Pokemon Masters Chapter 1194

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Fang Yuan finished, see everyone does not talk, he slowly hit a “?”.

then, then, President Wen and other twelve, and will return to Fang Yuan back “?”

“has … Is there a problem?” Fang Yuan laughs.

Ok, who makes him down too long?

Only the part of Venusaur, Infernape is updated, it seems not enough.

Everyone is silent.

The problem is great!

“What did you just say?” President Wen’s toothache.

“I mean, the scene arrangement of the God battle, can you come.” Fang Yua.

The words you just have just don’t do! !

The people roar in the heart.

However, in Fang Yuan, it means.

Let him arrange the battle, you can reasonably exercise every Pokemon.

Hey, this god battle rules, the biggest limit, but most of the country can only get 10 resources.

is not enough for his team in Pokemon.

Other rules, but nothing limit.

“Do you want to arrange it?”

“This is no problem …” President Wen Faintly Muttered to Oneseelf.

There is no doubt in everyone, there is no doubt, and the strength of Fang Yuan’s Trainer is the highest, the same, and his judgment of the enemy’s strength gap should also be the best.

controlling the overall situation by Fang Yuan, is a good choice, there is no opinion in other twelve.

“However, what you mean is … Have a grasp of the CHINA Association to get 10 legendary resources ?!” President Wen suddenly.

He Heart Startled, is this during this period, Fang Yuan, also py, a lot of new Guardian god?

Otherwise, how can it say that a person has a round of 10 changing resources.

President Wen made a picture of a country to harvest 10 legendary resources, then suddenly SHOOK the head.

Although China CHINA has also added a lot of Battle Stregth, the other countries are the same, but I don’t know what to have some of the other participating countries.

His expectations are also very perfect for 3 to 5 high-value legends, 10 pieces are too exaggerated, almost equivalent to a country’s pressure.

“Are you serious.”

“of course is serious.” Fang Yua.

Although the legendary resources of those rewards he can’t see, but take the battle of Guardian God to inspect the training results, so that Victini has a full meal, or a good choice.

Guardian GOD battle Those legendary resources, water is very large, such as Fang Yuan’s application for strengthening Magnezon’s Silver liquid metal in the future time and space, but the residual core after the prismatic legends That’s all, value even the three legends of Xie Qingyi will be a few grades. Don’t say the red and blue boiler in Fang Yuan’s hands.

If you count the slate … that is too bullying.

After thinking about it, Fang Yuan is a bit embarrassed to participate.

is not a big problem, his face is thick, anyway, the legendary resources give to who are not used, it is better to help the CHINA Association to fight, all the way

when the time comes gives Senior Sister, Kong Grandmaster, etc., everyone is happy.

“Is you brat hug what Legendary Pokémon’s thigh ??”

Kong Grandmaster is curious: “You seem to be good at this, boldly tell me, how many?”

“Participation in this Guardian GOD is also used to use Legendary Pokémon …” Fang Yuan touched the nose.

Breed Pokemon should be more than enough.

If Ho-Oh, Lugia, Hoenn is two stupid, the road is three dragons, and the time and space is too much.

“Participation in the battle of Guardian God, the pokemon of my BREED is enough, anyway, it is fried fish pond, what Pokemon is not blowing.” Fang Yua.

everyone: “?”


floating, it is absolutely floating, and fang Yuan is definitely floating.

In the twelve conferences in three months ago, Fang Yuan said that it is not interested in World Cup and thinks that it is a fishing pond, to participate in the battle of Guardian God.

3 MONTHS LATER, and said that the god battle is fried fish pond? ! Have another About a year, is it not interested in the face of the legend of the episode, is it concerned about the frying pond?

Confucius Grandmaster stomach pain: “Seriously.”

“Although some intelligence can not be determined, many countries have come into contact with Poom Level Guardian God level Pokemon.”

“I know that you are very strong, but this Time game, not 1vs1, but the battle of the Taiwan war, even the Peak Level Guardian god guards, face Continuously Wheel War, do not certainly hold one of the legendary resources.”

