Pokemon Masters Chapter 1001

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“Mr. Lance, I have long admired the name.”

“Excuse me, you have been looking at my Eevee since just now, what happened to it?”

Fang Yuan slightly smiled, to ask a question, when already knows the answer.


Du haha ​​smiled. At this time, he had already determined that this Eevee was the Eevee that exploded his inspection mirror.

However, there is no need to pursue such matters.

Although he still loves the inspection mirror very much, there is no need to open it up, after all, Erika Young Lady is still here.

It’s too embarrassing to be known by Gym Leader that “the champion was bombed by an Eevee in the game during the mission”.

Is he the dodo that doesn’t want face?

In short, knowing where Eevee is, who broke his inspection mirror, and knowing who its Trainer is, makes Dui satisfied.

Among Trainers, there are solutions to things.

What’s more, Du didn’t forget the main purpose of coming here…

Please Lorelei, I will Fang Yuan for a while!

The look in the Dodo’s eyes suddenly sharpened.

Tossing for a day today, but did not find the trace of Team Rocket, the group of mice, very helpless to transfer, now, he just wants to fight a good fight to relieve the depression of the day.

Du turned around and said: “In fact, this is the case. This morning, Erika Young Lady and Mr. Fang Yuan had a very exciting battle…”

Fang Yuan: “Hmm…”

Erika: QAQ, don’t shark.

“Because Mr. Fang Yuan, you are participating in the tournament for the first time, and you have very little previous record of the match, so I am very surprised by your strength on the match committee.”

“It happens that I have a friend who works on the match committee, so she asked me to take a vacation in Rainbow City to see how good your strong Rookie is.”

Du said with a smile: “In this way, she can better arrange Mr. Fang Yuan to fight with you.”

“The tournament wants to improve the ranking. In addition to Trainer himself challenging Rival, you can actually apply for a match arranged by the match committee. The match committee often selects some very powerful Trainers for open matches, from Poké Ball to Ultra Ball. There are all. In this kind of battle, the Integral Points ranking is improved higher than that of ordinary battles, and it will also give trainers who play in the battle a huge cost of appearance. It is very cost-effective. I don’t know if you are interested in Mr. Fang Yuan. My friend thinks, With your strength, you can definitely have a very exciting open battle.”

Fang Yuan: “Huh…”

There is such a good thing?

Erika is sad on the sidelines, so has she become a stepping stone to Fang Yuan’s rise, wu wu wu ……

“Public play…I have no problem.” Fang Yuan said.

One is to challenge yourself, the other is random matching, Fang Yuan can do it, although random matching may be a bit troublesome, but Dudu personally came to ask, and Eevee also broke someone’s equipment, Fang Yuan responded casually Down.

Anyway, wherever the tournament is played, it’s good to be able to rise to the ranking!

“very good.” Du said with a smile: “By the way, I don’t know if Mr. Fang Yuan, do you have time now, why don’t we have a match?”

“Actually, I am also very curious about the strength of your Excellency. After I personally feel it, it can be regarded as an explanation for my friend.”

When Du said this, his gaze looked towards Eevee. He could understand Fang Yuan’s strength and give a little lesson to this Eevee. After the battle, the sight of the mirror was so even.

Fang Yuan: “Eh……”

Erika: “Huh…!!!”

What, will it eventually become a battle? ? !

About champion crossing challenge a tournament Rookie? ?

Erika was taken aback.

Du… Alliance champion, one of the eight Grandmasters recognized by the Battle Committee!

Unexpectedly… unexpectedly…

“eivui!!!” Only Eevee was very angry, good fellow. I thought you didn’t care about the inspection mirror anymore. I didn’t say immediately before. I thought you were a big champion. Now it seems that you are still Take revenge! !

Don’t look at me… Even if you look at me… Fang Yuan is impossible…

emmm, Eevee thought for a while. At present, Fang Yuan’s team is the only one who can compete with Du.

“Okay.” Fang Yuan froze for a moment, but said with a smile.


Du is trying to fight Eevee, who broke his inspection mirror.

Resolve grievances in the first battle, understand!

As long as they don’t let them lose money, who are now shy in their pockets, everything is easy to say.

After accepting the challenge, Fang Yuan crossed the joyful nodded in his heart, and then moved towards Erika Young Lady and said: “Erika Young Lady, excuse me…Can I borrow the gym venue?”

“Ah…good.” Erika nodded, I always feel that today’s development is a bit strange.

She called Fang Yuan to come over, in order to observe Fang Yuan’s Venusaur, and then find a way to defeat Fang Yuan!

