Pokemon Masters Chapter 797


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Magnezon and Infernape’s performance constantly stimulates the hearts of Luo Ke and Naihe.

Every combination technique is so destructive power and so cool, which surprised them.

“This kid is really a monster…” In the auditorium, the Millennium Gengar looked towards Fang, sighing with emotion.

Now it is estimated that every main force of Fang Yuan, except for the frog watering the flowers, is stronger than it, right? ?

Not long ago, Fang Yuan was still a cute new man who begged it to entrust Gluttony to him.

In the blink of an eye, he became a tycoon not inferior to that Psychic old man.

Gluttony is handed over to Fang Yuan for training, which is the most correct choice that Millennium Gengar has made.

“After all, he is the strongest in this World…youngster.”

Luo Ke said by the side.

“Yes, yeah, it seems that Gluttony’s kid is dragging him down, Gluttony’s bastard, he knows to eat all day long, he doesn’t know how to work hard, and he doesn’t look at how good other Pokemon are!! “The thousand-year Gengar smashed the crutch, hate iron for not becoming steel.

Among these Pokemon, Gluttony is definitely one of the best in terms of birth, but it turned out to be disappointing.

The Millennium Gengar has decided that Gluttony will be beaten up after the Fang Yuan Conference.


In the judging seat.

These days, mobile phone Rotom rarely pays attention to Pokemons, and has been collating information about Mega Evolution and research projects at Help Xie Qingyi.

Fang Yuan took the time to instruct these Pokemon combos.

When scoring, the mobile phone Rotom was also a little emotional. At this moment, when Fang Yuan challenged Victory Road, there might be a good show.

Those Pass Defenders will definitely collect Fang Yuan’s tactical intelligence in World Cup in advance.

At that time, Fang Yuan would definitely not play his cards according to his routine…

“It’s Milotic.” Fang Yuan said.

Beside him, with Infernape’s exit, Darkrai also nodded looked towards Milotic.

Darkrai’s thoughts are surging.

Fang Yuan does have a good skill in cultivating Pokemon. After seeing the gorgeous combination of Pokemon, this nightmare god is also a little moved.

It has the current strength, but simply developed a certain Move, a certain ability, and a certain Attribute to the extreme.

Combining different Moves and different abilities together to play a stronger battle strength combo technique, Darkrai has rarely studied it.

In the future, you may be able to ask Fang Yuan’s views…

Milotic is out.

Venusaur after the performance, and Eevee who did not appear, all looked towards Milotic.

At this moment, Milotic’s expression is very indifferent.

It has seen so many gorgeous combos, but it still doesn’t show any unusual expression.

Although the teammates have very powerful combos, Milotic feels that their realm is too low.

Coordination is definitely not a lot of Move and a lot of Attribute accumulation.

It is the use of a certain Attribute and a certain Move clearly understood origin.

Today, it, Milotic, will use the Move of a single Vincent Attribute to teach these teammates what is the essence of coordination.

“Furwu~~~~” In the ethereal voice, Milotic’s scales exudes faint rays of light.

It was singing and praying. In the process, sky formed a huge rain cloud that could cover the entire stage.

The pouring rain fell instantly, and apart from being more powerful, it did not look much different from ordinary Rain Dance.

But at this moment, Dragonite, the most sensitive to rain in Fang Yuan’s team, has discovered an unusual place.

And Eevee, who was calm from start to finish like Milotic, also showed a surprised expression for the first time.

With their eyes, Lock On turned on every drop of water, revealing an unimaginable expression.

“eivui…” Eevee stood up with a solemn expression. He didn’t expect Milotic to do this step.

During the heavy rain, Milotic, who was covered in crystal white light, whispered Levitate into the air, and the downpour also stopped.

Not stopping, but standing still.

Every drop of rain is still in the sky, and the splashed water drops never fall again, everything is in perfect harmony.

Dense raindrops gather together to form a water area, and Milotic seems to have created a sea of ​​sky.

However, this is not what Milotic wants to show. What it wants to tell Pokemon is that every drop of rain in the sea of ​​sky is alive.

The next scene that happened, even Darkrai was extremely shocking.

A lot of water droplets, as if they had their own consciousness Normal, merged together, and in an instant, a large number of fishes appeared in the sky that were constantly swimming in the sea of ​​sky.

These transparent fishes composed entirely of water have different shapes, but they have the same characteristics. Not only are they lifelike, their bodies also contain the vibrating power of Water Pulse, and they have amazing attack power. In the sea of ​​sky, transparent fish The two groups collided, and a strong wave suddenly broke out, shaking out water mist.

