Pokemon Masters Chapter 1139


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The cultivation of “Z Force” can be roughly divided into five stages.

First Stage.

Pokemon carries Z-Crystal, Trainer carries Z-Ring made by Sparkling Stone, and both parties use Z-Move together.

Represents the combination, Fang Yuan and Venusaur.

Second Stage.

Pokemon is relatively proficient in the control of natural energy and light energy. Without Z-Crystal, you can still use Z-Move under Trainer’s Help.

Represents the combination, Fang Yuan and Eevee.

Eevee can use Fire Element and Psychic Z-Move with the assistance of Fang Yuan and Z-Ring without carrying Z-Crystal.

Third Stage.

Pokemon is extremely proficient in the control of natural energy and light energy. Even without Trainer, Sparkling Stone, and Z-Crystal Help, you can use Z-Move independently.

On behalf of Pokemon, Ho-Oh messenger Marshadow, Dual Blade Flow swordsman Groudon.

Of course, use Z-Move independently, provided that you are good at Attribute.

For example, Groudon uses Fire Element Z-Move, and no external force is no problem without Assist, but if you use Flying Type Z-Move, you still have to rely on Z-Crystal.

Fourth Stage.

On the basis of the previous Third Rank stage, Pokemon can condense all Z-Crystals independently, and any Z-Move can be used independently, which is the Mewtwo stage.

As for Fifth Stage.

It is the level of the Tapu family, you can help other Pokemon cultivation exclusive Z-Move, condensing special exclusive Z-Crystal.

Go up and wait for Fang Yuan PY to arrive at The Radiant One.

The cultivation of “Z Force” mainly depends on Pokemon’s control of “natural energy” and “light energy” innate talent.

In Fang Yuan’s team, only Eevee and Venusaur have the best innate talents.

So, Fang Yuan hopes that their use of Z power can reach the Third Stage.

With the teachings of Groudon and Mewtwo, it should not be that difficult to achieve.

However, spending a lot of time is definitely unavoidable.

Even if you can exercise proficiency in Darkrai’s dream, it still takes a lot of time.

So after returning to Pokemon world this time, Fang Yuan intends to keep Eevee, Venusaur, Victini, and Darkrai on the base island for a period of time, so that they can learn the use of Z power on their own.

And he, he has to hurry up to check the championship rankings.

[Why is it dream training again…]

[Isn’t it good to challenge the same clan…]

Darkrai went from being a taciturn uncle to a hundred thousand whys.

“Laying the foundation first, it is important to lay the foundation, and I have to investigate the location of other Darkrai, right!”

“When Eevee and Venusaur master the autonomous Z-Move, when you return to the team, the challenge plan I made for you is almost complete!”

“Come on, try to let them learn in a day or two!”

Darkrai, Victini, Celebi, Groudon and Mewtwo said they were very tired.

One or two days?

Is it that easy.

Mewtwo and Groudon can learn in a few days. That’s because one is the strongest Pokemon with the learning ability MAX, and the other is a big man who majors in light energy and natural energy.

And Eevee and Venusaur…

“(ノへ ̄,) bar that~~”

Venusaur doesn’t care about staying on the base island to learn autonomous Z-Move.

Even, I still want to learn quickly and go through Ditto and Lycanroc.


Eevee, on the other hand, is more worried about Fang Yuan’s reliability.

Without it, God Eevee will follow, can Fang Yuan do it.

I am afraid that Fang Yuan will cause any trouble…

“That’s it!”

Fang Yuan said seriously.

“Victini, you also stay to help.”

“As for Hoopa…you should also stay with Victini and have fun.”

“Does Hoopa stay too?”

Little Hoopa’s eyes widened.

“You play with Victini first, otherwise it will be boring.”

“By the way, during the rest, you take the time to see if it is possible to get the Psychic slate and Pixie Plate. If you can, it will save you trouble. Uh, don’t move the Stone Plate. I will get it myself.” Fang Yuan Added with a smile.

Wait a minute, for Psychic Slate and Pixie Plate…Who owns It shouldn’t be? ? ?

Hoopa: “No problem~~It’s the kind of stone, but it may take some time…”

Because most of the power is sealed, and this is a new space-time, it has to get familiar with this space-time first.

In addition, the slate is no better than the living Legendary Pokémon, it is difficult to Lock On, and it has to be found slowly.

“Eh.” Fang Yuan said casually: “Look at it, but if there is an Owner on the slate, please report to me first.”

Fang Yuan made the arrangements properly, and next to them, Groudon and Mewtwo were silent.

Should their opinions be considered? !

Teaching again! ! !

Fortunately, Eevee looks smarter. That garlic bastard doesn’t look like he can teach!


After arranging training tasks for Eevee.

Fang Yuan took Rotom into the room.


Lying directly on the bed, Fang Yuan took out his mobile phone from his pocket.


Connect to the Pokemon world network and log in to the official website of the tournament.

Next, when Eevee specializes in their own Z-Move training, Fang Yuan intends to make a wave of rankings.

In less than a month, the tournament regular season is about to end.

