Pokemon Masters Chapter 1000

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“This gentleman…”

“This is the bonus for your Eevee challenge game… Please, be magnanimous. If this continues, we are about to go bankrupt.”

Two hours later.

In a game store, a store owner cried and hugged Fang Yuan’s thigh, and persuaded Fang Yuan to change to another game store.

Fang Yuan, Eevee: “…”

He’s meow, this is the fifth one.

If you can’t afford it, don’t open a store or stand at Game Center!

“wū wū wū wū.” The Boss choked.

I beg you.

“Forget it.”

Fang Yuan shook the head, already planning to take Eevee to harm the next family.

No way, not at all.

Eevee also feels that this World’s game business level is too low.

Although the game I made is quite fun, there is still much room for improvement in the profit model.

Unlike the game company on the other side of the earth, a free game can deceive it of hundreds of 648 Eevee.

And this Pokemon World Game Center can make money by playing games…

There is such a good thing.jpg?

Eevee just covers his mouth and smirks.

You can win money in battles and games. Humans in this World are all philanthropists.

If it can, it doesn’t want to go.


It’s another half day.

In Game Center, the legend of the “brown demon” has spread.

After word of mouth in each area, even some game shops have changed their signs to: “XX and Eevee are not allowed.”

Fang Yuan and they played all the way, and they were often rejected. For example, when they just approached a store, it closed instantly, which happened from time to time…

“I said…”

“Eevee, haven’t you played enough.”

Eevee: ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノeivui!

Not enough. If you don’t take this opportunity to earn all the pocket money you will need in the next few years, you may not know when you will come to Charity City again.

“Enough is enough, the money is enough for us to buy a few houses in the vicinity.”

“Take a break and come back tomorrow.”

“Also, we won’t stay in Pokemon world for too long, just enough money to spend.”

Fang Yuan is helpless.

Eevee’s energy is full, he is already tired.

Sure enough, his liver is not as good as Eevee’s.

“eivui…” Eevee rubbed his head, all right.

“eivui?! (Where to go next?)” Eevee asked.

“Go find a place to live first, and then, let’s go to Rainbow Gym again.” Fang Yuan said.

“Now that we have money, let’s go buy some special products. I heard that the perfumes here are specially made and the effect is very unique. It is worth buying some back.”

In addition to being a Gym, on the surface is also a huge perfume shop, operating the largest perfume business in Rainbow City.

Erika, as the world’s most Peak Level perfumer, made perfumes that are a luxury that countless people chase.

Fang Yuan thought that he had come, and planned to get a batch of them back!

“eivui…” Eevee rubbed his eyes again, perfume, it didn’t pursue this thing.

Well, let’s think of a way to make more money and buy Game Center.

Fang Yuan: “Climb!”


Erika Eldest Miss is very depressed today.

It was a very good dance skill course planned, but it ended in a big failure.

Almost all day, she spent the whole day reflecting in the Pokemon Center.

Lilligant or Vileplume, because fighting Fang Yuan’s Venusaur, the injuries were not light.

Different from the flexible tactics of her Lilligant dance skill, the storming tactics of Vileplume’s sunny tactics, and Fang Yuan’s Venusaur, they gave her an unmovable and indestructible oppression from beginning to end, leaving her with nothing Little shadow.

Erika has a laid-back and demure personality and occasionally likes to doze off, but at heart, she is a really strong person.

A bitter attack is her favorite method in battle, and after winning a victory, she will also become energetic.

So if you lose, the proud Erika Eldest Miss will very much want to win it back.

Especially, when Rival’s Pokemon is her favorite grass-based Pokemon.

“The Venusaur is really strong.”

“And the breed style is very unique, different from any Sect I know well.”

“There is also the iconic aura similar to Alola Totem Pokemon…”

“If there is an opportunity, I really want to take a closer look.”

Afterwards, Erika couldn’t help being amazed at how perfect Venusaur was cultivated.

Erika, who loves grass Attribute Pokemon, regrets not keeping Fang Yuan, and then exchanges the experience of grass Attribute Pokemon with the other party.

know yourself and know your enemy, so that she can go to special training and defeat Fang Yuan in the future.

Fang Yuan is strong, but Erika believes that this gap is not insurmountable.

“Have a chance to challenge each other through the tournament.”

