Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 936


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In the field at this time.

The audience looked at Darkness Domain very confused, not knowing what happened.

Just when these audience members were discussing spiritedly, they suddenly heard a rumbling sound, and then the entire venue was shocked.

Immediately afterwards, I saw that the darkness enveloped the field suddenly began to roll, and the night turned into day again.

At the same time, the situation in the field also appeared in front of everyone.

“Is this… over?”

The audience looked at Lucario standing in the field and Darkrai who smashed into the protective wall directly in the distance. They all looked confused, not knowing what happened.

Although the darkness covers everything, in fact, time really doesn’t have a very long time.

But in such a short time, everything ended, it really ended too suddenly.

Just as the audience was discussing spiritedly in surprise, the guests in the guest table were also surprised.

Through the screen in front of them, they clearly saw the Black energy cluster condensed in Lucario’s hand, rushing directly to the opposite Darkrai.

It was just a punch. It was such a seemingly simple punch, which actually killed Darkrai in seconds. This immediately stunned the guests and couldn’t figure out what happened.


I don’t know where in the secret research room.

“This energy is already comparable to the legendary energy!”

The instrument in the laboratory recorded the explosive power of Mega Lucario.

Looking at the data displayed on the instrument, these researchers are also startled.

According to their understanding, this energy is definitely reaching the legendary energy.

This is not the intensity of this energy, but simply the level of energy.

It’s just… why can an ordinary Pokemon master this level of energy?

In other words, after Lucario has completed the evolution beyond the limit, has Life Level reached the legendary level?

In addition, this Lucario, after completing the evolution, returned to Lucario’s form unexpectedly.

Is the previous move the reason why Lucario can complete the evolution beyond the limit?

So, is it possible to interpret the method of evolution beyond the limit from that kind of energy?


“Successful, the fusion energy of life energy and Aura Force.”

Luo Chen in the field watched Mega Lucario use that dark energy to kill Darkrai in seconds, with a smile on his face.

According to the record in Pokédex, after Lucario Mega Evolution, the Mega Evolution energy on the body will be mixed with Aura Force, engraving the traces of Black all over the body.

It can be inferred from this that the Black stripes on Mega Lucario are the product of the fusion energy of Mega Evolution energy and Aura Force.

At the same time, we can also know that Mega Evolution energy and Aura Force can indeed merge into a brand new energy!

Based on this assumption, Lucario started the integration of life energy and Aura Force after completing the autonomous Mega Evolution and having stronger control over life energy.

And the result is just as he guessed, the two energies have indeed completed the fusion, possessing extremely terrifying destructive power.

Even the current Mega Lucario has not been able to fully grasp it, and can only use the fusion power to make such a punch.

However, it is conceivable that if Lucario completely masters this energy, maybe it is the time for breakthrough to Champion level!


At this time, Deere on the other side was also completely stunned.

During this time, in order to make Darkrai stronger, he has consumed a huge amount of resources.

At first he thought Darkrai could easily defeat Lucario.

But who knows, in such a short time, his Darkrai was killed in seconds!

The defeat was so thorough that he didn’t react for a while.

“Darkrai loses combat capability and Lucario wins.”

At the same time, the referee who reacted also announced the result of the game.

After a brief silence, there was an uproar in the field immediately, and his eyes were all looked towards Lucario in the field.

Although ordinary Pokemon has defeated Legendary Pokémon, it is not uncommon, but it is really shocking to kill the same level Legendary Pokémon so easily.

“Send your next Pokemon”

Luo Chen’s faint voice sounded, and suddenly everyone’s heart jumped.

This kind of tone, this kind of words, Luo Chen has said many times in the game.

And every opening will herald a player’s mentality explosion.

Can Dill in the field withstand Luo Chen’s offensive and stabilize his mentality?

“hmph, my next Pokemon is it!”

Dill was coldly snorted, and then threw his next Poké Ball.

With a roar, Guzzlord appeared on the court, exuding an astonishing black air.

In addition to the faint Dragon’s Might, a wave of energy representing death, destruction and destruction is also emitted.

Obviously, during this time, the breath of Yveltal on Guzzlord became stronger.

“Yveltal, maybe things are more troublesome than I thought.”

“Burning Sun Alliance, is this trying to play with fire and self-immolation? The power of Mega Legendary Pokemon is not so easy to master. If it is not good, it will die.”

Looking at Guzzlord in front of him, Luo Chen shook his head slightly. Of course, this is not what he needs to worry about now. What he has to do now is win the game first.

In the world competition, the Alliance headquarters will allocate resources according to the ranking of each Alliance in the world competition. At this time, each level of ranking increases is of great significance to Alliance.

“Guzzlord…then my Pokemon is it!”

Slightly relieved, Luo Chen took out the Poké Ball and opened it.

As the Poké Ball opened, there was immediately chill spreading in the field.

In the chill of white mist, the silhouette of Regice slowly emerged.

“That is…Ice Type Legendary Pokemon, Regice!”

Looking at Pokemon appearing in the field, the audience exclaimed slightly.

They also didn’t expect that in addition to Entei, Luo Chen’s hands actually held other Legendary Pokemon.

Most people here are seeing Regice for the first time at this time, and each and everyone observes with confidence.

Especially for some photographers, it is a rare opportunity to take Legendary Pokemon photos up close.

It can be said that with the appearance of Regice, the atmosphere of the scene is completely boiling.

This is the legendary Pokemon. Every time they make their debut, they will arouse exclamations and comments.

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