Pokemon Masters Chapter 1082


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“In less than a day…”

Wallace stood next to his Milotic, and straightened his white hat slightly, trying to cool his brain.

(´ー∀ー`) Did you say before that you and Milotic exercised for 15 months before mastering the whole technique?

On Fang Yuan’s side, less than a day has passed since he told Fang Yuan the key information to coordinate multiple forces.

I knew it a long time ago. He looked at Fang Yuan and Milotic who were haunting Heart Intent, and gradually understood…

(╬ ̄翣翣)Is this just hanging out!

The ultimate power that even Steven like krypton envy–

Trainer Breeding Pokemon such as Psychic and Aura messenger, breakthrough is really unreasonable.


Dragonite glanced at Wallace and Milotic.

Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent is so powerful that it can activate the power of flicker, let him say what Pokemon believes, but Milotic can break through, isn’t it the biggest credit?

If it weren’t for it desperately helped Milotic to grab Rare Moves and let Fang Yuan know how to guide it, how could Milotic break through so quickly!

So, the winner of this wave is it, not Wallace and his Milotic.

Relying on Wallace’s Milotic teaching, I won the year of the monkey…

Huh, monkey?

Dragonite’s eyes widened, Milotic is so easy to break through, will it be…

It turned to find the silhouette of Infernape, but unfortunately Infernape is not in the vicinity of the special training.

Dragonite relaxed, for fear of being robbed of credit.

Although it is said that the power of the north wind that Milotic currently mastered was obtained during the BUFF of Sky Green Mountain, but after so long, there is impossible BUFF inertia, and the credit is all due to it!


After the breakthrough, Milotic raised his head slightly, feeling his own strength.

Because of the breakthrough of the spirit strength of the heart, it perfectly allows the three forces of Purify’s water, the power of the north wind, and the freezing fog to linger around itself in a very coordinated manner.

On Milotic’s beautiful body, there are crystal drops of water flowing, and outside the body, the force of the north wind swept through the frozen fog, surrounding Milotic in a circle.

The difference from before is that this time, when Fang Yuan, Wallace, and Dragonite looked towards Milotic, they were not attracted by the three legendary powers at first sight, but subconsciously first saw Milotic’s self and then realized the legend. Power.

This distinction between primary and secondary makes Fang Yuan smile like an old father.

Speaking of which, among Fang Yuan’s team, Milotic is the Pokemon with the most legendary power.

So, it is most affected by the power of legend.

From the evolution of Lake of Purity, to the breakthrough of the Sea of ​​Origin, to Suicune’s gift of the power of the north wind, etc…. Its growth is accompanied by the legendary power of baptism all the time.

In comparison, although Infernape and other Pokemon also rely on the power of legends, they actually have little influence. For example, Infernape, simply never touched half of the black white dragon’s hair.

The so-called interlaced power is also derived from the fusion of its own awakening electricity and willitis. It simulates the legendary power under the help of Fang Yuan, Ditto, and Rotom, and does not really get the gift of the legend. .

So this power has always been its own power, and there is no such problem as Milotic being affected by the power of legend.

“In the future, Milotic, maybe we can try to coordinate and combine the power of legend to become a new power and go out of our own way?”

Fang Yuan was also very happy to see Milotic transformed again and truly entered the level of the Champion Guardian God.

At this time, Milotic, coupled with the relatively perfectly coordinated legendary power, may already be able to collide with Wallace’s Milotic, who has reached the Top Rank Guardian God level.

Although the winning percentage may not be high, the gap is definitely not as big as before.

Fang Yuan looked towards Wallace, and Wallace also looked towards Fang Yuan.

Both of them have the urge to fight.

However, at this moment, there was a call from sky, and a Skarmory flew quickly.

Silver light and shadow passed, and the silhouette above Skarmory was clearly seen by the two.


See the silhouette on Skarmory, Wallace slightly startled.

“It’s me!”

Skarmory fell slowly, and Steven landed with an uneasy expression.

“Magnezon, where are they?”

Fang Yuan asked.

Didn’t Steven try out various Pokéblock Recipes with Metagross, Magneson, and Gluttony?

Pokemon world’s Contest tournament and Dewen Company, can be said to be the starting point of Pokéblock, and the number of cherished recipes has exploded over those researched by Fang Yuan and Earth researchers.

