Pokemon Masters Chapter 801


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Shanghai University, as one of the two well-known universities in China, has always had a friendly competitive relationship with Capital City University.

At the time of overwhelming majority, the strength of the students in the two schools was similar.

However, in the past ten years, Shanghai University has first produced Xie Qingyi and then Fang Yuan, which has really overwhelmed Capital City University.

Applying for the outstanding Rookie Trainer of Shanghai University naturally increased as a result, forming a virtuous circle, and the emperor wanted to cry without tears.

August is approaching, still in the summer vacation, the top students of the two major colleges and universities are not slack in the slightest.

Not only for next year’s national competition, or for the Contest, which is about to become a mainstream college student competition, it’s worth their hard work during the holiday.

In the past few days, members of the School Team of Shanghai University have been conducting special training for the Contest competition in Shanghai University.

The Contest was organized by Fang Yuan, a student of Shanghai University. The former principal of Shanghai University naturally attaches great importance to it. He doesn’t care if other schools participate or not. Anyway, everyone at Shanghai University must actively respond.

Apart from this, there is one more thing worthy of active preparation by the students of Shanghai University Team.

That is the communication team of PKCapital City University.

Twelve Qiao Jing Grandmasters come to Shanghai University to give lectures, which will naturally attract many students from other universities to study.

Normal lectures are all open-ended. For example, once Capital City University had 12 branches to give lectures, Shanghai University sent a learning team.

There are twelve lectures at Shanghai University this time. Some outstanding students from Capital City University and Pokemon Medical College will also listen to the requirements of the school. These are all tacit unwritten rules.

This time, Capital City University naturally sent a study team.

Although the main members of this communication team are mainly Elite students who are specialized in medical and nursing breeding, apart from this, there are also a group of Trainers.

These trainers are all members of the School Team of Capital City University. They did not come to listen to the lectures, but to participate in the Contest competition.

Before and after the Contest, no matter what the purpose is, you must have a friendly exchange with Shanghai University. After all, when the enemies meet, they are extremely jealous…

“I seem to have graduated?”

“No, it seems that I did not graduate. This year should be the senior year.”

On the campus of Shanghai University, Fang Yuan brought in He Xiaomai, a girl in red and white sportswear, a red cap, and sunglasses with a single ponytail exposed, and thought about herself.

“That’s not right, I already have a degree as a Shanghai University Professor, how could it be possible that I haven’t graduated yet.”

Looking at Fang Yuan in thought, He Xiaomai couldn’t bear to interrupt. For Fang Yuan, this might be a difficult problem to judge clearly…

This time, Fang Yuan did not deliberately change his face. He came here with his original appearance, but he changed into a new suit, and he also wore a peaked cap and a pair of glasses. If it weren’t for Fang Yuan’s special Familiar, not so easy to recognize him.

At least along the way, Fang Yuan’s presence is still 0.

He Xiaomai, dressed up with sunglasses, attracted a lot of attention…

The most important thing is that Fang Yuan threw Eevee away. Without the iconic Eevee around him, Fang Yuan seems to have no sense of existence.

As for where Eevee went, Fang Yuan didn’t know, but I guess he went to the computer room of the e-sports club of Shanghai University to make trouble.

“You said before that you are more interested in Gravity House and Haunted House, right?”

Fang Yuan remembered that his good discipline was still there, and turned to ask.

“Hmm.” He Xiaomai nodded.

It is the first time for her to come to Shanghai University. However, according to some information, she has learned about the training facilities of Shanghai University in advance.

Among them, the Gravity Room and Haunted House are most interesting to her.

He Xiaomai has heard that Ghost Type Pokemon is scary since she was a child, so she wanted to try it. Without the assistance of Pokemon and Aura, what kind of experience would a blind person go to Haunted House…

Fang Yuan is also very curious…

The two of them determined the first stop as Haunted House. Haunted House Chief-In-Charge Zhou Youyou Teacher Fang Yuan is familiar with it. In short, please let the other party let He Xiaomai enter Haunted House to experience with no difficulty.

However, before going to Haunted House…

Forget it, Haunted House is the second stop.

Fang Yuan slightly smiled, stopped and looked towards the Shanghai University training hall.

He grabbed He Xiaomai and said, “Xiaomai, are you interested in challenging the School Team of Shanghai University first?”

Fang Yuan’s talk made He Xiaomai startled with a dazed expression: “Huh?”


Fang Yuan’s words caught He Xiaomai off guard.

