Pokemon Masters Chapter 1084


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The weather today is better than yesterday.

Under the blue sky, a Flying Dragonite do as one pleases.

Happy, no worries.

While flying, it pulled the strap of the backpack with its small hand, and its arms spun and waved the backpack to play.

huhuhu…big windmill…turn and turn and turn…

Dragonite left in the morning, and hurried back almost before noon.

And Dragonite who came back, saw Milotic in the water at a glance…

When Dragonite entered the stage range, Fang Yuan and Pokemon suddenly shrank.

(๑>ڡ<)☆Here is coming———


In the Sea Territory outside the villa, Milotic is practicing Unique Ability daily.

bang!! !

In its mouth, the blue turbulent current violently hit the sea surface, blasting the sea surface out of a hole in an instant.

The next second, the force of vibration spread from the edge of the hole, forming a terrifying vortex.

Milotic is practicing the combination of Water Pulse + Hydro Pump, trying to simulate Orgin Pulse.

But obviously, the effect is not good.

Unlike Suicune’s Purify water and the power of the north wind, Kyogre’s power is undoubtedly more Top Rank.

Although Milotic has been in contact with the Sea of ​​Origin many times, Kyogre has not learned much about his skills.

More importantly, Assist is the peculiarity of the Sea of ​​Origin to hone Water Type, Spirit and Life Strength.

“pa pa pa!!!”

But regardless of Milotic’s practice, the Dragonite passing by in the sky still clapped subconsciously.


In Sky, Dragonite smiled honestly and congratulated Milotic for making progress.

“Foot wu~~~(You are back.)”

Milotic looked up slightly.


Dragonite ordered nodded and patted his chest, just send a letter, soon!

If it wasn’t for the trouble with Ash, it could be faster!

Dragonite smiled and asked Milotic if he needed to train…

However, at this moment, there was a roar in the distance.


With this roar, the sun in the sky seems to be falling.

The temperature of the surrounding air and the temperature of the sea are rising at a terrifying speed.

Hearing this familiar roar and feeling the terrifying enthusiasm, Dragonite’s expression “shua” turned white.

It and Milotic, at the same time looked towards the direction of Villa Beach.

There, the red giant beast with a height of four and five meters is walking towards the beach violently.

When this red giant beast was walking, the seams of the skin showed a lot of orange and Yellow lava, and the “Ω” icon on the round part of the arm’s root was faintly discernible, mysterious, and contained ancient aura.

Every time it takes a step, Ground seems to reorganize Normal, and the destination of this red giant beast is also very clear. It moved towards the ocean.

Even if you step on the ocean, it can still step on a piece of land, and it is worthy of the name of the creator of the earth.

Groudon ——

Seeing this Pokemon, Milotic and Dragonite all showed shocked expressions.

How did it wake up!

Isn’t it in Rest?


Dragonite eyes shrank, subconsciously looked towards Milotic.

Because Milotic has the Sea of ​​Origin, which is Kyogre’s power fluctuations, Fang Hearthome has always avoided Groudon seeing Milotic for fear of accidents.

Now, seeing the tyrannical Groudon imposing manner coming, Dragonite suddenly had a bad feeling.

Could it be…

It quickly guarded Milotic, looking towards the approaching Groudon with nervous eyes.

At this moment, Fang Yuan, Eevee, Infernape and other Pokemon also ran out from the villa in a panic.

At the same time, Fang Yuan shouted: “Groudon, Kyogre is not here, please calm down!!!”



The Pokemons also persuaded Groudon in a panic, for fear of upsetting this big guy.

Sure enough…

Seeing Fang Yuan and the others’ expressions, Dragonite’s heart “tú tú” again.

Its expression is almost frozen.

That’s right… Groudon was attracted by Milotic.

“roar! !!! (Who is it??! Why is there Kyogre’s power fluctuations?!!!)”

In the next second, Groudon’s question from the land and the sea also confirmed Dragonite’s guess.

Groudon finally stopped not far from Dragonite and Milotic, his gaze violently crossed Dragonite like Volcano Normal, and looked towards Milotic.

“Foot wu~ ~ (I don’t know what you are talking about.)” Milotic’s expression is cold.

It tone barely fell, Dragonite was so nervous, for fear that Groudon would treat Milotic as Kyogre and attack.