However, these fish schools resemble resurrection, quickly recondensing by the mist.

In the end, it is directly integrated into a larger lifeform with terrifying power.

This Pokemon composed of rainwater exudes huge life fluctuations, just like living Pokemon.

This is a Pokemon similar to a whale. It has two huge pectoral fins and a deep blue body. It is like the king of the deep sea who controls all oceans, with strong pressure.

There was no attack, it was just that Levitate was there, simply gazing around, and the weak Pokemon such as Ditto, Klink, Rockruff, trembled all over.

“Pokemon is detected…Pokemon is detected…” At this time, the Pokédex function of Rotom of the mobile phone is also useful.

This Pokemon made up of rain can be recognized by the Pokédex as a living Pokemon! !

Under the shocked eyes of all the Pokemon, Milotic dissipated everything and Kyogre disappeared silently, but the silhouette formed a lake at the moment of disappearance.

As long as Milotic’s power is stronger, Zhang Dahai can’t be expanded.

Although it doesn’t look like a strong attack method, Darkrai and Rotom are silent at this time.

Luo Ke and Millennium Gengar are also a little puzzled.

This kind of power…how can it appear in ordinary Pokemon.

“you did good.”

Fang Yuan’s expression is indifferent. Milotic has absorbed the power of the Sea of ​​Origin, and cooperated with its own coordination foundation, so that it understands the true meaning of the sea as the origin of life. Now it can well combine Life Strength and Water Type. A more perfect combination of power.

Now its use of Life Strength has been greatly improved.

Although it cannot enhance Move and raise Life Level with life energy like Eevee did.

But its life energy application skills, Eevee currently does not.

The development direction of the life energy of the two Pokemon is completely different.

Eevee uses life energy to strengthen other energies and improve its own Life Level.

The development direction of Milotic is similar to Moltres, the master of Fire of Life of Dojo Sect Master Tao Xiuying Grandmaster.

The legendary Moltres is the god of fire at the same level as the god of thunder. It can use life energy with flames to create conscious and alive flames that remain indestructible for several decades, and have a healing ability.

Milotic is currently doing the same thing, but it imparts life consciousness to water.

However, because it is too weak and the use of life energy is just entered, it can’t reach the level of the god of fire. Now it can only achieve similar effects for a short time under its own control.

Don’t say that it has been maintained for a hundred years, it is out of the control of the body, and it can’t be maintained for 1 second.

But this kind of ability has already marked Milotic’s way out of its own. If one day it can enter the realm of legend and reach the level of the god of fire, it is not impossible.

Giving energy to life consciousness, even the current Eevee can’t do it, so Eevee will be surprised. After all, Milotic still teaches the basic use of life energy.

But now it seems that Milotic has escaped its influence through the fortuitous encounter.

“Oh!!” Infernape also stared at Milotic solemnly. If he can do this, does it mean that Milotic’s move is stronger?

Can it replace the effects of Fire of Life and heal its injuries? ?

Although the effect of water flow will definitely be worse than that of flame, if the side effects of interlacing force can be cured, its training intensity should be improved.

No matter how powerful Milotic is, in Infernape’s eyes, he is still a nanny…

Darkrai: “10 points.”

Darkrai first gives the score. It is worthy of the score to coordinate Life Strength and Water Type to achieve this point.

Don’t look at Gluttony’s Dark Flame also using life energy, but it uses life energy as fuel crudely, and its coordination ability does not actually account for much, which is the reason for its low score.

But Milotic, is to give water life consciousness, the level is completely different, if its current ability is Primary Rank, the owner of Fire of Life, Moltres, uses the intermediate rank for this ability, then the Top Rank application is manufacturing life!

The final realm they lead to is Ho-Oh, the god-pillar king’s power to create legendary life.

Rotom: “10 points, this Rotto likes it.”

Fang Yuan also said: “10 points.”

This coordination ability may not be obvious in attack, but the healing effect of Fire of Life is understood.

For treatment, this coordination technique is a lore!

Fang Yuan laughed in his heart. Milotic has gone farther and farther on the road of nanny, attractive spectacle.

With Milotic’s current healing ability, coupled with a large amount of Pokéblock to replenish energy, Victory Road’s rule of 10 consecutive levels within the specified time is actually not a problem for Fang Yuan.

Full score, 30 points! !

After the score is determined, the review result of the first round of Contest exhibition match has been confirmed, and Milotic is the 1st place.

“eivui!!!” As the score was released, Eevee’s head on the side grew bigger.

