

“This Pokemon…”

Slu looked at the controlling Milu Mehta, his face suddenly a little gloomy and uncertain.

In itself, his Swalot has already set up a sludge field. The Swalot with the Characteristic Trait of sludge is very strong.

But before, Swalot, which had been integrated into the muddy ground, was forcibly defeated by an indiscriminate attack!

This time also made him unable to think of a plan to deal with this Meilu Mehta.

If he continues with the muddy land tactics, it is very likely that he will be defeated by this indiscriminate bombing again!

After a little hesitation, Slug released a Crobat.

After Crobat came out, the four pairs of wings behind him vigorously fanned, and the silhouette instantly disappeared in place, immediately pulling out one after another in the air, showing a terrifying speed.

“Fast speed!”

The speed of the previous Super Zap Cannon, the audience is not at all intuitive.

But now Crobat’s movement has brought layers of shadows, and the audience immediately feels what is fast.

Amidst the audience’s exclamation, Crobat’s silhouette appeared in the air, and then suddenly disappeared again.


At the same time, there was a sudden rumbling sound, which shocked the entire venue.

“Huh? Has the battle begun?”

Listening to the vibrations blasting Rosa’s feet from the ears, the audience suddenly became a little confused.

But where did Crobat’s silhouette go?

“Next one.”

At this moment, Luo Chen’s flat voice suddenly sounded, and everyone was taken aback.

What does Luo Chen mean?

Is the game over?

But… the silhouette of Meilu Mehta is still there, Levitate, and he hasn’t moved at all.

“Could it be…”

The audience were also eyelids twitched at this time, looking towards the place where the explosion came.

At this time, on the side of the protective wall, due to a violent explosion, smoke and dust are floating.

After the smoke cleared, their pupils shrank again.

I saw that the protective wall had been blasted through a large hole at this time, and the cracks almost spread all over the wall.

In the big hole that was blasted out, Crobat’s silhouette was embedded in it, and he fell into a coma.


“When is it on earth?”

Looking at this scene, there was a moment of silence in the court, and then an uproar.

Just now, they were still praising Crobat’s speed, but it all ended so suddenly.


At this moment, Luo Chen’s voice once again attracted everyone’s attention.

Luo Chen’s silhouette is standing on the battle platform, his body is standing straight, and his face is as cold as ice.

“He is angry.”

Looking at Luo Chen standing at this time, this idea came to everyone’s mind.

It is true that Luo Chen is angry, but is this too terrifying? !

Not only these spectators, but also a drop of cold sweat on the forehead of Slaughter in the field.

He can know how fast his Crobat is!

But even so, even a single face can’t be supported!

“It’s another quasi-Champion-level Pokemon.”

“It seems we need to re-evaluate the strength of Luo Chen.”

Some other Alliance powerhouses have become more solemn at this time.

Owning a quasi-Champion-level Pokemon is completely different from having two!

“This Meilu Mehta is probably a magical Pokemon.”

At this moment, a short man from Tieling Alliance opened the mouth and said.

He is a powerful Steel type Trainer, and he vaguely feels where he has seen this kind of Pokemon legend.

The horror One-Eyed Giant that can create Oreburgh…

The record in that book should be this, but the memory is too vague, he is a little confused.


At this moment, their gazes were all looked towards the steel balls around Levitate’s body in Milu Mehta.

These steel balls one after another appear out of thin air, and then cyclically orbit Melummeta, like a planet orbiting the sun.

However, they all know that each of these charged steel balls carries a deadly threat, just like a missile hanging overhead.


This is the third time Luo Chen reminded that the silhouette is still so plain.

At this moment, people suddenly thought of the two people who had been fooled by Luo Chen before.

Is it as strong as Slu, is it going to be crushed like this?

“What a joke!”

At this moment, Silu roared suddenly.

After that, he saw the Poké Ball in his hand thrown out, releasing a Garbodor.

Garbodor also has many garbage bags attached to his body, and many red and blue objects are attached to his body. It also has hands and a pair of thick and short legs, which looks like a human-shaped garbage dump.

After Garbodor appeared, he immediately sank his body into the muddy ground in the field, with a faint purple poison qi floating away from his body.

Of course, these purple poison qis have no effect on the Steel type Milu Mehta. After Garbodor played, Milu Mehta also took action.

The steel balls surrounding its body quickly lased out, turning into one after another Super Zap Cannon, and lased directly at Garbodor in the field.

bang bang bang!

Countless explosions sounded, and the sludge on Ground was blown into the sky again.

In this case, the terrifying explosive air flow roared in the field, and the purple poison qi could be seen faintly blown onto the sky by the explosive air wave.

In this case, a huge silhouette also rose to the sky with the explosion of air, and floated towards the sky.

“That’s Garbodor!”

Seeing the huge silhouette, the audience exclaimed.

However, after they were separated from Garbodor’s situation, they found that the latter had passed out in a coma.

“I was seckilled again.”

After seeing this scene, the audience sighed involuntarily.

But before their voices fell, an explosion sounded abruptly from the air!

The terrifying blast wave was even more terrifying by the previous Super Zap Cannon explosion, and countless dust on Garbodor instantly scattered.

Suddenly, the entire sky was shrouded in dust, like Volcanic Ash Normal dropped after Volcano broke out, covering the sky and the sun.

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