Pokemon Masters Chapter 796


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Venusaur’s Blade Storm, Gengar’s Black Dragon Wave, Dragonite’s Battle Twister…

The three Pokemons that have already played have all demonstrated their coordination and combination skills of hard cultivation these days.

Soon, it was Magnezon’s turn to play.

Magnezon’s progress after the World Cup is also good. Under normal conditions, the dual types of electricity and steel have all entered the Peak Level Domain.

Although the training time is insufficient because of Fang Yuan’s food for the whole team, Fang Yuan knows this, so the resource tilt for Magnezon has always been the most.

So its strength is not far behind.

After Magnezon came out, Venusaur, Gengar, and Dragonite all looked towards it.

Eevee, Infernape, Milotic’s eyes also Lock On it.

Apart from Fang Yuan in the auditorium and judging seats, I don’t know what kind of unique ability Magnezon secretly practiced after the World Cup.


Super-electromagnetic gun, electromagnetic storm, iron sand sword, these are already very good combo skills, but Fang Yuan’s request for Fang Yuan Conference is for these Pokemon to develop new combo skills.

Magnezon is of course no exception, and the previous tricks are no good.

After Levitate came to the center of the stage, it thought for a while, looked towards the distance, and directly used the Electric Terrain Move.

next moment, Ground covered by Electric Terrain is instantly wrapped by the blue electromagnetic field, and is endowed with magnetism, especially the iron sand contained in Ground, which vibrates violently.

After setting up the venue, Magnezon red’s pupils flickered, and a silver afterimage separated from its body and flew into the distance.

Not Status Move, but genuine Substitute Move.

At Magezon’s strength, it is natural to learn a Substitute with no difficulty, but it is impossible to achieve Eevee’s double Substitute and multiple Substitute that’s all.

At this time, after Substitute was manufactured, under the order of the body, Substitute’s body began to be filled with blue lightning, and came to the high altitude. Under the thunder and lightning, it gradually became a huge blue Electro Ball.

Substitute’s Magnetic Characteristic Trait is activated.

In an instant, the Ground covered by Electric Terrain splits directly. The countless Rocks that make up the Ground seem to have been transformed into magnets by Electric Terrain, and gradually collapsed. Then a large number of magnets of different sizes began to fly into the sky and were attracted. On the Sphere Substitute.

Between the flying magnets, the arcs are constantly flashing, and they are connected to each other, as if forming an Electro Web that blocks everything. When they all converge on the Substitute, they finally form a Levitate sphere similar to a huge Meteorite.

This sphere takes Magnezon’s magnetic Substitute as its core, and it wraps countless magnets to form a huge round stone body. Although the stone bodies are closely connected, the flashing arc is undoubtedly a terrifying seal.

Seeing this huge sphere with a diameter of more than ten meters, Venusaur, Gengar, and Dragonite swallowed their saliva. They were thinking about a question. If Magnezon’s Rival is made of steel and Electric Type Pokemon, would it also be attracted by magnetism? Attracted to the ball within the body, and then sealed by countless magnets and Electro Web?

“Is it a combination of sealing steel and Electric Type Pokemon?”

Luo Ke, how they looked towards Magnezon in midair, speculated.

In fact, they guessed right, but only half of the right guess. Under the control of Magneson’s body, this giant Meteorite-like sphere began to rise, rise, and rise to a very high height. Then, it was suddenly The ontology of the game gives a powerful Gravity Move.

bang!! !

In the next second, the huge Meteorite descended from the air and hit a certain hill on the Laboratory mountainside. The moment the huge sphere hits the ground, the core Magneson Substitute directly uses the Self Destruct Move. Gravity guides the impact of the sphere landing, plus the internal Self. With the magnetic impact of Destruct, Meteorite became the most destructive power weapon in an instant.

After a loud noise, the lightning snake flew all over the sky, dust was covered, and its falling spot became a rock ruin.

Even if Magneson moved this “Earth Burst Star” combo far away, under the huge dust and fog and shock wave, the air wave still rushed towards Fang Yuan and the others.

