Pokemon Masters Chapter 1085


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You can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep.


You can never wake up a Dragonite that is pretending to be dizzy.

After a good show, the Dragonite that fell into the seabed was salvaged by Venusaur with Vine Whip and threw it on the beach.

Sleep very peacefully.

But Eevee, they don’t care whether Dragonite really sleeps or not. The “asleep” Dragonite was immediately surrounded by the Pokemon and watched as a mascot.


Venusaur was the first to point fingers, but he confessed that he didn’t dare to deal with it directly, which was far worse.

After that, these Pokemon began to try to wake Dragonite.

Except for Milotic, Milotic has silently stayed away from them so as not to be teased.


In the process of trying to wake Dragonite, Gluttony found Articuno’s icy blue feather to scratch Dragonite’s belly, and Dragonite rarely reacted.

Eevee, Infernape, Venusaur, they also set up a barbecue grill, threw the Dragonite on it, and couldn’t wake the Dragonite at all.

Only when the mobile phone Rotom starts to amplify and play the big movie just recorded, Dragonite will twitch unconsciously, but still reluctant to wake up.

Dragonite in the heart shed tears, and Power of Darkness has expanded a bit. If everything is a nightmare, then it would be great…

Too much, too much.

Sooner or later, it will become the perpetrator.

“Cough, stop making trouble.”

“Dragonite, you advanced to the ball, I’ll help you ask Milotic what you think.”

Fang Yuan stopped Rotom and their actions, took Dragonite back into Poké Ball, and let it calm down.

And other Pokemon, after ordering nodded, they rarely did not go to their own affairs, but all gathered together to eat melons, curious about their future development.

Dragonite likes Milotic. It’s no secret.

Although most of Pokemon’s minds are relatively simple, like a blank sheet of paper.

But it also depends on whose Pokemon is.

In my ears, Fang Yuan’s Pokemon is more than one…

Even Milotic himself, after so long, can realize that Dragonite is very good to it.

After all, no one has seen it before, Dragonite rushed to serve as a sparring partner for Infernape, which is beyond the love of Normal’s teammates.


After a moment.

Fang Yuan found Milotic.

Milotic is looking at the sea in silence.

After seeing Milotic, Fang Yuan said with a slight smile: “Congratulations, congratulations, didn’t expect that Dragonite likes you…”

“No surprise, Eevee is outside of Yi.”

“It’s wu~~~(I’m liked, isn’t it a normal thing.)” Milotic looked back towards Fang Yuan, and his eyes became ill-adjusted.

It suspects that all the scripts are Fang Yuan’s conspiracy.

Fang Yuan:……

Fang Yuan was speechless when he heard Milotic’s reply.

I forgot you guy, and the narcissism Attribute.

But it is true. Among the Water Type and Dragon Pokemon that Milotic has encountered, almost no one dislikes it.

“So how do you plan to reply to Dragonite.”

Fang Yuan both hands crossed near chest, with a plan to watch the excitement.

“No matter what, my Trainer supports your choice.”

Milotic looked back quickly, his eyes flickering, and his heart was confused now.

It didn’t expect that Dragonite would suddenly confess.

How to answer…

I want to talk about the feelings of Dragonite…

As the so-called familiarity breeds fondness, according to Milotic’s aesthetics, Dragonite, which is the same dragon group in the team, is undoubtedly more pleasing to the eye.

At the same time, Dragonite has taken good care of it for several years.

When Dragonite said that it accepts Power of Darkness just to protect everyone, Milotic also appreciates Dragonite, a partner who has always thought about it.


It can be said that it also has that kind of dim love for Dragonite, which Milotic doesn’t think it has yet.

It is not very sensitive to this aspect.

The current Dragonite can’t make it completely heart-warming, it’s just a cherished partner.

Furthermore, it also has its own pursuits, to talk about love, which Milotic had never thought of.

Unlike Dragonite, the old bachelor, Milotic himself is less than ten years old.

“Foot wu~~~(I’m still a child.)” Milotic said silently.

Converting the long lifespan of Milotic, Milotic is indeed very young.

Fang Yuan: “It’s okay…Who is not a child yet, if you think it is suitable, you should book a baby kiss first.”

Normal, the average lifespan of Dragonite is longer than Milotic. In other words, Dragonite is not very large.

Milotic :(。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)

“Foot wu~!!! (No, the current Dragonite, not yet!)”

It has no plans to talk about love, is not ready, and if it insists on dating, it has very high requirements for the other half!

“Alright, alright~”

“But the current Dragonite is not good yet. In other words, as long as it meets your mate selection criteria, there is still a chance?”