“Your Infernape is very strong, you can play PEAK Level Guardian God Battle Stregth, but is not good at lasting battle?”

Everyone has experienced World Cup, naturally knowing Fang Yuan’s Infernape’s warfare, although strong, but in the face of the same level or even low Level 1, I am afraid that it will not be too long.

fang yuan wants to say.

Peak Level Guardian god, that is the normal battle strength before Infenape.

Now three months, how can INFERNAPE will step on it?

The weakest main force in the team has this Battle Stregth.

Do you want to tell you, now INFERNAPE can explode Tapu Guardian God?

is not lasting? It is not lasting on the war, but the legend is, even if it is an ordinary legend, is it worried about a long-lasting issue?

This is not a punch?

Force, these Seniors are buddy, and the psychology may not be stimulated.

, Infernape’s Breakthrough, Jirachi Enhanced + Black White Dragon Enhanced + HO-OH Sacred ASH Strengthen + Perfecting Eight Sects This series of operations, normal people may not understand.

President Wen: “However, Fang Yuan said it is not wrong. Our current power is not poor than any country, as much as possible to fight for legends, always good …”

“But, if you want to compete for more resources, you have to use every force, you can use it on the blade.”

“Since Fang Yuan, you intend to be the chief-in-charge of God …, then confirm this, give it to you.”

“Clearly confirm that each of our participating Guardian God, only this, when you can arrange it reasonably.”

“is a convening of everyone in advance, or you can confirm it privately, press your idea.”

It seems that President Wen intends to hand over God’s war to Fang Yuan responsible, this can be considered a culture, giving Fang Yun a chance to contact China’s top Battle Stregth.

“line.” Fang Yuan Helplessly Said: “Then give it to me.”

This task is not the same for Fang Yuan, you can say that he has a confidence to sweep the country.

“If you say that I am relieved.” President Wen Satisfied Said With a smile, then he said: “Yes, there is one thing, you may have to please you.”

“Fang Yuan, do you know Lake Of Purity.”

fang yuan: “The one of the ice in the ice?”

“, North Wind Incarnation Suicune appears there, this is the real legendary Pokemon, if you can get Suicune’s friendship, even if it can’t be China’s Guardian god, for us, it is better than getting a few The legendary resources are more valuable. “President Wen carefully said:” This is also one of the discussions of this meeting. “

Legend, Suicune is the follower of HO-OH, where you have Rainbow Wingers applied for from Alliance, or, do you try it? “President Wen.

Suicune appears in Lake Of Purity, the Association Immediately blocking message, and no one dares to act rashly, contact Suicune.

Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Ho-Oh, in President Wen, almost one is one, is a full PY chain, Must is safe PY.

and Suicune can make the two legends of the Fang Yuan agent for the Fang Yuan agent. Guardian god is strong. Invincible bottom sign.

“Suicune appeared in Lake of Purity ??” Fang Yuan surprised.

Suicune … HO-OH Guard, HO-OH Guard appears, is it true that HO-OH is coming?

Sacred ASH +1?

“This is also handed over.” Fang Yuan knows the meaning of the association, but it is just the battle of Guardian God, but also does not need to pull Suicune, Battle Stregth has spilled.

If you really want PY more Guardian God, Fang Yuan can make other countries 80% Guardian god rebellion … but there is no need to have no need to temporarily.

In addition, Suicune’s Battle Stregth is also a relatively pulled, but the Raikou, which is that Tianlei, but also inherits Ho-oh’s Sacred Fire, now a lot of Pokemon, many Pokemon, can easily defeat Suicune Fang Yuan agreed, purely, I would like to ask about Ho-oh news, how Ho-Oh Aunt is still not coming!

just reminds the reminder, even if you go, you have no need to go to Xiaomai to go to the attack. Prince of the sea should be happy to explode, Ho-Oh and MEW are friends, her time space is not World Tree Guardian But it is a student of World Tree Guardian. This is a Finished Apprenticeship, which is unable to use Suicune.