Hey, it seems that the first round can only be tied for first place.

Even though Milotic showed such an amazing coordination method, after Eevee was surprised, he still had an indifferent attitude.

It believes in its own power.

“Eevee.” After Milotic was over, Eevee stepped on the water field under Fang Yuan’s shout and stepped onto the stage with a calm expression.

Milotic glanced at Eevee with a thoughtful expression.

What combination skills did Eevee big sister prepare for this Fang Yuan Conference?

Magnezon, Infernape, Gluttony, Dragonite, they are also very curious.

“Hey, that one.”

Fang Yuan looked towards Eevee on the field, pointing to a larger hill beside the mountain destroyed by Magnezon, opened the mouth and said.

These are all required to flatten and expand the Laboratory.

The Pokemon in it were all expelled in advance, just taking advantage of this opportunity to smash.

If Eevee’s combo skills hit the sky, it would be meaningless. If they hit this side, they will all belch, which is not very good.

So, I can only go down the mountain wronged.

Eevee was calm and nodded, looking towards the mountain. After so long, the World Cup has naturally changed its strength.

Partner Eevee’s form has reached the Peak Level Second Stage with constant training of coordination ability.

Partner Eevee of the 13 Series Peak Level has a breakthrough in coordination ability, which is a terrifying result.

Next, this move is proof. After simply separating the four Substitutes, one body, four Substitutes, and five bodies appeared together, looking towards the same direction.

Seeing this scene, Magnezon’s eyes rolled…have a bad feeling.

Milotic also dangled his eyebrows. Since his understanding of assist skill and Z-Move, Eevee has rarely used the Substitute joint combat method. Today I used it again. Is there any breakthrough?

“eivui!!!” “eivui!!!” “eivui!!!” “eivui!!!” “eivui!!!”

next moment, five Eevee spoke at the same time, using actions to tell everyone that it has the ultimate coordination ability.

The five Substitutes are very close together. Among them, the Eevee body creates a constantly rotating Confusion group through Psychic.

The Confusion group of cyan spins frantically, like a small typhoon Normal, containing terrifying destructive power.

The rest of the Substitute respectively made a rotating sphere of orange red emitting huge light and heat. This is Fire Element Move.

There is also a rotating Electro Ball that emits high-intensity current and continuously emits ka ka ka like a thousand birds singing. This is the Electric Type Move.

And a spiral shadow ball exuding Umbra fluctuations, like a black hole Normal with amazing swallowing power, this is Ghost Type Move.

The last one is a small pink storm sphere with violent flashing rays of light and a fragrance. This is the Fairy Type Move.

Psychic, Flame, Thunder, Ghost, Fairy… The five Attribute partners, Move, have undergone the enhancement of mind, life energy, and shape changes, and are displayed in a “spiral” form by Eevee and Substitute respectively.


After the five major Moves were formed, the four Substitutes disappeared in a burst of white smoke, leaving only five terrifying rotating spheres spinning behind Eevee.

The five spheres kept approaching, and finally twisted to form a ring state. Under the rapid rotation and correlation, the energy after waves squeezed and expanded each other, but due to Eevee’s control, there was no explosion.

gu lu.

Looking at the five rotating spheres behind Eevee’s tail, Luo Ke and Naihe all swallowed.

Darkrai also showed an unimaginable expression. Is this Eevee?

Magnezon’s expressions are even more exciting. Is this trick…finished?

“eivui!!!” After the move is condensed, Eevee expression is as usual, easily moved towards the distant hill threw away.

The attack version of the nine-color sublimation that Fang Yuan conceived at the time gathered together. With Eevee’s current coordination skills, it can already achieve multi-color sublimation.

Milotic just said that coordination is not the accumulation of a large number of Attributes. At this time, Eevee has to use a large number of Attributes to prove such destructive power……

“bang! !” A sound of “bang!” was in the sight of all Pokemon.

The mountain in the distance was directly covered by a bright light covering the entire sky, and no trace was visible.

At the same time, there was intense energy fluctuations in that area. The whole process was like a black hole swallowing everything. The sun suddenly expanded, bursting out incomparable rays of light, burning everything, and thunder and lightning. Spiritual God heaven punishment Normal, spectacular.

The flickering rays of light over there are like a galaxy shattered and stars are succeeding, nothing more beautiful can be imagined.

As half of the mountain disappeared from the map, Magnezon, Infernape, Milotic, Dragonite, Venusaur twitched their mouths.

Tell us, besides Guardian God level Pokemon, who can take this trick? ? ?

Please be a Pokemon.

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