Fang Yuan’s eyes flashed.

Now Milotic doesn’t seem to mean that to Dragonite.

However, as a Trainer, Fang Yuan has also seen that Milotic doesn’t hate Dragonite, nor does he completely say that he doesn’t like Dragonite.

This is a good signal. As long as Dragonite works hard, there is still a chance to catch up to Goddess.

The premise is to try to improve yourself.

“Then consult Ms. Milotic, do you have any requirements and standards for your future spouse.”

Fang Yuan didn’t know where to take out a pen and a notebook, and asked seriously.

Milotic :(ー`´ー)



Fang Yuan came to a remote place contentedly and called out Dragonite who was pretending to be dizzy.

And said to Dragonite: “Don’t sleep, I asked Milotic’s answer.”

Dragonite’s dumb hair shook.

“If you don’t get up, I won’t say anything.”

Shit! !

Dragonite immediately rolled up and sat up, looking at Fang Yuan with a bitter look.

Too painful. At this moment, Dragonite realized that the original embarrassing force can also be transformed into spiritual pain and become the nourishment of Power of Darkness.

Damn it.

Dragonite contorts one’s face in agony looked towards Fang Yuan, tears streaming down my face, I want to ask Fang Yuan why they want to toss such an honest and honest child.

“This is all for your good!”

“If it weren’t for this opportunity, you would have to confess to Milotic in the year of the monkey. Do you expect Milotic to confess to you.”

“Boom, boom!!! (That!!!)” Dragonite looked at Fang Yuan nervously.

Its heart pounding and pounding, it is more frightened and anxious than when facing the real Groudon.

So… how did Milotic respond?

Fang Yuan looked at Dragonite, sighed, and after a long silence, he shook his head slightly and said: “It’s a pity, Dragonite, Milotic…refused…”

bang!! ! !

Fang Yuan’s words come to an end, like an atomic bomb exploded inside Dragonite.


At this moment, Dragonite was a little suffocated, and I felt countless Icirrus falling from him.

Its heart is broken into countless pieces, and the soul is like the normal pain of a needle piercing, and the Power of Darkness “choking” has risen again.

It had a stiff expression, lost its eyes, and almost fainted.

On the other side, Fang Yuan took a breath and continued: “But.”

“But Milotic just said that you are not good now. I think you still have a chance! As long as you meet Milotic’s criteria for choosing a mate…”


Dragonite shivered all at once.

Fang Yuan’s words directly rekindled Dragonite’s heart that was turned into ashes. Dragonite’s nostrils “puchi” and “puchi” were hot, wide-eyed, and looked at Fang Yuan with surprises and hopes. .

What is the standard, let’s say it quickly, it climbs a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of ​​fire, and it is definitely achieved.

“Milotic said it likes girls…”


Dragonite’s expression froze again, his heart was cold, his little heart was broken again, what! ! !

Are you going to have sex to get Milotic’s love? It…

Power of Darkness, upgrade again.

“Just kidding, I’ll be serious next.” Fang Yuan coughed dryly and continued.

Dragonite: “…”

Dragonite: (。・`ω´・) No matter how much you breathe, you will lose your lovely means of transportation.

“Cough, first, Milotic said that he likes powerful Pokemon, at least better than it. You already know this.”

“Fang Yuan Conference has not been held for a while, you know, you have to work hard.”


Dragonite clenched his fists and pressed nodded hard, making his heart stronger.

Fang Yuan also smiled and looked at Dragonite. After this script, Dragonite’s strength is definitely stronger than before. If you fight with Mr. Norman again, it will definitely stand in the end.

The overall strength is almost the same as the current Milotic. With full battle strength, as long as the Attribute is not at a disadvantage, you should be able to barely touch the Top Rank Guardian God level Pokemon.

“Second, Milotic hopes that his other half will be grateful and treat Trainer as well as it is.” Fang Yuan clicked nodded and said.

“Boom! (Are you sure you didn’t add this one?)” Dragonite stared at Fang Yuan.

“No! It’s all said to me personally. If you don’t believe it, you can ask it yourself.” Fang Yuan would never admit it.

He has eaten Dragonite and dare not ask.

Dragonite: (.﹏.*) Boo…

“The third one, Milotic said that he…likes thinner Pokemon…well.”

Dragonite:? ? ?

Dragonite blew out an ice mirror on Ground. Through the mirror, it looked at its strong (hypertrophy) body, thoughtfully.

Dragonite: (p・・q)?

“Don’t look, you must be obese that level.”

“Um… I think Milotic means it likes Dragonair to be slimmer.”

