Pokemon Masters Chapter 1193

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MEWTWO and 3DROTI have encountered, both sides immediately went to improve the Cosmic BattleshiP magnetic monster tactics.

For this tactic, Fang Yuan is brought by BREED. BREED STARNEMITE, KLINK, can say that this tactical BREED cycle is the tactics of this tactics. The slowest shape is slow.

But after all, it can play a strong force in the universe, even if it takes 20 years, it is actually very fast.

If there is a technology support with Pokemon World, it is not allowed to stand this thing in Earth.

Earth’s technology is not involved, and Pokemon World can block space fry Legendary Pokémon.

Earth aerospace technology has nothing to obstinate, but Pokemon World wants to aerospace, first get the battle with Rayquaza.

The scientific and technological achievements that have been made in different environments are not a Level.

Next, Magnezon decisive Eagerly went to class.

Other Pokemon is a lack of continuing training.

As for Fang Yuan, contact XIE Qingyi and want to ask what is going on.

Soon, Fang Yuan and Xie Qingyi’s video phone opens, video Projection, Xie Qingyi wearing a White shirt falls on Fang Yuan.

“Senior Sister, the spirit is good.”

“Is there anything?”

“It seems that you have completed special training?” XIE Qingyi tone helpless.

She suspects Fang Yuan has forgotten her identity.

Before three months ago, Fang Yuan has just become a president of the China Association.

then, in still no two days, pay all things to her “secretary”, directly disappearing for more than a month, saying is to go to special training.

In this month, Fang Yuan is really missing, and it can’t find it.

then the previous time, it is difficult to contact, and the resulting fang yuan is said to be trained … She is too difficult.

, during this period, President Wen himself came out to host the overall situation. She felt that President Wen made Fang Yuan as a president of the agent, completely broke a loneliness, but also directly let her agent to save trouble, anyway, otherwunt It will also throw your work directly to her.

, but … look at the three legeins of Fang Yuan to hand over … XIE Qingyi also recognizes, thanks to the three legendary resources sent by Fang Yuan, more than three months, her Trainer’s progress is good Apart from this, fang yuan United Darkrai established “Spirit Time House” special training venue, also helped a lot of TRAINER TRAINER, so fang Yuan is not a matter.

This Time, with the battle of Guardian God, Fang Yuan can not continue to miss.

“Next Association has a meeting, first hold online, then determine the time of the offline, the main discussion is the next Guardian GOD battle.” XIE Qingyi added.

“Guardian GOD Battle …” Fang Yuan accident: “I think of it, there is such a game, I almost forgot …”

xie qingyi: 9 (д) 6? ? ?

, etc., wait?

Decide 16 legendary resources, your agent president, forgot to forget? ? ! !

Are you trying to train this, isn’t it to prepare this game? ?

I forgot World Cup or have a role, forgot the national god battle? ?

XIE Qingyi feels more difficult, not only difficult, still stomach pain.

“Don’t crack a Joke, you seriously, according to our information, this god battle may be completely exceeded by At First, at the beginning of the WORLD CUP, Determine the battle of Guardian GOD. When everyone thinks that the highest Battle Strength is the same as the higher Guardian GOD before Severage Decades, but the number of Guardian god will change … but things are not as simple as it is. “

“Listen to me, this alliance war, all countries may appear PEAK Level Guardian GOD, even Pokemon connecting near the field may appear.” Xie Qingyi is serious.

Although Fang Yuan’s Venusaur showed the power of Mega Evolution, Z-Move, which exerted the power of Peak Level Guardian GOD, as well as INFERNAPE, also showing Peak Level Guardian god strength, easily defending the guy of Shanghai, but it is still not enough. It is not enough.

because of the rules.

“and this time God war rules, it is destined to have a very powerful Battle Strength, nor is it easy to get legends.”

Fang Yuan is quiet, PEAK Level Guardian god? Expectant?

Is there a Wild Pokemon of this Level?

Even in Pokemon World, this Level will not see.

The association of other countries can smooth PY? ……

Fang Yuan is a skeptive attitude.

Cut … It is definitely when you are licking! !

is nothing, there is nothing.

He is now in the team, and the young children’s Venusaur and Lycanroc can make up high with Peak Level Guardian God.

Dragonite, Milotic does not holding items Normal strength is no weakness, Wallace Trump Card, with Legendary Items Pressing Peak Level Guardian God or easily, don’t say close, get into the legendary Pokemon ……

XIE Qingyi Can’t think of it, just three months, Fang Yuan only played the infernape of Peak Level Guardian god strength, it has been suppressed by higher legend-grade Pokemon … Other Pokemon, also have epic Breakthrough .

“You just said the rules … this rule of this battle …” Fang Yuan admitted that he really didn’t pay attention to it.

It seems to be completely busy looking for a slate, alliance sits to determine the rules of God’s war and World Cup, he is in the Raiders Hoopa, how can I pay attention to this …

“You … !!”

See the rules of the battle of Guardian GOD to ask yourself, XIE Qingyi suddenly “???” is very annoying.

fang yuan may not know, it is definitely teasing her.

xie qingyi took a Deep Breath, looking at a serious Fang Yuan, gas does not hit one place …

“line, I will say it again, you listen.”

“16 legendary resources, God war will take turns as a prize, compete in the form of the competition, a total of 16 games.”

