Pokemon Masters Chapter 1083


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Steven and Wallace left Rustboro City, and Metagross was naturally taken away by Steven.

And Magnezon, they returned to the villa before the evening after they made dinner.

At the same time, Eevee, Victini, Rotom, and 3D Dragon who returned from Devon came back.

The difference is that the Eni group is to play.

The Tuolong group is to learn.

Actually, Magnezon is similar to each other.

Venusaur continues to provide fresh Berry, Magneson tests new recipes, Gluttony and other Pokemon try…

at first Infernape and Ditto, Lycanroc also tried to eat, but after eating, you are full, not as big as Gluttony.

After they were full and had nothing to do, they ran to the side for special training.

Although it is a daily special training, since it is training, it must be injured.

After the three Pokemon came back, they ran to Milotic for treatment.



“ao wu! !”

Three Pokemon came to Milotic on the beach, where Dragonite was selflessly practicing in front of Milotic.

When they saw Infernape coming, Milotic and Dragonite also stopped practicing.


Infernape pointed to a pile of wounds on his body, folded his hands together and asked Milotic for help.

Although it is not a serious injury, it should not be left alone, otherwise it will delay tomorrow’s special training.

Ditto and Lycanroc have almost this kind of big or small wounds.


(✿◡‿◡) Milotic was in a good mood and threw three life drops to the three Pokemons.

“ao wu!! (wait…!)”

Lycanroc just wanted to use Hydro Pump to treat it, don’t use life drops, but suddenly, Lycanroc seemed to notice something.

I came to Milotic elder sister for treatment today, but it was not an expression of disgust and helplessness? ?

Milotic elder sister seems to be in a good mood today? ? ?

Infernape and Ditto also discovered this surprising scene, which is not Milotic.

Milotic usually dislikes that they are coming to heal every day.

Did you change your temper today?

“Hmph hmph!!!!”

Dragonite hummed aside.

Tell Infernape their good news, it was Milotic that broke through today!

(Its credit!)

Of course, in front of Milotic, Dragonite dare not speak so bluntly.

However, because Dragonite didn’t make it clear that it was due to it, Ditto and Lycanroc’s eyes suddenly looked towards Infernape.

No, Monkey Bro’s injury today is nothing more than Gu Sha compared to the injury caused by the force of interlacing.

Is this degree of injury able to break through the BUFF? ?

It’s not that Infernape is also good at skill.

“Convex (艹艹艹) ooh!!!” Infernape contorts one’s face in agony, billowing, impossible thing.

Milotic broke through?

For Milotic’s breakthrough, Infernape is naturally happy, after all, this is a nanny.

But this time, it was just an accident! Enhancing BUFFimpossible will be activated for injuries other than the cross injury… If any injury can be activated, it will be fine.


Infernape frowned, why is he so natural that he admits the existence of strengthening BUFF?

Infernape: (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴Wooah!!!

It blasted a few Pokemon away with one punch, and they all rolled away. There was no strengthening buff at all! !

Soon, the minor injuries caused by Infernape’s training can allow Milotic to make a breakthrough, and it spread within Fang Yuan’s team.

For this rumor, the most angry people are Infernape himself and Dragonite.

Fang Yuan naturally does not know what strange information Pokemon are secretly spreading. At this time, he is conceiving another major event ——


The next day.

Fang Yuan is still alone in this big villa.

However, the Pokemon are surprisingly complete.

Fang Yuan yelled every Pokemon specifically and did not go out.

Except for Dragonite.

Fang Yuan gave a little bit of sub-summary, and asked Dragonite to deliver the letter to himself and dismissed it.

At this time.

Outside the villa, Fang Yuan looked at his own Pokemon, and seriously said: “Dragonite found Darkrai before, please let Darkrai use nightmares to help it become stronger.”

“Dark Lugia said that the strength of Power of Darkness depends on how much pain the soul suffers. Dragonite wants to make itself painful and stronger through nightmares. Do you have the heart to watch Dragonite suffer pain in dreams!!!!!! “

Pokemon headed by Eevee are all nodded.

What matters to them, bear with me!

Since Dragonite wants to become stronger in this way, let it go!

“Very good! I will bear it too!”

“Then you bear your heart, does Dragonite suffer in reality?”

Pokemon looked at each other in blank dismay, and then they were all nodded, be patient, and even have some attractive spectacle.

“That’s it. Dreaming is clichéd. Let’s teach Dragonite a lesson in reality.” Fang Yuan smiled kindly.

“We design a script in reality, and everyone will perform together… Help Dragonite is so real!!!”

“Those who are interested can stay, and those who are not interested can leave. Eevee must stay. You are the acting director…Milotic, you are the heroine, and…”

Eevee and Pokemon were dumbfounded, and when they heard Milotic was the heroine, they began to feel that something was wrong.

Milotic, pain, Dragonite, a few words connected together, just think about it, you can feel the pain of Dragonite.

Dragonite has provoke Fang Yuan again? ? ?


But Eevee is still patted with a chest guarantee, acting instructor and so on, and handing it over, it will definitely be fine.


When I heard acting and so on, Infernape was a boring curl one’s lip. I didn’t plan to participate and felt that it was a waste of training time.

However, when I thought that it was not me who was being bullied this time, but that I could suckle the dragon, Infernape’s spirit stopped, looked towards Fang Yuan, and started gearing up.

It’s eyes brightened, it sounds…Interesting, it also participated! !

All Pokemon are in high spirits.

Fang Yuan was satisfied and nodded when he saw it. It didn’t matter if the pain was not painful. The main reason was that he was going to create a confession opportunity for Dragonite through this script.

But this, he can’t tell Eevee about them in advance…After all, they have to hide it from Milotic.

In this wave, you must be alone on the 5th floor. Other Pokemon can only be in the Third Layer, and Dragonite…


Johto Region.

Fang Yuan has fooled Dragonite here.

After all, if the place is too close, at the speed of Dragonite, you can rush back immediately.

At this time.

Johto Region, telling the town where the wind of change is beginning to blow, in New Bark Town.

Ash was staring blankly at the Dragonite messenger carrying a backpack in front of him.

Isn’t this the Dragonite of the Fang Yuan big brother?

How come you came here suddenly.


After exhausting suffering untold hardships, and finally finding Ash, Dragonite smiled kindly, pulled the backpack, and took out a book bound with A4 paper.

“Boooooooooo!!! (This is for you!!!)”

“This is…”


Ash and Pikachu on his shoulder both looked at the big characters on the “book” with surprise.

“Aura Force Getting Started”.

Fang Yuan’s method of distributing Dragonite is to ask him to send a courier to Ash.

This entry method of Aura Force is almost the most simple and basic version, but even so, Fang Yuan doesn’t know if Ash can learn it. After all, stupid things can’t even memorize Attribute restraint…

Although Ash has shown Aura innate talent in the theatrical version of “Mew and Aura: Lucario the Hero”, who has a good idea about innate talent.

After all, he is such a genius, the Psychic taught by Sabrina is still…

“This is for me???”

“Boom!!” Dragonite nodded, and reminded that it can only be used by Ash.

Come on! Sao Nian!

This is another strongest trainer in time and space. Sect Master Fang Yuan’s test for you, represents the highest opportunity to enter the “source of mind”! !

Dragonite thought, and then suddenly sneezed.

It looked towards the pure blue sky.

Is Milotic thinking about it? Then I have to go back soon…