Pokemon Masters Chapter 798


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Eevee’s score is naturally a perfect score without any suspense.

Even though Milotic has the fortuitous encounter of the sea of ​​origin, in comparison, Eevee is still more powerful in the comprehensive use of mind and life energy.

Use life energy to sublimate everything, complete the transformation of life form, and become Partner Eevee, and with Fang Yuan’s help, master many assist skills that integrate special powers, which is already unimaginable.

After further development, Eevee also mastered Assist’s natural energy use Z-Move method, a proper legend template.

The multi-colored sublimation gathered together, in terms of potential, it is not inferior to Z-Move.

Although the current power is not enough to match the full Z-Move assisted by Fang Yuan, this is Eevee’s own path.

No matter how powerful Z-Move is, you have to Assist Trainer and Assist Sparkling Stone. In theory, this is not entirely Eevee’s own power.

But Fang Yuan and their original attack version of Jiucai sublimation gathered to the top, but Eevee could do it himself.

Furthermore, this is a trick with multi-tasking, multi-substitute, and multi-Attribute energy coordination as the core. It can be said to be a unique one, and few Pokemon can replicate it.

“30 points!!”

Compared with Magnezon’s Earth Blasting Star, Eevee’s trick is not very expensive, but the damage caused is even more terrifying.

Darkrai, mobile phone Rotom, and Fang Yuan naturally cannot give scores other than full marks.

If the highest score is not only 30 points, they all want to give a higher score.

Even Darkrai doesn’t think he has the coordination ability like Eevee.

Looking at Eevee who flung his tail and returned to his seat, Ditto and Klink from the toddler group were silent, turning their heads to warn and scare Rockruff…

From now on, it doesn’t matter if you bite on the sofa sheets in the Laboratory. Don’t touch Eevee’s things, especially the mobile phone, otherwise that mountain will be your end.

Rockruff: Woo…٩(*Ӧ)و


The first round of the Fifth Fang Yuan Conference Contest is over.

According to the scores, the four Pokemons that have advanced are Eevee, Milotic, Infernape, and Magnezon.

Next, the four Pokemon will compete in the Contest to determine the final champion.

But the game has to be played in the afternoon. After all, the combination skills just now consume a lot of Performance and need to be supplemented appropriately.

During this period, Fang Yuan, who watched the Pokemon’s training results, was very excited and did not idle.

At this time, somewhere in China, the president of the China Trainer Association who had just finished lunch suddenly received a communication.

“Caller…Fang Yuan?”

Looking at the name displayed on the personal communication device, the association president with gray and white curly hair was slightly startled. What did Fang Yuan look for?

“Is it Mega Evolution business?”

He thought about it and connected to the communication.

“Hey, is it the president? Have you eaten it.”

President Wen: “…”

“I have eaten it, what’s the matter.”

President Wen pondered then said, waiting for Fang Yuan to give himself a big surprise. Could it be that Fang Yuan found some high-race Pokemon evolution stones?

Such as Charizardite, Tyranitar Evolution Stone, Dragonite Evolution Stone and the like.

In this way, the top battle strength like twelve can have Guardian God-level battle strength.

So far, none of the evolution stones found is suitable for the top battle strength.

Only one piece of Gengarite, that is Fang Yuan’s exclusive Items, and the ownership is not the association.

“It’s a matter of twelve branches.” Fang Yuan said.

At the time, President Wen asked Fang Yuan to take over at the association headquarters in September, but did not say much about other specific details.

It turned out to be this… President Wen thought Fang Yuan was here to ask himself for specific details.

President Wen said: “You don’t have to worry too much about this, you can take over directly when the time comes.”

Other 2-Star Grandmaster wants to be promoted to 3-Star and even compete for twelve positions. They have to prepare in advance and canvass votes so that they can pass the review of the staff with greater probability, but Fang Yuan does not need to do so.

This situation is partly caused by insufficient hard power of competitors.

A grassroots researcher like Fang Yuan who can influence the world structure, apart from qualifications is a problem, no one can question the problem of ability.

In this position, apart from Fang Yuan, there is no other more suitable seat.

Furthermore, considering Fang Yuan’s age, President Wen and Konghai Grandmaster and the others who value Fang Yuan more have paved the way for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan only needs to grow up slowly under their protection and shoulder the future of China Trainer Association. You don’t need to worry about other things too much.

After all, from beginning to end, it was not Fang Yuan who wanted to be twelve branches.

But China Trainer Association needs Fang Yuan to do it. In that case, Fang Yuan naturally does not have to worry about the assessment.

