Pokemon Masters Chapter 1195

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method, Paris, Sightta.

A young woman who has a long hair in Lighten, wearing a similar magic robe is quietly standing next to an old man.

She is the French Trainer Association Psychic Elite, the future three generations of purple, Kerman.

The old man on the chair next to her is the second generation of purple.

Currently, the purple grandmaster closed his eyes and full face.

A picture from the second generation of purple grandmaster flashed in front of him.

In the petrified world, all the death disaster, the end of life, all things, and the BLACK’s gas field covers the earth, and everything goes under the black of Initial! ! !

In the dark world, a giant bird flashes Scarlet Rays of Light, opened its bright blue eyes, and looks to the second generation of purple.

“cough-stud cough -”

Chair, the second generation of purple gangs have cough, the brain is dizzy as needle.

“teacher …? Are you okay ?!”

Next to Kerman, Kerman saw that the Teacher in the prophecy suddenly became a drama, and immediately worried about it.

“cough, I am fine, but …”

Ms. Second generation of purple, jumping with the chair, the heart “Peng ~ Peng ~ Peng ~”.

“Kerman, Notice Association.”

“maximum alert.”

“I predicted the first disaster … may come.”

“and the location is France!” She can’t confuse the opening.

, Kerman is also Eyes Shrank.

predicted recent disaster … refers to God of Death, YVELTAL?

After the speed of SECRET Realm accelerates, the second generation of purple is predicted that the nearest legend is sustainable, it may come within 1 year.

Alliance National Guardian GOD Battle and WORLD POKEMON Alliance Conference is a large extent because of the prediction of purple grandmaster.

The disaster is getting closer, it is not too much to prepare for countries.

But the second-generation purple grandmaster did not expect that the disaster will actually be so fast.

and location, it is good enough to be in France.

In fact, according to the various features of the Purple Grandmaster predicted, Pokemon Alliance and States Association have known that the culprit of this disaster may be who.

The end of life, everything is witnessed, and Black’s gas field covers the earth … It is definitely god of death, YVELTAL is ok.

For this relatively special Legendary Pokémon, human understanding is not low, and there are records in various sites, plus some of the ancient wisdom Pokemon’s description, and the ability characteristics of each Legendary Pokémon can be very clear. A pair of pictures in the Earth Trainer’s mind.

For example, the French Association, you know the god of life Xerneas and God of Death Yveltal very well.

The reason is very simple, the first generation of diamond mining countries is because of the power of Xerneas’s Fairy Aura, from ordinary carbink, Breakthrough’s life and race, becoming a legendary Pokemon Diancie, this and HO-OH The ordinary Pokemon resurrected into the HO-OH guard has a wonderful work.

Diancie is undoubtedly Pokemon, which is a legendary potential, is already a sought after a country. It is MEGA Guardian GOD, but in the Diamond Mining Country, Xerneas is higher, and it is said to share it. Eternal life.

Diancie is so strong, let Carbink Mutation become Diancie Legendary Pokémon, isn’t it more powerful?

Therefore, Xerneas is fully a sacred existence in the French Association, and YVELTAL, because they understand Xerneas, it is very understandable. After all, death Celestic God of Life is almost opposite. .

YVELTAL is a cruel, you can use Oblivion Wing to take off a large-scale life aura, resulting in a large disaster of the biological petrochemical Terrifying Pokemon.

Remnors, if not because of Xerneas’s balance, YVELTAL will definitely bring death to The Entire World, which is the plagial terrorist Pokemon.

The French Association and even the Pokemon Alliance believe that the disaster predicted by purple grandmaster is because it is coming, all characteristics are too compliant.

and Xerneas phase Same Level Pokemon … Almost one move, you can capture the Pokemon of all the forests of the forest. If you really appear, the Traine is currently do not know how to resist.



Fairy Sen, diamond mining country.

China Fairy Elite Xie Qingyi is invited by Fairy Elite in France to France for two days.

The first day of the first day, the two first came to exchange play, but it was clearly Xie Qingyi won with an overwhelming advantage.

Although she lost to Shang Ren in the China Elite Cup, Shanghai is Island Kahuna, there is a legendary TEACHER cultivation, and the progress speed cannot be seen as normal Trainer.

and the side of Carlo, it is much slower, even if she and Diancie are friends, but Diancie Princess is still not understanding, there is no time to care.

So, in the face of XIE Qingyi, which is strengthened by Fang Yuan, Kauli is not in turn.

, it may make Shang Ren, it is not, if it is not because the Elite Cup has not started, I am afraid he is already a champion.

