Pokemon Masters Chapter 1005


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In Saffron Gym.

Fang Yuan didn’t expect at all, Sabrina became a teacher so easily.

He even wanted to laugh out proudly.

Since then, the heart flow has been the number one Sect in the PM world. Who has objections?

At this time, Fang Yuan was just like winning the 100 million yuan lottery, leaving Sabrina and Sabrina’s father silent.

Is this guy reliable?

“Sabrina, I want to talk to your father alone, can you please.”

After being proud, Fang Yuan patted his head and said with a smile to Sabrina.

“I see.”

After Fang Yuan finished speaking, Sabrina looked calm and nodded.

Although she doesn’t know what Fang Yuan is going to say to her father, she regrets a bit now and needs to calm down.

This time, she won’t predict the error again, right? This Fang Yuan may be as unreliable as the Ash, and it can’t change anything at all.

After a while, Sabrina, a Teleport, disappeared in this room.

At this moment, only Sabrina’s father and Fang Yuan are left in the room.

“Mr. Fang Yuan, Sabrina will ask you. She has some problems with her character. If you can help her correct it, then it will be very good.” Sabrina’s father opened the mouth and said.

From the previous despise of Fang Yuan, to now Fang Yuan has shown strength, and even made Sabrina a convincing apprenticeship. At this time, Sabrina’s father has regarded Fang Yuan as a Spiritual God.

“It is not me who can help her, but you.”

After Sabrina left, Fang Yuan’s happy expression just changed suddenly, and he instantly became serious.

The sudden change of expression even frightened Psychic uncle.

This young man changes his face when he says it changes his face.

“Uncle, Sabrina said just now, she foresaw my arrival, right.”

“Yes, Sabrina’s Psychic is very strong, even Future Sight is nothing difficult.” Psychic uncle said.

Fang Yuan took Eevee with his shoulders and walked in front of Psychic uncle, and said: “Before I came to Saffron Gym, I had always heard that Sabrina of Saffron Gym was very terrifying, because I was addicted to Psychic when I was a child, and lost her humanity. Ruthless, not only feared by Gym apprentices and challengers, but also expelled his relatives from Gym, right?”

“This…oh.” Psychic uncle sighed, shaking his head.

“Yeah, blame us for not paying attention to her when she was a child, so that she was completely addicted to Psychic cultivation, so that she became like this, it was all our fault.”

Psychic uncle seems to have acquiesced in this statement.

“But is this the truth?” Fang Yuan asked rhetorically.

Fang Yuan said, Sabrina’s father was taken aback and looked towards Fang Yuan, not knowing what he meant.

“Actually, it’s not.” Fang Yuan shook his head.

To be honest, when he watched anime when he was a child, he also felt that Sabrina was a shadow of childhood, very terrifying, but after looking back at the plot when he grew up, Fang Yuan found many clues.

Fang Yuan had her own guess about Sabrina’s experience. It was originally just a guess, but after hearing Sabrina say that she foresaw herself, Fang Yuan’s confidence in the correctness of this guess has increased to 80%.

Now, he just wants to speak out his guess and let Sabrina’s parents judge for themselves.

“Uncle, Cattleya, Psychic Elite from Unova Region, has a strong Psychic talent. Because the talent is too strong, Psychic will sometimes get out of control and cause great damage, right?”

“It is true. Cattleya Elite couldn’t control her powerful Psychic at all when she was a child. It took a long period of cultivation to control it.” Uncle nodded, this is not a secret in the field of Psychic.

“So, Sabrina has the Psychic talent that is not inferior to Cattleya, but can always control Psychic perfectly, don’t you think it is strange.”

Fang Yuan said, Psychic uncle frowned.

“Can you hear me tell a story.” Fang Yuan said.

Without waiting for uncle’s reply, Fang Yuan continued: “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who awakened Psychic at a very young age. Whether she was a relative or outsider, she was considered to be the Mega genius of cultivation Psychic, but until one day, Xiao Girl finds that as she grows up, Psychic begins to get out of control and gradually changes her personality, and it may even happen that Psychic loses control and causes great damage.”

“She is very worried that this will hurt her relatives.”

