Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 933


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boom~ boom~!

These sludge shells swept past.

In an instant, a series of explosions sounded, and these sludge shells were actually endowed with explosive ability!

Amidst the gunfire, Magmar stepped on the explosive Step and walked continuously.

“Sludge Wave!”

Take advantage of this opportunity, Grimer used Sludge Wave again.

The black and muddy sludge is full of stench and spreads all around, crash-bang like a flood.

Once again, through the Sludge Wave, the sludge that had dried up was filled up again!

At the same time, under the control of Grimer, a large amount of sludge was condensed and suddenly stretched towards Magmar.

For a time, Magmar’s all around was shrouded in mud.

These sludge hands are constantly intertwining in the air, and finally faintly turned into a big net!


After the sludge web was intertwined, it exploded suddenly with a word of whispers!

boom~ boom~!

Countless sludge big hands exploded, immediately set off a terrifying explosion.

In the mid-air, a terrifying explosive force burst out a strong light, the flame and Haze were entangled, and a shock wave swept towards all directions!

“It’s over!”

Looking at the explosion in the sky, Slug was very proud.

Compared to Toxic, who kills people invisible, he actually likes this explosion.

“Magmar, was swallowed by the explosion.”

“Sure enough, if you want to defeat this smelly Grimer, you can only rely on the Tyranitar.”

Sounds like this are constantly ringing in the field, and no one can deny the formidable power of the explosion in the field.

Although it is not the smelly Grimer body that uses Explosion, so many sludge hands explode at the same time, and the formidable power is stronger than a simple Pokemon explosion.

“Wait, what do you think is going on?”

Just as everyone was discussing the formidable power of sludge explosion, someone suddenly exclaimed.

Looking over, they were suddenly surprised to find that the fire cloud created by the explosion in mid-air suddenly rolled up.

The fiery red light and thick black smoke were mixed together and squeezed towards the center together. Then the area of ​​the fire cloud began to shrink and was finally squeezed together completely.

After the fire cloud gradually returned to in one point, a silhouette can be seen emerging from the fire cloud.

“It’s Magmar!”

An audience member exclaimed.

It’s just Magmar at this time, her body covered in flames and smoke.

The flames and thick smoke kept rolling around, and then seemed to shrink desperately into Magmar’s body.

This feeling is like a replay of Explosion, and the burst of energy is instantly compressed back to Normal.

“What is going on?”

“Does this Magmar absorb the power of Explosion?”

Looking at Magmar in the field, the smile on Sleek’s face gradually solidified.

“Come on, Magmar, nuclear bomb!”

Luo Chen, regardless of what Sillu thought at this time, fiercely clenched a fist.


Magmar also issued an angry roar at this time, and the compression force within the body began to release.

From the muzzle of its right hand, a stream of compressed energy is continuously condensed.

With the concentration of this energy, a feeling of extreme depression suddenly surged into everyone’s hearts.

Immediately afterwards, a Fireball was condensed by Magmar and then launched.

hong long long.

At this time, Fireball smashed through the air, as if a wheel had been driven by, leaving deep marks.

It looks slow, but it’s really fast.

Only an instant, this Fireball came to Grimer’s Sky.

Under Magmar’s control, the compressed to extreme energy began to explode, like a nuclear bomb being dropped on Normal.


There was a deafening explosion, and the flames raged into a mushroom cloud and rushed into the sky.

boom~ boom~.

Once again, the defensive Formation started to shake, and the shaking frequency was greater than before!


Just as the mushroom cloud soared into the sky, there was another explosion in the field.

The explosion at this time was accompanied by heavy smoke that couldn’t be melted, and once again hit the defense formation.


An abrupt shattering sound rang.

Afterwards, in the horrified eyes of everyone, a crack appeared in the defensive Formation.

Everyone’s heart and eyes mentioned in a moment, but fortunately it is just such a crack, not at all spreading.

“Blast vs. Blast, these two lunatics!”

Watching the aftermath of the explosion calmed down, everyone in the court was sighed in relief.

At this time, their eyes could not help but looked towards the field again.

I saw it, and suddenly saw the flames and smoke in the field begin to roll.

Afterwards, the audience saw a silhouette dressed in lava coming out of it.

This silhouette of lava is constantly flowing, exuding amazing energy fluctuations, and the surrounding space seems to be distorted!

Every time it steps on the Ground, there will be a dark footprint, and the lava flows in the pit, just like a monster walking out of Volcano.

“I am completely immune to the power of the explosion, what kind of monster is this!”

At this time, Silu’s mentality finally collapsed. This Magmar is really more monster than his smelly Grimer!

The power of the explosion is completely useless in front of this Magmar. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect it, the other party seems to be able to absorb the power of the explosion to improve himself!

“Damn, damn, damn!”

“Why is this Luo Chen so strong!”

Slu’s heart began to cry frantically.

From the arrogance of at first to the present, all his arrogance has been torn to pieces by Luo Chen.

This kind of battle that was almost crushed by Normal, made Slu feel a suffocation, and his whole body began to shake.

What kind of monster did I provoke?

“The last Pokemon is here.”

At this moment, Luo Chen’s faint voice sounded again, leaving Slue with a coldly snorted drop.

Although he still has some hole cards not used, such as those weird Toxic.

But there seems to be no Toxic in this Magmar in the field that can work!

“It seems…I really can’t help it.”

Sluo kept thinking of tactics in his heart, but was rejected by himself.

This kind of veto of his own heart activities made him even more desperate.

This feeling is really the first time he has encountered it, so suffocating!

“Flame, flame, flame.”

Sluo panted, holding a Poké Ball in his trembling hand.

As the Poké Ball opens, you can see the silhouette of Salazzle appearing in the field.

Then, there is no more.

Under Magmar’s fire fist, the turbulent lava swallowed everything.

Under this terrifying attack, Salazzle, also a Fire Type, was directly killed by a merciless spike!

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