Obviously, this is not a seal technique, but a seal and attack technique.

A mountain top was directly leveled by Magnezon.

After the performance, Magnezon looked towards Fang Yuan and smiled honestly.

Fang Yuan asked it to attack the mountain. Fang Yuan wanted to flatten that place to build other facilities.

“Good job!”

Fang Yuan smiled after Magnezon’s performance.

This move, don’t look at the normal Magnezon use, but the power is huge enough to make any Peak Level Pokemon headache, the only drawback is that the preparation time is too long, the consumption is too large, and the Magnezon body is unable to move during the period , Have to be cautiously manipulated.

But if you use it smoothly, the effect is gratifying.

Wait for Magneson to become stronger and accelerate the huge Meteorite to the same speed as the real Meteorite. Destructive power is estimated to destroy an island, and it may not be inferior to the Thunder God of Thunder that Prince of the Sea showed them.

Magnezon’s combination of earth and sky stars makes the other Pokemon’s scalp numb except Eevee.

The combination of the chef’s magnetic monsters is such a large-scale killer move.

Fortunately, this move is not mobile, so as long as they are not attracted to the center of the sphere, they can all hide.

In addition, this trick is really not aesthetic. Did Magnezon come to participate in the Contest? ? ?

Darkrai: “8.5 points, destructive power is good, but it can’t hit it.”

Rotom: “9 points, Contest is an explosion, this Rotto likes it.”

Fang Yuan said: “9 points.”

The preparation time is too long and the tactical value is single, requiring teammates to use it together.

Fang Yuan Help Magnezon developed this combination technique, and indeed it was only used for certain specific situations.

Substitute, Magnetism, Electric Terrain, Self Destruct, Gravity, the complexity of this combo is not inferior to the Black Dragon Wave and Twister combat.

It’s a pity that Magnezon can’t integrate Ally Switch into it, otherwise this trick will be more terrifying.

Although the strength is not strong, Magnezon’s coordination ability is not weak. The process of making Pokéblock is actually the process of exercising its coordination ability.

From its early days, it has been able to learn combination techniques such as the super-electromagnetic gun, and it can be seen that its training focuses.

In short, this trick is worth 26.5 points.

Gengar 24.5 is because of its imperfect trick. Although there are many types of Attributes, it is rough in use. Dragonite 25.5 is because it carries the Silver Wing and Assists the power of Lugia, not even its own strength.

Magnezon leads the way with 26.5 points, because it has maximized its coordination quality and strength.


Magnezon’s blasting sky star shocked Luo Ke, Naihe, Ditto, and Rockruff.

Also shocked Infernape who played next.

Infernape played silently, regardless of its strongest individual strength, but it would be difficult for it to create the destruction range like Magnezon just now.

After all, the Attributes are different, the fighting styles are different, and Magnezon can be regarded as Assisting a lot of foreign object Rock and Earth’s own Gravity power.

However, if it is a battle, Infernape can guarantee that Magnezon will be killed in seconds before Magnezon can create such a horrible Move.

It was exhaled, walked slowly to the venue, and began to show off his combo skills.

Come to the field calmly, its foot lightly, the electric pattern flickered, and Infernape’s body levitate directly into the air.

It is the moon step technique that simulates the electromagnetic levitation state.

In the process of moving towards Levitate in the air, Infernape exploded with the current limit of battle strength.

Thunder Flame mode, Eight Inner Gates, third life gate, open!

As he entered this state, various parts of Infernape’s body began to congestion and turn red, and sweat a lot.

This is the last Safety Sector of Infernape Eight Inner Gates, in midair. At this time, Infernape’s body is exuding red golden energy and looks very handsome.

Infernape has already told everyone with actions that its control of the Thunder Flame mode has reached the point of shrinking freely. Even if it enters the third, there is no large amount of energy exposure.

For Infernape, proving that his strength control for Thunder Flame mode has become better is a way to prove his coordination ability.

