Pokemon Master Chapter 2612


Five Elements Dragon Phoenix masters Five Elements Profound Truth, and has five core genes and origins.

According to her own Attribute of Dragon and Demon, the Five Elements are Dragon, Demon, Fire, Water, and Grass.

Five Elements Profound Truth is not five, but eighteen, each of which can be said to be the origin manifestation of Five Elements Great World, and the formidable power is the Peak of the miracle Profound Truth.

This is only known after the Five Elements divine object is integrated, and Five Elements World will be partially completed.

Everyone is paying attention to the battle here, and they are also very curious about how Ling’er controls the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix.

Five Elements Dragon Phoenix also has the least number of appearances. Normally, there is no way to learn from her. It all consumes World Source.

The Dragon is Five Elements Profound Truth, a single dive Profound Truth, with both speed and power. With the flexibility of the Five Elements Dragon, it can also achieve various unimaginable skills, and the impact angle is extremely tricky.

Five Elements Profound Truth, auxiliary class Profound Truth, condenses the power of the fairy to form a bewildering light, which can confuse and interfere with opponents, distort the perception of light, and has a wide range and extraordinary effect.

Fire Element Five Elements Profound Truth, range category Profound Truth, condenses dreadful sea of ​​fire, sweeps all directions, and is divided into Exterminating All Living Things.

Water Element Five Elements Profound Truth, the range type Profound Truth, condenses triple vortex, one is more powerful than the other, traps and kills the opponent, once it is deep in the core, it is extremely difficult to get out.

Grass-based Five Elements Profound Truth, auxiliary class Profound Truth, absorbs all living things, transforms its own energy into life force, restores itself, and replenishes state.

This is the initial posture of Five Elements Profound Truth. The degree of control is natural enough to change form freely, but it is not as powerful as the initial form, because it is all manifestation of the origin.

For example, Water Element Five Elements Profound Truth, triple vortex is not a simple three vortex, but a triple vortex of multiple concepts. The core vortex drives the inner vortex, and the inner vortex drives the outer vortex. It only requires passive conversion. Can transform extremely strong vortex, this is triple.

But only if this is the case, can’t be called Miracle Profound Truth, even if the formidable power is strong, it is also Super Profound Truth, because as long as it follows the direction of the vortex, it can be automatically brought out, and it can also be charged directly against the current. .

Triple vortex has triple routes, each of which is completely different. The triple routes are complementary and can be adjusted at any time. If you are trapped in it, you simply cannot find a fixed route.

At this time, Xiaoyuecang Wolf King was stuck in it, unable to extricate himself.

Wolf King is very fast and has good defense, but his strength is slightly inferior. If it is the dark tyrant beast or the Oreburgh tyrannosaurus king, after several attempts, there may be a chance to rush out, but Xiaoyue Cang Wolf King, no matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t get out.

“Damn, what the hell is this, the first-order trifling monarch, why do you control such a complicated Profound Truth? What is the origin of this guy?”

Xiao Yuecang Wolf King roared in his heart, and he was puzzled. Even the Jade Water Snake King, when he returned to the first order of the monarch, he might not be able to do it. This is even beyond the theoretical limit.

It feels as outrageous as those magical skills, that is, formidable power the difference between Heaven and Earth.

But wait, it seems that memory seems to have relevant information, let him look for it.

After a long while, Xiao Yuecang Wolf King showed shocked eyes: “Five Elements Dragon Phoenix, actually Five Elements Dragon Phoenix.”

hundreds of thousands Years ago, Holy Spirit Race discovered a New World called Five Elements Great World. This Great World is not weak, with plenty of World Sources, and the powerhouse of the great monarch has more than ten, as shown by Five Elements Great World The transformed Five Elements Dragon Phoenix incarnation is even more terrifying, and only supreme powerhouse can suppress it.

At that time, a lot of the power and time of the Holy Spirit Race could be wasted. If the World Controller Five Elements Dragon Phoenix were not there, they might not have chosen to invade at that time.

The Five Elements Dragon Phoenix should be the ancestor elf. I have never seen a second one. It is strange that the ancestor elf is impossible to repeat. Normal reproduction is absolutely impossible to give birth to exactly the same descendants.

What Heaven and Earth Spirit Object can give birth to such a descendant of the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix, who was old at the time. If it is reborn, it will be impossible to support this time, unless it is beyond the existence of the great monarch…

Various speculations surfaced in his mind, Xiao Yuecang Wolf King looked at the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix dignifiedly and carefully observed.

However, the first-order monarch has such a basic battle strength, but his combat experience is not as good as him. The gap is not small, disguise? No, it doesn’t seem to be anymore.

The Profound Truth rushed out from below, and Xiaoyuecang Wolf King turned into black light and rushed.

Fire Element Five Elements Profound Truth, Fire Element’s origin is instilled, and the flames are so fast, even if the black light is so fast, it can hardly escape the fire sea and be swallowed.

The fire sea raging, when it senses the foreign matter, it shrinks and condenses continuously, and it burns the foreign matter.

The Profound Truth restrained Attribute, which caused Xiaoyuecang Wolf King to suffer serious damage. The original Profound Truth was directly defeated, the fire sea spread and tracked the spread, and continued to burn Xiaoyuecang Wolf King.

The Dragon is the Five Elements Profound Truth, and the Five Elements Dragon phoenix swoops down, giving Xiaoyuecang Wolf King no chance at all.


Xiao Yuecang Wolf King just got rid of the fire sea tracking, he was hit head-on by the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix. Fortunately, he resisted the existence of Attribute so that he could restore his balance faster and counterattack quickly.

In the fierce battle for half an hour, both sides appeared riddled with scars. On the beautiful body of Five Elements Dragon, more than a dozen deep bloodstains appeared.

Although the strength may be stronger, the defensive power of the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix is ​​too bad.

But don’t be afraid. At this time, it’s time for the grass-based Five Elements Profound Truth to come into play. Use Teleport to spread the distance. Five Elements Dragon uses the grass-based Five Elements Profound Truth, and the surrounding vitality is condensed.

all directions, one after another hazy rays of light condensed to Five Elements Dragon Phoenix, Xiaoyue Cang Wolf King eyes shrank, keenly discovered the subtle changes in the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix’s wound, and her injuries are recovering.

The intelligence said that the Five Elements Profound Truth is a recovery miracle Profound Truth, which is really good, but the effect is too outrageous. If you recover for ten minutes, wouldn’t the injuries be completely recovered?

“But even with many restrictions, this is the most powerful trick in Five Elements Profound Truth. It contains the mystery of Life Source, and at least one more life.”

Ling’er said softly, this move is very powerful, but it is really too difficult to learn.

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