Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 934


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Following Salazzle’s defeat, Slug also half-kneeled on the ground.

both of his hands supported the body, drops of sweat rolled down.

Failed, he failed, so completely!

All this, the atmosphere in the audience is quiet, everyone is watching Magmar with lava flowing on her body.

“huhuhu, it’s over.”

At this time, Magmar was standing in the court, sighed in relief.

After relaxing, Magmar felt a panic of pain, and then shuddered all over.

With such a powerful explosive force, it is so easy to completely absorb not at all.

But listening to the cheers in her ears, Magmar felt that the pain was nothing.

This is the stage of the world game, and I am being watched by everyone on the stage.

It’s like the most gorgeous firework, even if it’s just a moment of brilliance, that’s enough, this moment belongs to it.


“Luo Chen, good job.”

Seeing that Luo Chen almost defeated Sillu with a crushing attitude, everyone smiled knowingly.

Especially Wen Xiaochuan, gave Luo Chen a thumbs up.

“I will leave it to you first.”

Luo Chen took a deep breath nodded, and then walked out of the field with three Poké Balls in his hand.

Although he won the final victory this time, the injuries to the three Pokemons he played were not minor.

Although Magmar did not directly fall down, Magmar, which absorbed a large amount of explosive energy, was the most injured.

Nuclear power, which is known as the power to destroy the world in previous lives, is not so easy to master.

Looking at Luo Chen, whose silhouette gradually disappeared from the player channel, everyone in the MURPHY Alliance fell silent.

Since their Vice Captain Chika’s mentality was destroyed by Luo Chen, now even Captain Silu’s mentality has been destroyed.

It can be said that Luo Chen almost destroyed the entire Murphy Alliance team by the strength of oneself.

In addition, their ability to get here all the way is completely dependent on the strength of Sillu’s singles, all players and team battles.

They only need to support Sleek well to win every victory.

But now, the six main forces of Silu have been completely damaged, and Luo Chen only sent three Pokemon, how to fight this battle?

Furthermore, Luo Chen’s quasi-Champion-level Tyranitar hasn’t played yet, and they don’t look promising.

The final result was more cruel than the members of the Murphy Alliance imagined.


Murphy Alliance lost four games in a row and was swept out.

You know, this is a knock-out competition in the top sixteen. This situation is not common.


“Luo Chen, you didn’t see it.”

“After Murphy’s Alliance was swept, the expression of that Sleek.”

“hmph hum, made him so arrogant before the start, this time he was really beaten in the face by fiercely.”

After winning the final victory, everyone from Thousand City Alliance gathered together.

At this time, their topics are naturally concentrated in the game this time.

“But, Luo Chen, you have to be careful too.”

“That Slaughter uses poison, and his heart is evil.”

Guo Lun also said this very untimely, which made others feel nervous.

They are still very aware of Slu’s horrible use of poison.

If Sillu hadn’t chosen to rely on strength instead of poison to fight in the end, Luo Chen might have trouble coping with it.

“Ah, I just cracked a joke.”

“This is in the world game, so he dare not do it.”

Watching the atmosphere in the field become more serious with his own words, Guo Lun smiled and opened the mouth and said, trying to ease the atmosphere.

“You don’t need to worry about safe things.”

“Now let’s discuss the next Rival.”

Coach Xu Hao also opened the mouth and said at this time. As an Alliance Champion, with him, I really don’t need to worry about this issue.

Time flies quickly, and the next day of the World Championship quarterfinals begins.

“Finally waited until this day.”

In the Burning Sun Alliance player area, Dill clenched his fists tightly.

He has been working hard since he was defeated and missed the Champion last time!

“I hope you don’t let me down.”

took a deep breath, Dill walked towards the battlefield.

Luo Chen in the distance also stood up, and the two looked at each other.

At the same time, the referee on stage also announced the list of matches, and the first match was Luo Chen VS Dier.

“We are right again.”

“And this time, I will definitely win!”

Looking at Luo Chen standing opposite, Dill grinned.

“This time, I will truly defeat you.”

Luo Chen is also struggling, and now he is more than a little bit stronger than before.

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