Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 932


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“How about Grimer and Milu Mehta?”

Suddenly, everyone was waiting around the court, and soon saw Alola Grimer and Meilu Mehta lying down in a muddy ground.

“Two Pokemon, lost the combat capability together!”

After seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes were fixed.

That kind of terrifying attack, the two Pokemon falling together were also in their expectation.

“Meilu Mehta.”

Luo Chen frowned, opened the mouth and said.

As soon as his voice fell, I saw the mercury body on Milu Mehta creeping.

This change immediately surprised everyone, but in the end Meilu Mehta was unable to get up.

“Two Pokemon lose their combat capability at the same time.”

At the same time, the referee also announced the result of the game and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

This battle is too dangerous, right?

When the defensive Formation shook violently, his heart jumped out.

Fortunately, the defensive Formation is indeed powerful, and it is indeed a Formation that can block Champion-level Pokemon attacks.

But it also shows from the side that the horror of the previous explosion has been extremely close to the full strength attack of Champion-level Pokemon!

“Call, come back, Milu Mehta.”

Seeing that Meilu Mehta lost the combat capability, but there was nothing serious, Luo Chen relaxed.

“Hey, it looks like you are sighed in relief.”

“But, do you think this is over?”

“I can tell you, this is just the beginning of your nightmare!”

Slu, who was opposite, also suddenly opened the mouth and said at this time, with a cheerful expression on his face.

Immediately afterwards, he quickly released his Pokemon.

The same colorful appearance, this time it is still an Alola Grimer!

After the appearance of Alola Grimer, its body merged into the remaining muddy ground of the explosion.

Subsequently, under its power, the remaining quagmire in the field suddenly gathered and wrapped the Alola smelly Grimer!

“It’s another mutant Grimer!”

Seeing Pokemon appearing in the field, everyone was surprised again.

At the same time, they couldn’t help but think of the explosion in their minds.

If this mutant Grimer also possesses similar abilities, it would really be terrifying!

At this time, they were again involuntarily looked towards the defense formation.

After taking a self-destruct trick like this, there should be no problem with defense against Formation, right?

“hahaha, which Pokemon do you want to play this time?”

Slu laughed heartily, and at the same time indirectly showed that this smelly Grimer also has that ability.

At this moment, the audience’s eyes became serious, and their attention was focused on Luo Chen.

If this smelly Grimer also has that kind of ability, maybe Luo Chen can only send that Tyranitar, right?

However, after seeing the explosive formidable power of that smelly Grimer, they felt that even Tyranitar could not stop the explosion.


Faced with this situation, what should Luo Chen do?

“Did it explode…”

In the field, Luo Chen closed his eyes and pondered.

Immediately after, the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out, and a silhouette full of flame appeared in the field.

Among the flames, Magmar’s silhouette appeared, and the right hand cannon was raised and pointed at the smelly Grimer in the distance!

“Will you not send Tyranitar yet?”

Seeing Luo Chen’s choice, Silu on the other side shook his head.

In his opinion, how could the evolutionary form of this duck-billed Fire Dragon be its own smelly Grimer Rival!

“Go on Grimer, Sludge Wave!”

ao ao ao.

Suddenly, a deep voice sounded.

The huge silhouette made of sludge in the field turned into a smelly Grimer.

Afterwards, I saw the waves surging beneath it, turning into a Sludge Wave spreading all around.

Under the power of this Sludge Wave, the originally exposed Ground was corroded again and quickly filled with sludge.

“Magmar, Flamethrower!”

Looking at the swallowed mud wave, Luo Chen opened the mouth and said.

bang bang!

As his voice fell, Magmar’s muzzle on both hands was Flamethrower at the same time.

The two spewed flames collided with the silt wave and exploded instantly!


The flames burned the sludge, and immediately bursts of purple poisonous smoke filled it.

“Heat Wave!”

At the moment when the poisonous smoke appeared, the Heat Wave containing terrifying high temperature swept past.

Suddenly, all the poisonous smoke in the field was blown away, the Heat Wave blew by, and the silt began to evaporate!

“Smelly Grimer, use Poison Jab!”

Although Flamethrower and Heat Wave blocked the mud wave, at this time there was a large amount of mud in the field again.

At the same time, these silt quickly gathered towards the smelly Grimer in the field and turned into a part of its body.

After the smelly Grimer use Poison Jab, a large mud hand was separated from its mud body and grabbed it towards Magmar!

“Status Move!”

At the same time, Luo Chen is also opened the mouth and said.

I saw Magmar’s silhouette suddenly become blurred, turning into a ball of flames and jumping towards all around.

The sludge big hand caught one of the Status Moves.

With a bang, the flame Avatar turned into nothingness under the attack of the sludge hand.

After dispersing a Status Move, this sludge hand grabbed the other Avatars again.

“Found it.”

After seeing a fire shining from a captured Status Move, Slue joyfully said.

At the same time, you can see that the sludge hand that grabbed Magmar emits a white light and explodes instantly!


The horrible explosion roars like fireworks.

It’s just that it’s not a beautiful Ember, but a silt rain.

“That’s Explosion!”

Looking at the rays of light shining from the muddy hands, someone recognized it.

It’s just that the sludge big hand is obviously not the smelly Grimer body, and it has been given the ability to explode.

“Can these sludge assimilated by the body also use Explosion?”

“It seems that the abilities of explosion, detonation, and Explosion are all developed very well!”

Looking at the explosion in the air, Luo Chen also had a guess in his heart.

At the same time, the shadows in the sky also disappeared at this time, revealing Magmar’s body.

Obviously, even the last Magmar that was attacked was just a Status Move, but through the Flame Body Characteristic Trait, that Status Move also had energy.

“Hid you hide?”

“Then how do you hide these!”

Seeing Magmar appearing intact on the field, Sleek once again opened the mouth and said.

Then I saw the smelly Grimer start to spit up a large number of sludge shells from his body, lasing towards Magmar.

“dodge again!”

Luo Chen’s voice is calm.

Under his command, Magmar’s feet burst into flames, and the silhouette disappeared in a flash.

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