Soon, the twelve conferences ended, and the Fang Yuan who wanted to participate was directly to the responsibility of God’s war. In this way, you can arrange your own Pokemon to exercise.

“defeated MeWTWO, became the strongest Trainer in the future.”

“Hegemony Pokemon World Championships became Pokemon World’s Mightiest Trainer.”

“This time, if each Pokemon is revealing, sweeping Guardian God, it seems to be a good achievement …”

fang yuan, this way, it is estimated that this time is here, he can also get a recognized Title of Trainer.

Milotic, DragonItem, Venusaur They, I have not had anything, this time is a good opportunity.

Let the entire Earth’s Trainer, know how bad is the Pokemon partner of his Fang Yuan.

Well, arrange it.

Next, Fang Yuan got a list of China Battle Stregth sent from President Wen, which clearly recorded all GUARDIAN GOD BATTLE Strength, which is currently playing.

Ordinary Guardian god is too much, China is the most MEGA Evolution, the TRAINER of the Peak Level Battle Stregth can play the strength of the ordinary Guardian GOD, FANG Yuan I saw a look at the moment.

However, this part of the people are basically cannon, which is to come to the wheels.

Apart from this, combined with various capabilities to play a high Guardian GOD power Pokemon, there are nearly 10, which has been intended to have a good job with the CHINA Association and the new PY.

, the higher Guardian GOD Wan Yeng BLASTOISE in President Wen, and completed Mega Evolution Training in President Wen, reached Peak Level Guardian God Battle Stregth.

plus the huge Dragonite that is supergens that is superior, is also this Battle Stregth.

During the out of the President Wen, Py arrived to two high Guardian GOD-level Latius, Latias, Xiaomai new Py to the electric god column, the dragon god pillar, these Legendary Pokémon, with ethnic advantages, even if there is no Mega Evolution Z – Move, is also more stronger than ordinary Pokemon.

There is still unruly suicune … If Fang Yuan is not judged, the three Sacred Beast should appear in the CHINA range, after all, World Tree is in China, Ho-Oh, Shengzhu King these two world trees also Will definitely come over, the HO-OH Guard is a first step to explore the road.

“Latius, Latias … is the two pokemon on the future time and space MEWTWO …” Fang Yuan saw it, speechless.

is full.

Future of the people’s national gods, all countries have basically no PEAK Level Guardian GOD to come, still high Guardian god mutual 啄.

This time is fell, because the third TRAINER is coming, and the speed of SECRET Realm is rapid, the Change of Guardian GOD is not Normal.

Good guys, but also to come to God’s responsibility.

Otherwise, some Pokemon may not have a chance to play.

“Although there are a lot, but the overall strength is worrying, it is unbearable. I will be difficult to support the big flag.” Fang Yuan Hehe smiled.

Take it, he turned to the Laboratory backyard, and Looked Towards is in special training Pokemon.

“everyone, suspended.” Fang Yuan Yelled.

Instant, all Pokemon is looked touth to him.

“… you, remember not remember, there is a game called Guardian God ??”

Fang Yuan’s gaze ONE AFTER ANOTHER Falls on Pokemon.

Many Pokemon exposes doubts.

is very obvious, like Fang Yuan, did not care about this game.

“cough …” Next, Fang Yuan and many Pokemon explained rules, EEVEE, Infernape, Darkrai, Magnezon, and continued to go to CultiVated.

is Venusaur and Lycanroc, Ditto, Dragonite and other Pokemon ecstasy.

good luck! ! !

World Grade Grand Stage! !

domineering sweeping national Guardian god opportunity is coming! !

The team’s lord, I only Ino, and I am struggling with the team!

“Don’t be too happy, there are few RiVal strengths may not be inferior, there is still two months, a total of 10 places, you can think of it, if the teammates all typed a platform, only I have been challenged … then I lost my face. “Fang Yuan smiled. Looked Towards Double Emperor, Ditto.

Garlic Celestial Emperor and Wolf Capital University Di suddenly tight.

I know, the next two months training content is doubled again!

