Pokemon Masters Chapter 795


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Venusaur’s 22.5 points undoubtedly gave other players a good reference standard.

Next, Gluttony took a magical step, and “hehehe” came out.

After Venusaur was off the field, Fang Yuan’s eyes naturally fell on Gluttony.

Before stepping onto the field, Gluttony was completely white, not Mega Evolution, but it changed its color with Reflect Type.

After walking on the field, the color of its whole body began to gradually turn black, extremely dark, unlike the color of Human World, as if it had just crawled out of the abyss.

In the center of the stage, under the gaze of the audience, Gluttony slowly lifted off, facing Ground with one hand, and Dark Flame constantly filled its palms.

Darkrai, Luo Ke, and Naihe have all seen Black Will-O-Wisp.

But Dark Flame can no longer be said to be a pure Will-O-Wisp. When used as the flame of Flamethrower and Fire Punch, the effect is also very good.

At this time, Gluttony doesn’t seem to be using Fire Punch at all, but instead is gathering some special power.

Gengar’s expression is full of madness and wildness. Its right fist is slightly retracted, and the flame on it is more vigorous. When it punches, the flame on the fist has exploded, and its volume has expanded several times.

At the same time, Levitate was below Gengar in the air, and its shadow instantly expanded, covering the entire stage.

Gengar’s fire fist, just like Infernape’s fire fist, is a ball of flame being beaten out. Underneath, Dragonite first feels the terrifying destructive power from Dark Flame.

This is by no means an ordinary Dark Flame.

“Roar————!!!” The moment Dark Flame broke away from Gluttony’s fist, it quickly changed its form, forming a body with a dragon head, and a dragon-shaped body composed of flames. Wei, let the watching Ditto, Klink, Rockruff exclaim.

This Black Dragon, which has been transformed from the black flame, is truly containing the power of the Dragon Type. Its huge body that is more than ten meters long, wraps the Dark Flame of the world, hovering in the air, moved towards the four directions roaring.

This roar is actually the sound of flame burning, but the vivid Dark Flame dragon gives every Pokemon the feeling that it is really a life.

“Kou Jie!!” In Gluttony’s evil smile, this Black Dragon plunged into the Ground full of Umbra, and disappeared on the field, as if entering a different space Normal. However, in the next second, the Dark Flame dragon again Appeared from another direction.

This Dark Flame dragon, taking the Umbra site like an ocean and clouds, shuttles and wanders, leaving Dark Flame unscrupulously, burning and destroying everything…

It’s so evil and cool. Obviously, Gluttony directly turned the venue into an Inferno space where the Black Dragon roams.

Seeing this, Venusaur opened his mouth wide, thinking about what would happen if it were his Blade Storm and Gluttony’s combo… the ending… is obvious.

Luo Ke and Millennium Gengar are all surprised expressions, how did they do this? ?

Feeling the surprised expression below, Gluttony is beautiful, but soon it overturned. The Dark Flame dragon flying in the shuttle suddenly collapsed and turned into Dark Flame. Everywhere…

At this moment, Gluttony scratched his head awkwardly, so time is too tight, it hasn’t been perfect yet…

“Very good.” Although Gluttony’s performance was not perfect, the flame spatter of the final Dark Flame dragon collapse was another kind of beauty.

Fang Yuan’s eyes narrowed. This flame killing Black Dragon wave is obviously a combination of fire and dragon.

Fang Yuan once asked Gluttony to train the Reflect Type when training the sub-space cutting skills, that is, to become the Dragon Type to study the space Move.

For this command, Gluttony has been executing it, and it has gained some benefits, but unfortunately it is not spatial.

Just now Gluttony turned itself into a dragon at the moment of its move, and used life energy, dragon power, and spirit strength as the fuel of Dark Flame at the same time, so it created the dragon wave of flame killing Black Dragon. .

In addition to Power of Flame, this Black Dragon wave contains strength of Dragon, which is a unique ability that restrains the dragon Pokemon.

The Umbra venue is actually Phantom Force Move, which belongs to the use of the Ghost Type space Move, which is why the Black Dragon can shuttle between two spaces.

A Dark Flame dragon that can travel through space… Obviously, this is a three-stroke combo of Reflect Type, Will-O-Wisp, and Phantom Force. The energy changes and shape changes contained in it are even more complicated, no wonder Gluttony is not yet perfect.

