Pokemon Masters Chapter 799

“President Wen must have a headache, right?”

The old principal of Shanghai University, who has repeatedly jumped across countless times, knows Fang Yuan too well. Normal people can’t tell whether Fang Yuan is a researcher or a trainer.

At the same time…

Peak Level Dojo Sect Masters in China who are eligible to receive news, such as Vulcan Dojo Tao Xiuying Grandmaster, have also received news.

The major Peak Level inheritance, Yulong lineage, Spirit Realm lineage, Tianxue lineage, Jiwu lineage’s Peak Level Trainer, also got news.

There are also the twelve incumbents, Kong Hai and Ma Chenzong, they are naturally the first to get news from President Wen.

As the older generation of Trainers, they had already had twelve before Victory Road was established, and they had never challenged Victory Road.

In the past 20 years, although not many Trainers have challenged Victory Road, they are not many. It just so happens that every time they are challenged, they are audiences, and they know the difficulty there.

So many trainers of shocking and stunning all fell into a certain level in the end. Only War God Fu Hei successfully passed. It is conceivable that it is not easy to finish Victory Road.

Even a few of them dare not say that their current physical condition can support such a high-intensity battle.

Pokemon may be possible, but they are too old. I don’t want to rest for a few days and nights.

In short, not just anyone can start the Victory Road challenge. Only twelve candidates are eligible.

Now, Victory Road challenged to restart, what it means, these trainers of China Peak are very clear.

On this day, the top part of China Trainer field vibrated.

If the person who wants to challenge Victory Road is a veteran 2-Star Grandmaster, that’s all, but the actual situation… is a youngster in his early 20s who wants to challenge.

World Cup champion……Dr. Ron Prize Professor……Fang Yuan!


At this time, Shanghai, Fang Yuan Laboratory.

Fang Yuan knows that the outside world will definitely be shaken by his own nonsense.

But he is curious now, which ten Grandmasters will become Victory Road Pass Defender, waiting for himself to challenge.

“Bah, how can you be foolish? I am obviously serious!”

Fang Yuan looked serious, watching Eevee and Milotic fighting fiercely in the Fang Yuan Conference finals, turning serious into anticipation.

In the end, it was the two of them who advanced to the Fang Yuan Conference to fight decisively. Fang Yuan didn’t have many surprises.

After all, the outcome of the Contest exhibition match is not entirely determined by strength.

Like the previous battle between Milotic and Infernape, even if the Attribute was restrained, Infernape had been playing Milotic under pressure. This shows that Infernape’s combat capability is higher than Milotic.

But I was angry. Infernape was not sure about the essence of the Contest exhibition. Milotic cracked several attacks and Assist countered several attacks. The Contest value hua hua dropped.

Milotic cracked the offense with clever skills and less physical strength. In the Contest, doesn’t it wait to lose?

Even if you can win in actual combat, in the Contest competition, you still have to look at the value of the Contest. So, with a face of confusion, Infernape directly lost the match.

Currently, Milotic, who is fighting Eevee in the Battle Hall, is very passive.

For battles on land, Milotic has the strength of Peak Level Second Stage, and for battles in the ocean, it has the strength of Peak Level Third Stage. This is not the ocean, but if Milotic can successfully control the weather power, use the same sky as before. The sea can still play the strongest state.

But unfortunately, if you want to compete with Espeon for weather rights, even if Milotic has the fortuitous encounter of the Sea of ​​Origin, it won’t work, unless it works with Dragonite.

In the battle, Espeon naturally has the right to the weather. In the Sunny Day state, Espeon Assist Calm Mind, Morning Sun and other Moves have demonstrated the strength of the Peak Level Third Stage and successfully suppressed Milotic. For the Contest exhibition The rules are not low, so the ending is obvious.

Fang Yuan is not focusing on winning or losing, but on Milotic.

With Milotic’s current life drop, Move, it should be able to heal Infernape’s Thunder Flame’s staggered force, right?

After Rotom analysis, it is estimated that it is almost the same.

The stronger Milotic’s healing ability, the higher the upper limit of Infernape’s strength.

This time, Milotic has advanced in strength, and Infernape can also get a lot of benefits.

Fang Yuan is very happy.

In this way, they can hope to go further on Victory Road.

Apart from this, in the past few days of training and this conference, Dragonite, Gengar, and Magnezon have all demonstrated outstanding coordination qualities.

Thanks to Fang Yuan for laying a very good foundation for them, this means that it will not take long for them to have the battle strength of Peak Level Second Stage.

When the time comes, with Ditto, Mega Evolution, plus-minus Klink, and Aura Force, his strength can be doubled again. This is why he dares to challenge Victory Road.

Secondly, Fang Yuan has learned about the Victory Road challenge rules. If nothing else, when the time comes, he can also fight.

In the challenge, Psychic players can not only use Confusion to increase Pokemon, but also directly join the battlefield.

Of course, Fang Yuan would not want to use Confusion, Fighting and Pokemon PK.

If he wants to use it, of course he will use the Aura seal technique.

The challenge of Victory Road is not a traditional formal battle. There are still rules, but there are few restrictions. It has even tested the full strength of a Trainer, and the Aura sealing technique is naturally part of Fang Yuan’s strength.

Fang Yuan has not used this new ability much except for sealing Spiritomb.

I guess there is no Trainer who knows the terrifying of this sealing technique, right?

So, in these two months, Fang Yuan has to find some powerful seals.

In this way, even if the Victory Road challenge is really the same as in the data, there may be a Trainer who has a good Guardian God and brings a Guardian God to guard the gate, he does not need to be afraid.

As long as the seal is good enough, even if it is Super Demon God Hoopa, it will be sealed for you!

Ding!! ! !

With a sound, the 5th Fang Yuan Conference finally came to an end. On the battle screen from Rotom projection, the Contest value of Milotic has been cleared by Espeon.

The two Pokemons did not aim to defeat each other, but were extremely confident in their own coordination qualities. They could use the other’s Move to counterattack. You come and I go down. The Contest value of both parties is calculated by Rotom. Down, keep decreasing.

Rotom’s computing power will naturally not make mistakes. Now that Milotic’s Contest value is cleared, it is obvious that Eevee has won the final victory.

On the stage, Milotic shook the head, a little unwilling, but he is indeed inferior to cloth.

Eevee, after being flashed with white light all over, has returned to the brown Eevee form, eivui eivui.

“eivui!!!” Eevee first patted Milotic under Dragonite’s “envious” eyes, and told him not to be discouraged. Then, his gaze crossed the dull gazes in the audience and fell onto the judging stage. After passing Darkrai, mobile phone Rotom, and finally, Lock On Fang Yuan.

It means… this time, it’s time to realize Benbu’s wish! !

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