Pokemon Masters Chapter 1140


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Galler Region, the town of retrospect.

This is a small mountain town prosperous due to ancient art. Scenic spots and relics are the main theme here.

The colored beans in Galer got a reply from Fang Yuan, confirming that Fang Yuan would come to Galer to play the tournament with her, she clicked on Fang Yuan’s tournament information again.

Name: Fang Yuan.

Rank: 611.

Number of matches: 4

“Only four games…”

Each Trainer cannot see the opponent’s battle experience, but Caidou knows that Fang Yuan once played against Rival is Saffron City’s karate king Wude.

Caidou searched again and found a new discovery.

Fang Yuan also played an open tournament in the Orange Islands Region.

Rival is the Kanto Region Fuchsia Gym Gym Leader Koga, a famous player in Ninja Sect, and is known as the preparatory Elite.

“Sure enough, it’s not simple. In just 4 games, has a 100% winning rate reached 600?”

“It may be an Elite powerhouse.”

“Perhaps I should talk to Olivia Young Lady.” Caidou exhaled.

If Rival is really strong, she may have to use extreme power.

The Gym Leader Trainers of Galer Region are different from the Gym Trainers of other regions.

They are more closely connected with Galler Alliance.

If we say, other Region Alliances are composed of multiple factions.

Then the Alliance of Galer Region is almost the Maro Comont Group’s say.

In Galer, Marlocome monopolizes all walks of life. Silver and Devon do not have the strength control of the Marlocome Group in the corresponding regions.

Lorz, the Owner of the Marlocome Group, is also the president of the Galler Alliance.

This person has the vision to discover talents, whether it is the current champion Pill Emperor, or most of Galer’s well-known Trainers, they were all discovered by Lotz.

President Lotz of Gallel attaches great importance to the development of Gallel Region, and has almost worked hard for the development of Gallel.

As for the Gym Leader’s attention of Galer Region, Galer Alliance far exceeds other Alliances.

In other regions, some Gym Leaders may not be familiar with each other, but the open battles and exchanges between Galer and Gym Leaders are very frequent.

Lodz himself will almost watch every battle. Here, battle is the mainstream.

And like Caidou, every time I leave Gym to practice in other regions, or go to field cultivation, I will report to President Lotz’s secretary in advance.

Although this seems to be extremely restrictive to Gym Leaders, it is also the reason why the comprehensive strength of Gym Gym Leader of Galer Region is one of the very best in the entire Alliance.

Next, since it is very likely to have a duel with the unfamiliar powerhouse in Galer Region, Caidou would like to ask Olivia Young Lady whether to enable Stadium and start the extremely giant battle. This is also the Gym Leader and Alliance. Contract.

In Galer, open duels in Stadium are very common. This Region is due to the economy developed by “Pokemon Athletics”. Any outstanding battle is an important brick for the construction of Galer, which can be very effective. Stimulate the development of Region economy.

If a match, even a gym or tournament match, as long as it is judged to have operational value by Alliance, it will be vigorously promoted.


Olivia, the vice president of the Mallorcome Group and also the secretary of Lotz.

She used to be a researcher, and she was one of the developers who could control Pokemon’s extremely giant wristband in Galer.

At this time, in an office of the Maro Comont Group, behind a desk full of documents, a tall woman with long maroon hair and wearing a professional uniform was answering the phone.

“I see.”

“Give me his basic information, and I will contact you later.”

Olivia said with a calm expression.

Obviously, I am used to this kind of thing.

After hanging up the phone, Olivia looked towards President Lotz, who happened to be in the office. At this moment, President Lotz, who was wearing a gray suit and trimming his nails, neither fast nor slow said, “It’s color beans. .”

“Well, President Lotz, she accepted a tournament challenge and wants to start a huge battle in the Retro Stadium.”


Lorz lifts the head and said: “I can let Caidou contact you. It seems that she attaches great importance to this challenger, who is the opponent, is there operational value in this battle, and whether the opponent has soliciting value…”

Galler is a new Alliance and is in the development stage, so Galer’s Alliance urgently needs to recruit a powerful Trainer to join the Alliance.

Every Alliance has done this kind of thing. For example, the Elite Four Glacia in Hoenn Region is from Johto, and Gym Leader Norman is from Johto.

Invite other Region powerhouses to join the Alliance and become Gym Leader and Elite Four. It is very common. The strength of a Region Alliance depends on the level of trainer in addition to technological development and economic development.

If the opponent has soliciting value, Lotz might even watch the match in person and send out invitations.

“Give me 1 minute.”

According to the basic information provided by Caidou, Olivia began to use her own authority to investigate the trainer Fang Yuan on the Internet.

“The other party’s name is Fang Yuan, 22 years old, Sinnoh Region Trainer.”

“There are four tournaments in total, Rival…huh??”

Olivia’s face changed, her slender white fingers tapped quickly and dexterously on the keyboard.

In 2 minutes.

Olivia took a deep breath:

“President Lotz, the profile of this person is very strange.”

“The opponent has played tournaments in Kanto and Hoenn Regions respectively, but all of the opponent’s information except for one open event is encrypted.”

