Pokemon Masters Chapter 800


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Eevee’s wish… very simple and simple.

It wants Fang Yuan to form an Eevee special team.

Since the Fang Yuan Conference introduced the partner system concept, Magnezon has two Klink partners, Infernape has Ditto as partners, Gluttony has Fang Yuan as partners, Dragonite and Milotic can team up for warmth…

It does!

Obviously it was the first Starter Pokemon, the first one came, but there was nothing.

There is really no card face.

Originally good, it is Rotom’s Trainer, but Rotom now prefers research to games.

Fang Yuan has to blame for all of this for throwing out that many advanced research projects and taking away the soul of Rotom.

After all, Rotom also wants to be a celebrity. Isn’t it better to be remembered by history than to play a game with Eevee on the ranking list.

Moreover, what makes Eevee more depressed now is that the partner system seems to be outdated.

Magnezon is no longer satisfied with the two pendants, but with the help of Fang Yuan and Rotom, the battleship Legion is formed…

The Legion… The regiment… When the Legion system will be online, it will still be a solitary cloth. This will become a version abandoned.

Eevee has considered a lot, it would be different if it had an Eevee special team.

Because Fang Yuan told it a long time ago that “Nine colors of sublimation gather together” this move.

This move also belongs to Z-Move. The effect is similar to Magnezon’s armed mode. It is the power of assisting other Pokemon and boosting oneself.

The normal version of Jiucai Sublimation Gathering is a powerful Move that brings together Eevee’s eight evolutionary forms, and gives Eevee strength and improves overall quality.

At the beginning, Fang Yuan drew a big pie for Eevee, but now, nothing has been seen.

At the moment, Eevee intends to take the initiative to urge Fang Yuan to hurry up.

The most important thing is that if the command, training, and breeding rights of the Eevee Special Forces are in its hands, then it can even carry out a second more important plan.

Invest money to host an e-sports World Cup that only Pokemon can participate in!

It, Eevee, also wants to lead his team and break through everything…


In a blink of an eye, three weeks passed.

Fang Yuan agreed to Eevee’s wish. After all, this is the reward he promised before.

However, due to the challenge of Victory Road in September and there have been a lot of things recently, there is no time to take care of the new Pokemon, so Fang Yuan and Eevee discussed and helped him fulfill his wish before the end of the year.

It is not impossible to raise eight more Eevee evolution forms in preparation for the normal version of Jiucai sublimation gathering in the future.

The only problem is that Eevee can only use Fire Element and Psychic Z-Move at present, and can’t even learn other Attribute Z-Move, and there is no exclusive Z-Crystal. I want to use the normal version of Jiucai Sublimation Getting together is a bit difficult.

However, since Eevee is so eager to become stronger, he, the Trainer, naturally cannot say no.

Finally, Fang Yuan decided to increase Eevee’s training intensity next, focusing on improving its natural energy control.

Only in this way can I have the opportunity to develop exclusive Z-Move……

With Fang Yuan’s guarantee, Eevee has not urged him for the past three weeks, instead returning to his normal life obediently and honestly.

Including Magnezon, they too. They work hard to prepare for the challenge of Victory Road.

In the past three weeks, what Fang Yuan did was to prepare for the arrival of the Contest and to give Xie Qingyi research help.

Fang Yuan has not forgotten some important things.

For example, the incubation of mysterious Pokemon eggs…Fang Yuan has also been thinking of a way. He took Rotom, Ditto, Rockruff, plus and minus Klink, the toddler group Pokemon, and only battled the thousands of the huge Sun Moon Forest. Pokemon of strength, brush it again.

However, this kind of battle basically does not have much effect, so what Fang Yuan is looking forward to is Victory Road’s challenge.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan has been paying attention to Mount Everest, and even took the time to take a look at it. World Tree Secret Realm is still closed. When there is no way to contact Mew, he can only hope that World Tree Secret Realm is quickly activated.

After all, Fang Yuan still wants to let Mew help Ditto to fuse R potions. This is the basis of the space battleship Magneto’s tactics. If you don’t complete this step, don’t think about Magneto’s Legion.

“Is there something?”

In the Laboratory, Fang Yuan, who was watching Rotom’s updated Pokemon profile card yesterday, saw Rotom flying over and asked.

“Joe Grandmaster has arrived in Shanghai, should we go to the Contest venue in advance to take a look at Rotto and see her by the way.” Assistant Rotom said.

This time Fang Yuan Cup, Fang Yuan is one of the judges of the Contest, apart from this, and a heavyweight.

Qiao Jing became the Grandmaster of Twelve Branches with achievements in the field of medical care. This pale-haired grandmother is the Mount Tai Beidou of the field of China breed medical care and is also a special invitation for this Fang Yuan Cup.

If you want to find enough professional judges, you will need to deal with these big names in the breed field in the future.

“Has Joe Grandmaster come to Shanghai, let’s go there too.” Fang Yuan said.

On July 28th, there will be 3 days countdown before the Fang Yuan Cup, the first Contest competition.

At Rotom’s reminder, Fang Yuan is ready to leave the Laboratory and go to the Contest venue to take a look.

This time, under his arrangement, not only Fairy Elite Xie Qingyi will complete the Contest exhibition with Mega Altaria, but also a Peak performance battle with Milotic. In addition, the well-established Head Disciple He Xiaomai will also use the Contest. As a debut battle, debut.

Fang Yuan Cup this time, after screening, the participants are basically college students, Pro Level is the ceiling, and He Xiaomai still hopes to achieve good results.


Fang Yuan After they made a good idea, Rotom soon discovered something new. Although Qiao Jing Grandmaster came to Shanghai ahead of time, he didn’t seem to come for the Contest, but just in this summer vacation, the day after tomorrow. , Need to give a lecture on medical breeding at Shanghai University.

Rotom will find out after a closer investigation, which also allows Fang Yuan to know the location and location of Joe Grandmaster…Shanghai University.

“Well, when I was in school, why didn’t I meet twelve-level characters to give lectures.” Fang Yuan whispered.

“Yes, Rotto, when you were in your sophomore year, the Imperial University had a research seminar conducted by twelve branches, and Shanghai University also sent an exchange team to study.” Rotom said.

“???? Why don’t I know.” Fang Yuan lost his impression.

Rotom is speechless: “That must be because you played truant. You have not been at school several times a year, Rotto.”

Fang Yuan nodded, it makes sense, forget it, don’t care.

“By the way, Xiaomai is in Shanghai too. I haven’t been back to school for a long time. This time I just took her to see Shanghai University.” Fang Yuan made a temporary decision.

speaking of which, Liu Le has joined the Shanghai University Team, and there are a bunch of classmates in the same class. Now they have become the core battle strength of the Shanghai University Team… The majority of the Shanghai University Team in this Contest competition All signed up, they must be training in Shanghai University.

Thinking of these old classmates, Fang Yuan sighed. There was a time when everyone went to Capital City University to play together, but they were too weak. Now they are still messing around in the university and they have swept the World Cup and returned.

Fang Yuan thought for a moment, clapped his hands violently, and suddenly had a bold idea. It’s better to go to the gym with Head Disciple He Xiaomai to inspire them! ?

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