But even so, the potential of this combo is very powerful.

Even Infernape, Magneson, Milotic, Dragonite, Eevee, they all took a different look at Gluttony. This foodie has mastered such a terrifying Move.

It seems…the food is not in vain.

Especially Dragonite, worrying about themselves, and later civil war with Gluttony, you have to be careful.

It may not be afraid of the Black Dragon wave, but if there is a White Dragon wave, it can be killed.

Darkrai: “8 points, single effect.”

Rotom: “8.5 points, this Rotto likes it.”

Fang Yuan: “…8 points, it needs to be improved.”

Compared with Venusaur’s combo skills, Gluttony’s Black Dragon wave of flame killing puts the combo skills intent to deal with the dragon Pokemon. The effect is a bit single. There is no big problem apart from this. It can travel through different spaces. , Makes this ultimate move very wonderful.

In fact, even if the dragon is discarded, it is simply a combination of Dark Flame and Phantom Force, which is very powerful.

Using complex combos, Gluttony just wants to exercise his coordination skills.

“Kou Jie!!” After getting the score, Gluttony jié jié smiled, 24.5, not bad, it deserves to be based on the combination Certain Kill Skill developed by Charon Long.

Looking at Gluttony’s exit happily, Luo Ke and Naihe looked towards Gluttony with some relief. Gluttony has grown quite a bit.


After Gluttony, there is the brat of Dragonite.

Dragonite is very nervous, Venusaur is fine, but Gluttony’s combo skills are obviously on and off, which makes Dragonite a little nervous.

But it’s still necessary.

Dragonite’s combo skills are similar to Venusaur’s combo skills. They are all Moves that integrate attack, defense, and reinforcement.

But compared to Venusaur’s Blade Storm, Dragonite’s “Fighting Twister” is obviously stronger and more perfect.

It can almost be said that it is the Perfect Version of Milotic’s waterspout and Venusaur’s Blade Storm.

Dark Dragonite performs a dragon dance in the Extrreme Speed ​​state, and rotates the body extremely fast to form a Twister storm that wraps the body. The combination of Attributes contained in it includes Normal Type, Dragon, and Flying Type.

Although Dragonite also wants to join the Dark Type to turn the combo into a dark battle Twister, but the coordination ability is not enough.

In the combat Twister state, the fast Twister that wraps the Dragonite will change with Dragonite’s every move, becoming its armor and weapon. The Extrreme Speed-like Twister can penetrate and tear everything, and the Dragonite among them Following Twister’s rotation pattern, he has been strengthening himself through dragon dance. Thus making Twister stronger and stronger.

It looks like a God of Wind dragon appeared on the sky. In the process of fighting Twister, it passed through the ground ravaged by Venusaur and Gluttony. At this moment, it’s even more impossible. It’s a mess, if not all Pokemon. It is difficult to block the wind, I am afraid this mountainside is ruined.

“Stop, stop…” Dragonite has forgotten that he did a few dragon dances in the battle Twister. This is a continuous technique. The longer the dragon dances, the stronger the Twister. Because of the perfect sense of airflow, it can do it. Coordination and integration with Twister is something other Pokemon cannot do.

So compared to Venusaur’s Sword Leaf Storm, this trick is too flexible and changeable. Twister is big enough to destroy the mountain range, as small as seven or eight meters in size, all depends on Dragonite.

When this single damage formidable power is the strongest, it is estimated that it is time for Dragonite Extrreme Speed ​​to rotate its body to form a two or three-meter Twister for piercing and piercing.

After stopping Dragonite, Fang Yuan scored Dragonite soon.

Although it is not as complicated as Gluttony’s combo skills, the difficulty of fighting Twister is not low, and Dragonite has obviously used this combo skill relatively perfectly.

Dark Dragonite In the state of fighting Twister, Espeon’s Psychic is estimated to be unable to penetrate Twister.

Finally, due to Dragonite’s better combo skills, it scored slightly more than Gluttony, reaching 25.5 points.

Looking at the performance of the three Pokemon, it can be said that Luo Ke feasted their eyes.

Fang Yuan also smiled all the time. The stronger Pokemon’s strength, the happier he will naturally be, so that he can break through Victory Road.

Next, next.

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