The Milotic of his family can’t compare to that fat-headed fish whose skin is rough and flesh is thick, and definitely can’t withstand this Fire Element Sandshrew attack.

“Boo woo wu~ ~ (Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding.)”

Seeing the atmosphere getting more and more wrong, in midair, Dragonite barely smiled, waved her hand in front of Milotic, and explained to Groudon.

However, what Dragonite greeted was Groudon’s cold gaze.

Seeing this, Dragonite “ge-deng” in her heart.

“Groudon, it’s really a misunderstanding. Milotic has nothing to do with Kyogre.”

Fang Yuan and they quickly rushed to this side, standing on the lava ground that had just been cooled by Eevee’s frost, and talking to Groudon in a hurry.

“roar!!!! (I don’t believe it, did you find Kyogre secretly behind me!!!)”

The heat wave on Groudon is even more terrifying.

It extends the hand, a four-meter-long knife… No, it is Precipice Blades.

Precipice Blades are directly condensed from the flowing lava and appear in Groudon’s hands.

Holding the Precipice Blades, Groudon raised his hand and pointed it at Milotic behind Dragonite.

“Not good for Dragonite, it seems that while Milotic was practicing Move, there were fluctuations in the Sea of ​​Origin, causing Groudon to wake up.”

“Groudon is obviously getting up right now. If I don’t explain it well, I am worried that it will attack Milotic.”

“No, not only will it attack Milotic, but even think that all of us have betrayed it and run away!!”

Fang Yuan’s telepathy is transmitted to Dragonite’s heart.


At this time, Dragonite panicked completely. It swallowed, and quickly said to Groudon: “Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

“Boom!! (It really has nothing to do with Kyogre, Ahhh!!!)”

“roar!!!! (Who let you fly in front of me!!!)”

Groudon looked at Dragonite coldly, and was so scared that Dragonite quickly stood on the water.

At this time, Fang Yuan and Eevee looked strangely at Ditto’s “Groudon”.

This sentence is not in the script!

But it’s a good addition, a finishing touch.

“Hey!!! (Get out of the way, I don’t care, it has Kyogre’s power fluctuations on it, and everything related to Kyogre will be destroyed!!)”

Groudon waved Precipice Blades, pointed at the Dragonite blocking Milotic, and warned.

“roar!!!! (Go on the side, look at the face of flying you taught me before, I don’t hurt anyone except it!!)”

“Boom!!! (No way!!)” Dragonite shed cold sweat, but said firmly.

According to the script, at this moment, Groudon will violently attack. Then Fang Yuan and the Pokemon will resist to protect Milotic, and then they will be “killed” by Groudon one by one, and Dragonite will go against it.

However, Ditto, who originally played Zhenghe, suddenly received Fang Yuan’s telepathy.

“You asked Dragonite, why didn’t you let it go.”

Outside, Groudon’s expression remains the same, but inwardly he is very confused. This line is not in the script, was it added temporarily?

However, Groudon followed Fang Yuan’s instructions.

“roar!!!! (Why not!!)” Groudon.

It’s… why not.

Dragonite continued to sweat in cold sweat, and looked back at Milotic with a solemn expression and a stubborn expression, in ones heart trembled.

“Boom!! (Because it is my companion!!!)”

Dragonite turned around and looked at Groudon seriously.

“Boom!! (If you want to hurt it, you just knock me down first!!)”

Is it just a companion?

Fang Yuan moved inwardly and continued to speak.

“Groudon, calm down, I will explain to you slowly from the beginning.”

Fang Yuan ended, Pokemon such as Eevee, Magneson, Infernape and Dragonite also stood in front of Groudon.

As for Gluttony, Darkrai, Lycanroc and other Pokemon, Fang Yuan is seriously protected.

“roar!!!! (Do you want to stop me too??)” Groudon face revealed disdain.

At this moment, the pattern on its body is brighter, as if countless natural energy is gushing out, bringing a huge oppression, making Dragonite breathless and feeling the suppression from Life Level.

At this moment, Fang Yuan’s voice resounded in Dragonite’s heart again.

“Dragonite, it may be dangerous this time, but we can’t let Groudon stay here, otherwise it may cause more confusion.”

“I have contacted Ho-Oh and Mewtwo, but I don’t know when they can come…”

“Let’s stop Groudon first, you protect Milotic, don’t let it get hurt by Groudon.”