Erika regrettably returned to Gym. This time, Erika entered from the front entrance of the perfume shop. She wanted to check the business situation in the shop by the way.

However, before Erika could enter, she suddenly heard a familiar voice inside.

“What-so expensive?!”

Erika slightly startled, looking towards the inside through the glass.

At this time, Fang Yuan and Eevee are communicating with her clerk.

“Sir… This rainbow heart is the proud work of Erika Young Lady. It is an unreplicable treasure made by using five colors of Flabébé and 128 rare plant essences. There are only three copies. This is the last one, and it is definitely worth the price!” Young Lady, the clerk, said seriously.

“That’s what I said…” Fang Yuan turned his head slightly and looked at Eevee. I’m sorry, I lost. Well, you may not make enough money.

The price of this World perfume is too dark!

His Aphrodite’s Perfume dare not sell so expensive.

This bottle is more expensive than a Dratini egg.

Although it sounds compelling, it is indeed quite high…

“Let’s take a look at the others.” Fang Yuan helplessly said.

If you want to buy the best perfume, it seems that you have to wait for him to reach the top 10 in the championship, receive a few waves of advertisements, and earn some appearance fees.

“Mr. Fang Yuan?”

Just when Fang Yuan was considering whether to buy a few bottles of ordinary high-end goods first, and fool Milotic, a soft voice came.

It was discovered that Fang Yuan was buying the perfume, and Erika couldn’t help but approached, and said slightly: “Mr. Fang Yuan, we meet again.”

“Uh…Erika Young Lady?” Fang Yuan was also very surprised after seeing Erika, but when he thought that Erika was the owner of the perfume shop, he was relieved that the other party appeared here, Fang Yuan also said: ” Yeah, Erika Young Lady, meet again.”

“The presence of a powerful person like you in the humble house again really makes the little girl happy. Mr. Fang Yuan, are you choosing a perfume? If you choose your Venusaur, I would recommend this one… “

Erika stepped forward and introduced.

“No…not specifically for it, I plan to have many different styles.” Fang Yuan said.

“so that’s how it is.” Erika stopped, and said with radiance: “You are such a powerful Trainer’s Pokemon. Only the most suitable perfume can match it. The little girl has a presumptuous request, I hope it can Observe your Venusaur up close. As a thank you, I will make a separate bottle of the most suitable perfume for each of your Pokemon, Mr. Fang Yuan.”

“Mr. Fang Yuan, I hope you can agree to the little girl’s request.” Erika asked.

She really wanted to take a closer look at Fang Yuan’s Venusaur.

Due to Fang Yuan’s rush in the morning, she never had time to send out the invitation.

“eivui…” Erika said, and Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder was stunned. Hell, now that even the ugly Pokemon is so fascinated by Trainer.

“This…just observe Venusaur, of course.”

It’s not something worth embarrassing. You can also prostitute a bunch of special perfumes. Fang Yuan agreed without even thinking about it.

“Really, very good!” Erika smiled.

Very good! As a grass expert, Erika is confident that everything about Fang Yuan can be clearly understood from Venusaur, and then he will defeat Fang Yuan in the next battle.


“Um…what is going on?”

At this time, the salesgirl who was most at a loss was just now.

She has been at work today and has no idea about Erika’s battle. Now seeing Erika so kindly invited Fang Yuan into the Gym, she can’t help but become curious.

Which great character is that young man?

The young salesgirl’s brain made up, and the next second, a dry cough was heard before her.

She slowly lifted the head, only to see a man with a red hedgehog’s head and a cloak, who looked very handsome and aura was placed on the counter with one hand, and awakened her who was distracted by tapping on the glass.

salesgirl turned her head and stared at her for a few seconds. During this time, she was in a daze.

“You…you…you…” After a while, salesgirl suddenly reacted and couldn’t believe it and said: “You are Dragon Elite, Lance!!!”

Du He Shandao: “Now I am the champion. I have won the Elite Four Cup.”

“Ah!!!” The salesgirl screamed and was very surprised. She didn’t know if Fang Yuan was a great character before, but Du… is definitely Peak Level’s rich and handsome!

Du: “…Young Lady, is Erika Young Lady here? I want to visit her…and the young man next to her.”

【Mainly I want to meet Fang Yuan for a while. 】

Du Xin said.

