Pokemon Masters Chapter


You can search for “Pokemon Sect Master (imiaobige.com)” in Baidu to find the latest chapter!

I originally thought that I would quickly enter the main line after the two chapters transitioned to one or two years. After writing half of it, I found it was too dry, and many things were not easy to explain, so I covered my face.

I intend to overthrow the rewrite, and rewrite the changes brought about by the children’s group, the research line, and the third Trainer wave launched by Fang Yuan outside the six main forces to enrich the plot.

Compared with the main Pokemon, the children’s group really has less pen and ink. This is also a unified problem in the later period of Pokemon. There are too many Pokemon to write…

Venusaur, positive and negative Klink, Ditto, mobile phone Rotom, temple werewolf, these six, yes, just these six.

What did you say about Darkrai and Victini? That is the legendary group besides the main force group and the toddler group.

Wipe my tears. Yesterday, I really wanted to quickly enter the Mewtwo plot. It seems that I can only Quash. The old rules will be updated tomorrow.

By the way, yesterday, there was a Pokemon whose name was repeatedly typed incorrectly. It seems that tens of thousands of people who followed it up read it as if only a few people saw it. ah ha ha ha, you fake Pokemon fans.

Rockruff evolved Lycanroc. √

The Rock Rock Dog evolved the Temple Rock Werewolf. X

I am also blind, come and review with me again.

Cough, I went to sort out the outline later, and slipped away, it’s almost the end of the month, although I also ask for a ticket orz for leave.

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