Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 931


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“It turned out to be this move, Linyu Elite’s poisonous quagmire tactics.”

Looking at the terrifying monster in the field, Luo Chen’s eyes narrowed. He is no stranger to this move.

Grimer itself is sludge, and there are more than 100 kinds of toxins in Grimer within the body. The chemical reaction between toxins and toxins is its Source of Life. “

Smelly Grimer has mastered the special life energy usage skills in a certain way, and gave life to the muddy land through life energy, making it completely a part of the body.

For the smelly Grimer, this move is indeed the most perfect technique, enabling the strength of the smelly Grimer to be blessed by the entire sludge field. To a certain extent, it is somewhat similar to Charizard that incorporates the power of Sunny Day.


In the air, Milu Mehta looked at the monster in front of him, and a Thunder Wave burst out all over his body.

Without waiting for Luo Chen’s order, it used Super Zap Cannon again, and countless steel balls turned into cannonballs and bombed the huge stinky Grimer.

boom~ boom~.

A burst of explosions resounded, and the mud on the huge stinky Grimer was blown up everywhere.

In a blink of an eye, the huge smelly Grimer collapsed like a melted cake, turning into a muddy ground again.

“Has it been killed?”

Looking at the huge Grimer loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain being knocked down, the audience wondered.

But just as their voices fell, they saw the muddy ground suddenly transformed into a huge palm and grabbed Milu Mehta in the air.

They grabbed Meilu Mehta in their hands in their horrified eyes, and quickly dragged them towards the muddy ground of Ground.

“Meilu Mehta, Thunderbolt!”

After watching this scene, Luo Chen opened the mouth and said immediately.

In mid-air, I didn’t wait for the sludge to drag Meilu Mehta into the sludge ground.

Countless electric currents burst into the sludge hand, tearing the sludge hand instantly.

But the moment Milu Mehta got out of the sludge hands, a large number of sludge hands stretched out in the sludge field.

These sludge hands are like magic hands from hell and they grabbed Milu Mehta, trying to drag him into the endless abyss.

“Super Zap Cannon.”

When countless sludge giants attacked, countless steel balls bombed all around instantly.

Compared with the previous Super Zap Cannon that Meilu Mehta threw away, the speed of these attacks is much slower.

Although the audience could not see the steel balls, they could still see the moving path of the Super Zap Cannon steel balls and the Spark pulled out behind them.

bang bang bang!

Super Zap Cannon’s speed is slow, but it is still amazing, without exception, crushing all the sludge.

But these sludge hands are obviously not the main body of Grimer. After these sludge hands are crushed, the underground sludge ground still rolls over.

“You have to find the body of the smelly Grimer, otherwise it won’t hurt Grimer at all!”

Looking at the muddy ground in the field, everyone looked around, looking for the silhouette of Grimer.

Alola Region Grimer’s colorful body was supposed to be very conspicuous, but now it disappeared without a trace.

“It seems that Alola must be forced out of Grimer!”

“Meilu Mehta, use Thunder Sea to attack the entire muddy field!”

Luo Chen made a judgment in his heart and commanded directly.

Meilu Mehta understood, the steel ball on her body suddenly lased out with electric current.

After that, I saw these steel balls squirming like mercury, and finally turned into the appearance of a single Meltane.

These melutans were lased at various locations on the field.

Immediately afterwards, all the melutans performed Thunder Wave moves together, causing countless golden lightning arcs to flicker in the mid-air of the entire venue.

These golden lightning arcs began to be entangled continuously, and the electromagnetic and electromagnetic forces collided violently. In a blink of an eye, countless golden lightning arcs were connected to each other and turned into a golden thunder sea to wrap the entire field.

Lei Hai suddenly pressed down, directly on the muddy ground.

After that, I saw countless golden lightning arcs rushing around in the muddy ground. In a blink of an eye, there was a burst of smoke, and the muddy ground began to turn into black!


But just as this thunder sea was about to swallow the entire muddy ground, an explosion suddenly appeared!

Suddenly, the entire field began to shake as if experiencing Earthquake, followed by the entire defensive Formation!

Under this attack, the entire protective Formation started to shake violently

Be aware that this is the Formation arranged by the Liberty Alliance that can block Champion-level attacks. It was actually shaken at this time!

This sudden explosion was really too terrifying, and it directly enveloped the entire battlefield, making the entire venue enveloped by thick smoke!

The audience who reacted, all looked at the Formation at this time.

The violent shaking appeared on the Formation, which also greatly changed everyone’s complexion.

If it weren’t for the protection of Formation, the audience in the audience would probably be swallowed by this terrifying explosion.

“What the hell happened?”

“This explosion sound is too terrifying, right?”

Looking at the thick smoke of Formation all over the field, the audience has lingering fears.

Just facing the two Pokemon that exploded head-on, how is the situation now?

It’s still this explosion. Is it Milu Mehta’s Thunder Sea?


At this time, Luo Chen standing on the sidelines also raised his brow.

Seeing the explosion, he involuntarily thought of the Garbodor who played on the field before.

Garbodor’s Characteristic Trait can explode, but Grimer’s Characteristic Trait…

“Wait, isn’t it the Chemical Power Characteristic Trait?”

At this moment, Luo Chen’s face changed suddenly, thinking of something.

The Characteristic Trait of the smelly Grimer in Alola Region is different from the ordinary Grimer.

Among them, the Implicit Characteristic of the ordinary stinky Grimer is a poison, but the Implicit Characteristic of the Alola stinky Grimer is the power of chemistry.

The role of the Chemical Power Characteristic Trait is to inherit the Characteristic Trait of the downed companion and become the same Characteristic Trait, which is the exclusive Characteristic Trait of Alola Grimer.

Obviously, after Garbodor was defeated, Alola Grimer duplicated and detonated the Characteristic Trait through the chemical force Characteristic Trait.

“Is this the final purpose?”

“The detonation of the use of such a large piece of muddy land uses the Characteristic Trait…”

Looking at the horrible smoke that still enveloped the audience, Luo Chen’s face became a little more serious.

Even the defensive Formation was shaken by the horrible explosion, what happened to Milu Mehta?

“ah ha ha ha, interesting, so interesting.”

Sluo stared at Luo Chen and saw that the latter’s face changed from calm to solemn, and could not help laughing heartily.

Slu’s laughter also made everyone realize that this horrible explosion seemed to be caused by Slu, and his eyes were frozen.

Gradually, the smoke and dust of the explosion was dissipated by the Defense Formation, and the messy field immediately appeared in everyone’s eyes.

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