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Fang Yuan’s tournament second battle is over.

But Fang Yuan estimates that it is still not so easy to advance to the Great Ball level with this battle.

“Fight for another fight soon!”

Fang Yuan cheered up secretly.

As long as he advances to the Great Ball level, he can challenge Rival in the 100~999 ranking segment.

When the time comes, directly challenge the 100th place and take off!


When Fang Yuan thought, Eevee patted Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

It pointed to Sabrina who was walking next to Fang Yuan.

People are here to invite you to be a guest. Don’t leave them in the cold, don’t always think about fighting.

“No reminder from you.”

Fang Yuan just remembered that Sabrina was beside her.

The two are alone, this is a good time for a showdown.

He looked towards the girl with a faintly discernable smile next to him, and said:

“Sabrina, it seems you are in a good mood.”

Sabrina before, basically didn’t have any expressions.

Now, I always keep my smile on my lips. This is a big breakthrough.

“Well, because I heard just now, the person you defeated has decided to turn off Dojo.” Sabrina laughed.

She went to play in the gym when she was a child, just to verify Psychic’s level and to defeat the opponent’s confidence purely from strength.

Fang Yuan seems to have directly shattered the other’s three views?


Fang Yuan, Eevee: “…”

So, you laughed not because you found a good Teacher, not because you reconcile with your family, but because you base your happiness on the suffering of others? ?



I have to find a way to fix Sabrina’s bad problem!

At this time, Fang Yuan didn’t realize at all. The biggest problem was that he and Ditto didn’t do human affairs at all, which made others suffer.

“Forget it.”

“In short, Sabrina, are you ready to start the cultivation of the heart-streaming?” Fang Yuan asked.

Sabrina nodded, she really needs Fang Yuan’s Psychic with strong emotions to change herself…

“Since you have decided, you can teach me all the Psychic skills you know.” Fang Yuan said seriously.

Sabrina:? ? ?

Fang Yuan’s words made Sabrina stop off guard and looked at Fang Yuan with scorching eyes.

Didn’t you teach me?

I teach you? ? ?

Is something wrong…

Who is the Teacher anyway?

“Your problem is very serious. If you want to cultivate Heart Intent, you must prescribe the right medicine. I have to know you enough before I can teach you as much as possible.”

“And you can also find that my Psychic strength is actually not high. Let me teach you in such a weak state. It is inevitable that there will be some mistakes. It is better to help me become stronger first, so that I can be more Good to teach you.” Fang Yuan said more seriously.

“But if you teach me this process, I will also guide you as much as possible. We help each other, improve each other, and work hard together. This is the teacher and the student. Who stipulates that the Teacher cannot learn from the students? “

“I am a qualified teacher like this.”

“eivui!” Eevee couldn’t help but complain inside Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

You are the Psychic who greets Sabrina.


Sabrina looked dazed, she still felt something was wrong.

However, I don’t know where to refute, because Fang Yuan’s words seem to make sense.

The most important thing is that Fang Yuan’s expression and demeanor look very formal, serious, and sincere, not like telling lies…


Since paying attention to the battle between Erika and Fang Yuan, Pokemon Battle Committee Kanto Branch President Lorelei has started to pay attention to Fang Yuan, a mysterious Trainer from Sinnoh.

This is also a matter of Du turn asking her…

At present, the most regrettable thing for Lorelei is that he didn’t see the battle that Du said, the battle between his Dragonite and Fang Yuan’s Eevee.

At this time, Pokemon is playing against the Kanto branch of the committee, in an office.

Lorelei, who is wearing a professional OL costume, is tilting the plump thighs wrapped in black silk, drinking an ice drink casually, and watching the video of the battle on the computer in front of him.

As long as it is a tournament held in Kanto Region, the match video will be uploaded here for review. Not long ago, Fang Yuan’s match video came again.

“After three days, he finally played again.”

“And Rival, is Saffron City Karate King Wude.”

Wude, Lorelei has heard of him, from Fighting Elite Bruno.

Even Bruno attached great importance to Wude’s Fighting talent, but unfortunately, the mental quality of this Wude is not very good. After his early defeat, he began to fall into discomfort…

Lorelei took this video seriously.

But it was because it was too concentrated attention completely. When she saw Ditto sent by Fang Yuan, who suddenly became Chimchar, she immediately covered her mouth with a “pu”.

Lorelei:? ? ?

Is there any special effect of the intertwined power of Thunder Flame? ?

Are you sure that this is a real video of the game, not a movie?

No matter how unbearable Wu De is, he is also a very strong Trainer. As a result, the main force was punched by Chimchar of Ditto Transform?


“Look, I said he is very strong…but I didn’t expect, first Eevee, then Ditto, he actually breed so many…special Pokemon, and the strength is so terrifying.”

During the online conversation between Du and Lorelei, Du Lai laughed. He said: “Judging from his Pokemon information, his strength is probably far more than what he showed.”

“I want to know more about his strength.”

“Lorelei, do me a favor.”

Fang Yuan’s battle video has a new one, Lorelei immediately gave it to Du, Du was really interested.

He is such a person, he likes to challenge Powerhouse very much. In this tournament, others such as Steven may come for prizes, but Dusi is here to experience battle.

“I think about it…” Lorelei was silent.

Although Du is a quartz champion and Lorelei is only an Elite, Du is only a contestant in the tournament, while Lorelei is an official member of the Battle Committee. So if you want to see Fang Yuan’s more strength, Du instead I can only ask Lorelei.

As long as Lorelei arranges Fang Yuan with some powerful Rivals, it will be fine.

Lorelei pursed his lips slightly, and said:

“…I thought of a suitable candidate.”

“He also signed up for the tournament, but because he was busy with the Elite Cup, the tournament ranking was not high, but he played three or four games at the beginning of the season.”

“How about letting him, the pre-Elite, come? I just don’t know if he will accept…”


The next day, Saffron City.

Fang Yuan’s new championship ranking has been updated.

After defeating Wu De, he directly ranked 1023, only one step away from the top 1000.

At this time, Fang Yuan also unexpectedly received an invitation.

The Pokemon Match Committee arranged for him the next Rival, no matter whether he wins or loses, he will have a huge appearance fee.

And this game will be recognized as a high-level duel, and the Integral Points obtained by winning the match will be greatly increased.

The only requirement is that Fang Yuan needs to go to Citrus Stadium during the game time for a public match.

If time permits, Fang Yuan will naturally accept it. However, when Fang Yuan saw Rival’s name, he was stunned.

“What’s the kidding, Fuchsia Gym Gym Leader Koga? Isn’t this the future Poison Type Elite? The promotion of Poké Ball will make me fight Elite Four level Trainer, is that fair?”