Pokemon Masters Chapter 793


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When Xie Qingyi went to help Fang Yuan deal with the experimental project of the Mega Evolution stone detection device, the time came to July 8.

This day is not a big day either, it’s just that the fifth Fang Yuan Conference organized by Fang Yuan will be held today.

The venue of the competition is the mountainside of Fang Yuan Laboratory.

At this time, after ten days of hard training, the participating players have adjusted their state to their best.

Eevee jumped onto a rock, observed the environment here, and then worried that he was afraid that the strongest combo skills he was about to show would level the place.

Magnezon Levitate faced the cheering from two Klinks in the sky, calm and nodded. In this game, the two Klinks knew they were not strong enough and did not participate, so they chose to stay in the audience to be a cheerleader for Magnezon.

There is also Ditto. Although Ditto may be the strongest in the children’s group, Venusaur, the weakest among the participating teams, can’t be compared. The participation is not meaningful. It’s better to be a spectator in the audience. Appreciate the heroic appearance of Monkey Bro.

Of course, the arrogant Infernape, although I am very happy that Ditto is willing to cheer for himself, he still warns Ditto to keep a low profile. The outcome is not yelled out by the mouth, but by the results.


Infernape’s fists collided and his eyes swept towards each and everyone Rival. Although the first round of the Contest exhibition match was not a battle, it was destined to not be peaceful…

The coordinated confrontation between combo skills is undoubtedly an invisible battle.

“Kou Jie!!”

On the other side, Gluttony sits on the ground. The closer the game is, the more it will be gobbled up. I am afraid that I will not have the strength to perform. At this time, Gluttony is still quite nervous. This conference does not allow Mega Evolution. Its advantages seem to be lost. Nothing left.

Dragonite and Milotic are both conserving strength and store up energy. It is worth mentioning that the past few days Dragonite is painful and happy, because Mega Altaria seems to have become best friends with Milotic, and it often acts as Altaria It is in a dilemma for the opponents of the competition. It no longer knows whether it should keep its hands or be ruthless in the battle.

Dragonite can only sigh, being a male dragon is really tired, I really want to become a Magikarp without worries.

This Fang Yuan Conference, a total of 7 Pokemon participated in the competition.

Venusaur, as the seventh main force, naturally also signed up for the competition. At this time, he was basking in the sun, closed his eyes and meditated, exuding a fierce breath all over his body.

Finally left the toddler group. This time it doesn’t want to be promoted, but it wants to be in the top six in the preliminary round, as long as it doesn’t finish.

For this, it specially prepared a big Unique Ability……

Eevee, Magnezon, Infernape, Gengar, Milotic, Dragonite, Venusaur, these Pokemon are all the contestants of this Fang Yuan Conference.


If there are contestants, there will naturally be a judging team.

There are three people responsible for the review.

The nightmare god Darkrai, mobile phone Rotom, and Fang Yuan.

The three judges represent three types, Pokemon, technology, and human.

Darkrai judges from the perspective of Pokemon. It is not difficult to judge the pros and cons of Pokemon’s combination skills based on its strength.

At this point, Fang Yuan originally wanted to ask Ninetales fox Luo Ke or Millennium Gengar to do the review, but in comparison, Darkrai is more suitable because it is strong enough.

Although the mobile phone Rotom is not strong, its theoretical knowledge and vision are solid enough. This is something Darkrai cannot compare. It will rate Pokemon players’ combinatorial skills from a relatively fair and professional perspective.

Fang Yuan naturally judges the performance from the perspective of human aesthetics and Trainer and Breeder. This judging team model is also a model that Fang Yuan hopes to promote in the Contest competition.

In the World Cup, there is Pokemon as a guest. Why can’t there be Pokemon judges in the Contest?

Pokemon, smart technology, and human beings are the judging team composed of these three individuals, which is the judging mode of the Contest competition that Fang Yuan hopes to see.

When the Pokemon were warming up, Darkrai and Luo Ke arrived. Darkrai and Luo Ke are actually very similar. One uses the dream to train the fossil Pokemon and the other uses the fantasy to train the Rockruff. They are one of the few pleasures.

Luo Ke is okay. Recently, only Rockruff needs training. Darkrai is busy. With the fossil Pokemon, it completely forgot Fang Yuan. It hasn’t come to the Laboratory to stop by these days and stayed in the fossil protection. The district accompanied the fossil Pokemon and made Fang Yuan call “scumbag” in his heart.

“They seem to be stronger again.”

After arriving here, Darkrai observed Pokemon such as Eevee, Magnezon, Gluttony, Venusaur, etc., and said immediately.

“Yes.” Fang Yuan laughed, and said: “During this period, they have worked hard.”

“It seems that the conference rewards this time are good.” Luo Ke said sharply.

“This is only one of the reasons. There will be a more severe challenge waiting for me soon. They are more of preparing for that challenge.”

Fang Yuan speaks, so the purpose of this conference is actually to let Eevee develop a new Certain Kill Skill

After all, the previous hole cards were almost revealed in the World Cup, and Eevee urgently needed new hole cards.

With their current strength, if you want to develop a new hole card, you only need an opportunity as simple as that, and the opportunity is the Contest version of the Fang Yuan Conference.

Fang Yuan never does meaningless things. For this Fang Yuan Conference, he is preparing for another thing.

“Challenge? Need my help?” Darkrai asked.

“No, I want to try it with our own strength.” Fang Yuan said.

“Are there any games again?” Luo Ke asked curiously.

After the World Cup is over, what games are worthy of Fang Yuan’s preparation?

Elite Competition? impossible.

“The president of the Trainer Association invited me to make twelve branches.” Fang Yuan said: “The twelve branches are Peak representatives in various fields in China, among which is included combat, breed, research, etc.”

“If I became a researcher, it shouldn’t be difficult. I guess it would be easy to pass the review and vote of the headquarters staff.”

“However, instead of becoming twelve clubs like this, I want to try to see if I can become twelve clubs with my combat ability. Of course, with my current strength, it is estimated to be very difficult, but even if it doesn’t work, I can know myself and the real twelve clubs Where is the gap, and take this opportunity to hone it.”

Victory Road!

If you want to become a twelve team with battle ability, the most basic requirement is to pass Victory Road.

This Victory Road refers to the place where the World Cup substitute selection was originally selected. On Victory Road, there is a mountain range with steep terrain. When the twelve trials begin, there will be 10 players who can rank in the top 50 in China. Each of the well-known Grandmasters is not inferior to Ye Hui and Jiangliu Grandmaster.

In other words, each Pass Defender has at least one top four battle strength breed to the extreme of the race.

The challenger needs to defeat 10 people in a row and walk to the top of the mountain in the form of levels to be considered as qualified to become a twelve team.

As far as Fang Yuan knows, this is a regulation that has only appeared in the past ten years. After the implementation of this regulation, no new trainers with the combat strength of 12 teams have appeared.

War God Fu Hei is called War God because he is the first Trainer to cross Victory Road in recent years. Therefore, he is a candidate for twelve teams.

Even the already twelve 3-Star Grandmaster had to admit his strength.

It can be said that if you want to become a 3-Star Grandmaster and become a twelve team with your combat strength, this basic requirement is enough to stump countless people.

Of course, with research ability to become twelve, the conditions are also very demanding. A normal person who wants to achieve Fang Yuan’s current research achievements is estimated to be more difficult than breed a Guardian God-level Pokemon.

Fang Yuan didn’t have the confidence to pass ten levels in a row. It is very difficult to pass even one level, but this challenge is worth a try, no matter what the purpose is.

Maybe, by challenging and challenging, the mysterious Pokemon egg can hatch.

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