Her Squirtle, Poliwag and Pokemon swept the freshman and sophomore Trainer. Maybe it’s okay, but if you want to deal with Shanghai University Team’s Elite, it’s definitely not Rival…

“Quan Dang has experienced it, and you can make Golduck play.” Fang Yuan said.

Fang Yuan knows He Xiaomai’s strength, regardless of Squirtle, they are all initial forms and can evolve at any time.

Besides, as the most outstanding children of Peak Level Totem on the island of the deep sea, their Aura innate talents have exploded. Even when He Xiaomai just captured them, they all had Elite strength.

Now, after another month of careful breeding by He Xiaomai…think about terrifying.

This start was perfect, better than Fang Yuan’s start.

However, although the start was perfect, it was reluctant for He Xiaomai to deal with the school team members of the professional level, but if He Xiaomai sent the guide Pokemon Golduck, the result would be different.

Strictly speaking, this Golduck is He Xiaomai’s first Starter Pokemon. This Golduck has been trained by He Xiaomai for a long time, and it has also received the Prince of the Sea’s Present and is cultivation in the Temple of the Sea. However, although the innate talent is not good, it can’t stand the resources. Fang Yuan can feel that the Golduck is definitely a good player even in the professional field.

With He Xiaomai’s Aura, He Xiaomai’s strength at this time is more than Fang Yuan BT of the same age, so even the Shanghai University Team Elite may not be able to challenge it.

This is also the reason why Fang Yuan thinks He Xiaomai can give some incentives to the School Team of Shanghai University…

“Can you send Golduck…? Hmm…then it’s okay.” He Xiaomai nodded and said, his expression happy.

Challenge the Shanghai University Team?

Although He Xiaomai wants to challenge the School Team of Capital City University more, and Mimic’s Fang Yuan back then, but who can’t choose now.

“I heard that Emperor University’s School Team Trainer is also in Shanghai. Maybe you will meet at Shanghai University or Contest one day.” Fang Yuan said: “So this time is a good opportunity to improve yourself. , Don’t miss it.”

He Xiaomai: (⌐■_■), received it!

Feeling He Xiaomai’s excited expression and fighting intent, Fang Yuan laughed. As expected, he did not accept the wrong discipline. He was as positive as himself, not afraid of challenges, and moved forward bravely.


Shanghai University, training hall.

Last year’s School Team Chief-In-Charge, the Dongfang Che Teacher who took Fang Yuan and their School Team Trainer to participate in the national competition has retired.

Teacher Tang Sheng, the veteran Pro Trainer of the Battle Society, took over the position of instructing and coaching the School Team and selected a new batch of School Team members.

Old Tang has this strength and qualifications. After all, it was he who promised a lot of benefits that year, and he fudged Fang Yuan to the Imperial University to participate in the exchange competition, and then successfully let Shanghai University freshmen sweep the Capital City University School Team.

Later, he even successfully invited Fang Yuan to participate in the national competition and won the championship for Shanghai University. The position of the School Team instructing Teacher, even some Grandmasters, could not compete with him.

even more how, the main players of this school team, Lin Sen, Liu Le, Xu Lan, Shi Yiming, Qi Yue, Shen Shiyu, Lu Liang and the others, are all brought out by him from the Battle Society. Tang Sheng is most familiar with the situation of these students.

So, he must be his choice.

Fang Yuan is also familiar with the main players of the Shanghai University Team.

Everyone was a classmate of the same year. Whether it was recruiting new recruits, exchange activities, or Dojo learning, they had a lot of exchanges.

But it is limited to this, because after quickly squeezing out the resources of Shanghai University, Fang Yuan started the solo mode.

I ran directly to the Elite Four champion, and I don’t remember these little friends.

However, the achievements of these classmates are not bad now. Almost all of the team has Pro Level Pokemon, even Liu Le’s Snorlax has become Pro Level.

Before graduation, they have a very high probability of passing the Pro Trainer assessment.

At this time, Tang Sheng Teacher is instructing these Elites to do special training for the Contest competition, which is the Contest competition.

But suddenly, Old Tang always felt something was wrong. Next moment, his feelings worked, and a sound appeared out of thin air in his mind.

“Hi, Old Tang, long time no see, come and have a chat.”

Hearing this voice, Tang Sheng was startled, but the voice was familiar. Although it appeared out of thin air in his mind, Tang Sheng recalled that it belonged to Fang Yuan.

He also watched the World Cup, and naturally knew that Fang Yuan had Psychic, so it is not surprising that Fang Yuan could have a heart-to-heart conversation, so he looked right and left.