“That’s not what I mean… I heard from Mr. Fu Hei that the twelve branches are the authority in various fields in China, and they can become twelve branches in various fields such as combat, research, and breeding.”

“For different types of Trainers, the review standards given by the staff are different.”

“Chairman, you wanted me to become a researcher of twelve branches before, but my dream is to become the strongest Trainer…” Fang Yuan said solemnly.

Fang Yuan’s words are over. On the communicator side, President Wen feels a little bit in his heart, feeling that Fang Yuan will pose a problem for himself…

“Um, chairman, help me start the challenge of Victory Road…”

“I want to challenge myself. If I can’t pass, let’s be a researcher…”

Fang Yuan’s eyes are piercing, and he wants to use battle to quickly improve himself and stimulate his potential. If he fights to support the battle, at present, only Victory Road is left in China. The challenge is suitable for Fang Yuan. It is a waste of this challenging facility.

He benefited a lot from the World Cup World Cup. Fang Yuan believes that the more cruel Victory Road challenge will definitely make his strength further.

After all, in Victory Road, ten veteran Grandmasters who can assess twelve candidates, each of them has the ability to sweep the World Cup.

President Wen:? ? ?

You kid, what are the twelve branches?

Trainer’s assessment challenge is not enough, come back to be a researcher?

President Wen vomits blood.

“I…” President Wen over there was very dazed, and blamed Fu Hei.

Fang Yuan, a person with great wisdom, is so impossible to challenge Victory Road, which is known as impossible, so Fu Hei must be bewitching!

Does Fang Yuan know what Victory Road’s challenge represents? ?

In the huge land of China, there have been countless talented Trainers in the past 20 years, but since the Victory Road challenge facility was established, only one person can pass.

That is a test that only monsters can pass. It is an impossible test set up by President Wen in order to find a successor. The difficulty of each level will increase gradually, and the fighting intensity is very high.

Even if the challenger has the ability to defeat Guardian God-level Pokemon, the probability of passing is less than 50%.

President Wen thought about Fang Yuan’s strength…shook the head. For Fang Yuan, this was an impossible assessment.

Although the battle strength of Fang Yuan’s performance in the World Cup is very close to the forefront of the China Trainer field, the challenge of Victory Road is not as simple as a regular game. It is very complicated… Moreover, what is the true strength of Fang Yuan? , Many people are very clear.

Whether it is Aura’s overuse or the outbreak of that special Infernape, the burden is huge.

Relying on this explosive tactic, it is impossible to pass Victory Road’s continuous high-intensity challenges. The World Cup gives players a break, but Victory Road challenges will not. Therefore, Fang Yuan can only pass the first few levels at most, and he will be powerless. .

“I see, you want to challenge Victory Road with that Darkrai, right.”

President Wen suddenly realized Fang Yuan’s thoughts.

He almost forgot this.

Although only a few people know it, as the president of the association, he knows it naturally.

Fang Yuan befriends a Guardian God-level Darkrai. If it is the power of Assist Darkrai, Fang Yuan may indeed pass Victory Road.

“No, I’m not going to let Darkrai help. I just want to meet some legendary Victory Road challenges.” Fang Yuan said.

If the power of Assist Darkrai is boring, even if it can push Victory Road horizontally.

Although he occasionally asked Darkrai to help, Fang Yuan didn’t think he was qualified to be Darkrai’s Trainer before he defeated Darkrai himself.

“Not Assist Darkrai?”

President Wen can’t understand what Fang Yuan is thinking.

In that case, where does Fang Yuan come from.

Or, Fang Yuan is really just thinking about the challenge of Assist Victory Road, to hone himself?

President Wen gradually believed what Fang Yuan said. It seems that Fang Yuan really wants to give herself some experience.

So, is it worth it to start an impossible Victory Road challenge for Fang Yuan?

That would consume a lot of manpower, material and financial resources…

Soon, President Wen had a judgment in his mind, and it was worthwhile. Although Fang Yuan’s research was amazing, his trainer potential was not low.

Think about it carefully. Among Trainers of the same age in this era, it seems that no one can compare to Fang Yuan…

It’s terrifying…

“Are you sure.” President Wen asked finally.

“OK.” Fang Yuan also replied.

Fang Yuan needs high-intensity battles at this level to improve himself. Although the comfortable special training is good, but without the recent pressure, not only Eevee, but also Fang Yuan himself, will not be able to boost his energy and will be more efficient. Reduced.

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