Pokemon Master Chapter 2609


“This is a matter of course, Keiro, you don’t have to bear it.”

Ding Tong Yu said solemnly, and everyone else was slightly nodded.

At this time, you can please Jun Qianhai, the price of human affection paid by Lin Qiluo is far more precious than a little treasure.

Lin Qiluo was silent, a trace of apology and guilt flashed in her heart to Jun Qianhai.

“Each party first provides one piece of healing treasure that can suppress the original erosion. It must be suitable for Jun Qianhai, and the grade must not be less than the six-star top grade, and the points will be divided equally.”

Ding Tongyu said sound transmission, but looked towards Bai Yuling.

“Okay, we have no opinion.”

Bai Yuling replied.

He doesn’t have such a treasure now, but he can transform and promote one.

Make a wish with the power of Divine Beast to transform a six-star high grade Water Element treasure into a suitable treasure.

“If it’s just a mental duel, this one can maintain the injury for a few years without getting worse. I have already taken one, and I don’t need it for the time being. You can give it to Qi Luo first.”

Jun Qianhai said softly, not accepting those treasures.

“Then I will leave it to Keiro for your safekeeping.”

Ding Tongyu immediately handed over twelve treasures to Lin Qiluo.

“You can give me a try for the ninth game, the number is no more than ten, and the odds of winning should be more than 99%.”

Jun Qianhai said solemnly.

Jun Qianhai went directly to the battle, constantly splitting his consciousness, fighting against those great monarch consciousness bodies.

The magical skill Immesurable Sea keeps erupting, the interval is divine might tsunami, divine might Hydro Pump and other Peak Profound Truths, coupled with the exclusive Treasure Item, the horror of power is far beyond the ordinary monarch.

Even if it is divided into five at this time, it still has the upper hand. No surprises, it will definitely win.

“Leave the rest of the consciousness of the lord to us.”

Bai Yuling said softly, the remaining great monarch consciousness is not much, and the ghost and the earth puppet are enough to deal with.

Then Bai Yuling temporarily focused on Jun Qianhai.

Lan Hai concentrated attention completely, perceiving the magical skill Immeasurable Sea, half a step between the world-class Immeasurable Sea and the great monarch-class Immeasurable Sea, the difference is hard to calculate, and its profoundness is indescribable. Lan Hai can only feel the mighty and great Two words.

The scope is larger than Azure Billow World, and the formidable power is far superior to Azure Billow World. The difference is huge.

The real body bursts out of the original body of the Seagod, and the triple superimposition, plus the increase in perception, makes Lan Hai feel the profound mystery of the magical skill with all its strength.

“Jun Qianhai, if you don’t want to heal your injury well, you still come to join in the excitement. Are you afraid that the trauma will aggravate and your potential will be weakened?”

On another battlefield, the Flame Beast dominates its subordinates, and the Blast Flame Beast said with a cold laugh, with hatred in his eyes.

In a certain war before, he was almost killed by Jun Qianhai.

“It’s you, you escaped a thousand years ago and disappeared for so many years, thinking you are dead. Didn’t expect that you are still alive, but your battle strength is not advancing and retreating. Dare to Taunt me?”

Jun Qianhai took a closer look at the other party before realizing that the Explosive Flame Beast was an acquaintance.

“Why not dare, now you are no more than an arrow at the end of its flight. If you have the courage to face off in real life, I can swear to fight to the death.”

Blast Flame Beast said with a sneer.

Jun Qianhai glanced at the Explosive Beast silently, and couldn’t help saying with a smile: “Do you think I am stupid?”

“hehe, one of the successors of dignified Suicune Holy Land, I don’t even have the courage to be challenged by his subordinates. Suicune Holy Land has a false name. They are all cowardly creatures. I don’t like Suicune. Up.”

Blow Flame Beast laughed taunted.

Jun Qianhai’s expression immediately filled with Rage, and said angrily: “It seems that you are really tired of living.”

The majesty of Holy Land cannot be desecrated. When she recovers her injuries, even if she chases millions and millions li, she must kill the flaming beast to the last one.

The Blast Flame Beast continued to try several times, sighed helplessly, since the success of besieging the heirs of Holy Land for thousands of years, these inheritance sub-gods have been much more cautious and smart, although the majesty of Holy Land is still Outrage, but never Will not lose his mind.

If Jun Qianhai dares to agree, he will definitely not save his life, and also want to destroy Jun Qianhai’s potential by Self Destruct, then even if he is torn to pieces, he will be happy…

The divine might Hydro Pump hit the chin of the Blazing Beast, turning him into a fast spinning top.

Lan Hai’s eyes moved slightly, and this divine might Hydro Pump was different from the inheritance Suicune he had seen.

The related inheritance of divine might Hydro Pump naturally appeared in Bai Yuling’s mind.

divine might Hydro Pump, can be rigid or flexible, with endless changes.

Water Element has endless changes in energy. It is the energy that changes the most between Heaven and Earth. It is also the best Water Element rule to get started. As one of the Water Element rule incarnations for walking on the earth, the God of Water masters the mystery of Water Element. Its divine might The series is the Profound Truth with the most changes in the world.

They inherited their Suicune, so they are different from other sub-gods. They are born with a little more Water Element rules. The control of Water Element energy naturally surpasses other sub-gods by a level and achieves perfect control earlier. Able to combine the best form according to oneself.

So almost every Suicune’s divine might Profound Truth is different, and Jun Qianhai’s divine might Hydro Pump should be based on the vortex spiral technique.

The vortex contained in it can not only increase the lethality, impact, and tearing power, but also greatly interfere with the opponent’s actions.

Just as the Blazing Beast was hit at this time, the first problem to restore balance is to resolve the spiral force on the body. It is even more difficult to get rid of the pursuit of divine might Hydro Pump.

If it were replaced by a purely lethal divine might tsunami, the Blaze Beast could get rid of it at least 0.1 second earlier, not to mention that it only took 0.1 second to completely change the priority of action.

The hot flames erupted, and the Blazing Beast rushed towards Suicune against the divine might Hydro Pump.

But what he couldn’t see was that Jun Qianhai had already left the place at this time, only using the long-range cohesion technique to attack, and his true body came quietly behind the Flame Beast through the blind spot of that moment.

When the blow hit the air, the Blaze Beast immediately discovered that it was wrong, and there were horrible fluctuations behind it.

divine might The tsunami struck, and Lan Hai’s eyes condensed again. Under the turbulent appearance, there are countless more turbulent little vortex. It is these little vortex that make up this big tsunami.

The Explosive Beast was swallowed, and the endless vortex tore his whole body. Every tiny wound would be continuously enlarged. It was obviously only a little damage from dander, and eventually the entire skin and flesh and blood might be pulled out.

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