Pokemon Masters Chapter 794


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After listening to Fang Yuan’s description, Luo Ke and Darkrai nodded.

Although it is not clear what Fang Yuan is thinking, since Fang Yuan chose to challenge, he must have his own ideas.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this, Fang Yuan Conference will start soon.” Fang Yuan said.

The first round of this Fang Yuan Conference, the Contest exhibition competition will show combo skills.

In the process of preparing for this link, Fang Yuan’s seven main forces, each of which received some guidance from him, developed a new Certain Kill Skill that can be used in the current state.

Now, it’s time to verify the results.

These results can be improved for nearly two months, because the challenge to Victory Road will not begin until at least September.

During this period, it was Fang Yuan’s time to improve his strength.


Nine o’clock in the morning.

The drawing of the seven Pokemon in the competition is complete.

The order of appearance is Venusaur, Gengar, Dragonite, Magnezon, Infernape, Milotic, Eevee.

In the auditorium, Ditto, Klink, Rockruff, Luo Ke, and the last millennium Gengar Naihe have all already got their juices and Pokéblock ready to watch the show.

The judges, Fang Yuan, are more serious and serious. As judges, they are the least likely to make mistakes.

The fairness and smoothness of a Contest contest is a great responsibility for the judges.

“No. 1, Venusaur.” Fang Yuan shouted on the temporary judging stage.

“Let’s do that!!!” As his voice fell, the big Venusaur stepped on the center stage with heavy steps.

Facing one after another gaze, it took a deep breath, and the surrounding air flow suddenly surged.

Before participating in the World Cup, Venusaur’s strength was not at the mid-level of Grandmaster Level, but after such a long period of training, Fang Yuan prepared a large number of Peak Level Berry seeds to allow Venusaur to transform the Sun Moon Forest. , It has made great progress.

His own strength gradually moved closer to Peak Level Domain.

“Let’s do that!!!” Venusaur was not nervous at the first appearance, as if a mountain stood there.

With a loud roar, there was an amazing sharp burst in its eyes, like a sword light Normal, at the same time, around the whole body, twenty-four sword-shaped long leaves with amazing power appeared.

The long leaves are very tender and green, but there are rays of light permeating. It is obviously strengthened by the Growth Move, and one piece is enough to cut Oreburgh.

“Is it possible to do this step.” In the audience, Luo Ke smiled when he saw it. It was indeed the Venusaur he taught.

These twenty-four long leaves are very similar to the starting skills of Leaf Storm Move, but the number of leaves is too small, and they are not very similar.

These twenty-four long leaves, in this way, Levitate formed a normal array around Venusaur. Just when all Pokemon were wondering what Venusaur would do next, there was a “weng” cry, these twenty-four On the long sword-shaped leaves, a layer of light blue waves formed, and the waves condensed into a sword shape.

It is Sword Dance Move.

When Pokemon uses the Sword Dance Move to increase its attack power, the body will gather blue long sword wave and rotate to gather momentum. At this time, Venusaur is also performing Sword Dance, but at this time its Sword Dance is perfect as before. The four long leaves fuse together.

“Let’s do that!!!” Venusaur roared, and the long leaf seemed to be strengthened to Oreburgh by Sword Dance, and a sword chant was faintly heard. In an instant, twelve of the sword leaves straight into the Ground, bursting out astonishing Waves make the big Fissure open, and the energy waves that spread out directly crush the stone. The other twelve roots rise slightly. The sword leaves of sky and Ground seem to form a sword array that blocks Ground and sky.

At this moment, the sword leaves are shaking, which can be said to be dancing. Venusaur a single thought fell. In an instant, the twenty-four sword leaves began to exchange positions. The sword leaves on the Ground shot towards the sky. The sword leaves on the sky fell like sword light, Hurricane’s alternate Sword Dance like showers, directly set off a storm. The early stage speed was slower, the Middle-Stage began to accelerate, and the later stage speed was extremely fast. It was dazzling, but impressive. A sense of invigoration, every viewer can feel the strong destructive power contained in the sword leaf storm.