Why did it finally become, the Alliance champion came out to bully Rookie.

Although Rookie is indeed very strong in this tournament, Venusaur has Elite battle strength, but Erika does not think that Fang Yuan will be the Rival.

Not to mention Elite Pokemon, even if it is a more powerful champion Pokemon, Dudu has defeated a large number of events in various competitions.


Rainbow Gym, the battle field.

Du was ready and came to the side of the field. Although Erika and the others had the impression that Du was invincible, Du himself did not dare to be careless.

He hasn’t forgotten the fluctuation that he detected this morning. Is this Eevee actually a champion?

Although it is very unimaginable, Du still chooses to be honest, he intends to go all out.

However, even if Rival is a champion, Du is very calm.

Champion-level Pokemon, he did defeat too much.

“Then, I will be the referee.” Erika Eldest Miss took the initiative to open the mouth and said.

Although Venusaur can’t be seen anymore, it’s not bad to see Mr. Lance’s match.

Moreover, maybe Fang Yuan will send that powerful Venusaur?

If so, it’s elated, Erika Eldest Miss thought.

“The rules of the game are one-to-one, how about it.” Du looked towards Fang Yuan. If Fang Yuan is an outstanding Trainer, the eyes of both parties should be able to understand what he means.

“Of course.” Fang Yuan nodded.

The two looked at each other and laughed. No one mentioned the inspection mirror, but both sides knew in their hearts that this battle belonged to the culprit, Eevee, who broke the inspection mirror.

Only Erika Eldest Miss was silly waiting for Fang Yuan to send the “powerful” Venusaur.


Following referee Erika Eldest Miss’s “battle start”, the battle with Fang Yuan finally opened Veilstone.

Pokemon was the first to dispatch here. As the red light flickered, the venue Sky vibrated violently.

Dragonite, full of orange and strong muscles, suddenly appeared in the middle of the field! !


This Dragonite spreads its wings, arms stretched out, and the surrounding space seems to be pushed away by it, and the violent airflow directly spreads out, and around it, it seems that time is still and the space is frozen. This must be impossible. It’s Fang Yuan’s Dragonite, but the Trump Card. He is the strongest Pokemon of the Indigo Plateau champion.

A proud look, fierce gaze, everything about this Dragonite shows its unusualness. It is just like the Levitate of aloof and remote in the air, waiting for its Rival to appear!


Fang Yuan and the others are not to be outdone. Eevee figured it out. If you can solve the “great grievances” by fighting, it is naturally the best. It jumped off Fang Yuan’s shoulders and ran onto the field. Looking at Ground, raising his head to look at the strong-looking Dragonite with serious eyes.

VSFang Yuan!

Dragonite VSEevee!

“Uh…” After a very serious match, the referee Erika Eldest Miss’s surprised “Uh…”, the atmosphere became a bit awkward.

Erika Eldest Miss is at a loss.

Mr. Lance actually sent Trump Card Dragonite?

Forget it, anyway, no matter what Pokemon is sent, it will win.

But, Mr. Fang Yuan actually sent out that… Eevee who looks like a pet? ?

Isn’t that Eevee a pet? ? !

However, no matter what you think, this Eevee is also impossible to have the huge Venusaur that masters Totem’s aura. !

Erika Eldest Miss screamed crazy in her heart, but she still reacted very quickly. As a referee, she can’t distract herself at this time…

Hmm… watch carefully!

At this time, Du and Fang Yuan have issued the first order at the same time.

“Dragonite, Extrreme Speed!”

“Eevee, Tackle!”

The two voices sounded almost at the same time and fell at the same time. At the same time, the Dragonite on the sky, with scarlet eyes, seemed to activate Outrage Normal, and the dazzling white radiance filled its body.

In the next instant, Dragonite disappeared in place, leaving only a white light and shadow in that area.

“So fast—” This scene is almost impossible for Erika Eldest Miss to express in words. If it is at this speed, how can her grass-based Pokemon be able to match?

What about Eevee?

On Ground, Eevee is also going all out. The same dazzling white radiance fills its whole body. With the burst of “ka-cha” Ground, Ground is the same as mid-air, leaving only a white radiance, Eevee’s silhouette. Disappear instantly!

The speed of the two Pokemon is no longer what Trainer’s sight can reflect.

So, everyone heard a loud “bang!!!” first–

After that, the picture gradually became clear.

I saw, in midair, Dragonite swooped down by Extrreme Speed, and Eevee jumped up from the Ground Tackle. The Tackles of the two bodies came together and stopped at each other. The white rays of light were squeezed by the horror. The air currents of Pokemon kept whimpering, forming white air currents of lightning, just like two Pokemon’s Tackles, shattering the space, so there are countless cracks, and the picture is extremely shocking.

