Pokemon Masters Chapter 791


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It’s so beautiful… not inferior to Milotic! !

Dragonite trembles in his heart.

After Mega Evolution, Mega Altaria’s body was wrapped in special feathers that glowed like Pearl, and its singing voice became more beautiful than before evolution.

At this time, in order to express its evolved emotions, it hummed a beautiful high pitch in the clouds, which made people fascinated, as if in a dream.

When I heard the song, Silly Dragonite suddenly became intoxicated. This is a completely different beauty from Milotic. Although Dragonite thinks Milotic is the most beautiful, it cannot deny that megaAltaria is equally attractive at this time.

It is a fair and just palace dragon.

“cough cough cough!!!” Just as Dragonite was indulging in the singing, Fang Yuan’s dry cough spread into Dragonite’s heart.

Fang Yuan was big for a while, this stupid dragon, but well, it came just right.

“Senior Sister, do you want to verify Altaria’s current strength?”

“Pokemon battle.” Fang Yuan sent an invitation.

“Okay.” Xie Qingyi wiped a smile at the corner of his mouth. Are you fighting? I’m thinking of him.

After Xie Qingyi accepted the battle, Fang Yuan shouted to the Dragonite passing by in the sky: “Hey, you, ready to fight.”

Yes… against?

Dragonite: w(゚Д゚)w, ah, come up to fight? This is not conducive to making friends.

Can’t tolerate Dragonite’s refusal, the two Trainers have already arranged the battle perfectly clear.

After this, Dragonite looked towards Fang Yuan speechlessly, but suddenly, it halted.

so that’s how it is, Dragonite understood Fang Yuan’s thoughts, his eyes sharpened, it must be his own behavior just now that made Trainer misunderstood.

My love for Milotic can be learned from Heaven and Earth. It just simply appreciates the charm of Altaria and has absolutely no other ideas.


Dragonite turned his head and looked towards Altaria, clarifying his thoughts. This battle may be Fang Yuan’s test of himself.

If you don’t deal with other beauties, how can Fang Yuan trust Milotic to her? ?

Thinking of this, Dragonite’s eyes on Magical Powers became red.

In short, fiercely’s hit this Mega Altaria is right.



Sky below the battlefield, after the battle was decided, Xie Qingyi took the lead to give the order.

A name conveyed her instructions, that is, let Mega Altaria play freely and show the new power just gained through evolution.

For Mega Altaria, Xie Qingyi is both familiar and unfamiliar, so this command is a good transition.

“Bi Tweet~~!!!”

Above the sky, Altaria circled Flying, and immediately locked in the direction of Dragonite, using a “treble” Move.

This is a Move technique that uses vibrating sound waves to attack. It belongs to the Normal Type.

But at this time, MegaAltaria used it, and the pink sound was like a normal tsunami, hiding the sky and covering the earth towards the Dragonite.

Fairy Type?

There is vibration, not Disarming Voice, but…high pitch?

Xie Qingyi judged the nature and Attribute of the sound wave, and immediately startled, this is…Fairy Type’s treble?

Is the Fairy Skin Characteristic Trait?

“He really is very difficult to deal with.” Xie Qingyi admired inwardly.

Sure enough, just as Fang Yuan guessed, after evolution, Altaria became a Fairy Type, and also obtained the super Characteristic Trait of Fairy skin! !

Xie Qingyi, as the discoverer of Fairy Eevee and the discoverer of Fairy Skin Characteristic Trait, has done more research on Fairy Skin Characteristic Trait than anyone else.

At this moment, seeing this scene, she instantly inspired her fighting intent, clearly judged Altaria’s strength, and at the same time had the idea to win the battle.

Endless treble, like a huge wave normal hits, Fairy Type’s treble Move, under the display of Mega Altaria, who is good at sonic Move, formidable power has reached an incredible level, making the air Bzz Bzz Bzz roar at the same time, like an extinction The light, when the energy is condensed to the extreme, is this picture.

Faced with this horrible Move, Dragonite was immediately stupid.

son of a bitch, so strong.

How beautiful dragons are so terrifying.

It can clearly experience the terrifying destructive power contained in the treble, it directly assists Silver Wing and enters the dark Dragonite form.

The ultimate evil power, strength of Dragon, and wind power give Dragonite the power of Peak Level Third Stage.

However, in the face of this high pitch, it still felt a strong threat.

Both the Dark Type and the dragon are suppressed by Fairy, and the power of the Dark Dragonite is precisely restrained by Mega Altaria.


Under danger, the Dark Dragonite can only use the combination of Extrreme Speed ​​and Tailwind to evade with extreme speed. Due to the lack of strength control of the new body by Mega Altaria, the attack in the first round did not reach the goal, making Dragonite difficult to resist. To the point.

However, this is only the first round. From the second round, Xie Qingyi began to conduct tactical command.

Looking at Black Dragonite with lingering air currents and red eyes, Xie Qingyi heart shivered with cold, World Cup, how long has it passed, Fang Yuan, Dragonite, might have improved its strength by several levels.

Exceed the strength of Peak Level Second Stage.