“By the way, haven’t you always liked Milotic…Although I know it’s out of date, I don’t know if we can stop Groudon this time. In order not to regret it, you find a chance to show your heart to Milotic. “

“Next, we have to do our best to resist it. If we miss it, maybe…”

Fang Yuan’s decisive voice sounded in Dragonite’s heart, making Dragonite’s eyes red, and looked towards Groudon.

Why! !

Why is it that Milotic has nothing to do with Kyogre? This guy wants to release his hostility towards Kyogre to Milotic.

I have personally seen Groudon and Kyogre fighting, and personally seen the Dragonite in the Orange Islands battle. I know the power of Legendary Pokémon, and I know that they cannot resist Groudon.

Even if Mewtwo and Ho-Oh are here, if Groudon insists on venting Rage, they cannot resist.

At this moment, Dragonite is desperate in her heart, hating herself for being so weak, it… can it really protect Milotic.

“roar! !!!”

When Dragonite’s heart was in utter confusion, Groudon shot.

It waved Precipice Blades and swept forward in the air.

At this moment, Dragonite saw Eevee condense Confusion, covering the Precipice Blades, but in the next moment, Confusion collapsed and Eevee showed a shocked expression.

Dragonite saw it, and Magneson released Gravity with all his strength to suppress Groudon, but the terrifying Gravity field was instantly shattered with Groudon’s roar.

Dragonite saw it, and Infernape stepped out of the moon step, and the power of Thunder Flame that rolled the clouds and rolled the waves burst out from all over his body.

However, Infernape punched with all his strength to face Groudon’s Precipice Blades, but it was like a mayfly shaking a tree. It itself was directly smashed into the sea by Groudon, with a “pu pass” and disappeared.

Only a scream of “Woo-“.

Groudon’s huge imposing manner almost blows Fang Yuan and the others away. Even if Gluttony and Darkrai protect Fang Yuan, this imposing manner also hits the soul directly.

As Groudon exploded, Magnezon was swallowed by the large lava cloud of Precipice Blades threw away before he could react.

Dragonite was dumbfounded for a moment.

Too strong, too strong, can Groudon of this kind of strength really resist.

“Hurry up and avoid!!!”

Dragonite’s heart was greatly shocked.

At this moment, Fang Yuan suddenly exclaimed in panic.

I saw a terrifying lava burst out of Groudon’s whole body, which produced a large number of huge lava masses in the form of whole body lava and burst into the air.

After that, the lava group like a meteor shower continued to fall from the sky, towards the Dragonite and Milotic.

At this moment, sky was dyed red.

Looking at the falling lava of sky, Dragonite eyes shrank, a black air current quickly lingers over it, and Dragonite gradually has scarlet eyes.


It’s Rage’s loudly roared, with countless chaotic Black cyclones emerging in front of him, trying to push away the lava regiment that hit Milotic.

However, the formidable power of the Lava group is surprisingly terrifying, and it cannot be resisted by the Dark Dragonite.

In an instant, the dark air was burned out.

At this moment, a wave of waves also swept up, and Milotic behind Dragonite tried to roll up the water to resist the lava, but it didn’t work at all.

In an instant, lava fell on Dragonite and Milotic.

The terrible burns made Dragonite’s brain sober almost instantly and forced to exit the dark mode.

At the same time, Milotic also sent out mournful scream, and the beautiful skin was burned red by lava.


After hearing the Milotic mournful scream, Dragonite has no time to wonder why the Lava group can only severely damage them, but cannot kill them in seconds.

In a panic, Dragonite’s eyes instantly reddened again and went crazy. Normal looked towards Milotic.

At this moment, Milotic had been severely burned all over his body and fell into the boiling water, his expression was full of pain, and his life fluctuations were slowly disappearing.

It seems that the attack just now hit Milotic’s vitals with one blow.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

The severe pain in the body made Dragonite understand that this is not a dream. Its brain is also very awake. The violent beating of its heart makes Dragonite feel that time is still.

It looked at Milotic, with great pain inside.

A power of Darkness larger than that when entering the dark mode just now, gradually emerged from Dragonite.

This time, its eyes didn’t turn red all of a sudden, but white as if they lost consciousness and collapsed Normal, and then, black cyclones of horror like lightning burst all over it.

Fang Yuan and the others, you can clearly feel that Dragonite’s Power of Darkness this time has grown amazingly.

