Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 930


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“hahaha, it worked.”

“Garbodor can only use the special ability after losing the combat capability!”

“Give my Garbodor a funeral together!”

Looking at this scene in the sky, Slug laughed heartily up.

This move is really sudden. No one would have thought that Garbodor could use Explosion after losing the combat capability, right?

He is very clear about the formidable power of this move. In the several Life and Death Battles he has experienced, this move has helped him defeat powerful enemies several times!

“Isn’t it just to detonate the Characteristic Trait?”

But at this moment, Luo Chen’s voice suddenly came out, making the laughing Silu’s smile cease abruptly.

“Detonate the Characteristic Trait, he knows?”

The smile on Slough’s face gradually solidified.

At the same time, the smoke and dust in the air are slowly falling towards Ground.

In the air, a somewhat damaged Oreburgh buckler appeared so abrupt.

After the smoke gradually dissipated, this Oreburgh buckler wriggled and suddenly split into one after another steel ball Levitate beside Milu Mehta.

Meilu Mehta’s silhouette, hiding behind the Oreburgh buckler, was also revealed, completely unscathed.

The function of detonating the Characteristic Trait is that when it becomes dying, it will explode and cause damage to Rival who comes into contact with it.

Under Slaughter’s development, this detonating Characteristic Trait has been perfectly combined with the Explosion move.

It can also be used after Pokemon loses its combat capability, which makes you can’t guard against it even more!

It’s just a pity, Luo Chen has already detected everything, let Meilu Mehta arrange the arrangement early.

“I was completely seen through.”

“This Luo Chen’s command ability is also very strong.”

At this time, all the other Alliance powerhouses outside the field also watched Luo Chen at the same level of Rival.

If they continue to underestimate each other while fighting, they will probably fall in the sewer.

“Giggle, giggle.”

At this moment, there was a burst of ugly strange laughter in the field.

Everyone looked over and found that it was Sillu who was making a strange smile.

“Sluu’s mentality will not collapse, right?”

Lie Zi, who destroyed the mentality of two players before Luo Chen, also thought of this.

“hmph, Luo Chen, your strength really surprised me.”

“But what’s the point?”

“Although Garbodor’s detonation didn’t hurt you, it was only part of my many plans.”

Sluo laughed for a while, and when he narrowed his smile, his face was sullen, and at the same time the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out.

In the white light, a colorful Pokemon appeared in the field like mud.

“This is the smelly Grimer, but this smelly Grimer is so strange, is it Shiny Pokemon?”

Looking at Pokemon in the field, the audience started to discuss and put forward their own guesses.

Shiny Pokemon, this is not too rare in the game. Before Luo Chen’s Sandslash was Shiny Pokemon.

It’s just that the color of this smelly Grimer is too strange, and the colorful appearance makes people feel inexplicably nauseous.

“The smelly Grimer in Alola Region?”

Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed. He had already seen Salazzle in Alola Region in Slaughter’s hands before. It felt strange to see the smelly Grimer in Alola Region not at all.

In addition, apart from the difference in appearance, the smelly Grimer of Alola Region is also completely different in Attribute.

The ordinary smelly Grimer is Poison Type, while the smelly Grimer in Alola Region is poisonous and evil double attribute!

“It doesn’t matter what stinky Grimer is.”

“Meilu Mehta, use Super Zap Cannon!”

Recalling the information of Grimer in Alola Region in my heart, Luo Chen opened the mouth and said.

In the air, Meilu Mehta knew, and densely packed steel balls had appeared around its body.

These steel balls are like the Meteorite belt surrounding Saturn, enclosing Melometa in it.

Through the special ability of Meilu Metana to make Oreburgh, the number of steel balls is increasing all the time.

In this case, Meilu Mehta keeps getting stronger as if it has been using strengthening moves.

After hearing Luo Chen’s words, Meilu Mehta used Super Zap Cannon again, which meant that he had eaten it all over the sky.

The perfect combination of Super Zap Cannon and Milu Mehta’s own abilities, this move can indeed be regarded as one of Milu Mehta’s strongest methods.

Just before Luo Chen’s order, as soon as Alola Grimer touched the muddy ground, his whole body was directly integrated into it.

Now, Meilu Mehta uses Super Zap Cannon, for a while, it’s not clear where Alola Grimer is.

Therefore, Meilu Mehta directly bombed the entire venue regardless of the three-seven-one, and sparks and explosions continued to roar.

After the bombing of Super Zap Cannon, the whole venue fell into calm again. At this time, everyone’s eyes were involuntarily looking for the silhouette of Alola’s stinky Grimer.

At this moment, the entire sludge ground suddenly began to shake, and then in the audience’s surprised eyes, the sludge in the sludge ground rolled over, gradually swelled, and finally turned into a huge monster!

“The muddy land, come alive!”

Looking at this scene in the field, the audience in the field exclaimed again and again.

“It’s the smelly Grimer!”

“In that kind of attack, the smelly Grimer turned out to be intact.”

“Oh my God, the smelly Grimer controls the entire sludge field!”

Looking at the sludge in the field constantly rolling over, finally turning into a smelly Grimer appearance, the audience exclaimed.

This method is really too strong, controlling the entire muddy land into a body. How can this Rival be defeated?

“The really strong breath is stronger than that Salazzle!”

“It seems that this Pokemon is the Trump Card of Sleek!”

Looking at the silhouette of the huge muddy waves in the field, the faces of the other Alliance powerhouses were solemn.

Furthermore, Slue is still the most difficult Poison Type Trainer, and this is why they are afraid of this Slue, after all, relying on the powerful Toxic, it can completely skipping grades to challenge.

But now it seems that in addition to Poison Type’s accomplishments, Slaughter’s Pokemon is also very powerful. This move combines the Peak Level skills of the entire sludge ground to be very powerful.

At the same time, they are also thinking about countermeasures in their hearts. Apart from defeating the smelly Grimer head-on, the best way is to prevent this sludge from appearing.

However, in order to make the sludge land appear before, Slug still used some means, otherwise Luo Chen impossible watched this obviously unfavorable sludge land appear.

But it was the same, and Luo Chen was directly angered, but it was a good thing for them, which directly forced Luo Chen’s hidden hole cards.

This Pokemon called Meilu Mehta on the field, they still have to focus on investigating after returning to make corresponding countermeasures.

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