Thunder and lightning, among all attributes, are also the most violent and powerful energies with attack power. It is extremely difficult to coordinate these two attributes.

even more how, the ultimate goal of interlacing force is to fuse two energies.

At present, Infernape can only coordinate lightning and flame compression as much as possible, and the distance merges to form the most perfect interlacing force, and there is still a long section of the road to go.

Following Fang Yuan’s suggestion, Infernape’s coordination skills practiced coordination of the energy of Thunder Flame.

“Oh!!” Infernape thought in the air.

It is necessary to use ultra-high-speed, super-attack fists, containing Thunder Flame energy attack…A pair of fists contains the power of Thunder Flame, which means nothing. What Infernape has to do is to use countless pairs of Thunder Flame. Powerful fist attack.

The power of Thunder Flame’s interlacing power is equally divided among countless fists, so that the huge Thunder Flame power will follow its will and produce changes in form.


sky, Infernape started to do it. From the outside, it looked like it was just a powerful punch, punch with the left hand, retract, right hand punch, retract… Left hand punch, retract, right hand punch , Take it back, just do it repeatedly.

The movement is very slow at the beginning, and then the movement gradually becomes faster. During this period, Infernape is actually adjusting Essence, Qi, and Spirit to guide the power of Thunder Flame.

In the sight of the Pokemon, Infernape had a traceable fist at the beginning, and suddenly became a Hurricane shower. Normal, only the shadow of the fist and the sky-splitting sound were left.

bang!! bang!! bang!! ! !

Every time punched out, it seems like a thunderbolt burst.

The high-speed punches rubbed against the air, leaving only a red light flicker, just like the flames of Infernape’s body touching the air.

When the full sky fist shadow covered Infernape’s body, Infernape began to explode, and the Thunder Flame, which was rushing into the sky, stretched directly upwards and downwards for more than ten meters. When the terrifying Thunder Flame erupted, the full sky fist shadow was stained with the red golden Thunder Flame interlaced power.

There are nearly a hundred fist shadows. These fist shadows are not only the afterimages of Infernape’s punches that appear to the extreme, but they are also real fists.

Infernape used the technique of Status Move and applied it to his arms and fists. Outsiders may think that these fist shadows were simply produced by punching too fast, but Infernape actually made dozens of attacks at the same time.


Infernape shouted in the air. When the combo was completely formed, among the countless shadows of the fists, the scattered Thunder Flames dyed the sky red, like the sunrise Normal bright, like the dazzling peacock tail feather Normal! ! The strong boxing wind swept through the Thunder Flame, like a red golden peacock with an open screen descending on Normal, landing on the Ground, bringing destruction.

“hong long! !” With a sound, Divine Bird landed, Ground directly collapsed and was crushed by countless shadows of fists, and the surrounding sounded like Earthquake Normal.

Combination skills, facing the peacock, split the huge Thunder Flame power evenly among countless punches, which not only bursts out stronger strength, but also reduces the burden on yourself! !

“Busy!” In the audience, Ditto was so excited, Rockruff also showed a look of yearning.

Too great, too great, these Seniors are too great.

Even Peak Level Totem such as Luo Ke and Naihe have to admit that this move is equally scary.

Infernape has completely exploded the power of Thunder Flame…for the local destructive power, it absolutely surpasses the magnetic Meteorite of Magnezon.

Looking at his masterpiece in front of him, Infernape shook his head. The strength of the Thunder Flame in the three-door state was still too weak.

After all, it is a Fighting Pokemon. The damage can be maximized if the fist hits the enemy in real life. Right now, it is only the impact that’s all caused by the aftermath of the peacock, so the visual effect of destructive power is not good.

Infernape knows that if the peacock is used on the enemy in the close state, Rival will be instantly submerged in the peacock’s tail feathers and be destroyed by the full sky.

And if in the state of four…five…even six, Seven Sects, with a larger Thunder Flame staggered force, use the peacock, thousands of fist shadows will fall, Infernape is also willing to believe that with this This kind of attack technique can destroy an island with the aftermath alone.

It has to keep working hard.

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