Entrusted by Lorelei, he started investigating Fang Yuan after finishing his own business, and then there was this scene.

It’s getting dark now, and Du doesn’t plan to wait for Fang Yuan again tomorrow. Seeing Fang Yuan appearing in Rainbow Gym, he already plans to appear directly.

This is all because during his investigation of Fang Yuan, he found very suspicious information.

For example, there are rumors in Game Center that an Eevee who is very good at playing games appeared today and has won several houses… and this Eevee Trainer is Fang Yuan he investigated.

Eevee, who is also very good at playing games…

Meow! ! ! This is definitely the Eevee who broke his inspection mirror. Okay! !

The Dodo feels very embarrassed, okay, the culprit can be caught right away.


Rainbow Gym.

The Botanical Garden.

After Eldest Miss Erika brought Fang Yuan here, she took a deep breath and looked towards Fang Yuan.

Waiting for the other party to send Venusaur…

Fang Yuan just wanted to take out Venusaur’s Poké Ball, and suddenly a scream came out…

“Erika Young Lady…Erika Young Lady…” The salesgirl at the front desk hurried over. Under the puzzled expressions of Erika, Fang Yuan and Eevee, she gasped and opened the mouth and said: “Du… Lance is here!!”

“Cross?” Erika was taken aback.

“It’s the World’s First Dragon Messenger crossing!!” salesgirl clenched her fists and waved.

“It’s me, I have confirmed it.”

“Why is Mr. Lance here…” Erika slightly startled, she knows Du and Du also knows her. Although the championship and Gym Leader positions are far apart, they are both important positions in the Alliance system, especially Rainbow Trainers of Gym in a metropolis like Gym often have the opportunity to communicate with Elite Four.

But even so, the two of them didn’t have much contact. Erika had no idea what the reason would be for Ferry’s here.

“Mr. Lance said, I want to visit Erika Young Lady, you…and… this gentleman.” The salesgirl quietly looked towards Fang Yuan.

Who is this person? Why does Mr. Lance look for him?

“Look for me?”

“Look for Mr. Fang Yuan?”


Fang Yuan was already very surprised when he heard the word “Du”, but he was even more surprised when he heard that Du was here to find himself.

I don’t know Du, either.

“eivui…” Eevee is as surprised as Fang Yuan. Since just now, it has always had a bad premonition. Eevee cautiously released Confusion and enveloped the entire rainbow Gym.

Afterwards, when he noticed the familiar Psywave movement of the so-called Champion Du, Eevee’s heart shook.

It’s over, the other party is here!

Eevee brow beaded with sweat, is that person a champion? ? ! !

What should I do if I blow up the champion’s equipment? Wait online, it’s anxious!


“Erika Young Lady, long time no see.”

After a while, Du followed salesgirl into the gym.

After seeing Erika, he smiled slightly and waved the cloak to say hello.

“Mr. Lance, long time no see.” Erika slightly smiled.

She is very smart. At this time, she has judged that Du is not looking for herself, but the man next to her, Fang Yuan.

Sure enough.

After saying hello to Erika, Du looked towards Fang Yuan next to him.

And Eevee on his shoulder.


However, what is different from Du’s imagination is that this Eevee is completely different from the Eevee he first saw?

I don’t know when, a long bangs covering the eyes appeared on Eevee’s head. He changed his hairstyle almost instantly and hung it low-key on Fang Yuan’s shoulder, silent.

It seems to be saying: Don’t notice it, don’t notice it, don’t notice it!

Tong Du turned around together, and Erika was also stunned when she saw Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder, suddenly as if she had changed a cloth.

She couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Fang Yuan…your Eevee…?”

Fang Yuan: “…”

Fang Yuan has a black line. He didn’t speak, but was trying to trace the course of things.

After sensing Eevee’s reaction, Fang Yuan probably knew what was going on.

Now, Fang Yuan just wants to say, why is there such a coincidence.

Dare to blow up the champion stuff, Eevee is still strong…

Next time, are you going to blow up Steven’s rock?

Next time, go to break Giovanni’s Persian’s leg?

Du stared at Eevee for a long time, feeling Du’s aura, Eevee finally couldn’t hold on…

After tossing his hair, Eevee returned to his original shape and showed a very sorry expression.

Eevee: (。◕ˇ∀ˇ◕) hehe, hello champion.

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