Pokemon Masters Chapter 1007


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Inside Fighting Dojo.

At this time, the atmosphere is very solemn.

Sabrina sat in the auditorium like a good girl, Normal, looking at the Trainer on both sides of the venue calmly.

One side is Fang Yuan who can defeat him.

One side is a crappy Fighting family that she can easily defeat as a child.

The result is self-evident…

It is estimated that the battle will not take much time.

So, she plans to leave after watching this short match.

Sabrina’s decision has suffered the apprentices of Fighting Dojo.

Because Sabrina occupies a spectator seat, dozens of apprentices were surprised that no one dared to approach the auditorium, all of them leaned over the door to peek, as if Sabrina was the owner of this Dojo.

As for the martial arts on the field, and Kiyo, who is in charge of the referee, although in a better state than the apprentices, they are also swallowing frantically.

“The match rule is 2 vs. 2, and video will be recorded in all directions during the process. If the two are ready, the match will begin soon…” Kiyo opened the mouth and said.

Fighting Dojo has long applied for the Dojo venue as a dedicated venue for competitions in order to facilitate various battles.

The next battle was played in this room.

At his home court, Wu De, the karate king, should have been happy, but at this moment, he is always sullen.

Sabrina’s Teacher, these five words have been echoing in his heart.

“I must be thinking too much. How could Sabrina worship a young man who is much worse than she looks at the worst as a Teacher.”

“By the way, maybe, he is just Sabrina’s hobby cram school teacher, he is a teacher who teaches dancing instruments like backgammon, um…Who said that indifferent Psychic girls can’t have other hobby!” Karate king Wude Fudge yourself forcibly.

However, he didn’t even believe him.


In short, Wude, the karate king, is very nervous at this moment, and he is afraid that Fang Yuan is the same as Sabrina, or, in other words, is a stronger Psychic than Sabrina.

In his opinion, these Psychic people are too unreasonable and unscrupulous. As a standard Fightingist, the Rival he hates most is the Psychic who can support Pokemon in battle.

Is this still a Pokemon battle? this is not.

Pokemon and Trainer also have to intervene, okay? This is not good.

Wu De was in a bad mood. After Kiyo said “The battle begins”, he still hasn’t recovered his state.


However, although Wu De is in poor condition, its Pokemon, Spirit, Soul and Qi are good.

A Pokemon with a brown body and normal parts like bandages and springs on both hands and feet will appear instantly as Wu De presses the Poké Ball.

On Wu De’s side, the Fighting Pokemon Chavarang, known as the “flying leg”, was dispatched. Chavarang’s deep eyes accompanied the instant attack posture, showing a strong oppression.


Compared with Wu De, Fang Yuan is much easier here.

Although he still intends to train Pokemon in this battle, the Pokemon he needs to train is not weak.

Ditto, the pink slime from Poké Ball, is looking at Rival expectantly.

For this battle, Fang Yuan temporarily teleported Ditto from the other side of the island, and at the same time, sent Gluttony back to beg Magnezon.

In this battle, he prepared two Pokemons, Ditto with normal Peak Level strength, and Lycanroc, which can only display normal Peak Level strength due to space constraints.

Rival ranks so high, Pokemon should have Peak Level battle strength, right? ?

Use Ditto to fight against Lycanroc, which cannot be completely huge, just right!

I hope Rival can enjoy myself.


At this time, after seeing that the Pokemon sent by Fang Yuan turned out to be Ditto, Wu De, Kiyo and Gym apprentices were all stunned.

It’s not Psychic Type Pokemon?

Is it Sabrina’s Teacher?

And…Ditto is such a weak Pokemon, is someone really breed? ?

Wu De couldn’t help being very surprised.

For ordinary Trainer, Ditto is undoubtedly amazing.

But for a powerful Trainer, Ditto is basically a tool Pokemon.

Even if Ditto Transform is superb, it is impossible to surpass the deity.

Limits of physical strength, energy, and wisdom all make Ditto unable to achieve the ultimate in combat.


Even Sabrina in the audience seat was very surprised that Fang Yuan sent such a Pokemon.

“My guess will not come true anymore!!!”

Following Fang Yuan sent Ditto, Wu De’s gaze suddenly regained his glamour. Since it is Ditto, it is easy to say.

He has a spectrum in his heart!

