Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 935


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After both of them played, the audience cheered immediately.

In every corner of the battlefield, other Alliance powerhouses are also watching this game.

From previous battles, we can see that both Luo Chen and Deere are Divine Emissary who have mastered Legendary Pokemon, and their strength is definitely reaching the quasi-Champion level.

Soon, Rollout got up on the big screen and began to decide the order of the battle.

“hahaha, is it my first hand again?”

“Go on, Darkrai!”

Dill glanced at the big screen and grinned.

Then, the Poké Ball in his hand was thrown out, and Darkrai Levitate came out, the cloak-like body floating in the air.

Just like the previous match, Dill once again chose to let Darkrai play, and this was the majority of his choices in the battle.

Therefore, if you want to defeat Dier, his Rival Normal will first start tactical arrangements against Darkrai.


“It’s really a familiar battle!”

Looking at Darkrai in the field, Luo Chen also took out a Poké Ball in his hand.

As the white light in the Poké Ball diffuses out, it turns into Lucario’s silhouette in midair.

Once again, Lucario and Darkrai are like the fateful Rival, clashing again!

“Darkrai, Darkness Domain!”

Seeing Lucario on the stage, Dill, who had already fought with Lucario, didn’t make any further tests, and directly let Darkrai use all his power.

Afterwards, I saw Darkrai in the black air enveloping Levitate, and his scarlet eyes suddenly opened, revealing an aura of destruction, death and destruction.

After this period of exercise, the breath from Yveltal on Darkrai seems to be stronger.

And this also caused Luo Chen to frown deeply. He had already reported Yveltal’s affairs, so why didn’t Alliance still have any action.

Could it be that Alliance has already understood Yveltal’s business, but the method used is not destruction?

If you remove the damage and destruction that Yveltal may bring, this is indeed a Mega Legendary Pokemon with infinite power.

If Alliance can gain Yveltal’s power, it can indeed be greatly expanded, but if Yveltal gets out of trouble, the disaster it will bring is absolutely devastating!

“If it is possible, I should definitely go to the Burning Sun Alliance.”

At this moment when Luo Chen was thinking about it, Darkrai’s Darkness Domain had already begun.

Along with the black air rolling, the whole sky seems to be brought by Topsy-Turvy to Normal. The day turns to night, and darkness descends on the scene.

“What is this?”

Looking at the changes in the field, the audience who saw Darkness Domain for the first time exclaimed.

The faces of those placed in Dill’s hands were unwilling.

It turns out that Dill still didn’t use all his strength when defeating them!

“Does it turn out to be a domain-based move?”

Some guests were also curiously observing the Darkness Domain in front of them.

In order to be able to see clearly what happened in the dark, the screen in front of them also appeared in the dark.

Of course, these images can only be seen by these guests. This is to prevent accidents in the dark and is a means of supervision.

“It’s getting started, Lucario, let’s show your training results during this time!”

Looking at the Darkness Domain in front of him, through the spiritual connection of Aura Force, he also saw the situation in the field.

“Luca Luca!”

After hearing what Luo Chen said, Lucario let out a low growl.

Next moment, I saw a bright white light burst out of Lucario’s body!

In the white light, Lucario’s body shape changed quickly.

“The light of evolution has appeared!”

Looking at the changes in Lucario, these guests narrowed their eyes.


At the same time, in a laboratory not knowing how far away.

“di di di, evolutionary energy response appears, data collection…”

A large screen is hung on the wall of the laboratory, and what is displayed on it is the image of the Liberty Alliance stadium.

In the darkness, you can see Lucario’s body exuding white light.

At the moment the white light appeared, a mechanical electronic sound suddenly sounded in the laboratory.

“The light of evolution is really evolution!”

Listening to the electronic sound from the instrument, the researchers in the laboratory suddenly opened their eyes.

“Wh, there has been an evolution beyond the limit!”

“Unexpectedly, the evolution beyond the limit really exists!”

At this time, the researchers who spoke were limited and trembled, seeming to reveal a corner of the legend.


Compared with the past instantaneous evolution, this time Lucario’s Mega Evolution is very slow.

Under the envelope of the light of evolution, the life energy in Lucario’s body is constantly surging.

At the same time, the Aura Force on Lucario’s body began to fuse together continuously.

Finally, in the light of evolution, Lucario completed the Mega Evolution, and a large number of Black stripes appeared on the surface of the body.

It’s just that this time is different from the previous Mega Evolution. After completing the Mega Evolution, Lucario’s body is still wrapped in a lot of life energy and Aura Force.

The energy of Mega Evolution and Aura are mixed together and rushing back and forth. Between the fusion of the two, it turns into a faint black gas floating around.

“Successful, independent Mega Evolution!”

Looking at this scene, Luo Chen hehe laughed.

Since the last Western Alliance and his party, Lucario has begun to try to carry out an autonomous Mega Evolution.

After so long of training and research, Lucario finally mastered the autonomous Mega Evolution perfectly, and after completing the Mega Evolution, Lucario’s mastery of Mega Evolution energy, that is, life energy, has become stronger.


Mega Lucario makes a strong fist, making the life energy and Aura Force merge into the right hand.

Suddenly, I saw the life energy and wave force condensing in Lucario’s hands, turning into darkness.

The right hand made a fist, Mega Lucario suddenly used Extrreme Speed, and the silhouette disappeared instantly.

When he reappeared, Mega Lucario had already arrived in front of Darkrai and threw his fist fiercely.

Darkrai’s movements are not slow either. When Mega Lucario moves, it condenses the black hole in advance for defense.

The bone-like claws stretched out, and Dark Type energy was condensed between the hands, turning into a face that seemed to swallow all the black holes.


In an instant, Mega Lucario’s fist collided with the black hole.

Black and black are intertwined, and Mega Lucario’s fist sinks into the black hole, as if fused together.

But at the next moment, the black hole rippled again. On the other side of the black hole, Black’s fist pierced the water and suddenly burst out!


At this moment, Mega Lucario’s fist slammed hard, and directly hit Darkrai’s body.

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