So Magneson used to teach Metagross in the past, it can also get in touch with a lot of new recipes. As for Gluttony, this kind of good tasting is definitely indispensable, and Venusaur is probably responsible for using the remaining cores to give Do they produce Berry…

“They will be here later.”

“I actually wanted to tell you that I suddenly received news that I might have to leave now.” Steven smiled wryly.

After getting off Skarmory, Steven looked towards Fang Yuan and Wallace and said, “Do you still remember the water fleet, the lava team?”

The two were nodded.

The water fleet made Fang Yuan hypnotized by the combination of Darkrai + Victini, and then two-thirds of their high-level officers were arrested by the Hoenn Alliance together with Interpol at that time.

As for the Lava team, they were involved in the battle between Kyogre and Groudon. After heavy losses, the team of Steven +Wallace +Norman captured most of the high-level main force.

It can be said that at this time the two villains in Hoenn Region, with Fang Yuan’s entanglement, did not live to the beginning of the plot, and almost completely collapsed.

“They? What happened?” Wallace frowned.

“The Lava Team Boss Maxie and the Water Fleet Boss Archie, with the main Executive, escaped from the seabed prison.”

“How could it—” Wallace said in surprise.

Steven shook his head and said: “It should be that there are ghosts in the Alliance too. I have been suspicious for a long time, and it can almost be confirmed now. Then I have to chase and investigate it.”

“LaRousse Group?” Wallace asked.

LaRousse Group is currently the second largest company in the Hoenn Region. It focuses on high-tech product research and development. Hedewen is considered to be a competing Rival. Both are the core factions of the Hoenn Alliance and have a pivotal position in the Hoenn Alliance.

LaRousse, a high-tech city, the base of LaRousse Group, is also the stage for the theater version of “Deoxys, the Visitor in Split”.

“LaRousse Group…” Fang Yuan listened quietly next to him, as if he had heard something incredible.

That’s right, the writing is so strong, there must be a lot of commercial Rival.

The Executive Flame of the Lava Team and the Executive Spring of the Water Fleet were once the core employees of Dewen Company. Later, for unknown reasons, they rebelled and joined the two villains. Now it seems that if there is the promotion of LaRousse Group behind it, It is not impossible.

“I don’t know, but it’s doubtful.” Steven said.

“Then I will go with you.” Wallace also said.

After all, the forces of the Lava Team and the Water Fleet are not small. If the LaRousse Group is really doing the trick behind it, he will not worry about Steven taking the risk alone.

“Is there anything I can help.” Fang Yuan also asked.

Steven turned his head and said, “There is one. I am worried that after the two organizations return in a swirl of dust, they will also conspire to the power of two ultra-ancient Pokemon. Fang Yuan, if you can contact two ultra-ancient Pokemon, hope They can be more careful…”

It’s not that I’m afraid that the ultra-ancient Pokemon will be injured by the two organizations, but that they will be angered by the two organizations again. Compared to the ultra-ancient Pokemon facing Rage, Steven is more willing to face the LaRousse Group.

“No problem, leave it to me.”


For a short moment, Fang Yuan is the only one left at the villa.

It’s rare for Steven to go to work. As Steven’s friend, Wallace took the initiative to help. No wonder Steven left the championship to Wallace in the future.

This wave has not been replaced yet, so I just started the championship job ahead of time.

Fang Yuan originally wanted to help, but then I thought, Steven and Wallace were there, and basically nothing happened to him. It’s better to follow Steven’s words and be optimistic about Groudon and Kyogre.

“Groudon is on my side, I know where Kyogre is currently…”

Basically there will be no problems.

“Well, Steven is gone. When Rotom finishes receiving part of the technology, I should leave.”

“However, before that…”

Fang Yuan looked towards Milotic, who was practicing his new abilities at the beach, and Dragonite, who got up, rubbed his chin.

He is tired for Dragonite.

Would you like…help Dragonite?

If it succeeds, everyone will be happy.

If rejected, it is estimated that Dragonite will be able to break through.

At the same time, I can also understand where the problem is, and then I will help Dragonite to figure out how to get the favor of Milotic. A failure is not the end!

Very stable, worthy of myself.