Pokemon Masters Chapter 1006


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“Then I will leave first, and I will visit again at this time tomorrow.”

After talking to Sabrina father, Fang Yuan went straight away.

Today is so smooth that he hasn’t figured out how to face Sabrina yet.

This Heart Intent is not easy to teach.

It is not easy to learn the Psychic skills of the other person.

He has to spend a day researching.

“Eh…” Facing Fang Yuan who wanted to leave, Psychic uncle was also messed up in place.

So what will he do next?


Saffron City Street.

“It worked.” Fang Yuan waved his fist.

Now it’s OK.

After Psychic rises a step, if you ask Eevee to PK with the Dragonite again, you may be able to win 50-50 without Z-Move.

“eivui!~” Fang Yuan shoulders, Eevee asks, so next is to go back to the hotel.

“Yes, we have to continue to plan. Moreover, although the cultivation Psychic is a business matter, the progress of the tournament cannot be slowed down. We have to hit the top 8 before the knock-out competition to be eligible. This Let’s find Rival in Saffron City for two days and try to get into the top 1000.” Fang Yuan said: “It’s better to have another game today.”

speaking of which Saffron City ……

After Fang Yuan and Eevee returned to the hotel, Fang Yuan immediately searched for the expert in Saffron City to participate in the tournament.

In Fang Yuan’s impression, apart from Sabrina in Saffron City, he has no impressive Trainer.

Of course, guys like Sabrina are definitely not participating.

However, Saffron City is after all the largest city in Kanto. When Fang Yuan searched, he was a good guy. At this time, there were 6 trainers in the top 1000 online tournaments, which is much more lively than Rainbow City.

Xiuzhen, Yihe, Azhuo, Amao, Caidou… However, although these people rank quite high, they all sound like dragon names.

Fang Yuan shook the head.

And unfortunately, none of these people are currently qualified to challenge Fang Yuan.

After he defeated Erika, he ranked 1818 in the tournament and was still Poké Ball. He could only challenge Trainers who are also Poké Ball after 1000, so he could only find Rival.

Out of 1,000, there are more.

After a while, Fang Yuan Lock On was alone.

The opponent ranked 1001, and his identity is the former Boss of Saffron City Fighting Dojo. He is the Fighting Grandmaster with many karate king disciplines under his hand, and the karate king Wude!

Although this guy is not ranked high, Fang Yuan knows him well.

In the game, when the protagonist defeats Wu De in Fighting Dojo, he will send Pokemon, one of Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, to the protagonist. He is a good person.

“It’s him.”

“The ranking is right, it’s still a ‘familiar NPC’, not bad.” Fang Yuan poked the challenge button.

Also, a long wait began.

About two hours later, Wude, the karate king, responded, saying that between 15:00 and 16:00, he has time to accept the challenge. When the time comes Fang Yuan can visit him. There is a special battle in Fighting Dojo. site.


Saffron City, Fighting Dojo.

Karate King Wude only returned here today. When he came back, he was immediately welcomed by the current Dojo Boss Kiyo.

Dewford field.

Dojo’s current Boss Kiyo asked: “Mu De Senior, you traveled to Kalos Region this time. You must have gained a lot. Your tournament rankings are already 1001. I am still hovering over 2,000… “

“Probably so, haha.” The muscle uncle haha ​​said with a smile. Since losing to a Psychic girl in the competition for the official Saffron City Gym, he passed Dojo to the young man Kiyo in front of him. Kiyo is the discipline of Johto Region Cianwood Gym Gym Leader Chuck. He is also very talented. Handing Dojo to him, Wu De is very relieved.

After this, he went out to travel. Although he told Kiyo and the disciplines that he went out for cultivation, Wu De knew that he was purely because he had a psychological shadow on Saffron City after losing to Sabrina, so Just left.

During the trip, because of psychological shadows, he once abandoned his cultivation. Even in Kalos Region, he can only make money by opening dance classes. It is very disappointing. However, in the process of falling, under an opportunity, Wu De has found himself again. , Regaining the soul of Fighting, just as this Terri world championship is huge, he wants to use the championship as an opportunity to rise again!