So, does this lovely Ditto intend to transform his Chavaran, or become a Pokemon that he has remembered before.

By the way, this Ditto has been breed to the extent that it can remember Transform objects?

If he didn’t even have this level, it wouldn’t be his Rival of Chavaron.

“Hmm…you can just Transform into what you want to Transform. I will direct it depending on the situation.” At the same time, Fang Yuan telepathically said to Ditto.

It is also a test for Ditto.

It can deal with Fighting Pokemon, Dragonite of Transform Flying Type, Gengar of Ghost Type, and Espeon of Psychic Type!

Fang Yuan remembers that he has taught Pokemon how to control Attribute watches. Although Ditto is a toddler group and basically played as a pendant of Infernape, he should also be familiar with Attribute control!


Because the battle has already begun, on the field, Chavaron raised his leg and instantly Locked On Rival, only waiting for an order from Trainer.

“Rolling Kick ——”

And Wu De, also very timely at this time, called out the “Rolling Kick” command, they would not wait for Ditto to complete the Transform.

The order was given, and I saw that Wu De and Chavarang’s eyes flickered slightly, as if they were becoming more and more confident, and the soul of Fighting was gradually recovering.

Shua! !

In the next second, Chavaran’s white pupils shrank, one leg bent slightly, and disappeared in an instant. His body was stagnant in the air like an incarnation as the gyro Normal, and then like a phantom Normal, with Horacio offensive, towards Ditto Swept away.

Bang peng~ peng~!!

The surrounding air vibrated under the whirling of Chavarang.

“Okay!!” Seeing this hand of Rolling Kick, Kiyo and Fighting apprentices all wanted to give a thumbs up. It is worthy of being Wu De Boss. Chavarang’s hand of Rolling Kick, without years of hard training, will not Have this proficiency and strength.

If it is kicked, Oreburgh Rock will probably shatter, let alone a lump of slime.

“Busy!!!” At this moment, facing the menacing Rival, Ditto finally made a decision, there was light in his eyes.

It should not consider the troublesome issue of Attribute restraint.

We should meet force with force in the battle! ! !

Whoever counsels loses.

Since Rival is a Fighting Pokemon, it also becomes a Fighting Pokemon.

At the same time that Chavarang struck, Ditto’s body rays of light flashed. Because of the Mew gene, its Transform speed was very fast, and it was completed in an instant. At this moment, Fang Yuan almost shouted.

son of a bitch.

A good Ditto was broken by Infernape.

Ditto, are you a fanboy?

At this time, on the field, Chimchar with a ball of flame burning on his butt suddenly appeared on the field, which is the original form of Infernape.

“Busy!” Explained with the meaning passed by Ditto to Fang Yuan, that is, to deal with this level of Fighting Pokemon, relying on the original form of Monkey Bro, it can be completely solved.

Chavaron’s attack and Ditto’s Transform were carried out simultaneously.

At this time, the audience looked at the silhouette of Chavaron that swept across and the silhouette of Ditto that Transformed into Chimchar, and a big question mark appeared on their foreheads.

Fuck, what’s the situation.

Even Wu De himself is dumbfounded, Ditto, has become Chimchar? ? ?

Damn, this “Sabrina’s Teacher” and his Ditto, are they funny?

This kind of weak Pokemon is still not kicked by Chavaran?

However, no matter what Pokemon Ditto Transform becomes, Fang Yuan can only command helplessly.

His expression is calm and indifferent.

Forget it, although it is Chimchar, it can also win.

He did not speak, but telepathically communicated.

“Thunder Flame mode, on!”

After a short while, “Chimchar” also lifts the head calmly, looking towards the brown phantom that swept across.

“Wooer——” It roared, a terrifying air wave exploded directly from its body, an air flame intertwined with thunder and lightning, directly extending upwards and outwards for several meters, spreading air waves In an instant, Rolling Kick came and Shawarang with eyes shrank exited.

Even, the terrifying air wave quickly made Chavaron cross his arms to protect his body, revealing an astonished expression.

In the eruption of the terrifying Thunder Flame, Chimchar’s silhouette is faintly discernible, like the arrival of a flame demon.

Although Transform is only Chimchar, for Ditto, there is no difference in appearance. Because of the Mew gene, its Transform attainments have long been able to replicate special energy, special skills, and surpass ordinary Transform That step.