After a while, he saw two figures on the upper seat of the training hall. Although standing in the stadium, it was impossible to determine whether the person in the seat was Fang Yuan, but he understood it in the past.

Most recently Shanghai University is closed. It’s not that students from this school can’t get in, so Fang Yuan’s probability is very high.

“You continue to train.” After Tang Sheng dropped a sentence at the dozen people here, he quickly moved towards the upper side.

As he approached, Tang Sheng’s expression changed. Fuck, how did Fang Yuan become a woman?

Obviously, he recognized Fang Yuan through the red and white sportswear.

He Xiaomai is directly regarded as Fang Yuan.

But soon, he reacted. Fang Yuan was wearing a blue and purple sweater, Black trousers, and a Poké Ball-like ornament on his chest.

At this time, Fang Yuan also began to take off his cap and glasses, and Tang Sheng was more certain now.

“Why are you free to come here?” Tang Sheng said with emotion when he saw Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan is a busy man now, World Cup champion, Dr. Ron Prize Professor, and a terrifying big name. All teachers and students in the school are fans of Fang Yuan.

Teachers and students! ! Not only the students, but even the teachers who teach, are fans of Fang Yuan.

Whether it is the battle department or the research department, in short, no one does not admire Fang Yuan.

“Come and take a look.” Fang Yuan laughed, turned his head and looked towards He Xiaomai, and introduced to Tang Sheng Teacher: “This is He Xiaomai, Rookie Trainer from Xi’an. He is 16 years old this year and will apply for Shanghai University next year.”

“Hello, Teacher Tang.” He Xiaomai had already got up a long time ago, and immediately asked him, she had learned Tang Sheng’s name from Fang Yuan, the School Team Teacher of Shanghai University, it sounds very difficult to deal with! !

“Hello, hello.” Tang Sheng smiled, but he was puzzled. Who is this person? ?

How come you will follow Fang Yuan.

“To add, Old Tang, Xiaomai is my student, and also a trainer with a strong heart. When the time comes, you have to take good care of her after enrolling.” Fang Yuan said with a smile.

With the identity of the messenger of Prince of the Sea, He Xiaomai will inevitably skip school in the future and take good care of it… Naturally, he will help solve these problems.

“Okay…Huh?” Tang Sheng was taken aback.

No, what the hell, Fang Yuan is only 20 years old, so he admits students?

Although Fang Yuan does have this strength, it is a bit too early.

A 4-year-old teacher and student, never heard of…

Fang Yuan grinned at the corner of his mouth, no way, Aura messenger is hard to find, even if He Xiaomai is 61 years old, as long as she is Aura messenger, Fang Yuan has to flicker over.

It’s a pity that Aura messenger is not a trainer.

A few seconds later, Tang Sheng finally recovered from his surprise.

Forget it, no matter, these youngsters can really play.

“By the way, Teacher Tang, they are all training for the Contest, right?” At this time, Fang Yuan looked towards the people below who were fighting against each other, said.

From the perspective of fighting style, they should be doing a Contest match.

“Yes.” Tang Sheng was nodded, not because of the Contest contest organized by Fang Yuan, but Tang Sheng does not deny that the Contest contest is really interesting.

These people are tired of the usual training content, but it is the rules of the Contest competition that interest them and find them novel.

“Are you going to see them.” Tang Sheng knew that many of the people below were Fang Yuan’s former classmates, so he asked.

“See, but not now, Old Tang, please.” Fang Yuan pushed the nervous He Xiaomai forward.

Tang Sheng: Meowth?

Fang Yuan said: “I took Xiaomai to visit Shanghai University this time. She would like to see the trainer of Shanghai University Team, so you take her over to have a chat with Lin Sen and Liu Le. Chant.”

Tang Sheng: 1. One ✧, wait a minute, isn’t this He Xiaomai a Rookie Trainer? ? ?

He Xiaomai: (*゚ー゚), wait a minute, not Teacher, did you let me challenge? How come I want to see it? ? ?

“That’s it, please.” Fang Yuan intends to watch the game here.

“Didn’t expect that your Teacher still looks decent, I understand.” Tang Sheng looked towards He Xiaomai with sunglasses and a nervous expression. Suddenly laughed, I understand, Fang Yuan must have wanted This little student feels the strength of these Shanghai University Elites. If the Rookie Trainer stage is to train hard with Shanghai University Elite as the goal, it is indeed a very good choice.

Deserving of the World Cup champion, the way to lead students is brilliant.

If this is the case, let Lin Sen and Liu Le give guidance to this little classmate.

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