Pokemon Masters Chapter 1009


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Koga, proficient in Poison Type, is the Gym Gym Leader of Fuchsia Gym.

He is still a ninjutsu Grandmaster and has been pursuing a higher realm.

Today, in order to compete for the position of Indigo Plateau Elite Four, he spends almost all day in the closed-door cultivation outside the forest outside Fuchsia Gym.


On this day, Koga’s daughter Janine hurried over and found her father who was in penance, excitedly said:

“Dad, Lorelei Elite called Gym just now.”

Janine and Koga are dressed the same, they both wear a black and purple Ninja suit, and a red Ninja scarf is floating behind her.

“Lorelei Elite?”

Koga jumped from the tree, looked towards her daughter with a puzzled expression, and said, “What’s the matter with her.”

“Lorelei Elite wants to invite you to a public Pokemon world tournament…!”

“Pokemon world tournament…”

Hearing the name of the game, Koga slightly startled.

He seems to have participated in such a competition.

At the time the Elite Cup had not yet started, he just signed up in order to find expert duels and hone himself.

But in the end he only played a few games at the beginning of the season. After the Elite Competition started, he forgot the game and didn’t fight for a long time. Now the rankings may have been lost, right?

“Lorelei Elite personally invited me to fight…Who is Rival?”

“A Sinnoh Trainer named Fang Yuan, I have never heard of it.” Janine opened the mouth and said: “Do you want to accept it?”

Koga is lost in thought.

Lorelei what does this mean.

A test? Still helping him? Does Lorelei mean by himself or Alliance?

Koga, currently eighth in the Elite Cup Integral Points, in addition to the five Elite Four champions, there are two Trainer Integral Points before him.

Dark Type Grandmaster Karen and Psychic Type Grandmaster Will respectively.

Compared to the two, Koga’s strength is still weaker.

Now, there are rumors that Agatha Elite and Lorelei Elite are about to retire, and two Elite Four positions will be vacant. Therefore, his eighth position is really embarrassing.

Koga is also very urgent, so he has been pursuing self-breakthrough. Now it has been closed-door cultivation for a long time, but unfortunately there is still no gain.

“Let’s take a look at the duel, since it is the person chosen by Lorelei Elite, maybe it will help me to break through.” Koga said.

“Okay!!” Janine smiled excitedly.

Dad has been closed-door cultivation for a long time because of the Elite Cup losing streak. He kept his face all day and made Janine very worried. Now that Koga can go out and play against is a big improvement. Janine hopes that this game will be able to Let Dad regain his confidence, then have a breakthrough, and then smoothly become a real Elite Four!

As for father to lose? Janine never thought, her father is the top 8 in the Elite Cup, preparing for Elite! !

“Okay, let’s go eat.” Koga looked at his daughter’s smiling face and suddenly had a bad feeling.

Fang Yuan, this name sounds so strange.


“Forget it, Koga is Koga.”

“The game time, is it 7 days later.”

At this time, Fang Yuan has also accepted the invitation to the duel.

Poison Type expert, speaking of which, he has rarely encountered.

This Koga can enrich his combat experience.

If Rival is an Elite powerhouse, what about Dragonite and Milotic in this battle?

“It was such a happy decision.”

Fang Yuan accepted the application for the duel and began to pack things in the hotel.

Yesterday, he already met the family of Saffron Gym. Sabrina’s father and mother are very kind. Today, he has an important thing to visit Saffron Gym.

It can be regarded as the first lesson Fang Yuan gave to Sabrina.

“Eevee, let’s go.” After packing up his things, Fang Yuan called Eevee.

“eivui…” Eevee also lazily got up from the pile of game consoles.

I’m finally leaving Saffron City and heading to the next destination.


In Saffron Gym.

At this time, Fang Yuan has found Psychic uncle and talked about his plan.

“Uncle, Sabrina has been in Saffron Gym for more than ten years.”

“I feel that whether you are an outstanding Psychic or Actor Celebrity, you will always stay in one place and you will not make progress. It is better to travel and see different landscapes and culture , What do you think.”

Yes, the first lesson Fang Yuan is going to give Sabrina is to let this “Psychic housemaid”, like a normal person, travel for about a year and come back.

Profound Truth is communication.

If you don’t communicate and meet with more people, or accept more Pokemon, it’s difficult for Sabrina to understand emotions and so on.

Of course, there is another important reason. Fang Yuan has a task and has to continue to search for slates. She can’t stay in Saffron City forever, so she fudges Sabrina away, and learns her abilities while following her to find slates. One move , two gains ……

“It makes sense… It makes sense…” Sabrina’s father suddenly nodded.

Yes, Sabrina is almost 20 years old. She has been in Saffron Gym for more than ten years. This is not plausible. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Sabrina is closed in her heart?

Because Sabrina has been in Gym, he and the child mother have not had that for a long time.

Fang Yuan’s proposal instantly received strong support from Psychic Uncle. He said: “As long as Sabrina agrees, we naturally hope she can go out and see more.”

“Then it’s okay.” Fang Yuan smiled.

Sabrina has agreed, of course. Fang Yuan asked the parents for their opinions after saying hello to Sabrina. Now that Psychic Uncle has also agreed, Fang Yuan feels relieved.

“speaking of which ……”

Suddenly, Psychic Uncle seemed to have thought of something, and said to Fang Yuan: “If you have time, I highly recommend you to visit a place.”

“What?” Fang Yuan startled.

Psychic uncle took out his cell phone and showed Fang Yuan a piece of information.

He said: “Just yesterday, a Psychic ruin in Sinnoh Region was discovered, but unfortunately the entrance was sealed by Psychic.”

“Many Psychic people have a hunch that there will be very special treasures inside.”

“As far as I know, many Psychic people have gone there now. A Psychic Grandmaster also took the opportunity to hold a’Psychic event’ between Psychic people and invited Psychic people from all walks of life to crack the seal.”

“I think such an opportunity for Psychic people to gather may be suitable for Sabrina to communicate. Treasure does not matter. It is mainly communication. If you have time, Mr. Fang Yuan, you can take Sabrina to have a look.”

“Psychic ruins, Psychic event?” Fang Yuan raised some interest.

It sounds like Interesting.

I wonder if the original Psychic writers such as Cattleya and Olympia will go.

“Okay, I will go and have a look with Sabrina.”