Next second.

It’s another “hong” sound,

Under the strong collision, Dragonite expression changed, and it was pushed out by the huge reaction force and went straight to the ceiling. Finally, it flapped its wings with full force before it stopped.

Dragonite takes a halt, retracts his wings, feels the sharp pain from his body, reveals a look of shock and looks down.

In this collision, Eevee was much worse than Dragonite. He was directly hit into the Ground, and a huge pit was hit with a “peng”. Although Eevee tried his best to use Confusion to slow the impact, but due to Dragonite’s power It was much larger, and Eevee still couldn’t bear it. It was different from Sky’s situation, and the smoke lingered in an instant below.

The first collision, Eevee lost.

Although its assist skill peng peng Tackle is powerful, Dragonite is even better in terms of strength and speed.

“Peak Level Guardian God…” At this time, Fang Yuan opened his mouth slightly and looked at the sky. He didn’t say anything, but his mouth was like this.

Does the Trump Card Dragonite who crossed over, have the strength of Peak Level Guardian God?

Compared to the huge Dragonite strength of Dragon Island, it is even better.

It seems that I have to re-examine the strength of these champions… It seems that Shirona and the others definitely have this strength.

Now, Fang Yuan’s Eevee’s normal comprehensive strength is at the level of Top Rank Guardian God, which can suppress Eevee. This Dragonite is very powerful, and it is almost invincible when dropped on the earth!

Although Fang Yuan is currently surprised by Du’s strength, he is even more shocked. It is obviously Du and Erika.


Ground, a small silhouette in the smoke kept crawling out. After shaking off the dust on his body, Eevee let out a “bubble” sound.

Fortunately, after Return to Origin, it inherited the evolutionary double defense and physical strength, so even if it fell into a disadvantage in a head-to-head encounter, it would not have much effect. If it were replaced by the ordinary Eevee, it would have already lost most of its Performance. The whole body is hurt.

“Are you monsters.” Du couldn’t help speaking on the other side of the venue.

Although it was Dragonite who had the upper hand, he was not happy.

What a joke.

Dragonite’s Extrreme Speed, against Eevee’s Tackle, but Eevee was hardly injured? ? ?

If crossing is shocked, then Erika Eldest Miss has been stunned in place, lost the ability to think, completely stunned.

This…is this the power Eevee can exert? ? ?

Absolutely impossible! !

Erika Eldest Miss can’t help but keep her eyes wide open…

The battle continues.

“Mr. Lance, don’t be distracted, the battle is not over yet.” Fang Yuan said with a smile: “Eevee, Psychic!”

Fang Yuan gave the order, Eevee stood up, and blue rays of light filled his pupils instantly, and an ice blue Confusion instantly appeared on both sides of Dragonite’s body.

This is the ability acquired by Eevee after evolving into Glaceon Return to Origin. The fusion of ice attribute power and Inner Force has formed a new Shiny Confusion that is different from the fusion of solar energy and Inner Force. It is destructive power, but control.

At the moment when Confusion emerged, above the sky, Dragonite felt like being in the cold winter, and the body was stiff. Not only was the body unable to move, but also bound by the Confusion, but the spirit was also frozen.


Dragonite stared fiercely, the blood of Outrage boiled, and with his Inner Force Characteristic Trait, he forcibly broke free of the ice blue Confusion that enveloped his body.

Boom! !

In the next moment, Confusion fetters fell like Icirrus Normal, but the dazzling rays of light that followed made Dragonite feel a deadly threat.

“Fire Punch!!”

Fortunately, at this moment, Du’s voice sounded in time, and Dragonite condensed the flames almost without thinking. Following the prompts of the airflow, the flame-filled fists confronted a pink ball of light that was like a small typhoon Normal.

“bang! !” This time, a strong smoke appeared in the midair where Dragonite was.

Eevee first used ice blue Confusion to restrain Dragonite’s speed, and then relied on multi-tasking skills while condensing the Fairy Type assist skill to attack, but unfortunately, Tou responded in time and reminded Dragonite to use the flame against Fairy to carry this move.

The second collision, the strong shock wave, directly caused the “ka-cha” and “ka-cha” to crack the glass of the huge room where the battle field was located. The distance was completely shattered, only one chance.

At this moment, even Erika Eldest Miss was almost shaken from the referee’s position.

Not long after, Dragonite’s silhouette resurfaced on the sky, not at all scars.

On Ground, Eevee is panting, but he is full.

