Pokemon Global Descent Chapter 968


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“What is going on?”

“Is it an illusion? But…”

More and more people reacted, and their eyes were confused.

“No, that’s not right, this land, and the severe pain from my body… all of this is true!”

“But…what about Xerneas and Yveltal?”

They couldn’t help but looked towards the silhouette standing on Charizard.

It was Luo Chen who arrived here at the last moment. He brought Xerneas and brought all this!

“This is Geomancy, exclusive to Xerneas.”

Luo Chen was watched by everyone, and he opened the mouth and said gently, but his voice spread through the battlefield under the power of Aura Force.

In the animation, Xerneas relied on the earth to master the moves, which restored everything that was petrified by Yveltal!

“Xerneas’s Geomancy?”

“That means… everything that happens before our eyes is really real!”

“This battle…we won!”

When Luo Chen’s voice fell, the entire battlefield was silent for a moment, and then there was a sudden burst of enthusiastic cheers!

Finally, finally, finally, everything is over!

“jié jié jié, jié jié jié jié jié jié.”

Just as the entire battlefield was immersed in joy, a dark laugh suddenly appeared, and then it grew louder.

Hearing this smile, Luo Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed and looked towards the place where the laughter originated.

The whole body was wrapped in a black hooded robe, and it was the chief speaker of the Dark Council who made this laugh.

“hmph, everything is over.”

“Darkness is always impossible than light!”

The Chief Speaker of the Burning Sun Alliance rode Dragonite to the front of the battlefield, looking directly at the Chief Speaker of the Dark Council opposite.

Now, Yveltal has been taken to unknown places by Xerneas, and Ultra Beast has been subdued by Alliance.

On the Dark Council side, all the battle strengths have fallen apart, and there is no hope anymore!

“Can darkness beat light?”

“What if I said, this is the last twilight before darkness?”

The Speaker of the Dark Council put away his smile, suddenly a weird smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t talk nonsense with him, kill him!”

President Fang also came to the front under the power of Psychic at this time.

Beside him, Pokemon such as Gardevoir and Alakazam who have finished Mega Evolution are also Levitate beside him.

These Pokemons are now covered with a faint blue rays of light, and they are using their power to seal off this space.

In this space, all Teleport and other moves are not to be launched.

At this time, the Dark Council is really nowhere to go, and there is no escape!

“Kill him!”

At the same time, other Alliance Champions and Elites all surrounded.

“you think you can kill me?”

“Oh, how easy is it!”

Hearing the words of the Speaker of the Dark Council, everyone’s heart was shocked.

But before they had any action, they saw a rays of light suddenly appeared behind the Speaker of the Dark Council.

In the rays of light, a Pokemon exuding a strong Hideki field appeared in the field, with a faint halo on his body, which looked very mysterious.

“This Pokemon is…Lunala!”

Looking at Pokemon appearing behind the Speaker of the Dark Council, Luo Chen’s face suddenly changed.


Everyone was taken aback when they heard Luo Chen’s words. They had never seen this kind of Pokemon before.

Lunala has the shape of a bat, with golden moon arcs inlaid on its wings.

The head is small, lifted by the cloak stand-up collar similar to Leech Life ghosts. There is a deep blue area on top of the head, which shows the changing star, and there is some kind of light source in the center of the body.

Just looking at it, they felt that this was a legendary Pokemon, and it might not look inferior to Regigigas.

“Don’t worry about that many, Dragonite use Hyper Beam.”

It was only an instant to take a look. The Speaker of the Burning Sun Alliance directly opened the mouth and said.

When other people saw this, they also responded and directed their Pokemon to attack.

But when all the attacks were about to strike the Chief Speaker of the Dark Council, the space in front of him suddenly twisted and swallowed all the attacks.

Then, this distorted space suddenly burst into bright radiance, turning into a twisted light source, gradually engulfing the surroundings.

“Ultra Wormhole!”

“Lunala has launched Ultra Wormhole!”

Luo Chen exclaimed, his face suddenly changed.

Ultra Wormhole is an unstable channel connecting Pokemon world and Ultra Space. It only appears in Alola Region.

But now, this Ultra Wormhole is turned on in this way, within the realm.

So…Ultra Wormhole that connects to Ultra Space in Pokemon world, where will it connect to within the realm?

“Dark Council…disappeared!”

At this moment, the voice of the chief speaker of the Burning Sun Alliance gnashing teeth also sounded.

He never thought that at this time, the Dark Council would be able to escape!

“ah ha ha ha, thank you so much.”

“Without the battle between Yveltal and Xerneas, Lunala would not have been able to open Ultra Wormhole in this solid world!”

“But now… it’s too late!”

“Yveltal is only one part of our plan, the darkness has just enveloped this World!”

Suddenly, the loud laughter of the Chief Speaker of the Dark Council came out of Ultra Wormhole abruptly, and then drifted away until it disappeared completely.

“Damn it, I can’t let them go!”

“Ultra Wormhole, it’s just a special Space Crack. Let’s catch up.”

At this moment, Bra Champion spoke suddenly, and then without waiting for other people to react, he rushed in directly on the Hydreigon.

But only for a moment, I saw a dark silhouette rushing out of the Ultra Wormhole, behind him, a little blood was spilled!

“Hydreigon, Hydreigon is injured!”

Seeing Hydreigon rushing into the Ultra Wormhole quickly, and then rushing out quickly, everyone’s expressions changed, everything happened too suddenly.

“Bullah, are you okay?”

The Chief Speaker of the Burning Sun Alliance immediately greeted him, looking towards Bra, who still had a little horror on his face.

“This Ultra Wormhole is all Space Cracks, there is no way to pass.”

Bra said with a gloomy and uncertain face that even his Champion-level Hydreigon would be injured inside.

Especially in the case of taking his Trainer. In that case, the Trainer is the biggest burden, and Pokemon can’t protect it at all!

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