The strength is even reached, and may be able to temporarily suppress the ordinary Guardian God-level battle strength.

As the darkness Lugia said, the pain encountered in reality is a hundred times more useful than the pain encountered in dreams.

This is also related to the fact that Dragonite already masters the power of dreams, and is often used by Darkrai to exercise dreams.

In other words, it is resistant.

But now, I can feel very clearly that Milotic’s life is passing in front of me, and he has been fatally wounded, without knowing the consequences. The spiritual consciousness of Dragonite is on the verge of going violently.

Dragonite can clearly feel the Power of Darkness that is growing within the body.

But by itself, it does not reject this power, but very much desires this power. It needs power and extremely needs power to defeat Groudon in front of it.

However, at this moment, Milotic, who had suffered “heavy injuries”, seemed to feel the changes in Dragonite, and shook his body with difficulty, sending out a light Growl.

The special ability of this race of Milotic is to clear the negative states of other beings and calm them down. For this reason, it is called the Loving Pokémon.

At this time, it was not only because of Milotic’s ability, but also because Milotic was very important in Dragonite in mind. Milotic and Growl awakened the Dragonite who was going to run away in an instant.

At this moment, Dragonite stunned in tears.

Milotic’s voice rang faintly again.

“Foot wu~~~ (Sorry, I am implicated in you, don’t care about me, don’t be eroded by Power of Darkness because of me, remember, don’t be the slave of Power of Darkness…)”

Dragonite stared at Milotic in a daze, suppressing the power of Darkness that was growing, but soon a larger Power of Darkness emerged from its mind.


With the feeling of a huge reaction force, Dragonite’s eyes scarletly watched Groudon being knocked out by itself, and then flashed white light in the sky, turning into a Ditto…

A Ditto…

Ditto ……


Dragonite: ◐▽◑?

Huh? ? ? ! !

“Huh?” Dragonite was blankly taken aback.

At this moment, even extremely powerful, the Power of Darkness that can interfere with the mind, also suddenly disappeared.

The momentary downtime of Dragonite’s brain made it stupid in the air.


On the other side, Ditto screamed in pain and fell from the air. Fang Yuan allowed it to change back, without following the script.

At this time, Ditto was also surprised. It used Groudon scales + Red Orb + Victini to perform epic Transform, and its strength has greatly increased. Because of this, it can suppress Dragonite and Milotic before, but Dragonite is still It hurts hard enough.

gu lu lu ……

Afterwards, bubbles emerged from the sea, and a falling monkey emerged from it and caught the falling Ditto.

Immediately afterwards, Eevee, Magnezon, Infernape and other Pokemons shook their injuries and recovered as before, and looked towards Dragonite with weird eyes.

Anbian, Venusaur, Rotom and other Pokemon have been eating melons for a long time, pointing fingers.

Just now…Dragonite, did you confess in front of Milotic? ? ?


Seeing the pointing fingers of his companion, Dragonite was slightly taken aback.

Dragonite was at a loss.

Dragonite just felt hot all over, flushed hot.

It looked towards Eevee, Magneson, Gluttony, Infernape and other Pokemon with a silent face, and then looked towards Milotic with a shy face.

At this time, Milotic and other Pokemon were also very surprised. It was not that the script was finished, but they “dead” one by one, and then stimulated the Dragonite Power of Darkness, so that Dragonite understands the core of Power of Darkness, is it “guard”?

Why did it end after it suddenly became “confession”?

Furthermore, after Dragonite entered the dark mode, he suddenly confessed that no one had expected it, except Fang Yuan, who had been instigated by telepathy.

At the moment, Fang Yuan is very satisfied. Not only did he confess, but also, Dragonite’s Power of Darkness, and the heart that controls Power of Darkness, seem to have a breakthrough, and everyone is happy.


But at this moment, Dragonite is desperate, it sees Groudon change back to Ditto, no one knows what the situation is.

It’s stiff all over, and its expression is stiff.

Too much, too much.

It’s over, it’s going to be social death.

At this moment, Dragonite has a single thought in her heart.

It dare not look at Milotic anymore.


Finally, Dragonite rolled his eyes white and pretended to faint and fell into the sea.

With a kick on both legs, there is no competition in the world.

Fang Yuan: “tsk tsk tsk, don’t even want to deny it, I let Rotom record it secretly…”