So, even in the Chimchar form, the explosive power, as Ditto himself thinks, is not inferior to any Fighting Pokemon.

Compared with the Infernape form, the most lacking is the difference in appearance, and the strength is still there!

Thorn it! !

After the Thunder Flame erupted, Chimchar’s body was filled with tyrannical golden thunder and red flame, and the golden thunder and lightning permeated its muscles. When wearing thunder and lightning armor, driving the flame, Chimchar’s The first sect of Thunder Flame mode is officially completed.

Although its Rival is also a Fighting Pokemon that has just entered the Peak Level Domain.

However, facing the Peak Level Domain under the legendary power staggered power bonus, the power gap immediately became apparent.

“impossible ———”

Looking at Ditto Transform’s Chimchar just relying on the explosive imposing manner, he shook Chavarang back from the jump kick, and let Chavarang cross his arms to protect his body from the impact of the flames and waves during the inverted flight. Wu De immediately showed a shocked expression.

Kiyo on the referee’s seat is also stared wide-eyed, incredible.

As for those Fighting apprentices, they are already dumbfounded. Is this Chimchar? ? ?

“Raiden Mach Punch!”

After “Chimchar” broke out with all his strength, he quickly judged Ditto’s progress and Fang Yuan, who was disparity in strength between the two sides. He immediately understood the root of Ditto’s self-confidence and could not help but laughed. He directly gave the next instruction.


Chimchar stood on the Ground with divine eyes, in this violent Thunder Flame state, it took a deep breath, and then stepped hard.


Fighting Dojo’s field is directly recessed into it.

Chimchar’s silhouette has also disappeared in place!

In the auditorium, Sabrina quickly looked towards the afterglow, showing a surprised expression.

Is this a Ditto…No, is this the strength that Chimchar can display? ?

Teacher… who exactly is he.

What secrets are there?

“Not good!!!”

At the same time, Wu De also found traces of Chimchar.

In a violent tremor in Wu De’s heart, he saw Chimchar appearing above Chavarang who looked around, and shouted subconsciously.

“Hurry up!!” He opened his voice, urgent.

This speed, this explosive power, is simply outrageous.

No… I can’t avoid it.

Time, as if frozen, above Chavarang, like the afterimage of Chimchar standing still in the air, suddenly hit with a punch.

bang!! !

Thunder Flame erupted, and Shavaran was directly like a sandbag, rubbing the Ground, cutting a long pit in the field, and flying away.

“Woo!” As Chimchar landed, the audience was shocked.


“Chavarang… loses combat capability.”


“Hitmonchan… loses combat capability…”

“So the winner…”

Two minutes later, after referee Kiyo stuttered, Fang Yuan took Ditto back with regret.

Unfortunately, Ditto has made great progress. Unless it is the Peak Level Third Stage and the powerful Pokemon of Performance, the Normal Peak Level Pokemon will really not be the Rival of Ditto.

Although this martial virtue ranks quite high, the strength is not strong. The strength of the two Peak Level battle strengths is very ordinary, not as good as Erika.

I knew that the peak level Lycanroc would be on the court before normalcy.

“you let me win.”

Since the battle is over, Fang Yuan also began to politely opened the mouth and said to Rival.


At this moment, Wu De, the karate king, looked at the venue blankly, and has not yet recovered from the shock.

Ditto ……Chimchar ……Seckill…

He is tired.

Pokemon is really not suitable for him.

It’s better to call a Psychic who doesn’t speak morality to fight him.

Young people nowadays are no longer as simple as not talking about martial ethics.

Not even talking about the basic law.

This is not scientific, this is not Pokemon, Ditto shouldn’t be like this! ! !


This battle almost destroyed Fighting Dojo by half.

But there is no alternative.

After Kiyo “Ababaabaaba” uploaded the video of the match to the Pokemon match committee, Fang Yuan just waited for the ranking to rise.

I just don’t know how many positions can be raised in this battle.

“Let’s go.”

Fang Yuan and Sabrina left the Fighting Dojo with the same eyes of the Fighting house on the dozens of numbers.

Wu De and Kiyo, the two Fighting Dojo Boss, looked at the silhouettes of them leaving, and then made a decision together.

“Let’s… turn off Dojo!”