“Dragon Star Group!”

After the second confrontation, Du’s eyes narrowed and he subconsciously opened the mouth and said. At this time, he had realized that this Eevee was even more difficult than the Trump Card of some champions he encountered. Wrap around.

The Psychic with the ice attribute nature, the tyrannical Fairy Type Move, and the terrifying physical power are almost too late to think about whether this is Eevee. At this time, he can only continue to issue urgent instructions based on the form.

Fang Yuan is the same.

“Eevee, ten thousand li ice!”


sky, Dragonite has begun to condense one of its strongest unique abilities. Draco Meteor forms an energy illusory shadow behind it, and Eevee, standing below, also begins to exude Extreme Cold aura, spreading And the cold air that turned the battlefield into ice almost instantly.

No matter who Rival is, Fang Yuan doesn’t want to lose. He has a serious look. With a wave of his arm, Z-Ring is revealed. Fang Yuan’s ice attribute Z-Crystal has already been inlaid on it. It matches Eevee’s ice attribute assist skill. Even if skipping grades to battle, it may not be Dragonite’s Rival.

Fang Yuan’s left index finger and middle finger merged and gently rubbed on Z-Crystal.

The terrifying cold broke out in an instant. Even if Z-Move hadn’t formed its embryonic form, the entire Gym had become a world of ice and snow. At this time, on the sky, Dragonite once again felt more deadly fluctuations than the Fairy light ball just now.

“Damn.” At the same time, Du couldn’t help cursing secretly.


Fang Yuan and this thing? ?

The most important thing is, your Eevee will use ten thousand li ice? ? ?

The power of Ice Thunder is spreading, and the opposite Duo was dumbfounded. You Rookie don’t talk about martial arts, let me tell you, you Eevee is outrageous, you are also outrageous, how to play well and use Z- Move Up.

be that as it may, but the arrow is on the string and I have to send it–

Unless, someone grabbed the arrow in time.

“You…Don’t fight anymore!!!” Erika Eldest Miss, who was holding the arrow, stood in the referee’s position, clenched his fists with both hands, changed from the calm Eldest Miss’s posture, and shouted: “Fight again… …My Gym …My Gym is going to disappear!!”

“Sorry, the facilities of my Gym can’t support your fight!!”

Erika Eldest Miss almost cried out, stop fighting, stop fighting, I don’t want to watch the match anymore.

I didn’t watch Venusaur either.

Just the aftermath of the two collisions, Erika has already felt that the damage to Gym at this time is more serious than ever.

Du, Fang Yuan: “Uh.”

Following Erika’s shout, Fang Yuan stopped the Z-Move, and Eevee slid boringly on the ice. Above the sky, after the Dragonite startled, he also dispersed the sky full of Meteorite groups, creating flames for warmth.

Fang Yuan and Du took a look at the surroundings, and fell slightly into silence. It seems that the facilities here are a bit worse.

Dragon Meteor and Z-Move will collide with each other, this Gym is ruined.

Don’t talk about Gym, the surrounding buildings may also be affected…

Fang Yuan and Du looked at each other again. At this time, Du was left with deep weakness. Originally, he wanted to ease his mood by a battle, but now he feels even more heavy.

I really want to kill a Team Rocket HQ to relieve my anger.

“Stop playing…” Du sighed said: “We…see you at the World Championships.”

“Okay.” Fang Yuan smiled, okay, no more than you.

At this time, Erika Eldest Miss looked at the two people who were talking, almost collapsed and dizzy.

She…what kind of battle has she witnessed?

This Fang Yuan, who are you in the end, that Venusaur, compared with this Eevee… is not a dimension at all.

Eevee of Dragonite mention on equal terms?

Erika Eldest Miss today’s world view completely collapsed.


It’s night.

Seven Islands Region.

In a blue-style room on Floe Island, Lorelei Elite came out of the bathroom and loosened her wet red hair.

At this moment, her private communicator suddenly sounded.

is a text message.


After Lorelei startled, I opened the newsletter.

[Du: Fang Yuan, whom you let me contact, I have already contacted, and I also had an unfinished battle with him.

His Eevee is very strong, not inferior to my Dragonite… Next, I beg you to help me keep watching him. I feel that he will be me in the tournament except Steven, Shirona and the others. , Another rival, above. 】

When Lorelei saw that Du said that he had come into contact with Fang Yuan and he was also in a battle, he smiled and expressed his emotions at Du’s high efficiency.

However, when Lorelei saw the content behind, he immediately eyes shrank, showing an expression of disbelief.

Du…Are you serious? ? ?

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