“Because she doesn’t want to hurt the people next to her, and don’t want others to worry about herself, this little girl with Mega genius in people’s eyes, she chose a harder cultivation from Psychic. Because of her outstanding talent and outstanding determination, She soon succeeded in sealing part of the negative personality and Psychic into the doll. She herself finally got rid of these burdens and successfully controlled her power.”

“But everything has a price, and for this reason, whether it is the doll or the girl itself, due to lack of personality, she has lost a part of her emotions.”

“However, in the eyes of outsiders, all this has become a little girl who is addicted to Psychic cultivation, and thus becomes cold and ruthless. Even her parents start not to understand her and tell her not to be so addicted to Psychic cultivation. .”

“The little girl really wanted to say that she only worked hard to cultivation Psychic because she didn’t want to hurt or worry about herself, but because of the emotional loss at this time, she couldn’t say it, even because of her family She didn’t understand, she turned her mother into a doll with Psychic and expelled her father.”

“This also deepens the misunderstanding.”

“Although the little girl has become like this, it is undeniable that her parents still love her, and she herself also has love for her parents. This is only because of the child’s anger, just because of her temper. Wrong behavior, but this misunderstanding, due to the estrangement between adults and children, has never been resolved.”

“As the little girl grows up, although she has not fully recovered her emotions, when she looks at the photos of a family of three happily in her childhood, there will always be some ripples in her deep in one’s heart. The depths of her heart tell the girl In fact, she still yearns for the family, the scene when she was a little girl living together happily.”

“Subconsciously, because of this deep desire in the heart, the little girl foresaw the opportunity to reunite the family because of the powerful Psychic, so a boy named Ash came, and she began to pay attention to this boy As a medium, I recovered part of my emotions, changed mother back, and brought the family together again.”

“But after that, she found that her Psychic still had no emotions, and although her parents loved her, they still didn’t understand her. This made Sabrina feel that she still did not go back in time.”

“So, subconsciously, she still wanted to try to change. Therefore, she predicted my arrival, but even if it was me, I might be able to teach her how to make power have emotions, but I couldn’t untie her heart. If my guess is correct, uncle, shouldn’t you think about it? Have you ever really understood Sabrina and her heart?”

Fang Yuan tried to guess Sabrina’s experience with what she had learned and felt.

Judging from the various signs in the animation, Fang Yuan does not think that Sabrina is a psychic who has lost her humanity. On the contrary, Sabrina may be most yearning for emotions. After experiencing Sabrina’s cold Psychic today, Fang Yuan couldn’t help but take her own Presumably told Sabrina’s father.

In the original book, with a Haunter brought by Ash, can it really make Sabrina laugh and untie Sabrina’s heart?

Also, Sabrina wanted to use this opportunity to change herself and follow the boat.

Why does Sabrina want to be an Actor? Why does she really use Actor as her career in the future? In her growing up experience, why not always disguised her heart.

Fang Yuan just now, I want to understand everything. If he can, he hopes that the second discipline of his heart will be Sabrina who will laugh out real in his heart.

“eivui…” Fang Yuan’s shoulders. After Eevee heard Fang Yuan’s words, his tail swayed. He didn’t expect this Psychic girl to have such an experience.

And Sabrina’s father was completely stunned at this time. Although, he could not confirm the authenticity of Fang Yuan’s guess, but if Sabrina really is like Fang Yuan said, it’s not because of Psychic. You lose your emotions, but you lose your emotions because you care about them too much?

At this time, what he and the child’s mother gave was not understanding, but from the perspective of an adult, to give Sabrina the “love” she didn’t need.

If it is true…

Psychic uncle lifts the head at a loss.

“Uncle, whether it’s true or not, go, give Sabrina more understanding, even if she is this old now, even if she looks cold, but don’t be afraid, try to treat Sabrina like you were a kid , Rub her face with your scumbag, isn’t it?” Fang Yuan laughed.

Didn’t you ask me before, who taught me Psychic?

It’s emotional grace, Mesprit.

“eivui!” Eevee also encouraged, try it.


In a certain room in Saffron Gym, Sabrina was lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling. Although Fang Yuan pushed her apart, her Psychic had long been combined with Saffron Gym. Everything in the Gym, The voice couldn’t hide her at all.

As Fang Yuan and Psychic uncle finished speaking, Sabrina’s eyes flickered slightly, then she turned over and plunged into the pillow…

[Thank you, Teacher. 】