After Mega Evolution, Xie Qingyi’s Altaria has also obtained a very strong comprehensive quality, which can compete with Peak Level Third Stage’s Pokemon nothing difficult.

The two Pokemon are of equal strength, just suitable for the battle.


Xie Qingyi opened his mouth. Around Mega Altaria, a large-scale fog of Black ice crystals began to fill, and the venue was being remodeled.

At the same time, Altaria herself melted into a thick Haze, turning into a dark cloud.

“Icy Wind.” Fang Yuan followed.

Haze is the ice attribute change system Move, which can remove Rival’s ability changes, and has a certain suppression effect on the state of the dark Dragonite at this time, so must blow out and cannot be touched.

Dragonite’s knowledge of airflow, even after the Altaria Mega Evolution, still cannot be resisted. After all, Dragonite carries the Flying Type legendary Items like Silver Wing at this time.

huhuhuhu! !

The dark Dragonite above the sky, the wings flicked out the frozen Hurricane, which easily blows Haze away. Currently, Altaria is inside, which can still cause a lot of damage to Altaria.

Boom! !

However, at this time, Altaria broke out of Haze as if he hadn’t suffered any damage, and Agility instantly came to Dragonite.

Fang Yuan gave the “Ice Punch” command and looked towards the direction Haze was blown away. In addition to Haze, there were also a bunch of frozen cotton feathers…

so that’s how it is, using the combination of Cotton Guard and Feather Dance to throw away feathers as Substitute, does it weaken the influence of Icy Wind? ?

This kind of fighting method…it will cause serious hair loss! !

At this time, Altaria has come to Dragonite, and the ice wind on Dragonite’s fist is filled with ice. Ice Punch instantly smashes into the coming Mega Altaria, and Mega Altaria, both claws are covered by shining rays of light, Fairy Type Play Rough Move launch.

At the moment Ice Punch and Play Rough collided, ice crystals in the sky shone with pink rays of light and fell.

From the point of view of destructive power, there is no difference between the winner and the loser. Although Dragonite has stronger physical fitness, it is not as good as Altaria’s control of the energy of the ice attribute, but in the next moment, two Pokemon At the moment of another confrontation, the situation reversed!

Dragonite took advantage of its powerful perception and sensed the change of airflow. With an unimaginable angle, Dragonite successfully avoided the opponent’s Play Rough attack.

Also, his Ice Punch hit Mega Altaria’s body. Although most of the freezing power was blocked by the emerging cotton feathers, this blow still caused a huge amount of damage to Altaria.


As Mega Altaria screamed and flew out, Dragonite didn’t wait for Fang Yuan’s order, and used Extrreme Speed ​​to chase quickly, eager to prove itself.

It wants to kill the sister to prove.

Prove your love for Milotic.

“It’s so fierce.” Fang Yuan was also shocked by Dragonite’s fierce imposing manner.

Is it because of the influence of dark forms on the mind?


However, during the inverted flight, under Xie Qingyi’s order, Altaria was swept directly by a high pitch.

“Boom!!” Dragonite was indifferent.

At this distance, Dragonite has natural self-confidence and can dodge all attacks by virtue of the changes in airflow and extreme speed.

However, all of a sudden, Dragonite face changed, and he discovered that his perception of the airflow had a momentary failure.


Xie Qingyi explained that this is a move that uses strong winds to interfere with Rival’s actions and reduce Rival’s evasion rate. Under normal circumstances, Dragonite will of course not be affected, but the strong wind at this time is mixed with countless debris. Cotton feathers.

These special feathers exclusive to Altaria for gain and debuff, taking advantage of Dragonite’s adaptation period, affected its judgment for a while.

“Selong, GG!” Fang Yuan laughed looked towards Dragonite.

The treble of this time is like a tactful tune Normal, changing its direction out of thin air, and using Dragonite’s gap period, it blasts on it.

However, Dragonite does not seem to be defeated.

At this moment, due to the unfamiliarity of the first Mega Evolution, the injury and physical exhaustion, Altaria was forced to degenerate, and the violent explosion center, the dark Dragonite covered with injuries, had not fallen yet. Its Performance was better than Altaria is much stronger, and what affects its performance is only the willpower eroded by Darkness Strength.

“Let’s stop here, it seems that Altaria is not yet adapted to the Mega Evolution form.” Fang Yuan opened the mouth and said, forget it, it’s a tie.

“En.” Xie Qingyi nodded, it is a pity, is it less than 2 minutes to maintain the Mega Evolution in Altaria battle?

If it takes longer…she may be able to defeat Fang Yuan’s Dragonite.

No, Fang Yuan seems to be because Altaria released the Mega Evolution for the first time, and did not use Aura. Otherwise, the changes in Haze or the changes in the cotton feather debris hidden in the strong wind, it is impossible to hide Fang Yuan from outsiders .

Fang Yuan really does not want to go all out, after all, just to observe the strength of Mega Altaria.

“Bangwu~~!!!” On the other side, after the battle, Silly Dragonite scratched his head and fell down, looking towards Altaria on the other side, and suddenly felt dull. After the degeneration, it became less moving… …

Sure enough, Milotic is better! ! My heart will never change!

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