The current Xie Qingyi’s Trump Card Pokemon Altaria, after the intensive time of the three legend, the normal strength has reached the racial limit, and the Mega Evolution can be comparable to ordinary Guardian GOD, other main Pokemon, all basically It can be said to be a lot of PEERS in the Peak Level Third Stage.

In addition to Fang Yuan, in addition to Fang Yuan, in addition to Fang Yuan, it is hardly existed.

However, even if there is such a progress, with the Xie Qingyi discovers Diancie’s strength, he suddenly speechless.

World Cup is only the eevee of the EEVEE, the race limit Diancie, and now there are ordinary Guardian GOD levels.

After Mega Evolution, the strength has reached Peak Level Guardian GOD.

The potential of Pokemon autonomous Mega Evolution is completely much more than ordinary Pokemon Mega Evolution.

less than three years … never get the growth rate of Guardian God, to the legend, the growth rate of Pokemon, really let her don’t know how to evaluate.

Most Trainer sides of the ethnicity, nor is it a little reason.

“However, the more monster should be fang yuan to …”

Think of the strength of Fang Yuan, Xie Qingyi is not mentioned, simplified Constantly Comparing Oneself to Others Will Only Make ONE Angry.

says that the EEVEE … is now on this Diancie, can it be as easy as World CUP?

should be …

“This is a holy diamond.”

Under the huge hollow diamond, Diancie Princess leads to Xie Qingyi, Karli and their Pokemon, visiting the mine’s operation mode.

As the Queen of the future togepi kingdom, Xie Qingyi’s togekiss viewing is particularly serious.

“No matter how many times, still feel incredible …” With golden brown long hair: “The whole Pokemon country … all rely on it to run.”

“TOGEPI Paradise underground also has a power of energy, supporting the operation of the whole country, and both are very similar.” XIE Qingyi.

“just unfortunately … Fang Yuan adults have not to come to diamond mining countries.” Diancie princess in front of the front: “I want it to see the strength I have received.”

By the way, a small holy diamond made from Fang Yuan is made by it.

“His words … relatively busy.” XIE Qingyi Slightly Smile, probably.

If you also participate in the battle of Guardian God on behalf of the French Association, he will definitely see him.

Of course, there is a great possibility to be beaten.

XIE Qingyi has learned to use Fang Yuan’s ideas to speculate on the development direction.

This Diancie rushes to prove progress to Fang Yuan, and it is necessary to beat.

XIE Qingyi secretly waved his fist, he hit a bet with himself, he did not believe it …

“DR. fang yuan …”

mentioned Fang Yuan, Kauli’s eyes filled with different emotions, and ended her with Diancie on World Cup, and gave them a lesson of the TRAINER. She is very complicated.

I have passed for three years. She only feels fang yuan to be more and more far from these concerts, serving as China’s twelve, studying the transfer technology, becoming the legendary researcher, alliance island is easy to repeat the Guardian GOD level Pokemon, she is really curious, fang yuan, the next appearance, how is the posture.

“The other party, in the battle of Guardian God, will definitely appear.”

Kali is imagined that when Fang Yuan will see, suddenly, her mobile phone rang, maybe because it is in the underground mining country, the signal coverage is not very good.

“Here is Karli.” After the connection, Karli discovered that it was a subject of the association, and immediately asked what is going on.

“Carloth ELITE …” there is a rushing voice.

After about a few seconds, the cauli expression instantly solidified.

“What happened.”

Discover the Change of Karli, Diancie and Xie Qingyi all Looked Towards.

At this time, the expression of Karli is still not recovered, but it is very difficult to accept:

“YVELTAL appeared, and it is very close to FAIRY !!”

“is the legend of the purple grandmaster prophecy !!”

“What ??!” Kauli silk, XIE Qingyi’s entire man is in place.

“YVELTAL.” Diancie Princess, diamond mining country, is also stunned. At the same time, the entire Fairy Sen’s Pokemon, and even the Diamond Mine of Fairy, the domestic carbink, who felt a TERRIFYING. The gas field is approaching.



YVELTAL is coming, and Zicha. Grandmaster should be discovered by IMMEDITELY because of the distance and foresearting Psychic. The French Association also responded quickly, then followed, the second reaction came over, which is the World Tree Mew of China.

World Tree Mew has been observing the changes in Earth spatial space, although YVELTAL is in the beginning of the episodes, it is only in the forest of a super small SECRET Realm, but when YVELTAL is awake, its Secret Realm and Earth The space is completely integrated, or lets the mew have been perceived, even if it is paying attention to the entire Earth space, a legendary Secret Realm is also too conspicuous.

