Pokemon Masters Chapter 792


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After the battle, Xie Qingyi came to Altaria and stroked Altaria’s head.

Through the battle just now, it has been confirmed that Mega Evolution’s Altaria at least has the strength of Peak Level Third Stage, and the difference is only Performance.

This is because Altaria is not familiar with Mega Evolution.

After Altaria is familiar with Mega Evolution, its strength will change with Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

“Senior Sister, how do you feel.”

At this time, Fang Yuan also came here and asked Senior Sister Xie how he felt.

“Very good…” She put her left index finger next to her temple, showing a thoughtful expression.

“But…” Xie Qingyi looked towards Altaria.

“Tweet~~~” Altaria looked innocent.

“But didn’t expect…Altaria is really a traitor to Dragon Race.”

Altaria: ying ying ying.

“It’s so good, Fairy Elite with Dragon Race traitor… I look forward to the expressions of those dragon grandmasters in China.” Fang Yuan laughed.

“Next, let Altaria develop the Fairy Skin Characteristic Trait.” Fang Yuan said.

At the time Ye Hui Grandmaster’s Pinsir developed the Flying skin Characteristic Trait. From mastering to proficient use of Characteristic Trait, it took nearly a week to master the power of Mega Evolution, even if it returned to the ordinary Pinsir form, that Pinsir was also plentiful harvest.

For example, Flying Type has achieved Peak Level Domain.

At the moment, Mega Evolution is the same for Xie Qingyi’s Altaria, it is an experience card that better controls Fairy’s energy.

As long as Assist Mega Evolution, experience the various special techniques of using Fairy energy brought by the Characteristic Trait of Fairy skin, even after degradation, Altaria’s understanding of Fairy Type will definitely bring it up a level.

In short, after mastering Mega Evolution… Altaria is almost qualified to fight Milotic.

“Senior Sister, do you know the Contest competition?”

“Contest Contest?” Xie Qingyi looked towards Fang Yuan, nodded. Of course, I know that the Trainer Association’s promotion of Contest Contest can be said to be completely crazy and ridiculous.

“The first Contest competition, held in August, is called ‘Fang Yuan Cup’. When the time comes, I should go to an exhibition match, but Rival has not yet decided.”

Fang Yuan’s gaze fell on Altaria and laughed: “How about it, why don’t you let Mega Altaria be my Rival, Senior Sister, your special tactics are very suitable for the stage of the Contest.”

Mega Altaria can make Dragonite’s heart beat in an instant, and it must be unique.

Plus Milotic, the exhibition match between the two Pokemons, the Contest competition must be pushed to the extreme.


Invited by Fang Yuan, Altaria was taken aback. It sounds interesting. It also knows about the Contest, but it depends on the meaning of its trainer.

“Yes.” Xie Qingyi also showed an expression of interest, without reason to refuse.

“Then it’s settled!” Fang Yuan grinned and said, “Before the Contest, the Key Stone and Altarianite will be held by the Senior Sister. You should try to adapt to Mega Evolution as soon as possible.”

There is still one month left before the Fang Yuan Cup of the first Contest competition is held. This time should be enough for Altaria to adapt to Mega Evolution.

After fully adapting to Mega Evolution, Xie Qingyi’s strength should be able to make a qualitative leap.

“This…” Xie Qingyi was very surprised while holding the Key Stone bracelet, but she and Altaria were naturally extremely happy about this.

“Is it OK to leave it to us.”

“Of course.” Fang Yuan said, and Fang Yuan’s words also made Dragonite look forward to it.

Dragonite, whose eyes floated to and fro, only analyzed one key content from the dialogue. Soon after, Mega Altaria and Milotic had a battle.

Ah this, it’s exciting to think about it, and then you have to find a way to watch the game.


In the next few days, Xie Qingyi stayed in Fang Yuan Laboratory and worked with Fang Yuan on Altaria’s Mega Evolution.

Related data, Rotom has already recorded almost.

The profound mystery of Mega Evolution attracts not only Fang Yuan, but also Xie Qingyi, a researcher.

So the two decided to start the “Mega Evolution Stone Detection Device” in advance.

In Pokemon world, Kalos Region Anistar City, there is a huge crystal “sundial” from the universe.

Pokemon Professor Blatano mentioned that when sundial is exposed to sunlight, it will release the same energy as that of Pokemon Mega Evolution. Follow this energy to find mineral veins with the same composition as Mega Stone.

This is the principle of the Mega Evolution stone detection device.

If Key Stone can turn Trainer’s feelings for Pokemon into rays, then the sundial will turn sunlight into rays of mystery. The principles are similar.

On Earth, Fang Yuan doesn’t know if there is a sundial this thing, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t.

In the mystical science system, there are research contents about sundial and Mega Evolution.

The theater version of the villain Jarvis, based on relevant knowledge, researched out a Mega Evolution wave that does not rely on Key Stone and Mega Stone and forces Pokemon Mega Evolution.

With this knowledge, we can simulate part of the nature of the sundial, and make Key Stone and Mega Stone detection devices. After Rotom analysis, it is theoretically feasible, but it requires a lot of experimentation, manpower, financial resources and material resources. Power is hard to do.

No matter what, the Mega Stone inspection device must be built.

As for the Mega Evolution wave this thing, it is good or bad for the Pokemon field. Fang Yuan doesn’t know, I will talk about it later.

In short.

The research on Mega Evolution in this mysterious science system can be said to be the supreme science not inferior to the soul-heart system.

The science of mechanical soul and heart and this scientific system of life energy are almost the most precious achievements in the mysterious science system, and they are worthy of Fang Yuan’s careful treatment.

“With this blueprint, the research work should progress smoothly…”

The next day.

Xie Qingyi in a black trench coat looked at part of the knowledge system compiled by Fang Yuan and the research drawings of Key Stone and Mega Stone detection devices through his mobile phone Rotom, opened the mouth and said.

At this moment, she was holding her luggage and was about to leave Fang Yuan’s Laboratory temporarily to perform related research tasks.

“Then I will trouble you.” Fang Yuan said.

These matters are left to “partners” to deal with, Fang Yuan can’t help it, he hasn’t had time to deal with research matters for a long time recently.

However, it is not so much a partner, as the current Xie Qingyi is Fang Yuan and Rotom’s research assistant.

Fang Yuan put forward the idea and Rotom carried it out. Now Fang Yuan and Rotom put forward the idea and Xie Qingyi carries it out.

“No trouble…” Xie Qingyi yelled back to Rotom, a little speechless. This kind of precious knowledge can already be said to be top secret in the country. Fang Yuan is really relieved that she is taking advantage of this cooperation. It doesn’t matter how many tool people are.

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