“His identity information has many doubts.”

Olivia looked up solemnly towards President Lotz.

She is Lotz’s secretary, Lotz is the president of Galer Alliance, and Galel Alliance is part of Pokemon Alliance. Their authority can be imagined.

But even so, just investigating a Trainer ranked 600+ in the tournament, still hit a wall, who is the opponent?

“Use my authority.” Lotz had already noticed the change in Olivia’s expression.

Olivia: “Already used.”

Lorz: “…still not working?”

Olivia: “That’s the truth.”

In the office of the Maro Comont Group, it suddenly became surprisingly quiet.

Afterwards, Lotz showed an expression of interest.

Although each Region Alliance belongs to the Pokemon Alliance as a whole, each Region Alliance, in addition to cooperative relations, is actually a competitive relationship.

Sometimes the information is not common, which is very normal.

However, information that can’t be investigated by a Region Alliance president. Such information is too rare. It is definitely not just a Trainer information.

Normal situations are important secrets of great strategic and economic value.

Even part of the experience of other Region Elite Four and champions can be investigated by Lotz, but this Trainer named Fang Yuan…what did the opponent do?

If Indigo Alliance, Hoenn Alliance and Sinnoh Alliance can encrypt data together, this Fang Yuan…

In fact, even the Indigo Alliance, Hoenn Alliance, and Sinnoh Alliance do not share information about Fang Yuan.

Sinnoh Alliance, Shirona helped to process the data, because Fang Yuan really had no experience at the time, so there was nothing to investigate.

On the Indigo Alliance side, Fang Yuan only did one thing, summoning more than a dozen Legendary Pokémons to destroy Team Rocket. For this one thing, the Great Sect departments of the Indigo Alliance talked about Fang Yuan’s disbelief, plus Professor Oak, Champion Du, and the others supported Fang Yuan, and wanted to investigate Fang Yuan’s experience data from the Alliance headquarters, which is basically impossible.

As for the Hoenn Alliance…Steven, Wallace, Seremban Elite and the others saw Groudon and Kyogre run out of Fang Yuan Poké Ball with their own eyes. Can this kind of information be published in the news without encryption? ? ?

It can be said that due to Fang Yuan’s various special experiences, at this time, even if Lodz, the chairman of the Galler Alliance, investigates Fang Yuan, the important information about the yarn has not been found. Only one can be found in detail. Open the battle materials, and everything else is shrouded in mist.

“This can only explain the identity of this person…”

“It is completely beyond our imagination and beyond our understanding…”

“Olivia, what about Pill Emperor.”

“Call the Pill Emperor together, let’s go and see Mr. Fang Yuan’s battle, this time Caidou, you did good…”

Lorz’s eyes narrowed.

In this time Pokemon World Championship, he spent a huge price and has successfully applied for the elimination finals in Galer Region. Lotz’s ambition is to make Pill Emperor the strongest champion and Galer Alliance in the major Alliances. The right to speak is more important.

Originally, Lotz thought that the biggest Rivals of the Pill Emperor were Du, Steven, Shirona and the others, but now, seeing Fang Yuan’s outrageous and exaggerated data encryption level, he suddenly had a bad feeling.


“Ah, Snee.”

In Suchuan Town, Fang Yuan, who came here alone, sneezed.

It is still a thin red and white battle suit.

Fang Yuan walked on the dirt road, shook his clothes, and glanced at sky.

“With my current physique, if there is no physique, I caught a cold while Flying, that is to say, who must be talking about me…”

“Heh… didn’t expect to leave for less than an hour, Eevee, they miss me.”

Fang Yuan shook the head.

I came to Galer this time, and because he left Eevee for special training alone, he didn’t carry many Pokemon.

However, although the number is small, the quality of strength is amazing.

The quasi-legends Magneson, Infernape, Peak Level Guardian God Gengar, Top Rank Guardian God Dragonite, Milotic, and a pile of Pokemon such as Lycanroc and Ditto in the toddler group.

It can be said that even without Magnezon and Infernape, Fang Yuan’s current configuration can still break the wrist with some champions.

Earth and Pokemon world have different names for Pokemon’s strength.

In Pokemon World, Trainers call the Peak Level Fourth Stage battle strength that has been trained to the extreme of the race as Elite.

The Guardian God level of Earth is called the champion level.

The Guardian God of Earth is divided into ordinary Guardian God, advanced Guardian God, and Peak Level Guardian God. Pokemon world’s championship level gap is also quite different. It can be roughly divided into ordinary championship level, advanced championship level, and Peak Level. champion.

In Pokemon world, a team of Elite Pokemon is the standard configuration of Alliance Elite Four, and a few powerful Region Elite Four master the championship-level battle strength.

For each region champion, at least one champion-level Pokemon is standard, but if any Alliance champion has only one general champion-level Trump Card, then this champion must be very good, and this Alliance must be very weak. .

Like the Dragonite, the strength is at the top of the championship level, and it is matched with the Earth Peak Level Guardian God.

Shirona’s Garchomp is the same. Even the not-so-strong Kalos Alliance, after the champion Diantha’s Gardevoir Mega Evolution, also has advanced championship-level strength.