My current ranking is 611, which is a bit behind.

It was supposed to be higher. Fang Yuan remembers being in the top 500. After all, he defeated the rival Anabel.

But because I haven’t participated in the competition for too long, the ranking dropped again.

Others’ Integral Points keep rising, and his Integral Points are not moving, can they just drop in the rankings?

Within a month, Fang Yuan will have to hit the top 8 in the world…

So, the next battle volume is estimated to be huge.

You can’t compete while playing PY everywhere, so you can compete fiercely for the main line.

After all, even if Fang Yuan can guarantee emerge victorious in every battle, he still has to have enough time to fight, and the right Rival can accept the challenge.

“Rotom, help me find out if there is a good child who ranks around 100~150 and is willing to accept the challenge of Trainer, who ranks more than 600.”

Fang Yuan is sorry himself.

If you want to quickly increase the ranking, then you must challenge Powerhouse.

However, the top Trainer may be really unwilling to accept Fang Yuan’s challenge.

After all, Fang Yuan’s score of 600 is actually a little bit lower than that of 100.

It won’t be good for the other party to win, and it’s especially bad for losing.

Fang Yuan’s true strength is not 600. As long as Rival investigates Fang Yuan, he can find him and prepare Elite Koga in a public battle, knowing that Fang Yuan is not a soft persimmon.

In this case, even if you are hungry, the tournament players who can’t even let go of Integral Points, have to weigh the worth of the battle against Fang Yuan.

That’s why Fang Yuan feels that one month is a bit urgent.

It’s not difficult to win the battle, but the difficulty is to find Rival.

Like you who couldn’t match the right players at the end of the season.


Next, at the request of Fang Yuan, the tool Rotom, Help Fang Yuan searched for Rival all over the world.

They don’t expect to have a suitable trainer close to them. As long as there is a suitable Rival, even if they live on the other side of the planet, Fang Yuan will take the initiative to challenge.

Anyway, there is Dragonite, so it won’t take much time to hurry.

“Did you find it.”

“The kind of ‘cute’ that doesn’t care about rankings, Integral Points, victory or defeat, but just wants to play against a powerful Trainer.”

Fang Yuan smiled like a big bad wolf.

Now, Rotom can only use the huge Trainer data to analyze and select suitable Rivals.

After a while, Rotom yelled: “Found Rotto!”

“Um… this person sent you a private message a long time ago, wanting to fight Rotto with you.”

“But you blocked all messages Rotto…”

“At that time, there was not much difference between you and her in the rankings, but now, her ranking has reached 139 Rotto.”

“She said most often in front of the media, “Playing against someone who is superior to herself is the key to growth.” She is a Trainer who is not afraid of any challenge. Perhaps, she will accept the battle and maybe Rotto .”

This is the most suitable guy selected by Rotom.

Fang Yuan: “Have you left me a private message? 139?”

“What about her specific information?”

Fang Yuan has a few words in his mind.

I am fattened and can be killed, but fortunately I haven’t read the news before.


Galler Region.

Suchuan Town.

This is a mountain city located to the west of Galer Region.

At this time, in a mountain range outside the town, a group of Fighting Pokemon are undergoing daily special training.

Hawlucha…Green Ranger…Eight Claw Martial Master…Pangoro…and Strength family…

In addition to a group of Fighting Pokemon, among them, there is also a girl with a dark skin wearing a Fighting headband!

The girl’s body is not very strong, it can only be said to be a standard fitness body, but at this time, she is doing extremely exaggerated things.

“No, it’s just this level…”

The girl yelled, gritted her teeth, punched out, the sound of breaking through the air filled the air, swept through a burst of air, opposite her, a Strength quickly blocked with four hands, this Strength looks very good breed , With a height of 1.8 meters and a weight of about 160kg, there is absolutely no problem without any Move Crush Grip Oreburgh, but at this time Strength, under the girl’s punch, the body actually retreated involuntarily, and one after another trace was drawn under her feet.

Boom! boom! boom! !

The girl hit three punches, and Strength also launched a counterattack. One person and one Pokemon fists together, and the surrounding airflow is even more messy.

Beside, another group of Fighting Pokemon saw this and became accustomed to it.

This is a Fighting family who can compete with Strength with bare hands.

Although Strength does not use Move, it only relies on physical strength, but the girl is still terrifying. After all, even Strength without any Move can easily smash huge rocks.

First, Bruno Elite won the huge Onix with his bare hands.

Later, Team Rocket Jessie conquered Seviper with bare hands.

Now, the girl is just like the human Shiny mother Strength, just as unreasonable.

After intense duel practice.

Strength has been gasping for breath sitting on the ground.

The girl, while wiping her sweat, walked to a piece of Rock and picked up the phone on it.

She seemed to have heard the phone beep just now.

“This is…”

As I see new news, Caidou eyes flashed.

[Fang Yuan: Sorry, excuse me, Caidou Young Lady, do you have time for tournament matches? 】

Colorful beans: “…”

This guy.