Next, Fang Yuan contacts He Xiaomai, intended to let her and prince of the sea to detect China Guardian god strength and Pysicune, after all, can’t be old, Sister Sister, this live, Prince of the SEA should be very Love, it is also the experience of this student. After all, it is PY, the opportunity to fight Many Guardian god, when the time comes, Fang Yuan directly watch the video of XIAomai’s mobile Rotom recorded video.

and he still have to continue Training for a while, the special training there is still not completely complete, next two months, Fang Yuan is planning to focus on Venusaur, Lycanroc, Ditto, if you plan to dominate 10 places, three of them are most unstable.

“Well !!! (water, suicune !!)”

“Well!!! (dozens of Guardian god? !!)”

Fang Yuan and He Xiaomai’s video call, Prince of the Sea’s big head is laid with XIAomai’s mobile Rotom, and light is light.

“Pairing …” Fang Yuan Slightly Smile, said: “XIAMAI, give you, no problem.”

“Although rival has many high Guardian god, there are even Peak Level Guardian God, but you should have completed group battles with Alliance Island, the Peak Level Guardian god, you will THE TIMES, also directly uses groups to test each other strength. It is ok, you can’t lose win. “

is an interpretation.

“… no problem.” He xiaomai nervous nodded, I am worried that I can do well, not, the success of the victim of the WORLD pattern, actually handed it to her? ? ! !

“That’s this, hang it first.” Fang Yuan originally wanted to talk again, but suddenly found that Senior Sister came over again, but I couldn’t help but first put this one.

fang yuan has again connected to the call of Senior Sister.

“What happened.”

“Open?” XIE Qingyi asked.


“What other people say.”

“They don’t believe me.” Fang Yuan shrugged, but the problem was not big, the god battle said.

“It is expected …” XIE Qingyi smiled: “I have forgotten to tell you that Karli represents Diancie Princess in the diamond mining country invites you to go to the mining country, saying is Diancie Princess to thank you. Guide, thanks you it can complete the autonomous Mega Evolution, do you want to go. “

“It is said that the Mega Diancie Princess seems to be sent to you, you need you to go to the mining country.”

“I just have something to go to France, we can go together.”

“MEGA DIANCIE? The small Diancie really completes the autonomous Mega Evolution?” Fang Yua accident.

“seems to be …”

fang yuan shook the head: “Forget, no interest, go yourself.”

“But if you have any thank you, you will have it, I feel that the Fairy Type resource is also said.”

xie qingyi: “…”

Fang Yuan’s own team does not have Fairy Type Pokemon, and it is not interested in diamond mining countries.

“Okay.” XIE Qingyi is a peer.

“Yes, what are you going there?” Fang Yuan curiosity asked.

“CHINA has a special Fairy Type Secret Realm, there is a TOGEPI kingdom, as the third Pokemon country that appears … My togekiss accidentally became the king of there, I plan to let it go and learn from Diancie. Treatment of the experience of the country. “XIE Qingyi.

“TOGEPI Kingdom … togepi paradise …” Fang Yuan StartLe, is the Hoenn Region Mirage Kingdom?

should be.

“Congratulations, come on, strive to return Diancie Princess to PY.” Fang Yuan Said with a smile: “Simply let it be a present.”

xie qingyi is speechless … people want to send you present, you are the body of others.



Push all things to Tool Disciple and Tool Senior Sister, fang Yuan, “Clutching Cultivation” again.

Two days later, Magnezon first mad dreams of Breakthrough came to the ordinary legendary level, reflected in the full power of the soul, no more than 12 hours, no so short, MAGNEZON body strength Therefore, it has risen to the ultimate of Peak Level Guardian GOD.

At this time, the comprehensive strength of EEVEE, INFERNAPE is also getting closer and closer to the ordinary legendary first echelon.

However, Fang Yuan has not stopped for two days, and there is an accident.

Purple disaster prediction, the first higher Legendary Pokémon, came to Earth.

The name YVELTAL is God of Death, the terminator of life, responsibility is to eliminate life, balance the ecology.

The place of view, France.