Fang Yuan scratched his cheek, feeling that it should be like this. Compared to the silly Dragonite, it is true that Dragonair and Milotic match better…

Dragonite :(‧̣̥̇꒪່⍢꒪່)啵啵啵……

Ah, what should it do? It can’t degenerate.

“Leave this alone, the appearance is not the most important one, the main thing is to let Milotic see your determination…”

“In short, let’s start with weight loss. From today, the daily training volume will be tripled, and I will let Magneson develop weight loss packages for you.”

“You have indeed gained a lot recently…”


This day is destined to be a desperate and hopeful day for Dragonite.


After half a day, Dragonite is already willing to wander awake under Fang Yuan’s guidance.

Fang Yuan also went back to the movie with satisfaction.

He has to stand from the perspective of the audience and see how his acting skills are.

Dragonite really wanted Fang Yuan to delete the video recorded by Rotom, but Fang Yuan promised, but his body did not act.

Dragonite sighed.

Life is not easy.

Why are there so many teammates and Trainers?

If it weren’t for Milotic chasing, it would all want to jump off the building.

At this time, under Fang Yuan’s enlightenment, Dragonite has decided that no matter how the companion laughs at it, it will treat it as if nothing happened! !

Hmph, when it catches up to Milotic, must turn around to laugh at the group of single dogs, including Fang Yuan, don’t even want to run.

As for Milotic…Next, it will go to see Milotic in person to ease the embarrassment.

This is an inevitable thing. Although a little nervous and scared, the inability to see Milotic for a second makes Dragonite tickled.

So it charged ahead without hesitation, and went to the ocean to find Milotic.

Milotic is still practicing the combo skills he practiced before at the beach. The blue water is lingering, and his posture is elegant and beautiful.


After Dragonite arrived, when nothing happened, greeted Milotic with a smile.

Milotic tried his best to pretend that nothing happened, and gently raised his head.

At this moment–


Not far away, there was a loud roar.

A red giant beast with a height of four and five meters is walking towards the beach suspiciously.

Hearing this familiar roar, feeling this terrifying enthusiasm, Milotic, Dragonite’s expression startled.

No, come back?

Isn’t it finished?

“Groudon, Kyogre is not here, please calm down!!!”

At this time, Fang Yuan, who ran to watch the movie, also ran out with a depressed look. Behind him, Eevee and Pokemon also followed.

“roar!!!! (Who is it?! Why is there Kyogre’s power fluctuations on his body?!!!)”

Groudon stopped on the Beach, looking at Milotic Road by the sea.

Seeing this familiar scene, the corner of the Dragonite’s mouth on Milotic’s side twitched, revealing an unkind expression.

Hehe, is it not enough to tease me once?

A second time? ?


Dragonite flew over angrily, flying to the same height as Groudon’s head, and looking at Groudon with a sneer.

You plasticine, could it be that your skin is itchy, and you have become addicted.

At this time, Groudon saw the Dragonite flying over, flying to the same height as himself, which was also stunned.

Milotic has Kyogre’s power fluctuations and it has been forgotten.

It looked at Dragonite suspiciously.

“roar!!!! (Who let you fly in front of me!!!)”

“Boooo!!! (fly, I will fly!!!)” After speaking, Dragonite hammered Groudon’s head suddenly, and then put his arms around his neck hard, which looked like he was hooking his shoulders, but actually wanted to pinch It has a meal.

“Boom!! (I usually take care of you that way, it’s not enough to tease me once!!)” Dragonite continued.

While speaking, he showed a sad and angry expression.

At this moment, Groudon is stupid, don’t understand what Dragonite is going crazy, isn’t this guy usually afraid to fly, why is he so brave today.

Fang Yuan who followed them were also stupid.

“Bu…eivui…” Eevee looked at Dragonite in shock.

“Busy…busy…” Ditto, who was on Infernape’s head, also looked at Dragonite in shock.


Beside Groudon, Dragonite was suddenly attracted by this Growl, and it looked towards Fang Yuan and the others.

It saw Ditto with a startled expression, and then looked towards Groudon, who was staring at him by his side.

“That…it’s true this time.” Fang Yuan said with a toothache.


Dragonite looked towards Groudon again.


At this moment, Dragonite is stiff, cold sweat is streaming down.

“Ababa… (misunderstanding misunderstanding…)”

Afterwards, Dragonite rolled his eyes white, really fainted, and fell to the ground before Groudon’s eyes.

With a kick on both legs, there is no competition in the world.

Fang Yuan, Eevee, Milotic and other Pokemon:……

Groudon frowned:? ??

What’s wrong? This is, how does it feel like it wakes up, its surroundings have changed so much, it hasn’t been asleep for long.