However, MEW can also feel that in addition to the Y bird comes, X deer seems to have.

apart from this, perhaps … The guy is also coming.

The supervisor, Zygarde of the ecological system status.

World Tree Mew and Ho-Oh, the Holy Pillar King relationship is more good, but the relationship with Zygarde is compared to Normal.

This is to say from their birth and functions. World Tree is a special life that is born with Pokemon World. The role of World Tree at first is to adjust the Planet ecology balance, however, with the Z God Zygarde, each other Directly grabbed the WORLD TREE’s work, and Zygarde guys did not satisfy the KaLos Region that only supervised his birth, and split it into countless cells, and ran to World of WORLD in the form of a Green’s scroll …

For short time, Zygarde has replaced the status of World Tree and became the regulator of the Pokemon World ecology, which is completely guilty.

Of course, because World Tree and MEW are too salted, the Buddha, seeing Pokemon monks the mission, they are quite a good … Unest just as long as the ecology does not collapse.

Although saying, the words are completely unique to the Silver guys, that is, because World Tree Mew is too lazy, other than the world, the world, the two functions, non-Groudon, Kyogre Like, becoming another pair.


speaking of which, World Tree cultures Lycanroc, is also because LycanRoc has the ability to see negative energy cores even from Zygarde.

If Zygarde knows the ability of LycanRoc, you will definitely go to Drooling, even in MEW understanding it, the other party is not surprising.

MEW proud of laughd, and the premonition Zygarde will seek them on a certain day.

“! (呀!)”

After a while, MEW thought of it, Y God came, or quickly inform Fang Yuan.

However, MEW hopes … fang Yuan contact X god y God does not matter, but it is best to talk to Zygarde. Fang Yuan goes to the brave of Ho-oh, it can accept, everyone is girlfriend, If you get to Zygarde, it’s too much! !

“!! ~~ !!”

When you blink, MEW flew to Fang Yuan, who took a slate practiced Shark Time and Space Strength, at this time, the three lake gods taught it around Fang Yuan. He saw the arrival, and fang Yuan put down the slate in his hand. Unexpected Looked Towards Mew.

“How did you come over.”

“!! (YVELTAL is coming !!)” MEW is seriously open.

This … it seems to be the legend of the fang yuan mouth?

Fang Yuan has the advent of Pokemon, which makess MEW pays attention to the Pokemon above higher legends.

This should be the first one found by the MEW.

“Y bird is coming ?!” MEW finished, Fang Yuan Subconsciously clef the slate.

“~! (but ITHOULDN’t BE, Xerneas is also coming, just coming to new place, even if it wants to absorb the Life Force recovery status, Xerneas will definitely try it.)”

After all, this is not Pokemon World, they are all come here, and the behavior is too much less than.

“The other party’s position is.” Fang Yuaway, no matter what the yen will bring any disaster, will not be ** deer to stop, he has to pass, um, pull one of the birds and collects, is Good friendship testimony! !

Pokemon World did not go to Y bird, this is only sent to the door, good!

y bird’s feathers … Dragonite, Darkrai, Ditto ecstasy?

“… (look at the location … should be France ??)” Small MEW speculates.

“France … The Kalos Region prototype is France, so the Y bird has come to France.” Fang Yuan is in his heart.

speaking of which, the legendary disaster encountered in the future time and space, the more dangerous disaster is basically not in China.

PM does not have a region of China as a prototype, this wave, indirectly saves China, merits.

fang yuan in the heart, but, after next second, he suddenly refowned.

“Where are you? France?”

[It is said that the Mega Diancie Princess seems to be sent to you, you need to go to the mining country. I just have something to go to France, we can go together. 】

Fang Yuan Slightly StartLED, Senior Sister seems to be on the diamond mining country, it should be fine.


“HOOPA HOOPA HOOPA !!” Fang Yuan immediately shouting hoopa, said: “I will give me the location of Lock on Yveltal soon.”

“waiting for HOOPA to finish this …!” On the balcony, it is reluctant to take electric Hoopa while sunning.

fang yuan: “??? No, it is an important thing for the game. This time is an emergency, hurry.”

Finished, Fang Yuan also took out the phone and dialed the phone from XIE Qingyi.

Let Fang Yuan Sighed in relief, very fast, is connected.

“Senior Sister, where are you, listening to me, YVELTAL is coming to France, there is nothing over there.”

xie qingyi: “Say you may not believe … YVELTAL, now in front of us …”

fang yuan: “…”

fang yuan: what? ? ?