“If there is a demand for the legendary resources, the country can send a Pokemon guard, and after the main country is determined, any country can send Pokemon and the other party to compete, and the winner left continues to be the main, lose Pokemon eliminated until no country challenged, this legendary resource can be owned by the owner of the country. “

“, the limit rule is, each Pokemon can only play once, take your infernape example, even if it can play the Invincible In The Whole World, but can only participate in a competitive battle of a platform, It is impossible to participate in the guards of the rest, attack. “

“So, the strength is not enough … The number of Pokemon in the country must also have enough, so that you can guarantee as many legendary resources as possible, this rule is also to limit the A Certain country monopolized all. Legendary resources. “

A Pokemon can only attend a legendary ring, it will prevent a country from being suddenly paid in a legendary Pokemon, Swallow all resources.

At the same time, it is also very testing the entrance of the country for a legendary resource, a high-value legendary resources, may compete in several big countries, and challenge the challenge, and the battle is fierce.

but a low value of legendary resources, if the pokemon of the defenders is powerful, in order to save the power, other countries may go directly.

“is right, the rules are also limited, one country can only get 10 legendary resources, and it is also a restriction monopoly, but this rule is ignored, after all, which country is basically Impossible can be in the pressure of World. The squad is successful … “Even the big country in the United States, the expectations of God’s war, just as much as possible to win 3 ~ 5 high-value legends, even if it is good.

Apart from this, the number of single attacks in the country, there is also a restriction, and XIE Qingyi has been talking over again and Fang Yuan.

“The rules are still troublesome.” Fang Yuan Tucao.

that is, EEVEE can kill all Guardian God, can only take a legendary resource?

is indeed, which is fair, giving some opportunities for other countries.

“Yes.” XIE Qingyi Said Ill-Humoredly: “We are here, calculate Mega Evolution, Z – Move, master the trainer of Guardian GOD Battle Stregth, still have some, willing to play Guardian GOD, there are some, the meeting that opened afterwards is to further determine the strength of everyone, so that it can arrange better in the battle. “

“Yes, thanks to your heart source, the huge Dragonite is now able to fight normally, the five gods under the SECRET Realm of Suzhou, also agree to play. Say … I will give you the three gods of Laboratory Columns … The strength has Guardian GOD level … ?? “

HEARTHOME gave the huge dragonite in the future time and space, and the CHINA Association of the future time and space, also helped the future time and space, PY, the teleconchen column of SECRET Realm, the dragon god column, but this time, not fang yuan I personally shot.

Before he gave the intelligence information and the Raiders method, he Xiaomai, Prince of the Sea, as a result of the experience of her, it seems that he xiaomai is successful.

Perfectly master the superificized Dragon Island huge Dragonite, comparable to Peak Level Guardian God, two god columns, is also the existence of Peak in the high Guardian GOD, and is a very important Battle Streg in the God of the CHINA Association. There is also the twelve of other twelve of President Wen, and He Xiaomai is completely very good.

“Senior Sister.”

fang yuan is silent, and the road: “Offline Conference is not held.”

xie qingyi: “?”

“You just said that the number of legendary resources received by each country can be defeated, only 10 pieces?”

“to …”

“it is right.”

“EEVEE, MAGNEZON, INFERNAPE, GENGAR, MILOTI, DRAGONITE, DITTO, DARKRAI, VENUSAUR, LYCANROC, you count, my Pokemon, every one is only a platform, just take 10 legendary resources, should Not wrong. “

Training has been trained for so long, use Guardian God to verify the training results, it seems good?

However, it will be not very good for the Other Opportunities of TRAINER who has prepared for a long time.

No matter, he is not a person.


Xie Qingyi is silent in Fang Yuan.

If it is not separated from the screen, she really wants to touch Fang Yuan’s head and ask him to have a fever.

“Your Pokemon, can you meet the challenges of Guardian GOD-level Pokemon from World Country? Tao.

fang yuan smile: “Of course you can …”

If there is any accident, he has been targeted by the wheel war in other countries, not still Victini, Hoopa, MEW, MEWTWO, CELEBI.

I hope other countries will give him a face, not too much.

Otherwise, you can only send Legendary Pokémon.

Xie Qingyi doesn’t know what to say.

is it serious? ?

reason let XIE Qingyi can’t believe, she suspects Fang Yuan still does not know the scale of this God war.

But I think of the miracles created by Fang Yuan, and she feels that fang yuan is serious.

This guy is really a person, take your own BREED POKEMON, single challenge the Guardian god in World countries? ? ?

“Don’t tell me, go with President Wen and other twelve …” XIE Qingyi is tired.



The meeting was held on the 12-stroke.

President Wen and other twelve functions Fang Yuan This “agent president” has also been attended, just wants to spit Fang Yuan, but at this time, Fang Yuan first sent a man.

“Qing Yi has said that this rule of the god battle of all countries, 10 legendary resources obtained in the single country in this competition, I am a person, all packaged.”

“Next Senior can be temporarily worried, do not thank, as a agents, this is what I should do.”

I invincible, you will be free.

Ten times success ……

10 crowns …

Fang Yuan analyzed, there should be no problem.

has a hand.

President Wen, twelve:? ? ? ?

Ha? Do you say?