Pokemon Masters Chapter 1003


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Boy…you want to die? ?

Sabrina’s father stared at the young man in front of him.

What did he just hear?

The other party actually said… he came to take Sabrina as a disciple? ?

hahahahahaha haha……

If you can succeed, I take off my pants and Teleport to the Alliance headquarters to dance!

Because of Sabrina’s willfulness, Sabrina’s dad will show up every time in order to give the challenger a slightly normal challenge experience, pretending to be a passerby and giving him some help or reminders.

During this period, he met all kinds of challengers.

There are Power Trip, as well as the silly ones.

However, I have never seen a person like Fang Yuan.

As a result, now, his Senior feels a little painful.

“Do you know who I am???”

Psychic uncle suddenly looked towards Fang Yuan seriously.

“…Does this have anything to do with wanting to accept Sabrina as a discipline?” Fang Yuan looked towards this uncle blankly.

But don’t say it, the more he looked, the more familiar he became.

Could this uncle also be a character in the original?

Fang Yuan thought about it for a while, and was taken aback, is it possible that ……

Is Sabrina’s shameful father?

Since he is not an important role, nor a beautiful female supporting role, Fang Yuan basically has no impression, but he vaguely remembers that there is such a person.

“Tell you the truth, I’m Sabrina’s father.”

Fang Yuan has not had time to say that Psychic uncle is calm and laughed, he opened the mouth and said: “You don’t even know me, which means you are not a trainer in the field of Psychic at all. Don’t mess around and leave Saffron Gym. Right.”

“Otherwise, you will regret it.”

Although his Psychic is not enough to look at compared to Sabrina, he is also a very famous Psychic Grandmaster in the Psychic field. Peak Level skills such as Teleport have the words at hand!

Fang Yuan didn’t even know him. He showed that he was a layman, and even said that he wanted to take Sabrina as a disciple. It was fantastic.

Even him, as well as those Peak Level Psychic Grandmasters he thinks, no one can dare to teach Sabrina.

All those who dared to say that back then were turned into dolls by Sabrina with Psychic.

“Uncle, are you really Sabrina’s father?”

Fang Yuan looked towards Psychic uncle, he was overjoyed and said: “That’s right, uncle, can you recommend me, you also want Sabrina to go further in the field of Psychic and become the strongest Psychic person, right?”

Psychic uncle:?

I did hope so, but does it have anything to do with you? ? ?

“eivui…” Fang Yuan’s shoulder, Eevee has become accustomed to Fang Yuan’s dogish talk.

I used to learn Psychic from Saffron Gym’s Psychic lineage. How come you have become an apprentice now? Still so confident!

Eevee admitted that he was defeated this time. It didn’t predict the success of Fang Yuan’s routine at all. It deserves to be its Trainer.

“Are you serious???”

At this time, Psychic uncle wanted to blast Fang Yuan away directly.

However, as Fang Yuan released the Psywave movement, Psychic uncle’s expression was stunned.

He felt Fang Yuan’s Psywave movement, his face turned black, and said:

“You don’t think that with your level of Psychic, Sabrina can be accepted as a disciple? Whom did you learn from Psychic? Do you know the level of Psychic?”

“Do you know what level you are at?”

“If you don’t know, I will tell you.”

“Those who have just learned Calm Mind, but don’t have the Psychic of Confusion to materialize Confusion, are not getting started!”

“The Psychic people who have already condense Confusion and can use Confusion to bend the metal spoon have already started, but in major Psychic Dojo, they can only be regarded as Psychic apprentices.”

“And when Confusion can control multiple objects Levitate around at the same time, and even let itself Levitate up, it is already regarded as an official Psychic person.”

“When you can easily defeat most ordinary Pokemon in the wild with Confusion, and easily telepathize with Pokemon, you can be considered a senior Psychic person.”

“As for the training of more Psychic usage, such as using Psychic to leapfrog Pokemon strength, or Future Sight, Teleport, it can be regarded as Peak Level Psychic Grandmaster.”

“The Psychic of your level is at most a senior level. Sabrina can crush you with just one finger!” Psychic uncle said.

“You still show off with me… I ¥#%#¥” Psychic uncle shook his head.

However, he was also surprised that Fang Yuan could show the advanced level of Psychic.

At this age, this level, although not comparable to talents such as Mossdeeep Gym’s Psychic twin Xiaofeng and Xiaonan, and Psychic rookie Will, Fang Yuan’s talent is worthy of recognition compared with most Psychic people.

There is some capital.

It’s just a wishful thinking to accept Sabrina as a disciple!

“uncle, don’t say this, the attainments of Psychic people should not only rely on the strength of Psychic, but also on the skill of using Psychic.” Fang Yuan smiled.

“You mean your Psychic skills are very difficult to deal with?” Psychic uncle startled, and then I want to laugh.

Fang Yuan is right. Psychic skills, for Psychic people, do have a large proportion.

For example, Ms. Psychic Grandmaster Olympia of Kalos Region, although her own Psychic is not strong, but because inheritance has their lineage-specific astrology, they can predict disasters. Few Psychic people are more noble than their counterparts.

But such a technique…Will Fang Yuan know? He has never heard of the heart flow that Fang Yuan said.

What’s more, Sabrina’s strength is not Psychic strength at all. On Psychic strength, Unova’s Psychic Elite is the most talented in this respect. Although Sabrina is not weak in this respect, Sabrina is best , It happens to be the skill of Psychic.

Talking to Sabrina about the technique, he thinks Fang Yuan just can’t think of it.

Saffron City Sabrina, Unova Psychic Elite Cattleya, these two people have different talents, but they are all extremely terrifying, so terrible that they are divided into a new level by the Psychic in the Psychic domain, although they are a bit different It sounds good, but it really reflects the level of the two.

Above the Psychic Grandmaster, beyond the conventional Level, the humanoid Psychic is Legendary Pokémon!

So, in the entire Psychic field, Sabrina’s father really didn’t think anyone could teach Sabrina in this respect.

As a teenager, Sabrina has created many Psychic uses, such as the terrifying Psychic that turns humans into dolls, such as the Psychic that created the Independent Space. So far no human can Mimic.

“Yes, I am very difficult to deal with. For example, it shouldn’t be inferior to any Psychic in terms of increasing Pokemon’s strength.”

“I know that Sabrina’s Psychic is definitely stronger than me. However, apart from Psychic, she is also a Trainer. How to make Pokemon stronger with Psychic, no one is better than me!!!” Fang Yuan laughed.

“This is something I can teach Sabrina.”

“Okay, needless to say, Sabrina is definitely better at this aspect than you. So, who is your Teacher, haven’t you told you not to provoke Sabrina.” Psychic uncle said, Sabrina is after all His daughter, he doesn’t admit that there is someone more talented than Sabrina.

Fang Yuan wanted to say something, but at this moment, Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder suddenly looked up.

At the same time.

A cold female voice sounded out of thin air.

“Dad, you can bring them in.”

The voice fell.

Psychic uncle looked bitter, looked at the bad luck child Fang Yuan, and said: “It’s over…”

Let that girl discover you, don’t want to leave easily.