Pokemon Masters Chapter 1192



Secra Secret Realm comes, more than a dozen forms of special three Divine Bird migrate from Secret Realm.

, there is a Dark Flying Dual Type Pokemon Black Moltres that is burned with evil flames.

There is no good flying, but it has a Terrifying foot, Flying Dual Type Pokemon Red Zapdos.

also has a special confusion, psychic, flying dual type, a special confusion, psychic, and flying dual type.

Special three Divine Bird migrated from the snowland Secret Realm, where the three Divine Bost’s BOSS is basically Peak Level Guardian GOD, and collides with the British Association, follow-up intelligence is completely blocked.

Apart from this, it is said that there is a temple SECRET Realm, there have been two powerful horses’ Pokemon, snow storm, and horses, they call themselves for the mounts, waiting for the return of the king.



The four-way island area has a huge deep sea Vortex Secret Realm. It is suspected that there is a legendary sea lug, but according to a large number of witness, Trainer, the island’s reaction is called, this Lugia is very small, far away There is no legendary 5 to 10 meters size, the height is about 2,3 meters, as if it is a cub.

Apart from this, like the United Kingdom, Japanese country Xiaoyan Islands also appeared three Divine Bird to migrate, but this is a common three Divine Bird.

The famous “nightmare incident” in Japan is in the same period.

Northern SEA Taoodao and the country of the still, a nightmare god Darkrai has caused bad impact on the city, and the PEAK Level Trainer who is responsible for expelling is hurt, and finally, with the assistance of a road to the beautiful dreams, Japan The National Association sailed this disaster and expressed the Wild nightmare.



Hawaii Region, Night Soul Normal’s Fighting, Ghost Type Pokemon, Challenge Wild Pokemon, Trainer, Even the President of the Hawaii Trainer Association is not RIVAL, and finally confirmed as a dream Marshadow, the purpose of challenge everywhere It is to win the ability to replicate Rival to make yourself be stronger.

In addition, the rumors have Silver’s giants break into the town at night, and they swallow the metal of the entire town.

Apart from this, many years ago, American Technology Breakthrough, Explore the team from Meteorite from the Bermuda Triangle to Meteorite, which appeared in this life reaction.



Diamond Mining National Diancie Princess After World CUP, RV WORLD, listening to the guidance from Mega Evolution discoverer Dr. Fang Yuan, trying to perform the righteous CultiVation of life, this process, with the perception of Life Force deeper, unexpectedly discovered The Diancie Mega Stone stored in the depths of the mining country. After three years, I have successfully completed the autonomous Mega Evolution in Diancie Princess, which has a powerful Battle Stregth.

Diamond mine is a country that is not established by Pokemon, and Apart from this, India Region, Spirit Realm invaded, also known as the true domicate of Spirit Realm, established a country, controlling countless powerful Ghost Type Pokemon invaded the Region, then launched a tragic battle with the Indian Association, and finally, it was said to end this battle with the Indian Association’s service soft and this Pokemon.

Almost every country, there have been a lot of things during this period.

At this time, there is still 60 days, and Fang Yuan returns to Earth, has passed for two months.

How is the outside world, they basically didn’t pay attention, because using a slate assistant Pokemon traxpered, Fang Yuan felt that he was the same as the closed door to the world, almost all the hearts were on this. However, the effect of the buried special training is also extremely excellent, almost fang yuan every Pokemon, has a substantial Breakthrough.

Even if it is Fang Yuan himself, there is a new upgrade for the use of Psychic Power.

The slate is the most peak Level resource, and the Pokemon of the three Divine Bird of the orange is also given the stone. This Thing is simply letting those trend is not as good as the pokemon, the strength is close to those ancient Legend of the pending of life.

Sometimes Fang Yuan is also curious, relying on the punishment of the punishment of the three slate parts, you can seal HOOPA, with part of a PSYchic slate with the power of EEVEE, you can hurt the time and space Opelucid, if There is really a Pokemon perfect to absorb a piece of slate, that is more?



fang Yuan is just a sense of emotion, immediately heard the crude screaming outside.

This sound seems to be MEW?

After he went out, immediately understood what happened.


and after a come back, immediately the wall has a small man, forcing it to the corner.

facing the MewTWO powerful gas field, MEW Shiver Coldly.

How it feels … Mewtwo has doubled a few times, clearly a year ago, it is not as good as it, just ordinary legendary, now …

Down, Fang Yuan, EEVEE, Infernape in Training, every Pokemon, etc., is curious.

“啵啵 !!” Dragonite is shocked, this posture … wow, it also wants the wall milotic.

“Why is not willing to fight with me.” Mewtwo looked at MEW and touched tone.

mew: (っ ╥╯﹏╰╥) Don’t, you are already strong, many men don’t reach this level …

MEW doesn’t like fighting, it likes the battle of Pokemon, which is relatively weak.

but MeWTWO, it is obviously not in this range, this guy is really trying to defeat it, that strong fighting intent, almost allows me to predict the injury, a coma yourself … it comes to Earth After that, the restoration for so long is easy! !

The battle of this Level, wants to divide the winning, not so easy, see GrouDon and Kyogre know.

When the small man brow beaded with sweet, Fang Yuan went over and smiled and opened the mouth and said:

“Yeah, Among, come back.”

is only two months, is the things on the side of Pokemon World? Also quite efficient.

“!!” At this moment, see Fang Yuan, Xiao Mew immediately rescued.

but … wait?


is evil, call me, you are not so kind.

, the guy, this guy is dead! ! !

At this time, MEWTWO is also a fang yuan.

Take this opportunity, the Mew “shua” is slippery.

“Running it …” Fang Yuan looked at the place for MEW disappeared after Shook the head: “How do you come back so fast, I thought you have to stay there? Year. “

“to help you make the universe Battleship.” The Mewtwo language opened, it has not forgotten this thing to promise fang yuan.

Almost collecting the scientific research power of the TEAM RAINBOW ROCKETS, plus its own strength, some ideas are gradually improved, it feels the 3DRotom of Fang Yuan, it should be almost the same, plus the Team Rainbow Rockets development Stepping into the right track, Mewtwo decided not to challenge the MEW first, by the way, to help Fang Yuan to complete the Cosmic BattleshiP magnetic monster tactics.

“Maite !!! (Good Lord !!!)” Magnezon heard the exchange of Mewtwo and Fang Yuan, immediately gotting it to MewTWO big talents.

At the same time, two KLINKLANG will also thank “MEWTWO Uncle”.

“muttering … muttering …”

mewtwo: “…”

“It is sneaked, I will notify 3DRotom!” Fang Yuan Laughd.

He just wants to help MeWo to persuade the MEW, but now … is right!

, he immediately took out the mobile phone, wanted to shout Rotom, but at this time, he suddenly returned the message from Senior Sister …