In this process, Venusaur is like the Sword Master Normal who controls the sword array. The imposing manner is surging and rising, as if there is no end. The violent imposing manner spreads out by the sword leaf storm, a Pidgey, this is Venusaur’s own. The power is being strengthened by Sword Dance.

In the end, these twenty-four sword leaves, in the process of continuous combos, were close to combining together, forming a huge sword leaf, like the sword light from the dawn of Hurricane, and finally ended with a powerful raise upwards. , Put on the cloud, great formidable power! !

bang!! !

In the sight of all the Pokemon, as if they saw a blue light, they flew up to the sky in a flash, causing the clouds to be disturbed.

At this time, the Pokemon looked towards Venusaur again, and its imposing manner had been elevated to the extreme, and the surrounding area was even more messy, full of the attack marks left by the sword leaf storm.

“Awesome.” After the Millennium Gengar discovered that the frog gardener has such a powerful skill, he exclaimed and asked Luo Ke, what is this?

“I call it Immortal Beheading Sword Formation…” Luo Ke calmly said…

Immortal Beheading Sword Formation of shit… Eevee on the side spit out after hearing it, it was obviously the Ability Sword technique Hurricane style of the game!

“Leaf Storm, Growth, Sword Dance’s combo skills…” Regardless of what the audience and the players think, Fang Yuan and the three professional judges are here. Next, we have to score the combo skills performed by Venusaur.

Handsome, beautiful, cute…These Attributes, not only Milotic’s beauty can be used as a bonus item, but also other attributes.

Venusaur’s sword leaf storm is quite handsome. In the sharp blue green sword array, the air around Venusaur is oscillated by Bzz Bzz, and it itself is more like a divine sword about to stab shatter void Normal, forcing the grid to the extreme.

This move combines attack, defense, and strengthening, and the tactical effect is also very good. As for the difficulty of coordination, Venusaur uses the Sword Dance and Growth of the Normal Type and the Big Unique Ability Leaf Storm of this department, which is also considered acceptable.

Normal Type Move and enhanced Move are the most easily coordinated to attack the Ability of Move. The same Attribute makes it easier to coordinate. If the Attribute is different, it will be more difficult. Venusaur uses a combination of two Attributes and three Moves. After completing Sword Leaf Storm, the performance is still qualified.

At least Rockruff has been attracted by this handsome combo technique and his eyes are shining.

It also has one! !

Full score is 30 points, each review has 10 points, start grading.

Darkrai: “8 points, too little change.”

Rotom: “7.5 points, too many weak spots.”

Fang Yuan: “…7 points, miscellaneous but not precise.”

Although attacking, defending, and strengthening are integrated, it is too easy to crack, and every aspect is very ordinary, not the ultimate.

Composite skills, rather than being comprehensive but not strong enough, it is better to strengthen a certain quality as much as possible so that the effect can be maximized.

It is worth mentioning that the passing standard of the first review is based on the “Peak Level Coordinating Certain Kill Skill” as the passing line. Peak Level Coordinating Certain Kill Skill, the minimum requirement, must also contain a combination of skills This kind of energy can control the level to reach the Peak Level level. Venusaur is obviously unqualified.

The ability to coordinate the high-intensity energy that undergoes qualitative changes and integrate it into the combo technique is the ability.

In other words, Venusaur is not strong enough and has a low energy level. In fact, they are barely able to pass, 22.5 points. They have automatically entered the quasi Peak Level level to give Venusaur a score.

Of course, Venusaur’s score will be even higher, even full marks, if you use the standards of Pro Level and Senior Level to score, but unfortunately, this Fang Yuan Conference, its Rival is all Peak Level monster level. The requirements cannot be low.

22.5 points?

Venusaur wilted upon hearing this score.

Luo Ke is also startled, how come, such a handsome Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, although it can burn in a big character, but the score is too low…

Venusaur: 〒_〒 Wow, this is too little, I would not practice this before I knew it, and I will change the tree world to the Thousand-Hand Guanyin.

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