At present, the weaker Alliance, Unova may be considered one, because the Trump Card Volcarona of champion Adek has passed away, and he only has a few ordinary champion-level battle strengths, although because of seniority, there are many powerful Pokemon around. But without the strongest Trump Card, Adek is already in a semi-retired state. It is rumored that Cattleya is likely to take over as the champion of Unova. There are also rumors that Adek is looking for a more suitable replacement.

So, although Fang Yuan didn’t carry all the main players, the luxury of the lineup can also make a bunch of champions blushed with shame.

Fang Yuan originally wanted to bring Rotom, but after thinking about it, he kept it and let it assist Eevee in their special training.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t bring it. In the Internet age, it doesn’t matter whether you are around or not. 3DRotom will follow the network cable and it will take less than a second to check the data.

“The Caidou, it seems to be saying, let me contact her in Suchuan Town.”

After arriving in Suchuan Town, Fang Yuan picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number Caidou left for him.

After a while, the call is connected.

“Caidou Young Lady? My name is Fang Yuan. I’m already in Suchuan Town.”

Colorful beans: “…”

“Already here? But less than half an hour has passed since we determined the location…”

On the other side, Caidou’s blank voice came. Didn’t Fang Yuan just say that he was in Sinnoh? Fang Yuan is playing her?

Now, she is still doing special training in the wild, and it hasn’t been long since she notified Olivia Young Lady.

She thought that no matter how fast Fang Yuan was, she would have to arrive in Galer tomorrow, but… less than half an hour?

Fang Yuan: “I’m in a hurry, so I took Pokemon to fly over quickly.”

It’s still slow, if it weren’t for Dragonite flying them while watching Galer’s scenery… it could fly faster. Or even let Celebi send them over.

Caidou was silent for a moment: “Sorry, there may be no way to fight today. I am training in the wilderness. The status of the Pokemon is not very good, and today’s share training mission has not been completed.”

Fang Yuan: “Well, it’s okay, then I can just go around and play the game until tomorrow.”

He is not a devil either, so he won’t chase a little girl who is in bad shape to challenge!

I heard that Galer also has Wild’s extremely giant Pokemon? ? It’s better to try one’s luck. If you encounter one, you can study it first.


Fang Yuan is actually a person who can endure loneliness. He can easily stay at home for about a year while holding his mobile phone and computer without going out. It makes sense to say that Pokemon goes with Trainer. When it is not Trainer, Fang Yuan There is also a mild internet addiction, which Eevee thinks is great.

However, after becoming a Trainer, Fang Yuan can’t help but move if he encounters something he is curious about. As the saying goes, interest is the best Teacher.

Extremely huge.

Fang Yuan has never touched this kind of power, whether it was Earth before or after the crossing.

Maybe it is the new power system updated in the game version after his crossing.

According to the information provided by Mewtwo, Fang Yuan has also studied the phenomenon of extreme giantization. This phenomenon of extreme giantization has certain similarities with ultra-ancientization. At least, it all originated from the outside world.

In the Galer legend, Thousands of years ago, Wuji Tai Na came to Earth and fell into a state of weakness. It tried to maintain life by absorbing the energy of Galer Region, but was stunned by Galer’s legendary Pokemon. Xianghe Zang Marant defeated.

After being defeated, Wuji Tai, who was already weak, became weaker and leaked his own energy, which became the source of the phenomenon of extreme giantization.

Fang Yuan really wants to complain. How does this legend sound the same as the origin of Z power in Alola Region.

It’s just that The Radiant One of dropping from the sky has become Wu Ji Tai Na, and the native Legendary Pokémon, which has repelled weak alien creatures from the Guardian God Tapu family, has become the hero Cang Xiang and Zang Marant, and Z power has become extremely huge…

“Mega Evolution is better. At least it is the power that Pokemon has tapped from the potential of life, without being restricted by the external environment.”

The wilderness mountain range outside the town is uninhabited. Fang Yuan came here alone. There are actually a lot of Wild Pokemon nearby, but they dare not approach Fang Yuan.

The Peak Level aura emitted by the humanoid Pokemon is still very terrifying.

“Hmm.” After arriving in the wilderness area, Fang Yuan used Aura to perceive everything around, and wanted to perceive the special energy points of Galer Region, which is the energy required for extreme magnification.

Fang Yuan originally had the attitude of giving it a try, but didn’t expect that Fang Yuan’s Aura Force strengthened by Jirachi really went through the ground and saw a bunch of pink energy points in the darkness.

“Hey.” After feeling this, Fang Yuan grinned, don’t look for Wild Pokemon, try it yourself, he said to the shadow: “Heart Intent, open!”

“Gluttony, give it a try. Can this energy be absorbed? I remember, Gengar should be able to super-large, I don’t know how it compares to your Suzuo.”

Although there is no extremely giant wristband, with the three special abilities, maybe you can try it.

Hey, if this kind of extremely giant energy particles can be bottled and taken away, then Gluttony uses the pay to win method, instead of Krypton Pokéblock and Dusk Stone, just Krypton this…

Gluttony: Mouth Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ new food? !