Looking at the historical chat record, Caidou is frowned. Then, she took a look at Fang Yuan’s ranking. If she remembers correctly, she challenged Fang Yuan by herself, it was a long time ago.

When she went to the Fighting Dojo in Kanto Region Saffron City to play in the gym, she heard about a trainer named Fang Yuan from there.

Fang Yuan has one special Ditto that can transform into Chimchar and defeat the two main forces of Karate King Wude……

For this Ditto, and its Transform Chimchar, Caidou is very curious.

Although in her opinion, the karate king Wu De is not very good, Fang Yuan, who is feared by the group of Dojo apprentices, seems to be a good challenge.

So, Caidou found Fang Yuan’s user and initiated a private message to make an appointment.

As a result, Fang Yuan ignored her for several months.

Later, after the Kanto experience ended, Caidou returned to his hometown of Jialeer. From beginning to end, Fang Yuan did not reply.

It can be said that now, Caidou almost forgets Fang Yuan.

As a result, after so long, Fang Yuan responded? ?

“It’s okay to play, but I’m in Galer, and the place to play can only be here.”

Cai Dou has no plans to go to Kanto Region for the time being. She doesn’t mind accepting the challenge, but the premise is that Fang Yuan is here.


This colorful bean…

Fang Yuan also gradually recalled that at the beginning of Kanto Saffron City, he did find the other party’s information and was in the same city as the other party.

However, due to the poor ranking of Caidou, Fang Yuan did not choose her to challenge. Instead, she chose Wude, the king of karate.

Who knows, this guy’s origin is not simple, and his strength is not bad. In a short period of time, he has scored more than 100. The true strength is not comparable to that of martial arts.

It may be that time, the opponent asked him to fight him, but Fang Yuan’s tournament APP news has always been blocked. If it weren’t for Rotom, he still doesn’t know.

Colorful beans.

Is a Mega genius in the field of Gallel Karate.

At the same time, it is the Gym Gym Leader from Stadium, a Gym Trainer.

She was born in Upright Sect from Fighting Sect, Cianwood Gym Gym Leader from Johto Region, and Mr. Fighting Grandmaster Chuck. She is the dísciple under Caidou father.

Caidou, who has received Elite education from a young age, is outstanding in both her own strength and Trainer’s strength. Putting it in any Region, it is definitely a strong candidate for Elite Four.

“Just her.”

“Let’s go to Galer.”

average person, definitely not willing to fight with Caidou in Galer Region.

Because Caidou masters the ability of extreme giantization, the strength she can exert on the battlefield in Galer far exceeds that of fighting in other regions.

However, Fang Yuan is naturally fearless. By the way, you can also take a look at the extremely huge power of Galer Region legendary.

“Are we going to Gallel, Rotto.”

“en. ”

“Let’s leave in a while.”

Fang Yuan was talking while looking at the information of Galer Region and Caidou.

“This Region…”

“Galler Region, it should be said that Gym is one of the very best Region, right?”

The Trainer of the current Pokemon World Championship Ranked 1st is Gallel’s champion, Pill Emperor.

Of course, this is not the final ranking. The knock-out competition has not yet started, and the region champions have not yet met. This only shows that Pill Emperor competes more frequently than Du, Steven, Shirona and the others.

Apart from this, every Gym Leader in Galer Region also participated, and the rankings are very exaggerated. The rankings of many Gym Leaders are even comparable to those of other Region Elite Four.

Like Chibana, the Gym Gym Leader of the Guanguan Stadium. As a Gym Leader, he has reached 16 places, overwhelming most of the Elite Four.

Other Gym Leaders are also a group of monsters. From Caidou, a little girl, can hit more than 100. It can be seen that the battle atmosphere here is very strong and the overall strength is very strong.

Fang Yuan has some knowledge about this new Region.

This Region, at first, is not well-known.

However, as the leader of the Gallel Alliance, Lotz, introduced hyper-magnification in various battles, and began to use “Pokemon Tournament” and “Ultra-giant battle” as Galer’s characteristic development. This Region once began Known in the world, it has become an existence that cannot be ignored in major Alliances.

It can be said that if it were not for “Pokemon vs. Battle”, there would be no Galer today.

For this reason, Galer Region is more enthusiastic about Pokemon competition, powerhouse, and longing for victory than any other Region.

For this reason, Pill Emperor, Gallel’s champion, is one of the few Trainers without a side profession. It is dedicated to protecting the future of Gallel Region from becoming stronger… At present, Pill Emperor is praised as the best by Trainer fans. A strong champion still makes some sense.

Compared to other Region champions who only play in the Championship Challenge, Pill Emperor has a very high frequency of battles. After all, the battle is the mainstream of Galer, so people know him better. Currently, he has a 100% win rate in the open battle. Pill Emperor is definitely a strong contender for the title of the strongest champion.

“If there is an opportunity, when you get to Galer, you can get a huge wristband and play with it.”

“When the Wuji Tai Na from Earth arrives, like Mega Evolution and Z-Move, you can study the extremely giant battle and shock the world.”

“As expected of me.”