Relying on the good foundation in the past, after a period of hard work, Wu De quickly reached 1001, only one step away from the Great Ball level. At this time, the strength of Wu De was already better than that of Sabrina. Time is stronger.

“Na Wu De Senior, you come back this time, are you going to challenge Sabrina again!” Kiyo excitedly said.

This Saffron Gym is terrible. The Psychic apprentices in it are also very Power Trip. They Fighting Dojo are next to them, and they can hardly breathe.

But unfortunately, the strength is not as good as the human…Now the return of Wude has given Kiyo hope.

“Uh…” Wu De was taken aback and quickly changed the subject:

“Today, there happened to be a tournament trainer coming to challenge. You will know the results of my cultivation after Kiyo!”

As for Sabrina…Although Wu De feels that she is stronger, to be honest, he hasn’t completely emerged from the shadow of losing the game and being turned into a doll. He… really dare not challenge Sabrina, that Monster, Trainer himself is better than Pokemon, which is outrageous.

He is stronger now, Sabrina must be stronger too. Anyway, he will never challenge that little girl. After all, that was back then, not relying on a Pokemon, and completely relying on his own Psychic to swept the Fighting Dojo. Fighting family and Fighting Pokemon monster…

In the afternoon, 15:20.

Fang Yuan took Eevee to the Fighting Dojo, and as soon as he entered the door, he instantly heard the roaring sound of mountains and seas.

“Hey! Hah! Hah! !”

In Dojo, dozens of sturdy young men in white Fighting suits accompany the Fighting Pokemon next to them to conduct Fighting training uniformly.

On the highest platform, Karate King Wude and Karate King Kiyo looked at the disciplines below, satisfied, nodded, said: “Stop training.”

“Meet the challenger!!”

As their words fell, dozens of sharp gazes looked towards Fang Yuan and Eevee who had just entered the door in an imposing manner.

Fang Yuan, Eevee: “…”

Scare people?

Fang Yuan walked into Fighting Dojo calmly, while karate king Wu De, standing on a high place, opened the mouth and said: “Young man, you are Fang Yuan, I am Wu De, you have already done it Are you ready for the battle!!”

“Well, come on, karate king.” Fang Yuan looked up.

By the way, won’t you give Pokemon away if you win?

Forget it, I don’t want to have it, Infernape is enough.

But…just when Fang Yuan wanted to ask where the battlefield was, suddenly the whole Fighting Dojo fell silent.

On the high platform, Wu De and Kiyo suddenly widened their eyes and looked behind Fang Yuan in disbelief. The Fighting apprentices also showed unimaginable expressions, staring behind Fang Yuan.

“Na… Na…”

At this time, Saffron Gym Gym Leader Sabrina did not know when he appeared outside the gate of Fighting Dojo and walked in slowly.

Sabrina, dressed in a combat uniform, looks quite aura. Each step seems to be stepping on the hearts of these Fighting families, making them breathless.

Looking at Sabrina, who became more mature and cold, the Wude, Kiyo and Dojo apprentices who had been abused by Sabrina could not help but swallow. How did this monster escape from the Gym and come When you get here, do you want to play again? ?

They recalled the fear of being dominated by Sabrina for a while, and almost were scared away.

However, Sabrina did not come to them at all.

Rather, he directly turned to Fang Yuan, who turned his head and said: “Teacher, my parents want to invite you to have a meal at Saffron Gym tonight…”

“Tonight, okay, I will go.” Fang Yuan nodded and said, didn’t expect Sabrina to find it for this. It seems that Sabrina’s relationship with her parents eased?

At the same time.

Seeing this scene before me, Fighting Dojo’s Boss Wude and Kiyo opened wide, showing extremely shocked expressions.

Teacher? ?

Sabrina originally came to this challenger, and also called him “Teacher”?

That scary Psychic girl, and Teacher?

How is it possible! !

They suddenly looked towards Fang Yuan with Eevee, who seemed to be harmless to humans and animals, eyes shrank, this guy, who had never heard of him, who was he, why did Sabrina the monster call him Teacher? !