Pokemon Master Chapter 2614


Five Elements Profound Truth of the fairy family has no lethality, but its role cannot be ignored. It is equivalent to a natural environment that confuses the other party. It does not occupy much of its own mind during the continuous process, which means that part of the energy output will be occupied.

Teleport once again opened up a very long distance, and the grass-based Five Elements Profound Truth was once again displayed, transforming its vitality and recovering itself, and the injuries on the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix continued to heal quickly.

Five minutes later, when the life force is fully restored, Linger immediately changed his tactics and controlled the Five Elements Dragon Phoenix to start swapping damage regardless of the cost. It is expected that the battle will be over in about fifteen minutes.

“The Five Elements Profound Truth has good potential, and while comprehending, it can also deepen the understanding of the original power. To create such a Profound Truth based on World Source, Five Elements Great World is also very special, and may have been promoted. The potential of the extraordinary Great World.”

Kelu also commented on Five Elements Profound Truth and Five Elements Great World. Five Elements Profound Truth is the manifestation of the source, and the cultivation Five Elements Profound Truth is the perception of Source Power.

“Does the current Five Elements Great World still have this potential?”

Bai Yuling asked immediately.

“Impossible, promotion can also reveal world promotion, but in the end it is no problem to be strong enough to surpass the previous Peak.”

Replied can be revealed.

Bai Yuling looked at the Five Elements area in the Kolu world, from the original barrenness to the revival of life, and now that the source is sufficient, it is almost close to the upper limit that the Five Elements area can carry at this time. In the past, Peak had a long way to go.

There is another demon king who is out of trouble, and Bai Yuling can only let the fairy dragon fight against them.

Lan Hai must concentrate on understanding Immeasurable Sea, and can only rely on the self-consciousness of the fairy dragon to fight.

But Panshi suddenly said: “Master, after my simulation, I found that with the realm consciousness of the demon spirit king, if the fairy dragon is divided into two consciousnesses, it will be difficult to keep up with the battle awareness of the demon spirit king. Fatal weak spot, the odds of winning are extremely low.”

Bai Yuling is slightly frowned, which is a bit miscalculated. Is it necessary to let Lan Hai make an advance?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter if they have a few breakthroughs.

Ding Tongyu and the others have just discussed this point: “Since they are going to give up, the most suitable ones should be the mutant Benton and the Triangular Tyrannosaurus. Both of them have two consciousness bodies left. Give up all of them, so the pressure is at least 20% less.”

So ten minutes later, the Triangle Tyrannosaurus and Mutant Banton realized in shock that they had won without a fight.

Give up in this one, and most likely the same in the last one.

“The alliance seems to have reached its limit. It allowed me to pass.”

The Triangle Tyrannosaurus rex said that the expression is a bit strange: “It’s weird. At least there is still a Qianlong of the King Peak. Although it may not be able to beat us now, but the odds of winning are less than 40%, so just give up. ?”

“It’s not surprising that neither of you have mastered superpowers. The threat after the breakthrough is the smallest. Don’t go in now. If you are beaten by the Ice Eye Dragonite and the others, it is not impossible to fall.”

Koloa replied, maybe the league is also thinking about this.

Twenty minutes later, the King of Dreams and the others ended the battle and successfully defeated the Consciousness of the King of Demon Spirits, but in the next game, facing the King of Demon Spirits who was nearly 100% mind-conscious, even the King of Dreams himself There is not much certainty.

At this time when the Demon Spirit King reached the ninth game on average, the battle at the monarch level had come to an end.

Relying on the ghost puppet Senior and Qiu Ming, they have blocked hundreds of miraculous monarchs.

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