Pokemon Master Chapter 2611


Bai Yuling thoughts move and let Yan Huangxi send him a message.


The picture book sounded, making everyone’s expression condensed. Bai Yuling looked at it and immediately said with a smile: “Teacher has reached the first realm, and it is expected to be here in two minutes.

“Very good, does Huang Xi bring other battle strength?”

Jun Yining said with joy immediately.

“Well, there are three other great monarchs battle strength, and the peak monarch who surpasses the miraculous battle strength. These five kings of demon spirits should all be able to be solved.”

Bai Yuling replied.

“Very well, it came too timely. After this round of hope, I will finally have Khoury.”

Dingtong Yu said joyfully, from less than 1/10000th to 10%, it was directly increased by a thousand times.

In less than two minutes, Yan Huangxi will return from the gate of the world

“Huang Xi, finally meet again.”

Jun Yining, Lin Miaomiao and Long Chenyi immediately greeted them, expressing joy.

“Sorry, it took so long to come back.”

Yanhuangxi apologized.

“Why do you have to apologize, if it weren’t for killing the evil dragon ruler, you wouldn’t have been so badly injured. Are you fully recovered now?”

Jun Yining said immediately.

“Well, it’s almost there.”

Yanhuangxi brought nodded and looked towards Bai Yuling.

After passing on the information, Yan Huangxi said: “These five demon spirit king consciousness bodies can be given to me.”

Lanhai gave up some of the qualities, and Cangbatian went to battle with the Five Elements divine object. With the world-class fourth-order realm standard, he faced the world-class eighth and crossed the fourth-tier.

The Cang Ba Tian Consciousness is divided into five, and at the same time confronts the five demon kings.

The body of the dragon origin erupts, the body of the blue dragon erupts, and the quality of Cang Batian directly soars above the world-class Peak, not inferior to the opponent at all.

Super Divine Physique, and 40% increase in quality, Destiny’s Destiny directly surpassed nearly 10%, instantly overtaking.

At this time, Cang Batian’s formidable power is doubled in this system, surpassing Divine Physique by 40% and Five Elements divine object by 80%, totaling two points and two times. The gap with the opponent is not small, but the five Star God objects can By simulating 80% of the original source activation, it can also increase the increase of 60% by five, which is close to three times, which is not inferior to the opponent.

But in the end there is still a problem, which is the original strength, so before entering, Bai Yuling made a wish.

“Make a wish, Unreal Source Power meets normal standards.”

Consume one unit of Divine Beast power to create enough Unreal Source Power within the body to deceive the scanning of the secret rules.

At this time, the original power of Cang Ba Tian’s consciousness body is not only four hundred strands, but more than a thousand strands.

Thousands of strands of original strength can fight at full strength for about an hour, which is enough to solve the battle.

At the moment of the battle, the Demon Spirit King realized the power of Cang Batian, without the slightest hesitation bursting out with all his strength.

On quality, transcendence, and formidable power of the trick, the main reason lies in the gap in the realm of the trick, but because of the integration of the trick, the formidable power bonus can be seen as a final increase of 50%, and the final multiple is close to 4.3 times.

No matter how big the gap is, the realm of the trick is impossible to be as huge as the final 50%. Therefore, Cang Batian is completely crushed and has a huge advantage.

divine force dive, sonic dive, thunder dive, dragon god lightning, silver lightning wave, blasting dragon star group, heavenly punishment meteor shower.

The seven fusions of the Profound Truth are targeted for use. As long as there is the insect type Profound Truth and the origin, it can restrain damage against any fierce demon spirit.

All the advantages add up, and the five-point difference in mind is nothing.

“The distance has mastered these seven tricks perfectly, only a little too close. After the perfect mastery, it is possible to extend other fusion Profound Truth combinations to reach the real realm, regardless of long-range, single, mid-range, and range. Four elements Profound Truth can restrain up to ten Attributes.”

Looking at Cang Batian’s battle, Bai Yuling thought in the heart silently.

Cang Batian’s road of four elements has now embarked on a smooth journey. In the future, as long as the realm improves, the understanding of the original strength and the foundation of Profound Truth can be improved.

Bai Yuling is somewhat relaxed in her heart. The road to four elements is really hard to follow. Just to enhance Cang Batian’s understanding of the seven fusion Profound Truth, Wish’s power is not five hundred, but three-four hundred.

In addition to the centuries-old memory in the real dreams, if you want to go to this step, it will take hundreds of years to say the Cang Batian perception.

Thinking of this, Bai Yuling looked towards other partners again. The benefits of real dreams are really infinitely useful. Only 10% of the memory makes up for the weakest secret of tricks, not weaker than the ordinary monarch Peak.

Five minutes later, Cang Batian adapted to the opponent’s rhythm, and his advantage began to improve. Ten minutes later, Cang Batian had a clear advantage.

No accident, Cang Batian is hard to lose.

But Cang Batian is going well here, but the situation in other places is a bit bad.

Swinway, who has persisted to the present, can’t do it anymore. Those great monarch consciousnesses have come to the final tenth game. To securely defeat them, only the miracle controller can use the ultimate battle strength of multiple minds.

In addition, there were Long Chenyi and Qin Baizhan Muxue. Meng Hongying was still a bit close, and there were two left, and Bai Yuling asked Minggui and the clay puppet Senior to continue.

It just happens that other battlefields have established a huge advantage, and it is impossible to roll over.

It is estimated that in the next five minutes, three demon spirit kings will defeat their opponents to the ninth game.

Cang Batian’s advantage is not enough now, and it would be a bit risky to distract his mind.

It seems that Five Elements Dragon Phoenix is ​​also out.

“Ling’er, you control the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix.”

Bai Yuling said in her heart.


One minute later, another demon spirit king defeated the conscious body of the overlord monkey.

3 minutes later, the second king of demon spirits got out of the battle.

40% of the time later, the third king of the demon spirit returned.

To make matters worse, these three are the kings of the previous demon spirits, and their strength is even more terrifying.

“How to solve these three?”

Siwinway’s expression is gloomy, who has spare capacity now? Even if there is spare strength, who can beat the king of the previous demon spirit.

Too difficult, really too difficult.

“Leave it to me, it won’t be a problem to resist a few more.”

Yan Huangxi continued to speak.

“Huang Xi is amazing, you have blocked eight kings of demon spirits, ten great monarchs, this rule is actually made by you.”

Jun Yining took Yan Huangxi’s hand, delighted, and said admiringly.

“en. ”

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